38 thoughts on “Major Altcoin Update! IOTA, Cardano, HOLO, OmiseGO, and VeChain News – Cryptocurrency News”

  1. "Oh, IOTA has apparently just solved the unsolvable trilemma of scalability, decentralization and security which could be the biggest thing in crypto since the inception of Bitcoin. Moving on to the next news…Vechain has just recently been on a vacation…bla bla bla" 😉

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  6. You and allot of people keep pronouncing a crypto wrong! Im speaking about Cardano. You keep saying Cardono when its really Cardano! Its so annoying.

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  11. $PLG (Pledgecamp) will skyrocket the minute it is listed on Binance DEX (and soon after, the centralized exchange). Congrats to presale investors and those who are able to buy first candle.

  12. Lets put it this way I am 25% in ADA It either flies or it was a bad call, but I have listened to Mr Hoskinson and I like him thats it. DYOR x

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