Make More Cryptocurrency GAINS trading in a Down Market [For Absolute Beginners Only]

today I will show you how to profit in a
down market so before we start and I show you how to
profit in a down market first we got to see how we can identify a down market
basically a down market is when you have a lower high and a lower low so you see
a high here a low there a higher lower high here and a lower low here then a
lower high here lower low here so once you you’ve identified the down market
now what you want to do this is really simple actually what you want to do is
you want to sell high and buy low and as long as you’re buying lower than you
sell you’re in the green that’s the name of the game literally buying lower than
you sell so you can do it two ways this is the neo tether chart this is a while
back this was a end of February when this happened and this basically went on
for more than a week we just had a major bear market or correction whatever you
want to call it and this was pretty awesome because in this stage you can
either make a lot of profits in dollars or you can just collect a lot of coins
the the way you collect coins is you let’s say you start with one neo right
for the sake of simplicity in calculation you have one neo here you
sell it and then here on this line let’s say you buy it or here you buy whatever
right you you buy lower than yourself so let’s say you have one neo here right
you sell it here and then you buy here here it’s 137 and here is one
125 so the difference in that you get to you get to buy neo with a hundred and
thirty seven dollars at a price of 125 so you have more neo you have like 1.15
or whatever right and then here you do it again so you have the neo here again
what you want to do is you want to wait for it to go back up at any point higher
than this point you can buy you can sell I mean and then at a lower point you can
buy again so buy so buy this is of course it’s an ideal world where you
kneel the Epis absolute Peaks but if it’s within these lines you’re it’s it’s
pretty predictable and then if it goes outside of these lines it means it’s
breaking the trend and then you’re gonna have to pay attention because then it’s
gonna create a new trend and you can see that here new or lows and newer highs
you can build the trendline from there so what you can do to mitigate the risk
as you can set orders or you can just do it manually and say okay let’s say it
goes outside of this line here outside of this line here and then it starts
doing this again because this becomes the new resistance and a new support is
gonna develop right in that case you can sell here because you you just bought it
here at the bottom right because you wanted it to go up again and then you
could sell here and then you could buy here and sell here etc etc so once you
see it breaking this line you could you could re sell it your body here you can
really resell it wait for it to go lower again doesn’t matter what points because
for you holders hot lers whatever you want to call it if you hold it here the
price just keeps going down it’s better to buy at any point than it is to hold
here agree so you buy at any point here and
then it goes up again you what you might want to sell and then buy etc etc etc so
if you wanna if you don’t want to accumulate coins and you just want the
profits you want to live you want to feed your kids etc what you can then do
saying the same thing you have one meal here you just sell it here you buy back
that one yo there so you keep the twelve dollars that’s a difference in here and
you might say twelve dollars not so much I agree
but if you do this for a long time these twelve dollars accumulates and then
you’re not doing one neo here but you’re doing ten and or 20 neo and then just
$12 with ten neo it’s gonna be a hundred and twenty dollars basically so that’s
that’s a little bit better so then you you basically sell the neo here you buy
it back here one neo you you sell one neo here you buy one neo and then you
just keep the dollar amounts together or you can do with with neo bitcoin you can
use other parents whatever you want let’s say it breaks out here and it
starts going like this right could happen could happen
break out well you just sold it here because you were expecting it to follow
the trends and go back down right it did anything it broke out it went up what
you can then do is you can rebuy it here so if you see it breaking out you can
either put a order here so let’s say it’s gonna break out at this point just
put the order it’s gonna buy again and then you can sell it at later poeta
later high or you can do it manually and work like that yeah that’s that’s
basically it you can use indicators for this
whichever indicator you prefer again I did an earlier video on indicators there
is no Holy Grail indicator that is the right one it’s whatever you like we’re
on this channel I will be sharing more indicators how they work and how to use
them later on bringing some true veterans some some training experts
later on this channel as well so if you’re new to this channel definitely
consider subscribing because 2018 is gonna be freaking awesome
follow your heart it will lead to success finally I wake up every day
feeling blessed if you want to know how it was easy I just did what I loved and
I ended up Richie I’m not talking about money I’m talking about friends I’m
talking about success I’m talking about doing what I love livin like a big
data’s and dreams and feeling boy I used to care about my sister fucking care
about my chest but everything I need that wish to come to see my quest gotta
tell you it’s a bad time don’t ever confessed cuz I brought I’m bout to
travel is what you’d expect money to work and prepare to believe me the best
I don’t care about what’s happening after death I just care about living air
now blessed I got nothing to lose cuz I never really had it in the first place

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