Lynette Zang: Big reset coming. Buy gold & silver? Bitcoin? Will cash & stocks be worth anything?

Lynette Zang: Big reset coming. Buy gold and silver now? Time to buy bitcoin? Will your cash and stocks be worth anything? Be prepared! david moadel welcome to looking at the markets with
David Modell today’s special guest is Miss Linnet Zang a popular financial
youtuber as well as the chief market analyst at ITM trading covering a wide
range of topics including price action bonds yield curve precious metals and
hedging Thank You mrs. Zhang for joining me today on looking at the markets it’s
my pleasure to be here David it’s a lot of fun doing this well I really
appreciate it and you just came off an intense Greg hunter interview so I think
this may be a little more relaxing for you I hope yeah I know he’s great so
let’s start at the beginning if that’s okay how did you first get involved in
finance and specifically in the commodities markets oh that was an
interesting question actually I started when I was 10 because my uncle was a
major dealer back east and he dealt in high-end antiques and in gold so he was
my favorite uncle I spent a lot of time with him he would give me books as I was
growing up for my birthday and he really taught me what it looks like in the
physical market and plus what really made an impression on me and it’s so
interesting because you never really realized this until you have some
hindsight I remember going over to his house with my parents and he had these
safes in this back room and he’d opened them up and you couldn’t even fit one
more gold coin in there and that was 1964 when it was illegal to hold more
than five ounces of gold and he told my parents if anything should happen to me
and birdie is well taken care of for the rest of her life because of this gold so
that made I wish it actually made a bigger impression on me and I really
understood it more but I was 10 at the time so that’s
actually what started that and then my father was it was a small town I was
raised in Kingston New York and he was kind of a bigger fish in a little town
and he was a developer so I actually started in commercial banking when I was
fifteen study business finance went to stayed in
commercial banking till 86 then went over and became a stockbroker with
Shearson in in 86 and in that capacity I would say that I’ve I know people refer
to gold and silver as commodities and they’re certainly a part of their
intrinsic value that are commodities but my studies really are around money and I
started that in 87 is when I started studying currencies and money that’s
when I discovered they have a life cycle and here we are you know I came here in
2002 built all the databases to track everything but I was always attracted to
understanding this so yeah what a foundation to have and some people some
interesting characters and you’re in your backstory there sure sure
now let’s get into precious metals how could we not I’ve heard you reference a
reset to eighty nine hundred dollars an ounce for gold and six hundred dollars
an ounce for silver how do the concepts of nominal confusion and perception
management impact the way we value these precious metals I am so glad you asked
me that question because you know understand that the primary function of
money to begin with they needed a tool to hold your wealth and your your work
your labor even overtime so for example if I’m a farmer which I am these days
and I grow this huge field of corn and I spend a lot of time and energy there
well if I if my family and I consume all that we can
there’s nothing we need from a neighbor then I needed a way if I had more crops
in the field – I didn’t want it just to go to waste so I needed a way to hold it
until down the road when I needed it so many many things have been tried over
the years but only gold actually meets every criteria to be a good money and it
is labor base so it takes labour to pull gold out of the ground and it was a very
fair way to value labour for labour but for the government they wanted to tax
and spend more so holding your wealthy even was really not on their agenda so
in this case in 1913 they legalized the Federal Reserve and we began the
transition from a good money savings based labour based standard to a fiat
now Fiat actually means by decree so this is legalized government money and
its most important function is inflation which guarantees that you can’t buy the
same amount of goods for the same amount of money in the future now since that’s
the the primary premise there were two areas two entities that really benefited
by it for the government they allowed an inflation tax on your work and your
wealth and even if nominally and I’ll come to that in a second but even if
nominally your salary went up then they get to tax you more on that inflation
and you cooperate because you don’t understand inflation that’s the nominal
confusion part so for governments it was great they got to tax you more and you
cooperated for corporations they actually wanted you to work for less but
they knew if you were willing if you were used to getting 10 bucks an hour
you weren’t going to work for five however if they could still give you
that 10 bucks but it only spent like fun then they’ve accomplished that goal so
today we have this huge shift in income inequality because everybody knows that
salaries never keep pace the average salaries anyway never keep pace with
inflation so why don’t we realize this okay
because nominally if you had a $20 bill 20 years ago and you have it today
nominally they’re exactly the same they’re both $20 but the underlying
value and what you can buy with it as you can see is vastly different and
we’ve all experienced it and that’s nominal confusion so the stock market
going up as the dollar value declines is nominal confusion those stocks and your
holdings must rise faster than the real decline in purchasing power or you’re
behind the 8-ball yeah I mean sure sure I love a prepared guest that is
wonderful and those charts really put it into perspective just like you do in
your YouTube videos you’ve got plenty of visuals there and that really an
educator myself that really drives the point home we saw the three baskets
there you know that used to be full of groceries and now now you’re feeling a
little hungry in 2007 I mean who doesn’t know that yeah right we all know that we
live it every day yeah and yet it continues and yet we continue to put up
with it for various reasons yeah all right at some point there’s nothing left
and that’s why I said that we are near the end of the cycle yeah because
officially this is from the Federal Reserve it’s one of my favorite websites
Fred anybody can go in and use it but officially there’s four cents worth of
purchasing power left in the dollar so even assuming that that’s accurate and
they haven’t fudged those numbers the problem that they’re having is going
below zero right the negative traits that’s why they
don’t like cash that’s why you see this global war on cash because there’s
simply not much purchasing power left in any of the currencies I’m not saying
they can’t continue to inflate it as long as people have confidence sure they
can make that basket of groceries you know go up and up and up and up and up
and then say look at how well our GBP is doing but there’s a problem if your if
your income is not keeping pace with that which it’s designed not to yeah so
wanted to talk about some ETFs you know I am so tempted today with SLV the
silver ETF very popular very liquid plenty of volume and it’s heading toward
15 which was a buy price that I was looking at me maybe sell some 15 strike
puts I don’t know GLD another popular ETF this one represents gold is heading
toward 116 per share somehow I get the feeling that you might not be as
trusting of these ETFs as I am what’s your take on that well I think I’m older
than you so anybody that’s I’m 62 so anybody that’s been around for a while
has probably experienced without realizing it that dematerialization of
all of the markets and certainly gold and silver are no different so looking
at SLV this is a trust if you own where you choose well you never really own
anything if it’s held in an account anyway but if you think you own SLV all
you really own are shares of a trust that is designed to mimic the managed
manipulated spot price what people don’t see is this now what this is is a
relative performance chart spot silver against SLV and you can see that these
lines are overlapping and then that’s purtz to shift can you see that and now
there’s a gap right so what that actually is showing you is
they sell off their holdings to pay those feeds so you think you’re buying
silver number one you’re buying a sharing trust and number trip – it’s a
diminishing asset because there are constantly selling off their holdings to
pay those fees right and it’s the same thing is true with GLD they avoid those
fees in the beginning and it’s in there it’s all in the prospectus so you can
read it for yourself so you can see how it overlaps but look at this over time
that all it’s doing is mimicking that price it is losing value if you don’t
hold it you don’t own it if it’s held inside of a brokerage account it’s held
in street name and you are simply the beneficial owner but they’ve taught us
that paper is good look at how liquid it is because they make a market until they
don’t make a mark yeah okay that’s why you think it looks liquid because at the
moment they happen to be supporting that market so if it’s a short-term trade
that you’re looking for if that’s kind of your mentality then it is a cheaper
way to do that trade for a short period of time because it will mimic spot but
if you think that you actually own something that’s going to protect you
forget about it it’s all manipulated and it’s just about the fees and the guys
that can actually convert those shares into real gold and silver that they
presumably and I’m sure they do hold in the vaults is not you it’s JP Morgan or
Morgan Stanley or any of the Big Kahuna’s it’s not you and that’s what
people really need to understand in this environment so we can predict or project
in the future that these ETFs will do a poorer and poorer job of tracking the
actual spot price of the precious metal yeah and as we can see in the chart
right it can it can continue to attract the manipulated
spot price is just over time you’re paying more for less and less value yeah
yeah efficient it’s just a trust so it’ll probably continue to mimic it
because that’s what they need you to do so that you feel like you actually own
something right but don’t ya huh something to think about something for
me to think about for sure I wanted to talk about ITM trading dot-com excuse me
people should check out ITM trading com the link will be in the description of
this YouTube video what services are currently being offered at I TM trading
well we’re a full-service physical precious metals brokerage house so
anything that you do with us we will deliver out to you we are not going to
store it and while that might temporarily for some people they go oh
my god I have to deal with this physical metal well I Got News for You I would
much rather have the physical metal in my possession that I can then choose to
protect in any way that I’m comfortable with then give it to the foxes that are
already guarding this end house so everything we do here is physical but
really what makes us different is our team and our knowledgebase since I’ve
studied currencies since 87 then I I do consider myself an artist and what I see
are patterns so over the years I’ve developed a strategy first for myself
based upon those repeatable patterns in both movement and valuation and we
talked about the fundamental value we’ll talk a little bit more about that in a
second but our approach is very consultative so we want to know who you
are what you’re trying to accomplish all of
your goals all of your circumstance what your fixed rate that is property
everything we want to really understand you so that the portfolio that we built
for you actually supports what you’re trying to accomplish and I don’t know
I’m not saying nobody else does that I just don’t
no of anybody else that takes that approach and and then beyond that once
you are a client of ours we actually have a personal booklet based upon your
goals your circumstance and what you’ve chosen to do so that if god forbid this
is not what the intention is but who knows what’s going to happen with the
grid or what have you you will actually have your own personal booklet so that
if you can’t get a hold of us you know how to walk through but you’ve seen the
webinars on our YouTube channel you know with its ongoing education it’s it’s
constantly keeping you abreast of where we are in this trend cycle and when you
see this what does it really mean for what’s happening underneath yeah so
that’s all of that is how we function keen on education we love educating
clients and we help you execute that strategy I can see that I’m looking
looking at the website right now I see you can get a free gold kit just for
entering your basic information there that’s free
you’ve got webinars these are free you serve people with IRAs I see there and
you’ve got some beautiful pictures of gold bullion and silver coins you know
all kinds of cool stuff your featured products specials it’s it’s fantastic so
what about what better way is there to get the physical stuff so you don’t have
to worry about tracking errors and everything we’re learning about today
yeah yeah and and you know the beauty part too you know I’ve been here since
2002 and pretty much everybody has been here for a really a long time and we’re
a really cohesive team and everybody pays attention so you may be sitting
here and listening to me but my bet is is if you call up and you talk to one of
our team members you’re gonna hear a very similar voice and that’s you know
that’s something else because you know this is not a regulated industry other
than money laundering part so the person that you’re dealing with could have been
selling shoes yesterday hmmm interesting perspectives in a
couple of recent interviews with Cliff hi and Daniel Amadori I’ve been told in
no uncertain terms that the US dollar will be worthless within our lifetime do
you agree with this what do you think so the problem is is that in the current
monetary system the money is created from debt but we hit peak debt in 97 and
you can see that and what that means is like if let’s say you just get out of
college and you’re living with your parents so you have no debt and you have
no responsibilities but you get your first job so you decide that you want to
go buy a car but you don’t want to save up all the money for it just the down
payment so you go and you take on debt you’re promising to pay it back tomorrow
but you’re spending those dollars today so yes taking on debt would be
stimulative to your economy okay and so you can see on this graph that it was
stimulative I mean here’s 1970 when we started this path and you can and these
vertical gray bars are official recessions so you can see that in 97 we
hit peak debt where the debt would stimulate the economy we’ve certainly
grown a whole lot more debt since then but it hasn’t done it now this to me is
the most important chart because when we see it like this was cash for clunkers
that little blip up when we see this going up in a pervasive way more than
just a little blip then that is most likely to be telling you that
hyperinflation is here yeah okay because people don’t hold on to dollars right
now they’re holding on to it they’re not spending this is worse than it was
during the depression in 33 according to the Federal Reserve and you could see
does that look like it’s stimulated right but how much debt have we grown
you know a tremendous amount trillions and trillions and all the leverage so
this is when they really started levering out the system so you know that
that’s why yeah in our lifetime Oh probably with him within five years I
think we’ll see them reset I could be wrong that’s not something I have
control of but you know how long can they keep doing this as long as there’s
confidence yeah yeah kind of scary but this is a wake-up call that I think we
need as far as Womble people who are considering getting into equities now
well let me phrase it this way if I may hypothetically speaking if your elderly
grandparents told you that they were going to invest 60% of their life
savings into the S&P 500 maybe SP why the ETF and the other 40% in TLT the
bond etf a very popular strategy recommended by lots of investment
advisors what would you say to them you know I I have a funny story because uh
my mom passed like five years well Wow 2010 so more than five years ago but
obviously as a stockbroker and then I managed her portfolio but she had her
head up until the day that she died so you were not telling Lillian Zhuang
anything that you know she didn’t want to do in July of 2009 the dollar against
the weighted basket of currencies fell to its lowest level ever now look I
didn’t know how this was going to unfold but whenever you see a shift in the
pattern it means something and seeing the dollar falls with lowest level
frankly freaked me out so I recommended to my mom that she shift a lot of what
she had in the Mart in fact I told her to get out well she wouldn’t listen to
me and that’s okay that was in July in February she said when would you please
look at my statement because some it’s gotta be wrong with it and she lost
like 20,000 bucks between July and February and of course when I looked at
it well what happened after 2007 the whole system started visibly falling
apart in March with Bear Stearns going out and then by the following September
well that’s when Lehman went down we had the Lehman moment and everything crashed
so even between July and and February the shift will the shift that wasn’t the
first shift but that was a significant shift so if anybody wanted to invest in
the second most expensive stock market in history or hold their wealth there
where the most expensive bond market in history then I’d say you must really
like the banks because you’re going to give it to her you’re not going to have
it the lesson I just gained from that is we need to listen to miss Lynette Zang
the first time she tells you something well you know I can’t control anything
but truthfully you you anytime there is a shift in normal behavior even going
back take any one of these graphs right normal behavior when they put debt in
was that it would be stimulative to the economy well guess what do you see is
that what you see happening here and what about here and they keep telling
you there’s a recovery right so it isn’t really me saying it you just need to
learn how to pay attention a little bit differently that’s what I try and teach
you in all of my you know our youtube channel with all the charts on the graph
well can you see the pattern can you see the shift yeah cuz if I can help you
fish right verses fish for you now you can make independent educated choices
regardless of what if anybody especially financial advisors remember I plus one I
know yeah I know what they write people need to if
they haven’t already I don’t know who hasn’t already but they need to check
out your YouTube channel just go to youtube and let sang and see all of the
videos that you put out a lot of content and it’s consistently high in quality we
have not sacrificed quality for quantity or vice versa so that’s I think that’s
great I work all the time I can tell I can
tell all the time yeah yeah it’s for the benefit of your clients and as well as
your your viewers and listeners now I wanted to get onto a hot topic if I’m a
crypto currencies I I get emails about that on a daily basis I’ll bet you do
too probably right about now that seems to happen whenever something goes up a
thousand percent five thousand percent suddenly there’s a spike in interest
imagine that Bitcoin etherium so on and so forth are you bullish on these what’s
your take well okay here’s my take on it first of all I am a hundred percent
convinced that that’s the direction of the new money standard because once it’s
in the system then they have you completely they can dictate everything
so I am a few feelings around this but one thing that I’d like to bring out is
that typically for a central bank when they make a policy decision there’s a
lag time of whether they or not they know it was effective at 18 months if
everything is in crypto then they can push a button and have immediate impact
so if they want you to visibly see that your principal is going down and they
say this in their cashless society piece that they did I did a webinar on that
but they say that once once we get rid of cash there are no limits to how low
we can push interest in other words since they have you know once they’ve
used up all the principal now they got or rather the purchasing power now they
need to attack principal which is what those negative rates are about so the
government’s have taken the CFTC and globally have taken a hands-off
approach to the development of this article of this area because as you so
rightly pointed out when something moves up a thousand percent or a thousand
dollars or whatever people notice and since we have been trained to feel
comfortable with intangibles inside of the system that is not controlled by us
the higher they go the more people try to participate and do participate but at
the end of the day you know central banks are not going to give up their
money monopoly easily I’m sure in my opinion and according to everything that
I’ve read and so while it seems decentralized at the moment because
that’s the way they want you to think about it perception management okay and
also the nominal confusion because people marry the legal money of the
state there will come a point in here when they have that technology and those
smart contracts all dialed in where there will be a major crisis and people
won’t look to be saved and so that’s when they have you and Mike that is and
I could certainly be wrong about this not within my control but the the
cryptocurrency that’s named the SDR coin which is controlled by the IMF will not
be decentralized and neither will all of your information will be in one central
location and they push a button immediate impact how interesting yeah
it’s given me a lot to think about right now and finally given the anemic GDP
growth but nonetheless we have an equities market that refuses to pull
back more than a handful of percentage points can we reasonably expect a large
drawdown in the near future or is Vic’s below 13 the new normal what do you
think well all of these markets are absolutely
and totally control the beer you go all of the Central Bank global central bank
money printing so this is why you see the markets of that nosebleed levels now
the reason why you do not see them having the ability to pull back so
they’ve got to keep injecting cash to keep them supported are all of the
derivative bets that are underneath that it’s not real I know the stock market in
nominal terms and bond market have gone up in nominal terms which means you know
it just looks like they’ve gone up with the real growth in these markets since
97 since 96 that’s been the growth of derivatives all of that leverage that’s
the real that’s where the real roses come from and their price action is
based upon the price action of the underlying whatever it’s attached to so
it could be stocks or bonds or real estate or other derivatives so if that
crypto is that technology the blockchain technology with a smart contract once
that is fully functional at the speed and the way that they needed to be
that’s when they’ll need a big crisis and according to the IMF Deutsche Bank
is systemically the most dangerous bank on the planet completely globally
interconnected well their leverage is like 29 to one according to the
financial statement so they can’t afford a 4% drop where they are officially
insolvent all the derivatives make them them solve it anyway but officially
they’re insolvent so that’s why you see that extraordinarily tight range it
would be a Black Swan event maybe North Korea maybe you know something we’re not
anticipating that would take it out of their control but as long as it’s in
their control I don’t think they’re wanting the derivative part
it’s one plug so it’ll stay in a narrow range yeah so I’m not asking you to be a
top caller but is there a time frame in which we might anticipate again the
reason it’s called a black swan or a catalyst is because we don’t know it’s
coming but you know out of all the people have interviewed there there it
is there it is there for so many reasons yeah this the volatility on the 10-year
Treasury which is the base of every market right oh you know here you go
this is when it was only marginally managed because the Federal Reserve is
actually been buying Treasuries since 2002 so but we already started going
down then but you could see the dashes it was not a volatile market right
once 2008 hit we went on life support the system actually died and every
single tool that the central bankers had up until that moment all scrapped
everything is new and experimental and I even did a web webinar on all of their
new experiments paying interest doing all sort of rates you know all of that
stuff so this is 2013 which is when they really started manipulating the price
well they actually started 2011 in here to manipulate the price of gold hard
hard because it almost broke through 2000 so the question is how long can
they can you live that this is an EKG how long can this blonde I will be
surprised although I’ve been surprised honestly if they can hold it together
through the end of the year it’s just there’s no given these markets just
period it seems like nothing surprises me anymore but you know what we have to
be careful in today’s environment in today’s manipulated environment and
today’s unstable and richly evaluated to put it charitably equities markets and
so we have to look elsewhere and of all the people have interviewed
I knew that you’d have not only an answer for me but a chart I I you know I
think people everybody learns a little bit differently yeah I’ve heard that
from from a teacher or one of my daughter’s when she was in sixth grade
and you know that way if I do it visibly and verbally it just makes a whole lot
more sense it’s easier to grasp because these things are made intentionally I
mean they say this if we make it really complicated nobody questions us oh you
know I mean these guys are so smart I can’t understand that yes you can
everybody can yeah so that’s my mission ITM solid as gold i TM
Better Business Bureau accredited 20 years old at least and still going
strong lease full service precious metals firm specializing in gold and
silver products ranging from bullion to rare gold coins plenty of free resources
on the website as well and also get your free gold kit on there why why isn’t
everybody doing this right now eight eight eight six nine six four six five
three or ITM trading com miss Lynette Zang how can people contact you either
on social media or elsewhere well if you bear with me I’m not really tweeting yet
but I I know that’s on my agenda I just have to you know take the time to
prioritize it but you can always contact us at that phone number I mean we’re all
here we’re all working together you can you can call me but where you where you
hear the hesitancy is I haven’t yet figured out how to make a 48 hour day so
but when there’s a bunch of us here there’s 25 of us here and we’re all
really smart and we all take the time and we all pay attention so you know if
you really need me I’m here for you I’ll keep doing my work but there’s lots
of great people here yeah yeah of experience that person our fantastic miss Lynette Zhang thank
you so much for joining me today I look looking at the markets you’re welcome
back anytime thank you so much yeah there’s a lot of fun thank you so much
you did a great job thank you for watching please like comment and
subscribe and I’ll see you next time

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    it is already starting from yesterday , big upside potential for silver , it will never be this cheap again in our lifetime !

  24. bitcoin being decentralized isnt perception management. I can, with my own computer, independantly verify the entire blockchain and every transaction ever conducted. Its 100% wide open for anyone to look at, go look for yourself …what Lynette says towards the end of this interview is not correct.

  25. This woman is fantastic. Explains well. A natural teacher. Lifts me up while not putting me down. Lynette, keep on!

  26. Both gold and silver are going to move considerably lower – intermediate and long-term technicals are extremely weak and not Positive. Zang claims the public will be unable to access their accounts and yet Gold & Silver will be off to the moon…

  27. Anything the centralized bankers can't control has great value. It's an
    idea whose time has come: decentralized money (i.e., freedom) is the greatest value. Gold and silver cannot be compared. Ms. Zang seems to know how to get around the centralized banker but not how to be free of him.

  28. She is super knowledgeable and on the money i love her belief system and i am not looking forward to the cashless society and end game.

  29. the only thing that can break usa is opec not selling in dollars, and world tranaction, 20 trillion wont matter

  30. Most people tooting bitcoin have bitcoin. Majority will tell you how it undermines banking cartels. And it's the first time the "free market" can come together and stop the banksters. I think it is more likely possible that bitcoin will crash in a recession or even be the event that triggers the next recession. I've heard big banks bullish of cryptos. Would a big bank really want to toot a competing currency? A currency that is supposed to be the demise of these central banks. I think the average American buying these cryptos is the exit strategy for the banks and there cronies who bought into cryptos when they were worthless. I think it's a big ugly bubble that could pop any second. And when it does. Everyone who bought early and sold high will make huge profits. But average Americans will over pay for this bubble and hold bitcoins too long. Once it crashes and everyone gets burned. Then gov will say "look everybody…. that is why you don't listen to the free market. Do you see what happens when you all listen to the free market. This is why we need more government intervention in the free market." Meanwhile they got new crypto currency coming out left and right. Which is inflating the supposed un-inflatable cryptos. I hear ppl say ohhh well bitcoin was the first. Who cares??????? Was apple the first computer???? Nooooo. Was uber the first taxi business? Noooooo. First doesn't matter. Your market competitors can hurt whatever currency you are invested in. It is not a safe haven asset. Sell your bitcoin for a profit while you can.

  31. Lynette is a good women who I respect and had the honor to speak in person, I wish I was in her city to be near her , truly she is one of the daughters of our father ABRAHAM. SELAH.AMEN

  32. Nice lady. Has her head sitting firmly on her shoulders.
    Sadly, she doesn't understand a thing about how cryptocurrencies work, and how they're different from all the previous attempts at private digital money.
    Well, I guess this was to be expected. You have to have an above average understanding of computers and software to appreciate the kind of innovation that is Bitcoin.

  33. While fundamentally she is probably 100% correct, the biggest caveat I see now, is the huge proliferation of "fake" gold/silver coins and bullion in the market. This will make "bartering' with PMs very risky and will probably skew any barter system of any size to develop.

  34. STARTED stacking many years ago and helped freinds and loved one get into in as well so i have also managed a fund in crypto but i got hammered and riff raffed by a google app free wallet 🙁 while in usdt after the latest correction the app froze my account claiming slow action on tether so i missed the bottom and now after missing a healthy capital gain im sitting on the side lines looking for another place to invest and i love tangible hodl heavy metal but its not profitabke with such manipulatìons so i do wonder if its time ? Will the metal finally pay off ? Truly it hasnt because a 4cent dollar should have gold at 10000 and silver 400 and i dont play the slv or gld . MRS lynette can you help ?

  35. Try to see these videos herewith and you can know here where to look for gold –

    100,000,000.00 Metric Tons Of Gold or More with the claim that the Philippines is the richest nation in the world today is not found in any article or show yet being mentioned here so I can't help but look for that G. W. Bush live interview and it is not available really anywhere. I there is a video out there, please post it or send the real link. I would love to watch that.

    The Marcos family has had the riches especially gold on latter parts prior to the power ascension of the patriarch as president of the country. It might be phantasmagorically unbelievable yet the Marcos has it. And yes, the documents exist but external greed from hearts of evil men who orchestrate the world's stage as we know it has had their interest as well to all this so that they may run the world in the palm of their hands. Well, I just wish and pray that The Above exact the justice and good life deserving for all Filipino. We must not envy those who have money and in this case the Marcos family as to which all riches accumulated and amassed is the product of pure genius and industry. I hope the country undergoes spiritual revolution to give due respect and glorification to the One True Source of riches and blessings – GOD! God bless the country.

    Thank you!

  36. Here's an interesting infographic comparing gold and Bitcoin's price over the years:

  37. The thing is that gold nowdays is not really gold , but paper-gold.. So it is manipulated and doesnt represent a real value of physical gold..

  38. Nominal confusion. I like that! Keep stacking physical, it pisses the elite off! PMs will go parabolic within the next 3 years.

  39. Decentralization is simply a code word for decentralizing central power all the way down to the individual.
    Wake up, people.
    Why do I feel like I'm in a movie of sorts – Idiocracy comes to mind for some reason?

  40. What do people do for money who don't have computer 's and are computer illiterate ?? How do you pay a hooker or dope dealer?

  41. how retarded is she? gold is a resource the western demand fall people dont buy gold tooth nor jewelry anymore, price is made by demand and supply, and if it comes to gold due to fear because preachers like you, greetings from someone trade physical over 9 tons a year

  42. I agree with Lynette on buying gold as a hedge, but how do you get enough $$, especially with the cryptos doing so great and gold so low??? High frequency trading on BTC pays about 1% daily for 140 days! Then buy gold with your profits!!!

  43. Years ago I was thinking ITM options as one of the difficult platform in trading options, not until last year i came across the Blended Model Strategy, This strategy has changed my perspective about the trading market. I'm happy because as i am reading and learning this strategy, I'm going through what i learnt and many of my entries have been successful.

  44. Taxpayers should never bailed out the banks and big corporations. Taxpayers were hoodwinked as the rich got richer and the poor poorer.
    Demand a return of bailout money.

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