MAKE MONEY in CRYPTO without Spending Money?!

hey I'll coin buzz army this is Adam with all coin bows today we're gonna be talking about how you can get into cryptocurrency without any money so this doesn't matter if you are on the fence about cryptocurrency and you just don't want to put your heart or money into it or if you just come from humble means like myself and you don't have a lot of money to put into it or if you are part of the unbanked and you don't even have the option to put money into a bank that could be transferred into an exchange that could then be traded in to whatever cryptocurrency you want it doesn't matter this is a way for you to gain cryptocurrency you could do this no matter what the markets doing so the markets up the markets down doesn't matter you can gain crypto and this is gonna be beginner friendly so all these options you don't have to be tech savvy you don't have to do anything really fancy if you can watch youtube videos if you can post on social media then you have enough tech savviness in order to do these I do want to emphasize as usual this is not professional financial advice and then any of the cryptocurrency projects I'm talking about are ones that offer either they offer something unique so they're worth mentioning or their projects that I may like that you don't necessarily have to like or you don't necessarily have to start with those I just want to give you some good examples this none of these are ain't nobody paying me to review these just an FYI so don't don't shoot the messenger for talking about these things but we're gonna break this down into a few different categories so we're gonna talk about ones you can do just with your cell phone then ones with just your laptop your desktop that ones that are gonna be more work based and then at the end I'm going to show you how you can turn all those into even more gains again by not spending a single dime so we're gonna kick it off with well we're gonna kick it off not with that one yeah where'd it go I lost my stuff here we go all right so these are screenshots from my cell phone yeah for some reason all my pictures from the way and this is electron of your mobile minor so for some of you this is absolutely no shock whatsoever electronic mobile minors worth mentioning because in my opinion is the absolute easiest way to start getting cryptocurrency and especially with no money because all you have to do is download this app you click start mining and you get a start gaining electro Neum and again this is only for Android so if you have Apple this is not an option for you they have the supposedly they have it ready to go they're just waiting on Apple so we'll deal with that and another time but all you have to do literally is this button right here will say start mining you click that and then on the right side here you're gonna have your wallet and this is you're seeing the payouts from my phone and I'm just gaining and gaining and gaining now this is a simulated miner it's not actually gonna use the computational power of your phone so you're not gonna be eaten up battery life this is just all you need an internet connection it's not gonna eat up your data either I I'm on the Google Network so I paid for gigabyte I really that this does really nothing as far as like my bill is concerned so literally you're just gaining electro nion you know for all these you can gain these and then of course you have the option to either hold it you can send it to an exchange and trade it for a cryptocurrency you want or you can send it to an exchange trade it to Bitcoin to send to whatever means you have in order to cash that out so you have that option but this is just the simplest way to do it is the electrode iam mobile miner at least for Android users definitely worth the mention second part we're going to talk about is this lit up so I made a video about this the other day and this is the video what if Instagram is team had a crypto baby if you want to learn more about that so what goes on here is you're getting paid in mithril and this app is basically works kind of like snapchat and Instagram kind of a combination right now you post stories so these two down here or two of my stories they last for 24 hours and then based on how many views and how many likes you get you get paid in mithril and and you can build up your profile you can post about whatever you want it's pretty simple you can follow me at crypto pursuit if you want to see what I do I basically try basically taking everything I've been putting off snapchat or anything like that just putting it on this app just to play around with it this is still pretty new this is a an MVP a minimum minimal Viable Product so it's just trying to see what they're do this is all pretty new but it's a it's fun and I'm gaining cryptocurrency by just posting things like I do my social media I'm just using a different social media so to me that concepts pretty cool third part I don't keep going there like my pictures are pulled up they're not so easting if you ever heard about easting you've probably heard of steam it at least so steam it right here so you have all these different options when you have a steam account this one right here is the e steam and you could download this on your phone and with with steam it you can make blog posts so this one requires a little bit more work but you can make blog post and build up a following and game crypto in that way and you can also again do this right from your phone so if you like the blog or you like to things to post about whatever you want to do this is another way for you just gonna take more work but can be gaining crypto straight from your cell phone without putting in any money into it whatsoever pretty cool concept let's the next one up yes so those are the three for the cell phones electroni mobile miner the the lit app and the east team just three different options one doll you have to do is download press a button other ones with social media another one's a blog post second one is a laptop desktop so we're gonna talk about electro Neum again because they like to make things super simple for new people now this right here is the outlook for electro diem easy CPU GPU pull minor is what this is and I'll put up about these links in description of course you could download it right here off get cut github like joining the easy CPU GPU pool minor what you do this it's gonna pop up right here what you're seeing is my electron name address and you can put this in there and you can have the option pick CPU or GPU all right so if you just have a basic laptop you probably don't have a GPU you just leave it at CPU which is fine if you have a graphics card you're more unlikely you know what I'm talking about anyway so graphics cards you typically gonna be more profitable when it comes to crypto all right but you're gonna come here just gonna click start mining and this little thing is gonna pop up and your mining right so this is gonna take your computation of power if your laptop if your and you have to have any r2 connection so if you're mobile and you're moving around a lot you may not be able to do this all the time during the day but you could literally just leave this up while you're running at night and be gaining electro Neum not doing anything you're just letting the laptop run alright so pretty straightforward pretty simple you could be doing multiple things on here obviously when it comes to like having your cell phone do something and your laptop do something and gaining up your cryptocurrency nest egg slowly but surely alright so we're gonna hit stop mining there now the other option you do is a little bit more traditional mining now I'm not talking about Bitcoin mining you know if I know for a lot of people in mining may sound like a I guess a scary term right specially when you think of them the mining rigs and all that but a lot of these cryptocurrency projects is supposed to be some of the cooler community projects you can profit a lot especially if you get in early and while they're newer and all that and some of them have pretty cool projects you know it's not all about the top 10 but come in here and I'm gonna talk about shield so this is my shield wallet that's one of my favorite little community projects you know again we're not talking about top ten here by any means but they have a cool team they have an active community they have pretty cool tech and to me it's just been a lot of fun I enjoy this and because I enjoy it I've learned that I can you know mine it and they're gonna have you know staking a master that's coming out too but I mined this with my desktop just FYI have a grep an Nvidia graphics card so nothing too crazy of a gaming computer that I used a mine and I just gained crypto so I'm just sitting here gaining not doing a whole lot effort in doing so but here is just the step-by-step process on how you would start mining I'm gonna just show you this real quick so when we're here alright so when you download the miner you have the different options for the miner so here's the CC miner for example you're gonna get all this right it's gonna say run that bad or start not back something like that you can just all you have to do is alter this one file so if I come in here and go edit and I'm gonna make this little bigger so you can see what's going on here hope that makes sense there we go so the CC miner right I'll be in there for you because that's the miner it starts with you'll put in an algorithm so you have the – a you type in like if I'm seeing this brand new I would type in X 17 you would get your mining pool so for here for example they're going to show you different mining pools that you can click on and then you're gonna put in your wall digest whatever that is that's a – u – P is password don't worry about that some of the the mining pools have it set up to where you have like a username and password that you can get notifications for let's be on this alright and then you just you do that and that's all there is to it and then if I were to click this it okay yeah well that's kind of funny and a little embarrassing for this video my antivirus suddenly didn't like my my my shindig that's Larry's so you know what we're just gonna roll with us I'm not gonna edit this video this is a perfect example of your antivirus saying hey this is bad like don't do this even though it's perfectly fine so there you go now it's gosh dang it the stupid thing anyway we're we it Wow there we go okay let's see this come on yeah all right there you go so that was cool I'm not gonna edit that up or redo that so you just saw how I just went in there and edited and this is a good example for mining right because your antivirus may not like the mining that's happening they read it as something that's obviously infectious it's fine I know that may scare some of you and that's okay for not comfortable with it right that's why like electron even sets up the easy miner whatnot but that's just a good example of how you can just say hey this going to antivirus hey that's okay and do your thing yeah wow I wasn't expecting that but it worked out calm down BitDefender now if I remember where the heck I was all right so okay so we did the cell phone once we did the laptop desktop so those are the two main ways you can do it with the laptop desktop is with the easy electronic miner and then with traditional mining so what I showed you here with this is pretty much how the majority of miners will be set up is they're gonna give you all these different documents you can leave them where they are and then you edit the dot bat file right and they will all have some type of instructions also and if they don't then well shame on them and you can have your even just a basic laptop running and gaining some cryptocurrency it's just a great way to get started and to me it's fun I don't know I'm a nerd but next one is work so I'm gonna show you a few different things so like red coin for example red coin has a tipping platform and what's cool about this is you can integrate this into Twitter into reddit or into twitch TV as you're seeing right here and what you can do is say you're running to Twitter account you have a lot going on you can just have people have the option to tip you and Bitcoin so and again you can you know like in YouTube videos or any type of description you can put in like your vault address for people to do that also so if you're providing any sort of value that people think you deserve you know some type of compensation for you can say hey that's a compa say me and crypto and of course in this community a lot of people are gonna be all about that yeah you know it's just a lot of fun and it's a wreck poin they're doing cool things coin allottee now there are some sites what set up to where you can have real jobs and get paid in crypto I'm so like coin ality for example this like these have like really like serious jobs senior software engineers software engineers research analysts you can go on and on and come in here and look at this they're offering full-time jobs part time jobs remote jobs and paying them strictly and cryptocurrency and I'm sure you can work out maybe deals with then maybe you can do like a combination of fiat and crypto or anything like that that's a case by case basis but you can come in and you can start working for crypto even in legit real world jobs now for this site I just thought one thing was cool so Kansas City is where I'm from and they made it onto the site because they're becoming one of the most friendly cryptocurrency cities so written down here it was accepting Bitcoin are not concentrated in any part of town most business accepting Bitcoin and restaurants other include car dealers a cleaning service for talk for jeweler blah blah blah on and on and on so why I emphasize this here is that if you have any odd jobs if you do anything especially part-time you could do it and get paid in Bitcoin you could say hey you know I accept this form of payment so if you're a personal trainer if you're a photographer hey even if you just want to start mowing people's lawns on the weekend and say you know trying to earn bitcoins so saying you know trying to market yourself and hey I mow people's lawns around town you know and those are willing to be paid in Bitcoin you know that maybe a little bit more exciting and a little more enticing for you to do that and you just pick any job that people hire normal people for and do a good job at it provide value with it and say I just would rather get paid in Bitcoin and you're gonna be attracting lots of people who would rather pay and this form of cryptocurrency because they're excited about it getting me different per area but it's a way that you can get started and this I wanted to point this out I actually found this house I was looking around setting up this video bill page for coins so this they set up the assistant here where you have whatever bill you have you send them crypto and then they pay your bill with fiat so I thought this was a cool concept a thing like it's a one point nine nine percent fee they said but more or less that with this you have even more potential to basically live off of cryptocurrency in and of itself and nothing else so I thought that was a pretty cool concept and at least worth to mention yeah now what you can do with these crypto currencies I haven't made a video about a couple of these things I'm going to talk about you can take these crypto currencies and you can start staking them so if we're staking you basically you hold any certain amount of crypto and you put it in a wallet so I have the step-by-step instructions here and you hold that money in its wallet you may need need to adjust some wallet settings and then you get rewarded for holding that in the wallet so I do this for like social sent for example neo is another great example especially because neo you don't even have to have the wall connected online but if you were to take all of say you've set up everything I just said and you're gaining all this crypto you could be moving that crypto into neo holding that and staking that in a neo wallet and then gaining the gas for neo and so you're not only are you taking gaining all those passive income and crypto you're taking all that putting it into another crypto and then compounding that so you're just compounding and compounding and you can potentially see a lot more games and a lot more games and this is the video just wanted to show you that this goes a little bit more into staking and the things that I had set up the other part is masternodes so with masternodes you it's kind of like staking except you have to hold a certain amount in that crypto and then you have to more or less stake it you you're holding that in a wallet and but this one's a little bit more complicated because you have to set up a server again I made a video on that as well so if you get that far with it you can set up a master node and there are all sorts of different master nodes that you can use and all sorts of different Kryptos you can use now but that reaps typically this is going to reap more rewards than stinking well it takes more effort because it takes more effort you're getting more rewards more or less and again compounding everything you have so that's it in a nutshell all those options you know staking and masternodes you have to have sort of some form of cryptocurrency already in order to do that so that's not necessarily entering in with no money but all the ones before that you can enter in with no money and then you can use that to again stake have masternodes hottelet wait for it to grow you can send it and put it into you can exchange it for whatever feel you have or to pay some bills that's what you want to do or you can you know use a site like this and potentially be able to pay bills with your crypto so all cool things know if you have questions about any of this let me know I'm go ahead and posting down the discussions I hope this starts even more discussions if you have ideas or things that you do post them on post things that are gonna help the community to go to help mass adoption and get everybody rolling and hey you know let's all make gains together the markets are relevant when it comes to this type of stuff because all these projects are growing and even with all this is down I am being encrypted or every single day even during this video so it it can be a lot of fun very small learning curve for some of these so thanks as always for listening if you haven't already please go ahead and hit that subscribe button hit that Bell for the notifications and smash that like button and I'll talk to you soon thanks again take care

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