20 thoughts on “LTC Technical Analysis⚡ Bitcoin Price $18K Dec 18 2017 | BK Crypto Trader”

  1. Awesome Brandon. I purchased most of my coins and tokens in October and November. I purchased TradingView premium a week ago and have been watching all of your vids since. I have learned everything I know from you. This vid capped it. It was precise and to the point. Now I just need some time, experience and courage to start trading my coins to bump them up. I have invested enough, now I want the coins to pay for themselves…

  2. Love your charts, follow you daily. Can you at the end cap them off with a dollar price prediction? I'm following, but it's a lot to grasp and interpret at the end because we're all in it for the money so at the end of the day all of your figuring and graphing, please simplify the end with a conclusion for the dummies. What does this mean in Fiat?

  3. Your continued mission to use your powers to help empower the people is inspiring. Saying you are one in a million wouldn't do propper justice to you. Look forward to your premium content service.

  4. Okay so I had 200$ back when ltc was 20 ish dollars and I bought a few bk said hold on to them Xmas will be your time. Y'all I had 200 dollars and faith in this man.. do what he says. I shoulda bought some eth…. It hit 13$ and he said a week before it's gonna crash… Y'all listen to bk

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