Locating Ethereum (Or ERC20 Tokens) with FindEth.io. (For Ledger Nano or Trezor)

So today we’re just going to a
real quick video that looks at how to use another tool that can help find lost
etherium so I’ll put a link to the description and it’s a really good tool
it’s a safe tool so it works directly with your hardware wallets so you don’t
need to go punching in see phrases or anything like that the other thing
that’s really good about findeth is it will prevent you from just entering your
24 words seed straight into the website so it protects you from yourself which
frankly is is really well done it can be used to quickly search for addresses can
we search for Ether balances or ERC20 tokens okay so it’s going to do a quick
example of how they use it to find some lost Eth so you basically just go to
findeth.io you have your ledger connected unlocked and on the Ethereum app we say
we’re gonna find ether we’ve got a ledger
we’re gonna go to 5 addresses that’s enough we’ll select all of them and
we’ll say search now we just sit and wait for a minute and it will basically
search through all the derivation paths up to 5 addresses deep and let’s see
there we go search complete so it found some Eth at that address so that’s
that’s progress so we can actually even if we want to use then access that
address we can just go to like my ether wallet and we can see that I yes I’d
accidentally sent it to Ethereum Classic because you know maybe back in
the day I was a n00b and didn’t understand the difference between
Ethereum and Ethereum Classic it’s an easy, easy mistake for people to make
so there’s the address there but we can select and then we can use that just
like a normal wallet but we might also think I’m sure there was more
than that so I’ll just do another example finding some tokens as well as
searching a number of addresses so we’re going to use a Trezor for
that now So we connect that up start searching we want to find Ether
with a Trezor So we connect our Trezor we wait
yep we allow it to export
all right so you’ll notice with the Trezor there’s a
lot more options as basically all the same options that we saw in my ether
wallet that we can search on the Trezor or just because it supports all
of these all in one go so let’s hit search. We’ll allow it from this service just
going to be a bit patient here we go so this one’s searching a lot more
addresses so it will take a little bit longer but as you can see it’s still
very very fast much faster than doing it any other way ah and there we go so this one has this again two separate addresses so it’s
found one that is the “Ledger ETC” and then this one is another derivation path
that it’s found which is the Tresor ETC and again this is something that
that could very easily happen if you started out with say a Tresor and then
upgraded to say a Ledger Nano X and discover that you actually couldn’t find
all of your Ethereum even though you’re using the same key so it’s very easy for
this to happen and I’ll just do a quick demo of how to
find an ERC20 token as well so say you knew the contract of an ERC20 token
that was sent so that’s this one here it’s OmiseGo and let’s search for
that let’s say token you just stick the
contract address in so again that’s this field here just off etherscan for that
token type and then say next so we’ve got a Trezor… export okay so that’s just such all of those
again cuz who knows where this token was sent we go out searching again righto so that was sent to this address here so that’s really good so we can use
that to find tokens we can use that to find Ethereum now the issue is going
to be that if you did upgrade from a Trezor to a ledger and you can’t find
your stuff you’ve downloaded all the different Ledger apps for the
different sorts of coins and tokens and just can’t find it it’s it’s possible
that you might want to use your mnemonic phrase to do a search to find the
address that has them on it so say for example you had an address that you knew
the tokens were at but you didn’t know what the derivation path was you can
find the address that you might be looking up so we’ll just grab this one
from before and you can search that way and you’ll notice if you try and click
mnemonic it tells you that this is only available locally so I’ll actually put
together a separate video for how to do that just because it’s a fairly involved
process so anyway that’s just a really quick overview for findeth.io as an app
and look i hope that’s been useful to you if you’ve got any other questions
about how to use this tool or other issues that you run into that I might
have missed certainly just leave a reply in the comments and I’ll do my
best to get back to that so again if this has been useful to you subscribe or
send us the tip whatever works for you hoping to just continue to I guess put
some regular material together that just outlines some different tools and things
that can help folk to learn in the space to recover stuff they’ve lost it and to
stay safe so yeah best of luck

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