13 thoughts on “Livecast w/Reekay – Let’s Chat – Oct. 22, 2019”

  1. I'm glad I came back after having to leave the livecast early, otherwise I would have missed out on the hamburger dog eating ball licking companion of the gal you knew for 7 years. I thought the same as you at first, but then I wondered if the licking balls thingy might have rubbed off on her from the dog. That might have turned into something nice. Hehehe!

  2. The difference between Phils and US as far as homosexual goes is there is far more gay and trans in Phils, but theres far more lesbians in America. Not surprised considering the man hating feminism is so strong in America. America actually has the largest lesbian population in the world.

  3. Get their number and text them right on the spot. That way you know if you're dealing with BS or not right away. It reduces the psychological toll.

  4. Ladyboy's are more socially accepted in places like Philippines and Thailand then in the US. That is one big reason you don't see them in US the same as you would over there. Thailand is mostly Buddism which is about being open and self-expression. PHILIPPINES is the land of not embarrasing others, a cultural thing where you can be arrested for embarrasing a Philipino in public. Not the same in US, BUT we are beginning to see more and more men coming out of the closet in US. Being gay does not carry the same stigma it used to but not close to those countries as of yet as far as dressing and living as a ladyboy. I think you might be surprised how many men in US would dress as ladyboy's if the US were the same.

    I do agree with you as far as not being genetic. I think it is more a mental thing with an attraction to be a woman because of the power being sexual gives one or something similar . It has to do with an fascination with being a women just like some people become fascinated with many things in life.

  5. Reekay, I love the new livestream, I really look forward to it each week. Great content! Keep it up! As you talk about how Boracay and Cebu getting crowded with Expats, I am interested in the Frontier countries. Do you have any interest in Laos, any intel on Laos? Regards, and well wishes to you.

  6. If you, seriously, think and believe that, you are a red fire truck, or an eagle,  it means you are mentally insane.. Sex, refers to your reproductive biological organs and your reproductive function. You are born with it. Gender and sexuality are more complex. It is heavily influenced by your culture and the societal norms that dominates in the society that you live. There are several researches which argue that they have discovered a gene, that purports to give scientific proof that, homosexuality, lesbianism and transgenderism has a genetic proof. We could debate until hell freezes if these findings are true, Irregardless, just like, race and religion, sexuality and gender are complex issues, but, I believe that we should all start in the belief that we are all human beings. We could either try to understand, tolerate and celebrate our cultural and gender differences,  or basically, let our personal prejudices, inflated sense of self importance, predominate and kill and destroy each other.

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