Looppay vs Plastc Card vs Coin Card vs Stratos Card Comparison

I want to start this video with the simple
quick question have you ever had the time that you had to carry five cards or
more in your wallet with cash the answer for me is yes my name is
Gabriel and I love technology and i love buying stuff online or offline and I
hate carrying cash and I hate carrying wallets my wallet right now has three
cards only three carts which is identification card my debit card and my
Ventra card that’s all the cards that I carry I don’t like carrying cash so I don’t
use them most of the people carries wallet’s average thickness is
one inch which is really thick today I’m here to talk about electronic even more
all in one credit card year ago he was selling a loopy which is
now discontinued by the way but I made a video year ago so let me direct you to that
video if you could just gonna pop out right now the loopy for was connected to
ninety chain and it had a report input and also it was little bit bulky
and thick so I didn’t use it a lot and the Lupe
decided to announce a new product called loopy card which was the size of the
credit card but the thickness was five credit cards tucked up I was able to
store more than 10 cards on my movie but the problem is that the security on
loopy was horrible and it didn’t work for a lot of merchants are researched
what is going on and I found out who pay is only using one track of information
which is the core number account number and routing number because I was so
frustrated that the loopy card and loopy barbra work I went back to old style but
carrying a plus the bank card and it’s hard I heard about point stratas that
plastic card from use in Kickstarter I was so interested that I did about an
hour of research then I found out that plastic card is my favorite I supposed
to go with plastic card rather than calling card as credit card
here is a spreadsheet that I made it took me about 30 minutes to research and
make this chart but it was all worth it as you see the plastic card has a lot of
yeses rather than known the plastic card has 3.1 inch e-ink display the front to
show you what card you’re trying to use and it requires password on that screen
to use the touchscreen you can touch the pin number on the screen and access the
cards recording of a plastic card that other card to have as they have NFC they
have in the IC chip in this rechargeable coin card as credit card you can use it
for a year or two and you have to send it back to coin card and credit card or
replacement and you have to pay a membership for playing cards red card in
its plastic garth the quarter with a plastic card is that
even this play is very good that it is able to display barcodes your signature
your photo of you and also shows the CDV one declared this life if you get out of
the range of the blood whose frequency from your card and your phone calling
card and plastic card will be able to set the card as a lost mode or send your
application saying that your card is missing from the Blue Train Lupe and
calling card only uses lunch track of information went faster than the throat
as part of a lot of merchants started changing their system from one track
reader 22 tracks and also starting next year or next year or two you are going to be required to have an
IC chip or en the front of the card or the car does not have the IC chip for
him he trip they won’t be able to use it in the back or in the shop that is why I
chose the plastic cards rather than calling card and stratos I heard that
claim card released version 2.0 that has NFC function in it so if you wanna buy a
plastic card this year the link that is how it is
going to give you three the Gulf calling card and stratos
Cardinals to alter their system to make sure that their cards as NFC and I C
chip it is very very interesting that plastic card now add those technology
inside little plastic card with the rechargeable system on it thank you very
much for watching this compares to you if you like this video please like it
and let me know in the comment section below what you have question about thank
you very much watching to make sure you subscribe and I’ll see you in this video

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  1. Nice review/commercial… I like that it's scripted, and you know what you're going to say… but, pick up the energy and pace a bit… and, keep your distance from your mic consistent, or use a compressor/maximizer to balance the loudness. (it doesn't matter if you have a good mic).

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