22 thoughts on “Major Announcement for ALL Stellar Lumen (XLM) Holders! Plus VISA in Crypto! [Bitcoin News]”

  1. Stellar is a great buy between $.08 and $0.12. IBM is a global company with name recognition. Stellar attaching its name to IBM is going to give Stellar global appeal.

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  3. Strategic. They got RCBC, a local bank in the Philippines. Having said that, it's not as strong as other banks here like BPI and BDO. If Ripple got hold of these two banks then XML may not fare well in the PH. Lol

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  5. No need to wait and look at Bitcoin, everyone should develop their own coin and be independent of Bitcoin

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  10. Is this the same as with XRP? So the XLM tokens we buy are not related at all to the Stellar blockchain that 'they' use? Basically we are financing the whole cartel operation…people are so stupid..

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