Lost Seed Phrase Words Recovery… (For Trezor, Ledger, Keepkey or Coinomi Crypto Wallets)

so I’ve had number of people ask me you
know can I recover my seed phrase if I’ve lost one or two or three or four or
even six of the words sometimes even 12 so this video is going to look at how to
use BTC recover to recover your seed phrase if you know that you have a
couple of words missing from your seed phrase and especially if you know which
words those are and as always if you haven’t really done so hit subscribe and
that way you can stay in the loop about future content I make to help you to
find your way in the crazy and often hostile environment that is
cryptocurrency so if you find yourself in a situation where you’re missing some
words and don’t know what to do this guide’s is going to look at that though there
are some important notes to start and that’s firstly don’t ignore the security
of your recovery environment I cover this in the previous videos on using BTC
recover you will need part of your 24 word
seed even if it has errors for the purposes of this video I think we should
say the realistic limit is really recovering three missing words
any little more than that and you’re talking a recovery that’s going to take
months and years to do I will do a future video looking at the realistic
limits of using BTC recover but if you have say less than 6 words missing or
even if you do have 6 words missing it’s the kind of thing that isn’t realistic
today but could very well become realistic in the next decade or two so
if you’ve lost like five or six of your words you know don’t throw the seed
phrase away but also understand that this might be something that will be
more doable in the future even if it’s not doable today and if you’re someone
who split your 20 forward seed in half and has lost 12 of those words I’m sorry
there is simply no practical recovery option available to you at all and I
find it hard to conceive of a situation where it would even be recoverable at
any point in the next century it simply gets far too complex far too quickly
like always for this you’ll need to know at least one address that you had used
with this wallet the setup is the same for all of these videos that I do you
need to set up your environment you to download BTC recover if you are trying
to use it with litecoin addresses you’ll need to use my more recent Fork of BTC
recover and we’ll look at the command line options to run BTC recover so don’t
just double click on it because it probably won’t do what you want
so the first sample we have is one where you are
trying to use BTC recover and you’ve lost the last two words for whatever
reason okay so for this first example were just going to use this command here
which is basically the same as what I’d used in a previous video looking at
using this with Litecoin but the key thing here is we need to tell it that
there are two typos and we also need to tell that those two typos we want our
big typos so that means like completely different words not just looking for one
character that’s wrong or something like that
so we’ll just say we want that to run we don’t have a wallet file we’re just
using a standard BIP39 thing we don’t have an xpub key we’re gonna use this
litecoin address and we are going to use this best guess of the mnemonic so we’ve
replaced the last two words which were just completely unknown with a number
and that’s just going to tell BTC recover immediately that that is an
invalid word that is an invalid word so it’s going to target the errors there there we go found result 30 seconds so
it’s correctly identified the last two words the other example that I’ll look
at is something which I’ve had one or two people ask about and that’s
essentially where someone is trying to recover a missing word but they don’t
know which words so maybe their word list only has 23 words written on it
because you know might sound odd but some people will use this as a security
mechanism so you know deliberately leave words out of their seed phrase as sort
of like a DIY security kind of thing but had subsequently lost or forgotten the
word that was missing so the approach here when there’s one word that is
missing so essentially methodically try and work
out where the gap would have been so I’ve just got the first two steps that
you might do for that and we’ll run through it here so again the same
command we’re using before except this time we had 23 words so we’re only going
to worry about one typo and one big typo so it was popped up there and what we’re
gonna say is we don’t have any of these things we’re looking for this litecoin
address and our first guess is going to be that they had 23 words and that maybe
they just left the first one off so we’ll just put that in position 1 and
put the number 1 there simply so you keep track of it yourself when you’re
doing this it’ll run through there it’ll exhaust it a couple of seconds and say
not see not found bummer so not to be deterred we run the command again this
time we said well maybe the word that was missing is in between element and
sniff so we put the number two in there so we don’t have that we don’t next pub
key the address we want is this one and the best guess mnemonic is this so we’ll
let that run and bingo found it so again this seems like an odd example but this
is just for those folks who have created this situation for themselves and are
wondering how to get out of it and as we can see here even just removing you know
two or three words from your passphrase is something that can be recovered from
even if it is going to take a bit of manual work for this kind of
situation here thanks for watching I hope that was helpful
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    Alternatively, if you prefer a 100% Open Source wallet, a Trezor One is also a great value wallet https://shop.trezor.io/product/trezor-one-white?offer_id=14&aff_id=2922&source=YouTube

  2. Definitely is telling to how secure these are if one can’t recover in the event of a screw up and/or “screw up”. When one becomes their own bank via crypto, you are only accountable to yourself and to your choice(s) in OPSEC

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