LTO Network. Decentralized Workflows. B2B Blockchain Adoption. Mainnet Live!!

[Music] [Music] heyyo good evening viewers of the Chico army and any new viewer who has decided to tune in for the very first time now could you kindly go to your fridge and grab a beer or spark a doobie and then relax because it’s time for crypto and of course a cold one today’s featured beer is vases or brewing companies la humi dark lager so let’s give it a taste hey now hey it’s pretty good actually for a dark lager not bad it’s made here in Miami – so do you live here check it out so businesses across the globe rely on processes and workflows to get their service or product to their customers in the most cost efficient and timely manner with the rise of computers and technology many of these processes have become digitized and automated yet organizations are still struggling to tap into the benefits of inter organizational processes mainly due to lack of trust between two differing organizations then Bitcoin and blockchain technology came along which provided distribution and cryptography to provide a system that does not rely on trust of one another but relies on the protocol for trust now here we are in 2019 with even more advancements in blockchain technology and technology alone and businesses and workflows are still siloed within organisations resulting in wasted time money and effort for these organizations in tural tio Network and their blockchain solution for decentralized workflows they aim to enhance business-to-business collaboration by enabling business processes or legal agreements to be automated via live contracts the company has been kind enough to sponsor this video and the Chico channel the details of their agreement can be found in the description of this video right away let’s do what Chico does best and break down the tech included with the el tio Network el tio splits the functionality of their platform into two main layers let’s begin with layer two layer two consists of ad-hoc permissionless private chains and each of these private chains contain their own workflow logic for a live contract live contracts are similar to smart contracts as they both defined and solidify logic that can be applied in a trustless and verifiable way although smart contracts are cryptographic boxes that contain a value live contracts do not directly hold value but describe how two parties should interact the intent is to resemble a traditional paper contract with these live contracts live contracts defined the workflows as extended finite state machines which make visualizing the workflow possible through flowcharts this makes the logic in the live contract understandable and readable for both humans and machines so imagine you had two different parties from two different organizations interacting with a live contract in order to determine the state of the finite state machines the responses from each of these need processed in a given order inserting an event removing an event or changing the order event might result in a radically different state of the contract this is where event chains come into play the event chain works like an ad hoc private blockchain each response from a party is wrapped in an event which can be viewed as a block with a single action the sequence of these events form a hash chain that is shared between the parties to ensure nobody can falsify or forge events of others each event is signed using elliptical curved signatures from each party this event chain is a private chain that is only shared between the nodes of the parties involved nodes are not aware of the event chains they are not a part of you can think of these event chains almost like a side chain but unlike side chains they are isolated other event chains have no effect on other event chains leading to mass scalability as a result of this design guaranteeing the no tampering and in the mutable private chain in itself is hard this is why they designed the main functionality in two layers here’s where the public LPO chain comes into play and it can be considered layer one this is a global block chain that is permissionless and public and built for the specific use case of supporting live contracts and event chains now the private layer is for data sharing process automation and collaboration between differing organizations this public layer acts as a security and Edelman layer think of it like an immutable digital notary for hashes of events on the private chains this is called anchoring in which every event of the event chain is anchored onto the elcio global blockchain to great proof of existence for a series of events in a life contract to support the contracts and chains on top LTO has forked the waves blockchain as a basis because it includes the ng protocol which was originally made to improve scalability of Bitcoin in G produces latency and has proven in stress tests with waves to be able to handle 1,000 transactions per second making it an ideal blockchain for LT o unlike waves which uses leased proof of stake to pick its block generators block generators are chosen by leased proof of importance consensus algorithm the consensus acts like lease proof of stake where the chance of being selected to generate blocks is based on the amount of tokens you hold or stake but it also takes into account usage of the network by a node more involved nodes get a higher chance while inactive nodes get less of a chance this consensus creates a unique token economy in which multiple diverse participants can benefit from the network you have integrators and partners who are the large stagers in the network who run a node for a chance to generate blocks then you have clients of the network who are using the event chains and live contracts which incidentally means they are running a node then you have the passive stagers you stake their coins through a release finally you have the non active holders which are the key to liquidity in the network so speaking of nodes LTO nodes are split into several services that make the functionality of the platform happen these can be considered layers to the first layer is a UI layer which lets users easily develop and debug live contracts with two front-end applications including a chain viewer and a live contract playground the next layer is application layer and this contains all the services that handle actions triggered by events from the event chain the next layer is the private chain layer which decouples the node to ensure a stable system even the case of bad connectivity or high load the final layer is the public chain layer which manages the public chain services LTO is no joke and the product is built right now this includes a free community node in which anyone can get and download and start managing processes and anchoring on their global public blockchain and a licensed enterprise node which includes more services also they have a functioning playground for live contracts which users can begin creating and testing their own contracts LTO is targeting large enterprises governments and multinationals as users of their platform they are already contracted by the Dutch government to automate inspection authorities tasks related to waste transportation with the company sign request they were able to notarize digital documents with proof of existence and with CMS law they created a fully decentralized commercial rental agreement they will gain more clients to because their platform adheres to the European general data protection regulation which most park chains do not LTO network will be entering into a limited crowd sale that will only last three days from today January 14th to Wednesday January 16 here’s what’s interesting about their sale they have included an economic system to discourage the dumping of tokens by large VCS and private investors they have two tokens participants of the crowd sale will be given ERC 20 tokens which will have instant liquidity on exchanges any other participant the team seed round investors private sale advisers they all get maintenance which will not have instant liquidity elcio adopts a bridge mechanism between the ERC 20 and maintenance to go from one to the other you need to pay a bridge toll the troll toll takes its toll to go from ERC 20 to maintenance fee now the other way around if you want to go from a net to instant liquidity ERC 20 you need to pay a fee which diminishes over time on day one the fee is 55% ouch after 30 days that did grace’s to 33% and so on down the line this was done to prevent the private and seed round investors from dumping their tokens on the crowd sale participants making things fair all if you would like to get involved with LTO first you need to sign up on the community platform link is in the description then you need to pass the KYC on the platform there are queue type simple kyc with a forty aetherium personal cap and a stringent kyc with no personal cap once passed you are good to go and you just need to send the ëthe to the required smart contract address to be provided on the community platform as well as the LTO network main website well viewers this project has a unique approach in making a fair crowd sale which is admirable in the face of what happened in 2017 and 2018 with icos combine this with their already built out platform and product with major use cases and you have a winner of a project cheers viewers and I’ll see you next time [Music]

42 thoughts on “LTO Network. Decentralized Workflows. B2B Blockchain Adoption. Mainnet Live!!”

  1. Dragonchain adds an incentive to hold their token (DDSS) which is acquired by holding on to the dragonchain token over time.

    LTO on the other hand punishes their investors with a tax. (If you sell now to buy into a better opportunity elsewhere we will rob you. This is basically what they are saying.)

  2. Satoshi is ready to be interviewed. I like this show, would you like to be my first interview? we can go over everything. msg me back and we'll go over a few things and set up a date

  3. To those complaining and asking why he's doing this video – it is a bear market, ppl are losing money and Tyler is in a position where he can get paid to talk crypto. Who wouldn't do the same? You wouldn't do a 7 minute informational video for 2k USD? Of course anyone would. You can tell the difference between passion projects and informational videos. Pay attention.

  4. Did you not say 5 days ago that D…bits would be the last sponsored video in awhile? Anyway, I'm just going to pretend that you never made this video…

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  6. Being objective goes both ways… As a content creator and as a viewer, don’t automatically write something off just because it is sponsored. LTO is a legit project that actually has a product that generates revenue, not many in crypto can make that claim.

    Blockchain Brad covered this a long time ago and has uncovered some other gems too (Quant, Own(CHX) which both have basically done a 10x in this shit bear market!

    I’m not saying LTO will too but exponential growth is much more likely with such a small cap project, pair that with a good quality project and you’ve got my interest.


  7. TAYLOR when you said an exchange hack is going to come soon i was like nahh. Now NZ exchange cryptopia has been 'hacked'. Beautiful timing as well

  8. Tyler, much respect for all that you do in the space. You are open and honest about what you do, and that means a freakin' lot to us all bro! With so many shitfluencer alliances bro, your work is a standout and the quality is awesome. James is such a great editor!

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  10. Could you look into Grin and Beam, I get very bad vibes. Hidden agenda! To many YouTubers were shilling it at the same time. Thank you!!

  11. When I see the number of partners who already use their network, I do not see how this project could fail. Thank you for this review guys !

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