Llamada de éxito 16 Octubre. (ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE)

*Welcome message by Master Distributor, Ivan Grima* In today’s Success Call we are going to talk about, on my end a couple of things We are going to pass it on to two components of the Corporate Team Diego Felipe Fernandez who is going to talk to us about a couple of things how the Monster is advancing and a couple of things about the Forex Bots On another end we have the CEO, Santi Fuentes who always gives us good news and good information from the official office the only official office in Tenerife with the Director of the Personal Bot Staff Lester Who will talk to us a bit more about the news and updates and the advances of the Personal Bot. As you always know, this weekend we have had some slowness in the platform when we enter in the platform or when you are operating from the Personal Bot there have been some maintenance there is a restructuring happening at a server level And as you already know we are working very strongly announcing and informing about the Version 3 the V3 which not only it will not be only a new interface for the client a more user friendly platform more understandable and also on an internal level not only on a security level because the platform is pretty secure already but also on a level of control and management for all of the departments like Programming and Support and Compliance, etc. This V3 version we are truly waiting with a lot of will and we know that the Managing Director of Programming is creating it in a way that is very concentrated. We are waiting for the V3. Things that I want to mention things that we mention every week and that I will never get tired of repeating. For those new clients that don´t know Arbistar 2.0 that have seen information that they have told and talked about Arbistar 2.0 opened their doors about 1 year ago approximately Arbistar 1.0 Arbistar 2.0 in the beginning of this year between January and February is when it started to work as you already know there was a license a software where each one of us would install in a VPS server where we would have the control and we would add the API Keys in our exchanges and there is where different operations would be performed. Then the Community was born the Personal Bot was set for restructuring to become VERY STRONG for some characteristics that were seen in the market. And to be able to, let’s say provide the stability that Arbistar 2.0 knew that it could have with it’s clients. So that restructuring of the Personal Bot was very necessary Now it has been a few weeks that we have had the Personal Bo and still it is a project that is long term. It is a project that every week month to month, you will notice that it is much more refined and it is going to be a tool that is much more complete. for those people who want to obtain benefits in their actual exchanges with the control of their capital As you know as well from a lot of requests of clients about Forex other types of bots, etc. etc As of a couple of weeks ago we are working on the incorporation of 4 Forex Bots and they are very close and also as you know there has been talk about another bot which is the Monster Bot we are going to see if today Diego will give us some advances in fact last week last week’s Success Call Santi gave us a bit of information that it was already connected and that there was already information on a company level but we are waiting for them to give us a bit more information. We know that they are working on that so we are going to leave it to Diego Felipe and the team of programming and operations so that they can continue working on it. The subject of Security it is a vital topic it an important topic for those people who have not seen past calls I am going to I am going to share a link that is resulting to be very interesting I have it here It has been shared in past calls but I know that there are a lot of people that don’t watch the official channels of information I am going to go back to be annoying with this subject for a simple reason Arbistar 2.0 The Managing Director of Programming and all of the programming team they have a security mechanism at an internal level which are fantastic there are mechanisms for the client on an internal level like the 2FA and the care that every person needs to have when we enter in a URL the password, etc. This page is always good as a reminder of one of the many practices that exists on the internet in which we could fall in a small trap of someone who wants to steal our information or our funds Saying this, I am not sure if my friend and my associate can put it in the chat the page’s link app.arbistar.com/seguridad and there we have a good that is a resumen that is talking about Phishin what we can do with our passwords with our 2FA codes email alerts As you know Arbistar announces everything, when a wallet has been changed, when there is a direct sponsor etc., we always advise by email and security recommendations. I am not going to read it again because there was already a call about 3 weeks ago I can’t remember exactly but I wanted to remind please pay a lot of attention to the security of your funds it is your responsiblity not only in Arbistar 2.0 but in whichever type of business where you move on the internet or with devices or whatever it may be it is vital the security of our capital. I am not sure if he already put it on the chat *random chatter* So We talked on the topic of security for those new people like I mentioned in the beginning, as you know the official channel of Arbistar 2.0 www.arbistar.com/youtube that simple you can enter in the official Abistar 2.0 channel where you can find not only information of every face of the project but also tutorials For example, how to open exchanges how to make operations with the Personal Bot how and when to see how to enter in Discord how to make a step on the platform also you can find all of the Success Calls that are being completed throughout the weeks and very good videos of Marketing for those people who are taking advantage of the Friend Plan as you know the Friend Plan is not obligatory but it is a very good lets say a very good option that is optional where you can generate very good profits when recommending and obtaining clients thanks to that recommendation. There are very interesting videos that are very nice and very cool in which any person can use and take advantage so the information is here and there is no excuse to not inform yourself and to not use it as well so this is for the entire public. Also I wanted to show you all The official presentation, the slides that you can find on Arbistar.com Arbistar.com/officialpresentation where you can find in different languages right now it is not loading correctly because of Zoom because you can only see it through my screen and also where you can find the link and the times of all of the Success Calls it is very simple, every Wednesday at 8 o’clock Madrid time On a platform level practically the same as last week there isn’t much news as you know the Tenerife Experience is approaching every time we are getting closer of spending those 7 days with the winners with the top 10 that won On a platform level there has not been a lot of advancements and like I say more than advances the updates that come that are thought about they are almost all destined towards the V3 version. I did forget to mention a small topic with respect to billing this is to say that there are some clients who noticed that in their sales billing there was a variation there was a variation of the amount by a small bit. You have to keep in mind one thing firstly, you must always remember that when the Withdraw Week ocurrs which is the first week of every month there is a change in billing every week practically everyday the billing in general, if a person has a team of clients of a certain amount it will always be varying it will always go up but when there is the first of the month there is always a movement Why? Because there are clients that make contributions there are clients that make new contributions and there are clients that make withdraws from their capital from their contributions or their compounding. We are not referring only to withdraws of the commissions we are referring to that withdraw that can be performed once the 60 days are over and all and any client once those 60 days are up can opt to make a withdraw of a percentage of a partial part or total of their contribution in Arbistar 2.0. So in that mode, the first week there is a movement much more noticeable than other weeks a lot of clients saying that it has gone up or it has gone down it is because the withdraws proportion a lot of the movements because there are a lot of people who take money out and a lot of others that make contributions and for that, that week may confuse some that don’t have it very clear of how it all works I also need to say that there are some circumstances that it could vary because of the conversion of Euro this is a question of servers but that has happened only one week and it was resolved and we have put hands to work so there is no type of of error. I don’t have much more to add on the platform and I don’t want to take too much more of your time because I want to hear other speakers of the call that always have information that is very interesting. We are going to pass it along to the Director of Operations Diego Felipe Fernandez Goodnight, how are you? Diego: How are you Ivan? *random chatter* What I wanted to talk about was a few things that are important so that the people can understand a bit more the concept of Arbistar 2.0 and a lot of times we have been talking a bit of the objective and the vision of our company which truly is an opportunity and I will always say it a REAL OPPORTUNITY So first I will talk a bit about the concept of Arbistar so the people understand and holds on to the good and leaves the stupidity when I say the stupidity I refer to, there are a lot of people that let’s say that are left with an illumination in their eyes and blinded I am not sure if I am translating it correctly in Spanish on opportunities that give you profits that are crazy and that later they find themselves that they lose all of it. After I will speak about about the development of where we are on the level of the Monster Bot After I will pass it along to Santi Fuentes. First thing, the people that are in Arbistar all of those people that are in Arbistar how can I say this that are after a certain time with us have grown with us have had their results *random chatter* So all of the people that have been around they have developed have gone forward and have obtained their result and will continue receiving them for their entire life for this reason we are going to have soon in the moment given the Private Club and also various products that are very potent. What is happening is and I am not going to give names I am not going to say who and I am not going to say names of companies The last withdraw there were a lot of people that took out 100% of their capital and of those people came back to me saying we should have continued because there was a company I am not going to say who it is that gave some results that were really impressive throughout 2 or 3 weeks they were giving really strong results and the people would say WOW they were taken aback and they wanted to put the maximum, so what did they do ? They withdrew their money. And as we all know you can withdraw 100% of your capital, there is no problem we have done it and sent it So, those people yesterday, lost everything. They lost everything. Any why did they lose everything? Because people need to understand something if a company I am not saying to not work outside of Arbistar but if you want to work with a company as well to diversify because there is no better way than the diversification. Diversification is for life. There is nothing better than that. So if you are illuminated for something that you like first you have to see if the people the owners if everything is legal If the people are giving face if they are with you the second thing because a person that thinks about taking all the funds and disappearing they are not going to to be present Present with the people Another thing important to know if a company for example a company has things,or smoke all of them have it with time. There is another thing that they told me that Okay but these things take time Okay they are taking time because we are working on something REAL which will give a incorporated freedom. For us to develope in a way that we don’t give something that is the contrary all of that keep in mind So they came to me and Arbistar is the best Arbistar is this Arbistar is that. Okay, I can understand Why do we give profits which are profits, let’s say not like the profits of the others because they are real profits ok? So, you have lost and those that and that person that knows, and sees me actually and knows who they are has lost a huge quantity that were large contributions that were put there you lost it because you were blinded for a result and that now today if you had continued with this real result that we give you for life you would not be in that situation. A very important thing Arbistar, we are a company that will stay for life. The last time I was talking with a close friend a leader here and I will not give his name as well and he would say to me You love Arbistar, how much time do you think it will last? And this is a question that and my response was I said very simply I see that I am dying at 70 or 80 years old or I hope I reach that age that I die in that moment and that Arbistar continues with other people. Other people who continue making that company run. Because the basics are there. When you have a base an have a technical team and you have real products well this transforms into a Software Factory. So you are creating products that will continue that will continue crating products This is the vision of Arbistar Beware of the scams that are around online there are a lot all of them promise incredible things but if you don’t have the factors mentioned in the beginning do not enter.. If you see something serious something that is registered that they give face and that as well have time something that is also very important When we started with Arbistar it was something was very slow. We had a process that was very slow. So that the people could understand and so that they can feel good. And so they can understand that it is a real business. They are factors that exist. In that moment if you want to diversify you can diversify and you access with respect to what was mentioned. This is something that I wanted to talk about because I had it in my heart since yesterday because for me really it made me feel really bad why? Because there are a lot of people I am talking about almost 1000 people that have had their capital completely lost from one day to another. Now let’s talk about the Monster Bot The Monster Bot is an Expert Advisor that is very special it is particular it is not like an Expert Advisor I am going to say it on this call so that the people can understand The Expert Advisor is an automatic robot it is a development that will go in and go out in operations of trading, ok? And it will do it, ok there are different types of algorithms of the Expert Advisors. But the Monster Bot is a bit more special. That only with an algorithm I will explain it right now We are already in the testing phase but with real operations and last week we launched the results were very good when we launched it but we still have some adjustments to make some adjustments to so that what it does what the robot does like a strategy and it will decide like entering in the Market it will be exactly what will be produced in the market. I will explain so you can understand it better Why haven’t we given access yet to all of the people so they can enter in the Monster Bot? What I want to do is when the people enter they will have their mind blown. Right now, yes it gives results that are incredible but it is something that is real. It enters in the real market it enter in the broker in your account and you can see it. It is yours. It is something real. All of this is an algorithm and it is work Now what we are refining and that normally by tomorrow we will have it are two things that the robots need to have and that we have been working and talking with the broker but not only with the broker but with the person that is above the broker. The Liquidity Provider, we have come to an agreement and this will be formulated well and what is it? The robot has one of the things that needs for it function perfectly and we have talked about it is the glide What do I want to say with that? The glide sometimes for example you go in in the trader and you say I want to go into 1.32 867 to cut the 134 85 lets see…the Monster Bot does a lot of micro operations in one day this is it’s job. Does a lot, so what happens is sometimes is that it puts a glide it means that you go in with that but the market, the Liquidity Provider will push it a bit and it will push it a bit above or below and this makes it so the strategy that is exact of the Bot is not the completed inside of the market. Because that is the method that is truly needed Some other close people that are close to me saw results and when we spoke of results they were all crazy you need to show them and I said no I am not going to show them because even if the result was…and I am not going to say how much there are some people who are the closest to me that we have been together and we have seen it but what we want is to have a tendency real and secure and to obtain that it is to have the glide that they will fix for us which is a glide of 0 the robot will give you 132 862 and there it enters. There isn’t a bit more. It is exactly that. And for the cut, the same And there is another piece of data that is the latency those are the two things that the robot keeps in mind. The Expert Advisor you have in all of the market they do not keep those pieces of information in mind they either do martingala o coverage o grits it depends on the strategy but they don’t have that data this Monster Bot they are surgical strategies they need to be very fine Once they give us that, normally tomorrow we will already have it we are going to go back and launch a new a new test this already having good results Having good results doesn´t mean having GREAT results because even though it had decisively a good result I want a good result based on the true calculation of the robot. This is something important in purchases and what I am talking about for the Monster Bot. So the latency as well one we launch and we have a tendency if all goes well there we will let everyone come in. I will not give a date but we always complete doesn’t matter what happens. It delays we said 3 weeks ago that yes you’re going to be able to enter because we were working with the demo and now we are working with the real and it is data that clearly we our programers keep in mind and I am not an expert in all areas but yes I go with them understanding the things and here I transmit those things on this call Once you enter, you are all going to go crazy and for all life because that robot does not exist in the market. I am ultra sure. Now another thing this bot when you have it on your own you will only be able to work with the broker that we recommend which is the broker that, keep in mind, that gives the glide and latency of the bot. And another topic that is very important that bot will connect to the market directly it will enter in direct market there is no market maker because if not the results are very strong So if you want to install it in another broker most likely they will not accept it. Another piece of important information that you need to keep in mind. The Monster bot we are going to say that is a bot that lets say that only will be available through Arbistar. In no other part will it be available. Only in Arbistar. And even though, whichever entity that wants to have the algorithm we will never give it to them. It is something that is done for the people in Arbistar. And for the development of the people that we have inside something real something that will make you move forward that is the vision of Arbistar and we will not stop only on that there are various things that will come out and I don’t want to speak so much because first we have 5 things that are pending We have the 4 bots of Forex that are Expert Advisors let’s say, normal when I say normal I mean they are very good Expert Advisors and the Monster Bot which is a special technology it is not an Expert Advisor like the ones you all already know. Where you get internet, you install in a VPS and it launched no it is not exactly like that. Remember it takes in count the latency and the glide. And it makes many many orders and cuts The Monster Bot very soon and we will leave you up until December until we get to the distribution For the bots that we have that are already in the Back Office the bots that we are working on right now the bots are ready the topic of what we are doing right now we are working in the distribution we are looking at it with the provider which we spoke about last week of when a person does click and obtains the robot they have to obtain a license that is a single license in the sale automatically and it has to be synchronized with the provider with the broker, sorry we will talk soon about it where it will have to keep in mind all of the lots and all that the lots consume that will go for the gain unilevel of the profit plan of the lots of the consumption. for every operation. That is for the Monster Bot for the bots that we spoke about of all of that which we spoke about Now, the Personal Bot the Personal Bot there are people that are seeing now how do you use it? Right now the Personal Bot is in a phase where we are working hard to make it perfect. We have integrated a module A module, not the automatic which is a total automatic, it is a module that is automatized where you say okay I will put an order and one it gets to a differential well it will create the operation so you don’t have to be behind it but we continue to work and profounding and coming to develop and integrate a module that later on you will have and it is the best it is the Triangular Arbitrage. Where, we have talked about after the automatic of the total parallel. Not only Parallel The bot has the idea not the idea, better said has encountered thank you to its algorithm, the strategy of buying many LTC at a loss to sell it to ETH and so those ETH will convert to Ripal so that that exchange against Bitcoin and so you can gain more Bitcoin. That is also something much more profound which will come out a little later but with the Personal Bot we continue working on it and those who have the VIP License ok perfect because the moment will arrive in which those who don’t know anything of anything they press the button that moment will come so don’t worry about that Well I think that my session has come to its end and I am going to pass it to Ivan so that you can pass it to Santiago and that it’s it thank you everyone. It is what you got. *Ivan introducing Santi* Santi: Lester, let´s start with the Personal Bot. And then I will give a bit more news and that we will finish off. Because Diego took away everything that we wanted to say Diego talked for everyone today. Even talked for the wife of the cleaner. He talked for all of Arbistar. What evolutions have we had this week? Lester: Basically this week *random chatter* Basically this week we have worked on some corrections in amplifying the system so that all works better and more fluid slowly everything will re-establish to its regular state and we have made several advancements and progressions. You may have already seen that when you perform an operation there is a triangle to abort operation. That time has expired. This means that In the Automatic Mode we are implementing a version, an option that permits us to abort the operation if it has taken more than the time determined operating. This means that if 2 hours have gone by and my operation hasn’t completed the purchase or the sale the bot will automatically decide this does not work. It eliminates, and a new one is created. What do we want to achieve with this? We want to achieve optimizing the greatest amount possible of operations a day. Which is what interests us basically winning operations because we can open a million but we want the winning ones to execute Santi: So what it does is analyzing much more the bot at the level to do operations that are real and those that aren´t working, out. The Bot right now how many operations can it be doing a day? If you can mark a strategy that is pretty standard and correct with volume and with currency with volume and exchanges with volume Lester: My number is 7 Because I want it to do 7 operations a day automatically and we can have up to 10 operations automatic synchronized we are talking about 70 a day Santi: With strategies which roughly 7 a day would be the amount of strategies that the bot is doing. 70 operations. With a small percentage for each operation you can still win good money. daily, and monthly Remember that the Personal Bot is Automatic! No no it is not automatic they say. It is Automatic. What happens is that you need to preconfigure it you need to understand that this isn’t the Community bot where you give us the money and we manage it from here The money is in your accounts you need to open your exchanges you need to put bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies as well you need to mark your strategies which in Discord they will explain very well how to do it and that soon there will be predetermined strategies so that many of you can simply click and create a strategy yourselves and press the AUTO button There is an animated video which is very cool yesterday which explains how the Personal Bot truly is automatic and of course a lot of success. A lot of people already that are undecided have bought the License VIP and there are a bit less than 1000 and we are going to finish them very quickly and most likely in a couple of days and as you know those who do not have the VIP when the VIPs are done they will not have the Personal Bot available because it is only for those who have the VIP and the bots you will need to buy at a stipulated price with a 1 year renewable license. So for al those who do not have the VIP that you know that that the conditions will change and imagine something like the Monster which we were talking about before which is spectacular which Diego didn’t want to mention but the results are unbelievable and truly spectacular and I am not going to say too much either but I will say a little more than him it is has been spectacular what the Monster Bot has done and in fact they are, as Diego said, finishing the testing the private testing to be able to present to you all the text in Meta Trader that is correct for everyone so you can see it working correctly. But the Monster Bot will cost 15,000€. A person who does not have the VIP will have to if they want to buy the Monster will have to spend 15,000€ and that is every year. And if they can afford it, that they will decide if they are going to renew or not but if you have a VIP you will have it free for like for only 5000€. That for one side and happy with the evolution of everything we are also creating a department of customer service for the Forex Bots Lester: We are amplifying the Personal Bot Discord and we are creating a department completely new for Forex. Santi: Because we are noticing that there are a lot of people with the Personal Bot that the Discord is filling with people and that we want to attend to all correctly and the Forex Bots basically will be to help people configure their VPS and the virtual and something else more no? Lester: We are going to intend that the VPS will be already preconfigured Santi: We have a good offer Lester: We have an offer that a VPS server has offered us that all of our systems installed with all of the Arbistar Bots simply would be contracting them installing it and putting them to work. Santi: So there is practically nothing to configure? Lester: And those users that don´t know how to do it we will show them. Santi: So that is a bit of news on the department of Personal Bot and Forex and like I always says we are doing a selection of hires and we are encountering people that are very good some are users that are Arbistar users that are in Discord that are helping us a lot with strategies and we are going to hire them so that they can be Customer Service of the Personal Bot. On another side I wanted to mention that I was in a meeting with the legal department with the lawyers inside of what will be ArbiCredit is the company that we have right now in full development to create and construct it to develop it ArbiCredit will be hopefully it will be the launching point of the Corporation. ArbiCredit will be a corporation of micro diversion than a company of a Financial Entity which will provide to the clients financial products like Fiat and Cryptos and Insurance it will be an Insurance Broker and the good news is that probably I am going to tell you so you start taking notes when it is constituted legally logically to be a financial entity we will be able to manage the money of the clients most likely we will do a type of community for Forex. There are a lot of people that are asking for it. Only I knew about it. It is most likely first the beginning of the year that we can have a Forex Community Bot. Obviously legally constituted in Spain all legal and correct and that we can continue working with the Community. Remember that the Community Bot for the cryptos will be private and most likely the Forex Community will be open in the beginning but it will most likely always be privatized. We want that Arbistar in the end becomes various Private Clubs of privileged people that will win money in the millionaire market and with products that are real not with lies and other things that are out there. As I always say, we are here to stay. I am very happy with our evolution Sometimes it seems as if that there is nothing going, but yes there is a lot going on People think there isn’t evolution, but yes there is. There are a lot of things happening behind the curtain. *random chatter* Lester: There are a lot of people that say, I enter in the Personal Bot and I always see it the same No. You see it the same. But behind there is a job that is gigantic that is to improve it day to day. Santi: Good well bascially it will be that. Most likely there will be an Investment Fund not only a Forex Community there will be Forex Cryptos Commodities and some other markets. And they will be real and audited and completely legal. We will be able to convert ourselves to a company that manages monsters. Have we have always intended. At that level. Thank you to everyone. We are amplifying as well the different departments we have Jeremias our new Marketing Hire who is putting all of our social media in line he is creating videos and news about everything that is going on and we are going to start a new campaign PROMOTIONAL. We are going to continue forward we are preparing as well the visit of Tenerife Experience of the 10 winners for the ends of November Laura, the Public Relations Manger is already managing everything we are going to continue working with your help and support and for all of you all of you are the reason for Arbistar 2.0. *Passing it back to Ivan* Ivan: Thank you very much, Santi Fuentes and Lester Great work in Tenerife. Santi with everything legal. He has said that since day one. And Lester of course That complete dedication that he has with the Personal Bot and with that work he does with the Managing Programming Director I am going to open the chat I am going to remind some things that have been said today because there are somethings that sometimes you all ask Can you use different types of brokers? Like Diego mentioned today which I believe it was a good point for the conditions that the Monster Bot has it will only be available for our broker which is what we recommend Arbistar 2.0. The other bots to start they should be able to be used with whichever other broker but I believe that if the recommendation of the company is one of the brokers and on top of this, we remind you it is not yet publicly defined you know that Arbistar 2.0 announced that it will add in the Friend Plan what will be a commission for the lots thanks to the broker. It is an extra commission so that clients also recommend the said broker Another subject that was brought up by Santi and Lester they are preparing negotiations that are pretty advanced on the topic of servers VPS there will be a good support good material with tutorials like you already see in the tools section and for those that understand more or less can have directly a recommendation of that VPS server and we will have it all configured we will have the broker configured we will have configured MetaTrader 4 and also that the bot is being refined which is also a very good initiative by part of the CEO and Lester that work to give those details of the bots. Lets see one of the questions Is there a minimum investment for the Monster? We do not have those details yet. It is a bot that everyone will have their capital in the broker I suppose it will be the lot that the broker recommends as a minimum to be able to work. There are brokers that work with a minimum of $10,000 there are others starting with 1000 this will all be defined. For the moment we do not have that official information. When will the V3 come out? Will it coincide with the stopping of the Community Bot? It doesn’t make a lot of sense, which is to say the Community Bot as you know depends on the market of the strategies of the operations that a part of programming manages and as you know it will reach a point where it needs to stop to protect a bit the movements The V3 is also independent it is a necessity a stability like when any system needs to change after X time. And also, to mention, Arbistar 2.0 started as a young company and a lot of things happen and Santi and Lester mentioned and maybe there are things that are visual for the public but yes on an internal level Readjustments in in the roadmap on a programming level readjustments in some of the decisions and that requires that the platform also readjusts. Sometimes working on top of the same platform that has been working for awhile is a lot better to make a new one with the entire system new a lot more defined that is the logic of the V3. So it doesn’t really have anything to do with one another. Those who have a VIP License can do a compounding up until the 50,000€ once the Community is closed? I don’t like saying that it’s closing it will move to be a Private Club. It will not close. In the Community Bot there will be some conditions some verifications and you need to complete those requiste because as you know it will be very detailed and all of senses on an operative level as well as on a legal level. You will have to fulfil those requisites. Independently than the amount that you have you will have to enter in those requisites for the questions of compounding. What interest will the Forex Community Bot give? We do not know that yet. There are still many months to come and we have to study it and Santi and what Santi wanted to say was because of a lot of requests of the clients that they love the Community, how can they not obviously the simplicity of opening their computer screen you have to work it and give it a job and a roadmap. When will the cards arrive? Very soon they are already printed so they shouldn’t take too much longer. The Monster Bot will operate Forex or Futures? It will be Forex With an unlimited capital, in how much time will you recuperate your investment of the VIP License with the Personal Bot? I do not understand the question, honestly. In any case the VIP License is a super completed License. Today I found myself with a client that would say because in the beginning there was some strategies demonstrated and it would show the profits well the reality is when you work with a product that is real and it is here and it needs to keep adapting one of the biggest inconveniences is the stability of various people using it on the said platform so the Personal Bot is a license that is inside of the VIP License that the company wanted to give knowing that they were giving products much lower than their actual cost obviously days and weeks after but I believe that the VIP License has a possibility of generating and recuperating profits in a spectacular way. There are 4 Forex bots there is the VIP License the Monster Bot and also the ability to sell those forex licences and the options that the VIP License has is spectacular. How many VIP Licenses are left to be sold? I believe that Santi mentioned something below 2000. How many people work in the programming team? There quite a few. There are quite a few working on that team. And not only how many but the quality of people working there. With a lot of the conversations that we have with the programming manager he always says that it is very complicated to find programmers that are good and that know how to do their job and from what I see, every one is an expert in a certain thing and they have a complexity very advanced on the level of programming. Is there a way to buy the VIP License financing with Arbistar? No, not at the moment. In the short term there is no plan for that aspect. Obviously, it was mentioned many times you will see in a future that perhaps there will be some sort of option but not at the moment. Will there be a bitcoin ATM in the office? Once the Community Bot passes to the Private Club will there still be the 60 day hold of capital? The conditions will be clarifies and specified when the points of the Community Bot come out. They will explain the conditions of that step to the Private Club and it will be mentioned but for the moment there will still be some months. There are options to be able to secure the capital of the clients. I do not want to mention things that maybe they will be taken back but for what you asked about an insurance right now, no. Yes there are many things being studied the capital of antihacking what you can insure is that the client doesn’t enter in a site that they shouldn’t enter. *talking about how a client does not want to admit when they had the responsibility of experiencing hacking in their account.* Something that wants to work in Arbistar Is the 30% already taken out of the ROI? I recommend that you look at a presentation and a video that is 16 minutes long I can’t remember exactly. *giving thanks to those who give thanks to Arbistar for being a trusted company.* How can you avoid loses with the Forex Bots? With Forex there is a lot of risk. And obviously there will be a defined legal section with a well defined disclaimer Forex is a market where there is risk we can not compare it to Arbitrage, for example. What options can a small investor have? As you know the Community Bot had a minimum of 100€ and it was passed on to 300€ we will see what conditions the Community Bot will have in the Private Club but obviously we will look to give options to all those clients who have an intention and a will and we will find the best way it is a business it is a company and we want to make sure that the conditions are the most appropriate. We will not keep the small investors aside. We will study what are the best strategies. When will the Personal Bot be enabled again? It is now. *Find the links of all of our official pages on our official presentation at www.arbistar.com/officialpresentation* *Closing statement by Ivan*

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