so one night a week Jules and I throw
axes in the backyard ax throwing lead so we need something that’s easy to cook
delicious easy to eat and will give us the fuel we need to win welcome friends
welcome back to the kitchen today where you are going to do one of those super
simple one pot pasta dishes that it will have dinner on the table in no time so
I’ve got a heavy Dutch oven here I’ve put it on to sort of medium-high heat
and I’m just gonna put a little bit of oil on the bottom not a whole lot just
to lubricate the ground beef as it begins to cook so this heats up really
quickly its induction so in goes the ground beef and we’re just gonna break
it up a little bit and let it brown off now over here I have like a mirepoix or
sofrito and it’s just some celery bell pepper carrot garlic and onion and I’m
just going to put this into a food processor and I want to process this
down until it’s fairly fine okay looks like the beef is browned pretty nicely
so let’s get the sofrito into the pan and we just want to cook the vegetable
down until it loses quite a bit of its moisture so stir it in pull up some of
the fonz from the bottom of the pan now that doesn’t take long at all so in goes
some spices I’ve got some salt oregano and red pepper flakes I’m just gonna
stir those in I’m gonna add a little bit of black pepper to just because I like
putting it in almost everything next is a can of tomatoes and these are crushed
tomatoes and I’m just going to pop those in now you could use chopped tomatoes if
you want I think the crushed ones in this dish do
better but you know it’s up to you if you like something a
little bit different go ahead and use something a little bit different next in
is some chicken stock and if you’ve got fresh beef stock that you’ve made for
yourself use that in my own hierarchy of stocks that I like to use I would use
beef stock if I had fresh homemade beef stock then I would use chicken stock or
then I would use store-bought chicken stock
I think store-bought beef stock for me is way down the list I there’s something
about the flavor I just don’t like it and I don’t know what it is I can’t put
my finger on it but it always just tastes artificial to me next in is some
wine and today I’m going to use red wine I know in the past I’ve done a lot of
videos where I’ve used white wine in a sauce where we should have been using
red wine or people think that we should have been using red wine and I’ve used
the white wine because really what I was looking for was the acidity and the
alcohol to bring out all of the other flavors and I didn’t want the white wine
to add any flavor in this instance I want the alcohol and the acidity from
the wine to release flavors but I’m also looking for the flavor of the red wine
at the same time so I’m using a red and I know it’s a little bit decadent to be
putting red wine in something like this but it really does add a really nice
flavor and just use a red wine that you like to drink it doesn’t have to be
anything special just something that you like to drink
and of course Marmite always a good scoop of Marmite and if you don’t have
Marmite Vegemite and if you don’t have Vegemite Wurster sauce and if you don’t
have Worcester sauce maybe some tamari would work really well you’re looking
for something that will enhance the umami flavors from the tomatoes and beef
and I find this works really well for me and then of course you could just cut
right to the chase and put in a pinch of MSG that would be fine okay now it’s
time for the pasta and today I’m using fusilli
and so I just put the pasta right in the pot and we’re gonna cook this sort of
over a medium simmer a really nice simmer for maybe about 15 minutes today
I’m using a fusili but you could use macaroni if you want or any pasta shape
that you desire and I’m just going to stir that in we’re gonna cook this until
the pasta is cooked al dente okay the pasta has cooked through nicely
the sauce is thick just a couple more things I want to add just to kind of
bring it up a little bit and one of them is nutmeg I really like nutmeg in tomato
sauces so I’m gonna grate in too much that should be good and then I’m gonna
pour it in a little bit of milk and the milk will just bring something a little
special to the sauce so maybe three quarters to a cup of milk and this is
full fat milk or 3.25% where we live I’m gonna stir this in and
just let that milk warm through and then I think we’re done hey Jules hey smells
all tomato we Beefaroni hey friends Oh Beefaroni your favorite Oh so I scoop
some out and I will get glass for the wine oh yes we’re stepping it up by yes
we’re stepping it up we have tumblers today for wine it’s special Beefaroni so
it’s all cooked in one pot which makes it Andy yeah I mean it’s super simple
easy cleanup so does that mean there’s some red wine in it or you just you know
I thought red wine went with it there is some red wine in it okay
yeah that’ll bring out some flavors cheese joint cheese sure I even get
myself of my own for work so just a little bit cheese on top whatever kind
of cheese alike hard cheese either pecorino romano or Grana Padano or you
know soft cheeses mozzarella if you want to sprinkle mozzarella on top I think
that would work really well yeah so all right make it your own yeah yeah mate Oh
meat sauce you see the joy on your face pasta I mean it’s it is what it is it is
it is what it is it is yeah it is that simple meal that just you know brings
hmm brings comfort right that’s what comfort foods about brings me joy
now you go put mushrooms in here if you wanted to I didn’t put any mushrooms in
mm-hmm you know there’s other stuff that you
could put in here to dress it up if you want to but you don’t have to all right
now on its own just like this it works really well I think it’s also a meal
that you could easily convert to a vegetarian meal as well with crumbled
tofu because a lot of the flavors come from the tomatoes and the cheese’s and
all the other stuff so all the others really easy to dirt well and that’s
where you could leave the ground beef out and just do mushrooms yeah and the
mushrooms on their own would add a lot of flavor usually do this up a lot of
ways so we’ve come to the end of another video where I’ve shown you a recipe that
you know just make it this way yeah do whatever even change this up to make it
work for you and if your rings you joy yeah what a mentor and if you’re one of
those diehard people that needs to cook the pasta separately and then stick it
in the sauce then cook the pasta separately and stick it in the sauce
we’re not judging just know that you don’t have to and you can do it all in
one pot if if what you have is a single burner because you are living in a condo
that has a single burner yeah there’s some of those in Toronto but they don’t
even have an oven they’ve got a single burner on the countertop or you’re
living you’re in a dorm in college hey you though yeah there’s lots of
reasons why you’ve only got a single burner so you’re at the stove at the
cottage yeah there’s only one that works we don’t we’ve all been there right
thanks for stopping by did you you

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  1. Turns out I had the ingredients at home. A little chilly today so thought it was a good day to try it. Result? What a perfect recipe for lunch… really tasty and will likely be even better as left overs. 👍

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