(upbeat music) – G’day everybody, hope you’re well. Wow, it’s been a pretty good
couple of days of trading. It went from being very slow for a period of time there to all hands on deck. And we are currently moving quite nicely. Couple of things point out yesterday, across all my socials as well
as in the Slack community, on market view and I’ll let
everybody know about this one, Binance against Bitcoin. I love it, I’m long it. You can move your stopwatch to here if you wish to if you are
long, based on rules of course. We’re looking at the two
hour here so my stop is here, but you can move it to there. I see this as having a lot of potential to the up side ladies and gentlemen. Why? Well lets just zoom out and
have a bit of a look here, at how this puppy moves. Look when it does get
going it does move well. We are approaching some
minor resistance coming up. Well I shouldn’t say
minor, it is resistance, we get through here I can see new all times highs against Bitcoin coming up. I really see that as a strong possibility, and its one that I’m playing out for. I think we could see this move
on to a very very high price if I come back to the top
ten and show it to you against the USD, I wouldn’t
at all be surprised to see us around $60 in
the not to distant future. That’s a big call, I know
I know it’s a big call. But if you consider the last
time we got in to a bit of an up trend you know we’ve
pushed a higher low here to a higher high. Have a look back here, look at the move we saw
for the last decent pull. We are talking 300% and
guess what these moves tend to happen pretty aggressively. Its looking likely at the
moment from my point of view, I am long, I am looking
to take more trades here if I get the chance.
I did take it against that of Bitcoin, of
course, and I’m very happy. For anybody else out there
as well, just a quick update I am also now long eos against the dollar. Why am I long EOS against the dollar? Well look I kept on
tapping on this $6 mark, if you look at the 3
day chart here as well, look its broken the high of that candle, looking very very strong.
And the entry for me. And it was out again on the
scans this morning with the VIP and live trading floor
as well as on market view if you’re not there, a
very strong break on entry at the moment. A really nice movement. Finally, I’m also long Bitcoin, Yep. I know I was calling for a diva pull back. But this is what traders
do. We make decisions, we read the market, I read the
market for what it tells me. I don’t have any pre-conceived
view points or opinions. What it did look like at
the time when I was calling a deeper pull back was that
we were going to see based on the weekly, highly probable
another one of these decent sorts of pull backs. Now of course we didn’t see
that, we saw something like this so will we see something like this? By Jingo by George, I certainly hope so. Cause’ I got a fairly decent
sized position with some very tasty leverage on that. So uh, right now the reason why I am long is quite simply because, higher, low here, higher, higher. I’ve talked about this
81-50 level for a while now. 81-50 on Bitfinex I should say. I took it on Bitnex but 81-50
here, we’ve broken above that if you have a look again
at this 3 day chart look two bullish candles both
broken to the up side. Both were in the cradle, come
down now to the timeframe when I took the trade on. And you’ll see I got it last night, stop at this level here
looking for a bit of a run. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway. So what else is going on
out there at the moment? Well lets have a quick
look at this top ten. I’ll take you through it of course. The theorem has had a
decent little move here, obviously not a daily uptrend
at the minute but if we a look at the four hour you’ll see, a higher low and a higher high. Its a really nice looking chart. Am I concerned about this level? Nope, I’m getting rid of it. Happy to trade theory,
on pull backs for sure. EOS well I just told you that
I am long EOS with margins, Stellar Lumen, we’ve got to be honest there’s not a great deal
going on here just yet. If we can kick on and sort
of get above this high here we’ll have a equal lose, to higher high. Start to show a bit more momentum there, not much going on there at the minute. XRP I had this level drawn in and it was in my watch list for a
moment but then I realized why would I take or even consider this when the daily is quite
clearly lower high or lower low on a down trend. Now that’s not to mean that
its not going to move higher, I just had a way better
opportunity that I trade on EOS. So I did. So ripple again not one
that I’m clambering in to I’ve got quite a few positions in my book, on the book at the moment. EOS, Litec– ah sorry
EOS, Bitcoin and BINEX. EOS and Bitcoin are both margin positions. BINEX not a margin position,
BINEX in decent profit. All trades in profit, but at least with BINEX
I’ve got some room there. I’ve been stalking
Litecoin for a while now, and unfortunately the
pull back on the four hour didn’t close around these lows, so it won’t likely give me what I’m after on the four hour timeframe. On The two hour, would I trade this? No, stop a little bit wide, so not something that
I’m really interested in at the moment. Bitcoin cash is quite
likely to move higher if Bitcoin is to do the same as well, Binances as you can see here are very strong move about to
break to new all time highs. Very likely today. TRON, had a decent move
yesterday of a good 8% Again, starting to get some momentum. Cardano, Also starting to rip, tear away. We get above these levels here and we do look very good
against the dollar there. So there’s plenty of opportunity
around at the moment guys. A huge amount of opportunity, I’m really enjoying my
trading at the minute. Good trades, coming up, things can turn really,
really, quickly of course, We’ve seen that happen,
we went from being– You know if you’ve been
listening to the podcast, or following on socials, it had been boring,
boring, boring, boring. And then BAM, We are away again. So make sure you are
keeping your eyes peeled. If you’re in the scans each
day ill keep you there, ill keep you switched on, if
you’re not on market view, if you’ve not done the
courses, get involved. Don’t forget guys, get across
to tradercobb.com/classroom Register and sign up to join
us in the city nearest to you. Or let us know the city
that you have an interest in us coming to. Now guys I will tell you this, we will not be doing this,
at these prices again. If you go through and you
look at what the offer is, a month in the community
and the bronze package, taught in a two day event, with morning tea, afternoon
tea and lunch provided. As well as having my trading
staff there to work with you in a classroom where you meet people, you work with me, I take you through it, you ask your questions, a huge amount of resources
are going to be available for you guys, we really are
doing this for very little. Okay, we are not taking the piss here. We are doing this as
cheaply as we possibly can so we get a huge amount of people along we’re looking after the people
that have looked after us and we’re following the
feedback that we’ve got. Which said that you wanted
to have classroom courses. So get behind it, and get
yourself ready, to get yourself your spot and lets get you going. Because we will not be
doing this for these prices ever again, Ill show you some
comparisons at another time. You know, have a look at the pricing you’ll see that it is
completely reasonable and you can choose which
level you wish to go in at. Have a fantastic day ladies and gentleman. Onwards and upwards,
lets see how we go today. Bye for now.

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