29 thoughts on “Make your Own cryptocurrency – Learncoin Part 1”

  1. Thank you very much for your time. I dont plan on making my own coin but I wanted to learn about it. another check mark on my list.

  2. Nice video! Nowadays many business peoples are create their own Cryptocurrency for their future safe.With my own interest I research lot of sites to know who is the best Cryptocurrency development service provider! Finally I found a great team to develop a custom Cryptocurrency. If you want to see their work! Visit https://www.developcoins.com/cryptocurrency-creation-service

  3. I keep coming back to this page for one reason. It came up on a google search that listed some old but reliable dependencies for old versions of bitcoin running Ubuntu 14.04. Boost can be a bloody bugger!

  4. People want to create their own coin and dont know how. Just pay for the service, tell him what you want and it is usually between 4 to 6 thousand dollars and stop complaining. whatthefluxable did a great job showing you what to do here. I am here to learn? are you here to learn too? or just thinking that you can create your own currency and get rich quick?? hahaha think again.

  5. can i do these changes to any Masternodes coin source code , can u make a video for
    forking another MN coin

  6. It's look good and to make best way to transfer the money through dodge / blockchain visit http://www.mlmscript.in/dogecoin-blockchain-dash-getmonero-clone-script.html

  7. Hello Dev, i have finish your tutorial, now im trying to clone another coin (Gobyte), but when "make -f makefile.am" there are many error in automake file. what can i do now? do you have email or discord account?

  8. i have been able to follow his videos 90% of the way through and experienced a huge amount of problems along the way. compiling issues to stuff that just didnt make any sense (because i understood it was for an intermediate level of programmer), after about a week i get everything running but cant get an outside connection to my droplet. to get my computer to connect to the droplet it seems to require a .config file to be set on either end to matching specs, username and password, ports, and rpc client or server, i looked and there is no default .config file, and any default .config file i download is very different with a lot more or lot less info, or different locations/formats of these variables. i will help anyone who helps me get past this problem.

  9. Need to update this video bud. main.cpp is for much older builds which, are slow, have many bugs, and unstable af

  10. I'm really thinking about making a WhoreCoin imaging that's pimping taking to another level guys, I tell you is totally Private with social aspect too where you can recommened whores to eachtother also when going to other sides of the world you can use this app bcz it will centralize all the whores in the world in an instant touch of your hand via your phone via fingerprint, face reconition etc….. Also all girls will be medical checked via our blockchain so you sure you not have STD's. I don't know I think is a great idea why not they using blockchain for everything these days why not for whores it's the oldest profession and still a booming business in the mankind 😀

  11. they added linux terminal to windows would it still be possible to do it through that or can i do it only if i have windows

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