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How To Earn $20 in 10
minutes again and again now this is a brand new strategy this is available
worldwide it doesn’t matter what country are from this is beginner friendly you
just copy and paste it is earning any skills no experience is needed alright
so if this sounds good to you keep watching but before we get started if
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of this video alright what’s up what’s up so in this video I’m going to show
you this brand new method that I promise you you’ve never seen before okay this
is the new method for you to earn money you can earn PayPal money alright so how
this works is now before I actually show you exactly how it’s done let me kind of
introduce you to the idea alright so first when you go to Fiverr which is a
freelance marketplace where you can pay someone to do services for you alright
so on the other hand you can also provide services and earn money alright
so we fiber you can cash out with PayPal now in today’s video I’m going to
introduce you to this thing called voice over okay so when I click in the voice
over you are good to see a lot of different people who are offering voice
over but what you will very notice very quickly is that it’s actually pretty
expensive all right so if I just click into one of them okay you will notice
that for maybe five to ten dollars you are not going to get that many words
alright so here you can see ten dollars you can only get 150 words which is not
a lot right which is not enough to even record like a video alright hundred
fifty was will be done very very quickly okay so you can check out other
different geeks over here alright so here you can see ten dollars for two
hundred bucks if you want more then you gotta keep paying more and more alright
and then there’s all these different things you can add on so here you can
see that the price will add up very very quickly
alright so now how do you actually make money with this method well it’s simple
you are going to sell a voice-over service now before you actually
some of you might be thinking that all men you don’t have a radio voice none of
that stuff now I will show you this brand new software they’ll allow you to
provide voice over without actually using your own voice alright so there is
this brand new software they will actually allow you to create court life
like voices okay you trance you actually transfer your change text into natural
sounding voice okay and that is how it can actually sell your services on
Fiverr so are you guys getting this is this an aha moment for you so what you
can do is you can use this software to provide voice over so you can sell
voiceovers and for you all you’re doing is you’re going to just copy and paste
okay does that make sense so let me just check out a few more let me just show
you how expensive people are charging all right so many different geeks will
you let me just quickly do just one more here you can see five dollars for only
hundred words this not enough right so another one just one more five dollars
for hundred words deaths again that’s barely enough so what you can do is you
can achieve sell voiceovers and then you just use this software and you can send
it at a much cheaper it why because it doesn’t cost you anything right it
doesn’t matter whether it’s five hundred words or a thousand words
all right because we’ve this software all you’re doing is you’re going to just
copy and paste okay so they have 84 different lifelike voices in 27
languages so by just this software alone you can destroy everyone in this
marketplace because you have over 84 voices and you can do in 27 languages
most of these people they can only do it in their native language and guess what
they actually have to record the voice whereas if you were to use this software
you just copy and paste right whenever people purchase this gig from you guess
what they will have to tell you what they want to want you to say it they
will have to give you the script once they give you the script just copy and
paste into this software and no one can compare with you nobody can copy your
videos have over 84 voices and you can do it in 27 languages and now let’s take
a quick look they have a video and you can even hear that voices in this video
were generated by wavenet vocalize the software I’m about to show you how you
alright so there’s a video you can come over here and check it out I’m gonna put
a link down below so if you are interested to actually make money over
and over again using Fiverr and make use of this software to actually sell
voiceovers then you can just click on the link down below and check it out
alright so it is hundred percent club based this software is available on both
PC and Mac actually is available on the website you don’t need to download or
install anything it’s through the website
alright so doesn’t matter that you’re using PC or Mac it’s going to work you
do not need any technical skills there is an unlimited number of voice over so
you can sound it really cheap alright so even if you sell it for five dollars
change you can give as many words as you want to give because look you’re just
going to copy and paste in a software like if someone else is going to sell it
for like five dollars for hundreds you can sell five dollars for three hundred
four dollars there is there is no loss for you because you can just copy and
paste right so are you getting this so free updates commercial licensing to
them we just awesome that means you can sell the voiceovers that you create
alright so generate natural sounding voiceovers from any text okay so let me
just ask you a simple question when someone pays you when someone makes an
order on fiber how long is it going to take you to do a voice over now if you
are going to record a voice over just like everyone else then it’s going to
take quite a long time but if you were to use this software you’ll just press
copy and you’ll paste and then from there you can immediately submit a
voiceover alright so this doesn’t take Emma this doesn’t take much time at all
alright so I’m gonna put a link down below go check it out this is called
wavenet localizer alright they use some kind of advanced artificial intelligence
to actually synthesize the speech so they’re sounds like a human voice
alright so this is really awesome just copy paste the script they give you boom
sell it over and over again you can keep making money over and over again alright
so if you are serious and you want to invest in this software you can go check
it out I’ll put a link down below so this is pretty awesome they even have
different languages like English French German so let me just play English foil
here with cloud machine learning your application interprets images texts and
more all right so do you even have like portuguese school cloud machine learning
who see what Lickety even have Russians for mature cloud machine Union watch the
pure logic can create multiple streams of income because a lot of people they
are just providing voiceovers in English or they can do it in all the different
languages right and so even if you do not know the language because look they
are going to give you the script so I just copy the script and paste it in
alright so it’s super easy anybody this so I’m going to put a link down
below there’s so many different voices over here you’ll get access to all this
test female there’s Neil and well that’s basically you can see this is an awesome
weight so you can use this to actually make money with fiber and in fact as a
bonus if you want to make videos you can also use this for your own YouTube
videos as well if you do not want to use your own voice okay so I’m gonna put a
link down below go check it out wavenet vocalizer alright click the link down
below the cat to check out this software and from there you can make money with
fiber over and over again bye Sally voice over hey listen do you want to
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