M49: Zold is an experimental non-Blockchain cryptocurrency, made by Zerocracy

Hey, I think it’s time to record this video about Zold cryptocurrency, there’s so many questions about it that’s a project we’re working with for the last year and Many questions are not answered yet That’s why I decided to record that to explain what’s going on the first And the most popular question is why did you decide to create a new cryptocurrency? There are so many of them on the market Bitcoin aetherium and many many Forks of them and many copies So why a new one it was an experiment We wanted to implement something similar to Bitcoin and blockchain to solve the problem of distributed payments But not in a way blockchain does that and it seems to be possible So we achieved what we planned to achieve The second question is why it’s better what’s better in Zold comparing to blockchain and Bitcoin? 4 things first of all, it’s new It is an alternative solution for the same problem And the more alternatives the market has the better how many of them are there on the market right now blockchain dag? Maybe a few others and Zold just a few solutions which makes us quite unique and interesting for potential investors because I believe that in the future the market will just reject all the forks and copies of Blockchain and there will be just a few cryptocurrencies based on blockchain and there will be a few of them based on some other technology a few of them based on something else and Zold is one of the alternatives it will find its own market the blockchain will be on its own market Zold will have its own market and so on and so on so the more Alternatives the market has the better for everybody Zold is an alternative solution to blockchain second. It’s lightweight It’s way lighter than blockchain solution. You know that in order to run the blockchain node You need 200 gigabytes of space and it need quite powerful computers So it’s very resource consuming and money consuming operation You know one of the volunteers open-source contributors managed to install Zold on Raspberry Pi so it’s possible to run as old note on their mobile phone on the Electronic device on the refrigerator. That’s how we are different We’re aiming at a large amount of installations on small devices number three We are way faster because we’re centralized Bitcoin is more centralized in the way They manage data each node on Bitcoin is supposed to maintain the entire database the entire chain of data the entire ledger of transactions in Zold each node Maintains as much data as that particular node Once you can start a node and keep just a few wallets there just a few small Ledger’s inside and the rest of the data will stay somewhere else and that’s what makes us way faster because it’s not necessary to put Transactions one after another, you know in the ledger they can go parallel We can produce transactions and maintain the data parallel not just process parallel like for example Bitcoin lighting Network But maintain them manage and keep the data Parallel maintain them on different places in different computers. Sometimes even never getting together never synchronizing them and number four We’re cheap were way cheaper than Bitcoin because processing and transaction fees are way lower Because the way we manage data is different from blockchain So for things it’s new, it’s lightweight. It’s fast and it’s cheap. The next question is who are the users? So who is it for who is using it now? It is in use right now It’s on the market right now Zerocracy our company who works with freelancers programmers who develops the software for? customers and creates the artificial intelligence Management tools is actually paying programmers right now using this cryptocurrency So the cryptocurrencies on the market, it’s not for exchange traders. It’s not for speculative values. It’s not a bubble It’s a real crypto currency, which is supported by real money and it is used to deliver payouts to programmers Who do actual work for our customers That’s who is using Zold right now. it’s not huge. Of course for now We’re not processing more than a few thousand dollars a day We’re not as huge as Bitcoin of course, but we are starting we’re getting there, but the market is real It’s not speculative like I’m saying we are actually paying Using this Zold real money to real programmers from real customers The next question why is not traded on any exchange it is not traded We’re not listed anywhere not on any exchange why that’s the case The main reason is that that cryptocurrency Mark, it is pretty corrupted and we tried to get on to a number of exchanges and we got pretty high fee demands You know that in order to get listed on binance for example You have to pay about a million dollars or something and it happens to most large crypto currency exchanges they just demand a lot of money up front to get listed and we don’t want to spend that money and we don’t have a Million dollars right now to list on binance we decided to go a different way We just implement an exchange the primitive exchange of Bitcoin to Zold and Zold to Bitcoin on our own platform Anyone can join in Sign up create an account send a few bitcoins to us and get some Zold in exchange and the other way around It just works like that and we guarantee that We’re gonna exchange the results in the future by the fund. We create to support the entire mission So every time you bring bitcoins to us and we give you Zold we keep those bitcoins and the fund in a publicly visible Bitcoin address where it can see how much bitcoins we still have and you see how much Zolds we deliver to customers on the market you compare those two numbers and you always see the guarantee that everything which you have in hands all Zolds the market now possess can be returned back to us and exchanged back to bitcoins So we sort of created like a stable coin but not stable in relation to fiat Currencies like US dollars of Euro but stable in relation to bitcoins. So now is old rate is Hardwired to the Bitcoin rate. That’s our financial model for now. And you know, what makes it even more interesting for people who want to Have some Zold in their hands, is that the rate of salt to Bitcoin? Grows every month about 4 percent up we do it manually we do it artificially so we just increase the rate in order to attract new holders new people who will Exchange their bitcoins to Zold the growth of the rate is supported by the business of zerocracy The better the business is doing the more we can increase the rate So if you help us by bringing your bitcoins and taking back Zolds You help us to improve the business the business grows the business increases the rate of soul and you win That’s the idea. So this is what we want you to do after watching this video Just try to convert a few bitcoins you have to Zold Hold them for sometime see how our project Develops help the project this way and then get some profit from that if you believe in the cryptocurrency market in general if you believe that Bitcoin will grow if you find our business interesting read about that about the zerocracy business how we make software Development business better by applying artificial intelligence to the management component of it if you put it all together You will see that Zold has a lot of future as a technology and as a financial vehicle to drive Zerocracy business forward and helps us to improve the software development market. That’s all I wanted to say. Don’t forget to subscribe Thanks for listening. Stay tuned. Bye. Bye

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