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hello hello welcome to another live cryptocurrency show so thank you for joining we are one day away from starting the challenge and the challenge what would that be that is that we're gonna take a hundred bucks and we are going to do trading on the market I'm going to be doing it with Bitcoin youth areum and litecoin and then you know we're gonna we have a goal of 1% today in profit and if we can do that over 30 days and be profitable about it make good decisions then it's like okay we've proven this let's dump more money into it because the more money that you have to play with the more you can stand to earn now the more you can lose as well so it it is you know it's it's a two-edged sword and so it's all good though so in my in my testing that I've done my playing around with it in the last three weeks or so I have been able to make 1% a day on average a couple of days where I made like 10% and then I've had other days where I lost to so it does go both ways and the trick is is to to you know get more to do better on on your trades you know on average than your losses so and that you know it's just general business sense so we're using coinbase and G Dax or at least I am you all can who are you know going along with us can can do whichever exchange you want and everything an SPI should be a good stock the stranger we are doing cryptocurrencies not stocks so we're doing Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin although you can choose to do to do other cryptocurrencies if you want if you're participating with this so CCC says so after 30 days you should have 30% actually it'll be 133 so 100 bucks turns into 133 and let me show this to y'all so there's a link in the description in YouTube for this sheet and there we are in twitch chat there's a link to this sheet right here so this is the the first tab is an example and then I've got my tab on here I've got Lisa's tab Lisa my wife is is also doing this with us and let's see here let's change a little more casual music a little bit of music in here but doesn't need to be that much and then so we're gonna be tracking and putting our stuff here we'll be entering it in daily until you'll be able to see it on this sheet here but then if you are participating with this you will be able to as well you just go to you go to file and then make copy you have to be logged in to to Google to do it and then you can make a copy of this and you can just use the US dollar template or the euro template whichever applies to you and put your numbers in and just do that once a day and you should be able to track how well you're doing so anyway let's see here now i am i injured in some dates on this on the last show as we went through just to kind of see where we were for everything now i took all of my Bitcoin out so but I'll take a look here and see how much I've got and just see if if I were still trading that so I've taken that out and I have let me look here I have I have a lot more yeah so yeah this is this is not going to be an accurate representation because I actually have quite a bit more and I forgot that I put two of the two of my things together it's a point 1 3 4 1 and the current value on Bitcoin is 5670 for 57 right so oops gee whiz there we go so yeah that jumped up to seven hundred and sixty dollars worth I have no aetherium in litecoin what have I got I bought and sold some light coin this is just an example of how you'll be entering this in I have point zero one light coin at 5939 so oh I have I also yeah that's all I got point zero one on that so alright so and then I had oh what did I have in cash I've got one hundred and sixty 107 so alright so it puts me at 922 bucks now obviously this challenge here were and that puts up forty seven percent over the last time I did it now I didn't make that much I combined some stuff together I did do some sales I did I did take a loss on one thing and I dumped out of light coin when the market was diving and I know I took a fifteen dollar loss on that and but other than that so this is kind of just how it you know represents here is it shows you your cash value and then your gain or loss from the previous day and the percentage you can see here that it's kind of all over the place and it's kind of all over the place because the markets going up and down we actually the the last couple of days we went through there was quite a bit of upheaval in the market and they they called it a market correction and so and I'm not I'm not an expert in this stuff I mean I'll be the first to tell you but you know we we had you know a few days of of it going down and maybe it's levelling out now so but it was I put some some pretty high high as that's like coin and Bitcoin yet yeah I mean we had major there and then you know just steadily going down which he got down as far as 51:37 and it recovered and but it spooked a lot of people so anyway okay funds cleared but no bonus well II D there's one other person said they didn't get the bonus as well and I didn't I didn't either so I don't know I don't know what the deal is with that there's got to be something about that we're doing wrong with it but glad you got your funds in Edie so I look forward to doing this with you so okay now the the whole theory on this is really kind of a simple one and and I'm looking at this from a very uneducated view not that I'm saying I am uneducated I'm saying that I'm not book-smart on you know market trading with cryptocurrency what I am is very street-smart on this stuff and so what I decided to do was that I was not going to you know get into this and just say okay I got to go take some classes and I got to learn some other stuff and everything and and I got to figure all that out before I do anything no screw that I'm an action guy and it's only a hundred bucks so being an action guy and being someone who is a entrepreneur in real life you know building businesses in real life operating companies in real life and everything and oh okay so I see you guys saying here there's a couple of people saying that you only get the bonus if you buy Bitcoin instead of transferring cash in and maybe that's what the people who got there transferred cash in did not get the bonus so apologize I didn't know about that I didn't know that there was that that differ so okay so anyway I am just looking at this in a business perspective and saying can i buy lower and sell higher and I think the answer is yes and so today we're gonna do a little bit a little bit of stuff and now let me see here it is see 59:10 944 what is it at right now it's I should buy some right now yeah okay let's see here let's place a buy order okay so I just bought twenty dollars worth and then I didn't want to use all my money on that and so 2001 and we're gonna place it at fifty nine ten just wanted to make sure that I got something here and then point zero one at fifty nine and then point zero one at fifty eight point nine point zero one at fifty eight point eight so okay there's a couple of buy orders in now with the being lower here you know I'm hoping that'll go back up so like I said I'm not I'm not real educated on this stuff and so I just proven to myself that that I can do it and so here's that here's the deal after the 38 challenge it's all gonna be on paper we're gonna see how well this works out and everything I am NOT it's not like I'm ignoring any education on this stuff because I am I am you know educating myself I'm spending hours each night you know learning things looking at methods that people are doing and everything and seeing what they're doing and learning from that and but I don't plan to like go in and get book smart or nothing with without first going in and getting my feet wet so that is the plan okay now I I have this that I bought at fifty nine eleven so I want to make I want to make you know a percent on this and so a one percent on this would be 60 so it'd be about sixty cents added on so it would be fifty nine seventy one okay so we're gonna sell and that's 0.337 three and so fifty nine seventy one that's about one percent it's gonna make fourteen cents off of twenty bucks not a huge amount but you know it's a little bit okay and it's for an example so place that sell order yeah oh it appears that I have a little bit left over well just tack that on to another one I was just typing it off of this I should have I should have just clicked on this because you can pre-fill everything but then that's not a big enough amount to sell so and okay so it's coming back up a little bit you know will I will it get up to there it should it will you know will it get there right away who knows sometimes I've bought like that and I put it up buck higher and literally it sells within a minute there is also so there's the market buys which cost you does that cost me five cents and I'm only gonna make fourteen cents so I'm actually gonna make nine so when you do a market buy or sell you can pay fees starts as high as a third of 1% and goes down from there and then the then it can yeah it can go down from there and it can get pretty low but you have to do a lot of them in order to get it lower the limit stuff doesn't cost you anything and so these limit buys that I put out here which haven't been filled yet because it hasn't gone down far enough it needs to get down to $59 and ten cents for for this to fill if that's gonna happen and so and then I'll put that up at you know fifty nine seventy or whatever something like that and it'll then when it sells I'll make about my 1% it's around 1% so but there won't be any fees on that like I paid for this that's a that's a six cent fee actually if you round it up okay so do ask questions in chat so definitely if you have questions and be happy to answer them to the best of my ability now one of the other things that that people talked about a bunch is the is wallets and now I am NOT an expert in wallets but there is you know if you are dealing in Bitcoin and you want to have your money offline for the split I'm looking here to see if I have a link to this yeah I don't thought I had a link to this but I don't okay so there are a few different types of wallets and you know coinbase is coin base does have a vault mode they have said that they're gonna support Segway seg wit x2 which means that if your money is in there when the fork happens for Segway that the that they will use your private key and they will credit you with the new currency on on the fork but at the same time they've not said anything about Bitcoin gold and so oh you read that coin base still is not paid out for the coins in the market during the August split well no they are gonna pay out for that because that's crazy isn't it okay so you I will be doing the split myself I will be doing it myself I am going to have my my Bitcoin in either paper wallet or electronic wallet or whatever it will not be on one of the exchanges because yes that's another thing the marshal says there are a lot of Ponzi I SEOs that have come out and yes this is a really big issue this is part of why some of the governments are cracking down on this stuff is because it's true there's been a lot of Ponzi schemes and so and these are all very unregulated so you know who says that something's legit or not I mean they could have put a lot of time hundreds of hours into putting it together really good site and putting information out there about their whole thing and then they could just walk away with all your money they could so that is a real issue and so got to be really careful of that stuff I plan on that I am NOT at a an educated state enough that I could say that I would feel comfortable with doing an IC o—- participating in one not running one participating in one because I just don't know enough so yes and there's been more I SEOs in the last two months or so then there have been for all time or something like that so now the attractive thing about the IC o—- is how much money you can make off of the initial funding and that's you know this is this is our modern-day Gold Rush we're not we're not running around to to you know digging up gold out of the ground we're going out and grabbing our computers and mining the gold so anyway and that's another thing I am I am actively mining I'm GPU my knee and and I am making about somewhere between three and five dollars a day off of that off of my game machines the reason for the variance is that I am I have them offline while I'm doing the shows so it depends on how much show time I've got during the day is to how much that takes away from the production of the mining and we will be getting into that later maybe not during the 30 day challenge but I have rearranged my office which was kind of out of necessity but you know I've got this table over here and everything which I have cameras that are able to point at it we're gonna put together some machines I'm gonna take some old machines we're gonna put some graphics cards in them and we're gonna see whether or not whether or not we can make any money with these old machines as far as this challenge right here there will be a video every day and that is the goal and I think that that's very achievable and so there will be a video every day if nothing else it could just be a short little thing saying hey you know there's this did these trades here who made money I will be in urging everybody there is a discord channel in the marquee dragon discord which exclamation point discord and twitch chat or there's a link in the description in YouTube where we are talking about this this stuff here and I hope to get people to post some screenshots of successes but also some other you know stuff you know the losses and everything because we all need to learn so JJ it may turn out to be a 28 day challenge for you well you know what you can follow along with your numbers oh sorry a date or two behind and and just do it that way so you don't have to you you don't have to be spot-on so anybody who's just now seeing this for the first time and wants to get in on it and it takes you a few days to get your money into an exchange or whatnot don't sweat it just when you got your money in there start start doing your trades count that you know the next day is day one or that day is day one and then just continue along with us mmm and the stats are all gonna be on on the sheets here at least for myself and my wife and I sincerely hope my wife beats me in this she's doing pretty good she's making money too so I'm really proud of her and so it's gonna be it's gonna be fun and now so even if you are watching this a month from now you can still participate on your own going through and see how you can do against this and just watch one of these videos a day so they're gonna be pretty easy what gpus am I using the mind they're all NVIDIA GPUs I have a 980 TI a 980 and a oh god why am i awning on us and I need some sugar or something and a Titan XP so and these are for the game machines for the video game shows that I do and everything and so yeah so and progress 3.5 dollars a day is that pure game meaning taking into account hardware depreciation and electricity so on the hardware depreciation I'm not depreciating the hardware too much because my carts have three year warranties and I'll end up replacing them before three years anyway because of technology and advances and then the only warranty issue on that would be is how long does it take to do the turnaround on it you know forgetting at our I made repaired and electricity so my electricity is eight point six cents per kilowatt hour and it is if I'm making five dollars in a day it is costing me less than less than a dollar a day so a five dollar day I'm still netting four bucks and change so we are going to when we get into the building stuff of the machines and everything I actually have a kilowatt in fact let me grab it real quick and let me just grab this and I'll show this to you so what I have here is a kilowatt that's just the name of it oops that's the wrong thing this right here well look at how dirty that screen is Wow is incredibly dirty right so this is a kilowatt let's see here focus on that basically that's a screen right there and I plug it in and then I'm able to track the power usage that that is used by a device by by a computer and so I'll be tracking the entire computer not just a video card so because it is kind of all one package so I'll be I tank posted a wallet tutorial paper wallet tutorial and for offline money that is probably a good deal so there's all kinds of conspiracy theory out there and all kinds of concerns and and all of that that that basically says you know that that you know everybody's out to get you and everything must be all of these really hardcore methods of security and everything and I think security is very very important but you got a there's one piece of advice I have in all of this and this is this seems to be the case with most of the exchanges most of the the trading locations and everything they all suck at customer service this is an industry of geeks and nerds that have high IQs and lower social skills like many of us here and so what happens is is that you don't get a very good experience on the human level and so that's an issue now you know does it stop us from doing anything no but but I found that a lot of these places do not take into account humans and and that's a problem so there are several of you who have had trouble getting your funding done for different various reasons and have you know found out that that the customer support that you're getting really kind of sucks and that's too bad but that is truth and so it it is it is kind of a fact Google suffered from that in the very beginning they've actually hired people now that are great at customer service but in the beginning Google suffered from that and everything and you know so I think you guys all know where where things things are going with that so okay now I'm gonna step away for just one moment and I'll be right back oh I don't even have a way screen on this because I never planned on it so give me just a moment be right back hey so so maybe the so 10g extra life says maybe the the $10 bonus shows up after natural purchases made that might be MIB so maybe we'll find out tomorrow and we start challenge and those you can fund it just to cash into your into your wallets then we'll have a bonus show up I don't know if that's true so but what it appears is if you use a coin base link that I provided that that if you buy Bitcoin or theorem or litecoin that then it it shows up so I don't know so Alan says do I need this computer secure my computer really tight tight if I want to start trading cryptocurrency I think that's a good question I think that that if people know that you're making a lot of Bank with cryptocurrency that you could become a target so if you're talking in crypto currency trading forums and stuff and you are making a lot of Bank then you you get the then then you may get more eyeballs on you and so I even thought about that with the show here and everything of showing this stuff that you know let's just say I have huge amount of success let me show you something off of 100 bucks day 30 you're at 133 bucks but what if that were 10,000 you know so when we go to we go to 10,000 on the list here 464 we go up to 4 94 and all of a sudden you've made 3,500 in one month and if it were a hundred thousand we started with then it'd be thirty five thousand you've made in one month and I think that that makes you a big target so me especially if I'm if I'm sharing this information and stuff you know I may I may have you know some trading accounts and everything that that I show you guys and stuff but if I make an big up money other elsewhere I'm not going to tell you about it you know and it's gonna be offline someplace else you know so and what are the risks to your computer side from the putting money crypto trading you know most of us will be fine most people be fine you know the when you're out there looking for information try and stay with reputable sources try not to hang out in any groups that that look like it's lead me down a rabbit hole if you are downloading applications or whatnot make sure that you Google information about them Google put the name of the application followed by space and then scam in or virus or whatever in a Google search and see what comes up make sure that other people are using this stuff successfully and and everything hey we're about to sell maybe we're going up another ten cents and I'll make a sale here so you know we're you just got to be really really cautious of things and take a critical eye if you play EVE Online you already know how to do this because many eve players are already suspect of everybody else no matter how nice they are so that's how it works okay there help doc says it would work for up to 180 days after you sign up through her link hmm Edie oh you just got the bonus whoa okay so I had figured it out Edie transferred a hundred bucks through his bank account didn't get the bonus and then bought a hundred dollars worth or a hundred and five dollars worth with credit card and his bonus showed up which is ten bucks and then so and look at that I just got a referral bonus it says it's worth $9.99 meaning that they just dropped just a bit so the links that are in here for coinbase people just to be really clear they are a referral link and if you if you use those you will get and you buy Bitcoin or another currency instead of just funding it with a hundred bucks of cash you will get a bonus to you of ten dollars worth of Bitcoin and I also get a bonus to me of ten dollars worth of Bitcoin I am not using that bonus stuff in the in the challenge I am gonna keep everything in G tax here so man this music I got a turned way down but it's still I hear it quite well let me see I gotta get 1% just going to another lighter song and so anyway and I thank you thank you Edie I consider that to be a gift so because that is just gonna sit and make a ton of money because I believe that before the end of the year that in fact might even be before the end of the month Bitcoin will be over six grand that is just my personal belief I have seen other reputable people out there one of them says it's gonna be over 40 grand by the end of the year I don't know a lot of other people thrown around the 11 grand number and and such and I don't understand how they're coming up with all those numbers but that is that's what people are saying and okay so anyway thank you very much Edie I appreciate it you heard about Bitcoin when it was $20 each yeah aren't you kicking yourself now so yeah oh and pick on bonus says doesn't work for you I can't explain why it's working sometimes why it's not did I build a miner yes I have a miner and we're getting into that stuff later so alright so white coin is where I've got some coin at right now looks like we've gotten close to selling that hasn't really happened it was $20 worth so we will be accepting Bitcoin this is how this kind of got started is that I decide we really need to get on board with accepting Bitcoin in our store we sell video games and it's just you know it's kind of a perfect thing to put together and so anyway we have that in testing now I actually have our test store payment systems up and running and it's in there so I haven't fully tested it yet but I once it's fully tested we'll be enabling that in our store so those of you who have Bitcoin that have been mining Bitcoin or whatnot and want to buy some of our video games you'll be able to you know in speaking of worth on Bitcoin and everything so someone I've known for quite a while as Brock Pierce he's chairman of the board of Bitcoin and and him and I go back to the days of currency in you know which is very much like cryptocurrency but within video games and so with that we we both really learned about the values of these intangible goods and everything and now it's ended up that he's chairman of the board of Bitcoin so it's kind of kind of interesting and and I think he bought a ton of it when it was really low so yeah GD X will someday I Germany to their service you know I bet you that there's other services that that works for Germany like pawn X or you know what is it Beatrix there's several other services out there so Mark II dragon coin valued at one Plex right so yeah BitFenix the goat I don't even know what that means but I've heard of BitFenix is goat short for something live coin net so bit tricks is the best for altcoin trading you have a lot of alt claims you can trade there all right now so it seems to be that way all right so questions I know probably one of my biggest questions that I get is why just 100 bucks and it's really because we're proving this to ourselves so that if we're gonna lose anything we're just gonna lose 100 bucks so Visa Russa says you looked around at some of them they feel weird or have weird fees you know what all of them are gonna have some sort of fees so even G tax has a fee when you buy the market as opposed to as opposed to buying via as opposed to buying via limit so I don't think that you can 100% get away from fees and there's fees for transferring things in and out so let me explain how how I understand fees to be you know there are these people out here like me mining Bitcoin or other altcoins I've been mining Zee cash and there are people out here mining and they mine and basically what we're doing is we're processing transactions when we're mining and then we get paid and we're getting paid partly by the transaction fees that are being paid by the people who are doing money transfers and so within coinbase you'll notice that you can transfer to g tax for free and back it's because they own both and so it's just an internal transfer for them but if you have extra Bitcoin on say coin base and you move it off into your own wallet and off of the exchange and you move it off onto your own wallet what does it cost you to do so well it turns out that at the current rate of Bitcoin values to get a transaction processed costs you two dollars two dollars and 50 cents and so I tried transferring one one-thousandth of a Bitcoin from my coin base to a private wallet and just testing it out and the value of the the Bitcoin that I was transferring was really about 20 cents 25 cents something like that 50 Cent's it was a really small amount and what I found was is that the network charge was going to be about two dollars and 50 cents to transfer it and I thought this is this is crazy so I upped the amount to like $50 worth of Bitcoin 1% and found that the fee was exactly the same so the this fee this network fee you can play with it you can choose in some cases how much you're going to pay or not pay but the problem is is that the miners will always take work that pays more first so if you want your transaction to go through pretty quickly you have to pay more may even have to pay above average if you want your transaction to go through just sometimes the next couple of days then you can put it down to like 10% of what the default is and someone will pick it up and do it but that's no guarantee and and so they've come up with methods even to update how much you're willing to pay because people are paying too low and it's not moving nobody's doing it and so there are fees for all of these transactions and and it does it does you know kind of makes sense you can't transfer money without other people having the security in place and the resources in place without them making any money on it the banks do this all the time so it it makes sense and I've figured this out and so when I do transfers now from one place to another I make sure that it's worth it I'm not gonna transfer ten dollars worth of Bitcoin and have it cost me you know two dollars and fifty cents you know to do that which would be like 25% so I'm going to transfer as much as I can I'm gonna transfer hundreds of dollars or whatnot to get the the fee down as long as it's appropriate it's not always appropriate you know how much money you're sending I mean maybe you're sending it to somebody else so yeah all right let me look at it some other questions here yeah yeah Pickens talking about about the the money in Ultima Online the gold and comparison of what it's worth today as to what it was worth back then you know video games have a hyperinflation problem whereas they fixed that with cryptocurrency so so pecan also says with ETH you pay gas if you set your gas amount too low the transfer will fail yeah so Huygens I see your prediction in in the cryptocurrency channel in the Marquis dragon cryptocurrency Channel and yeah so it's a pretty crazy prediction keeps the same art going up let me see if I don't know if this will even show it this doesn't even show it I can't get far enough out on this so I don't think I have you know I don't have other charts up on here kind of careful what I show on here so but basically the ark has been going up like this and if it even though it's dipped back down and gone like this a little bit it still continues to go that way he goes into an astronomical stratospheric fantastical amount so you know trading fees mmm okay so JJ posted in there the maker and and taker trading fees and they are 0.1% and 0.2% and so that is JJ those fees are actually less than what it is on G Dax to start with so JJ will you post in chat what the place is that you're gonna try and do this with that supports Canadian dollars so let me share that with everybody Jason Wilkes says great video series thanks for the knowledge dude we are learning this together while I may speak with a lot of authority and I speak with a lot of conviction about what I'm doing and what we're trying I am learning it as well so clean square okay let's see here by sell Bitcoin litecoin in aetherium quickly and easily does this also have an exchange on it or then then you're going to move it over to G tax from there cuz you gonna have to pay a fee to move it over to G tax so yeah I don't know you can do yeah I don't know and there's a lot of different there's a lot of different stuff out here including including a let's see here including like trading view which I noticed it actually has some stuff in it as well so Bitcoin this trading view calm is a pretty amazing place and so I'm putting a link in chat to here as well and so people are able to put together their their drafts and everything in here of how things are working and then they're able to add notes to them and publish them this is a published one for Bitcoin and so this is this is this person's prediction that you know we're coming down here and in the five thousand range we're gonna have correction down in here and then we're gonna go BAM up to this seven thousand dollar mark in the fifth wave he's calling it and this actually fits kind of what was posted by PI goes in discord of just this whole thing of just going kaboom at this at this huge arc and stuff so it all it all looks pretty interesting and you know do I know if they're correct here or not I don't know does it look exciting hell yeah and so this tradingview site has a lot of stuff about Bitcoin and and some other currencies and I noticed that if you set up an account here and everything you can even buy and sell Bitcoin through them through the API through coinbase and G tax but it charges you on every single one of them I don't think it lets you do the limit stuff so anyway because I don't think you can do limit through API so and PI goes also says 0% fee for exchanges coming for sure yes they're calling it atomic atomic transfers and decentralized no exchanges in the way no company involved so I don't understand all of it yet but it's direct person-to-person there's supposed to be really quick so we'll see see how that stuff progresses long I didn't quite get up high enough to to sell this at 59 71 I think you got up to like 59 60 so so if you had bought $100 worth of Bitcoin a month ago how much would you have made you would be sitting at 142 dollars and 33 cents Chris so how do I know that because claim base says it's up $42 forty-two point three three percent from last month and so some of you are going to say okay well why trade anything and risk losing anything when I can just sit on my you know 100 dollars worth of Bitcoin and not make a single trade and just watch it appreciate it's possible so you know there was at one point when I first was getting into this it was like 79 percent for the month and and that's pretty good now at the same time I met someone last night that showed me their trading sheets which I didn't ask if I could show it to you guys but so I won't but he showed that in a week he had made a hundred and nineteen percent profit so that to me I mean he doubled its money plus and he'd made a hundred and nineteen percent profit and that was based off of trading he had 20 trades that he had done and 16 of them made profit and four of them he lost on and I think the losses are actually really important I'm starting to learn that I don't quite fully have the concept in my head yet but you got to know when to dump out and to just take the loss so that you can make more profits and and that's a that's a position that I've had a hard time getting myself to because it's very unnatural it goes against it goes against emotion nobody wants to take a loss goes against emotion and you know maybe even against logic in some cases but you know it will be logical when you do it enough and you're actually making money so you know that's kind of kind of how that works okay so and my my plan for this is a bit of so how do I plan to mitigate my losses and be kind of all in like I am so I take my hundred bucks let's just say let's just say it's a higher amount let's say it's ten thousand dollars and I am successfully able to make a thousand dollars or one percent per day which equals about 33 and change percent for a month and so I make thirty five hundred bucks or whatnot so maybe I take fifteen hundred out of that put it in the bank and then leave twelve thousand in there and I go another another month and then I met like $4,500 profit or $4,000 profit or whatnot I take two thousand out and leave fourteen thousand in there and then I you know keep doing this and keep leaving part of the profits back in there as much as I can only taking what I need when you get up to like a hundred thousand dollar mark and you're making 1% a day you're making you know thirty five thousand dollars in a month and profit if you keep making 1 percent a day and you know then off of that I pay myself very handsomely ten thousand bucks for the month and I'm still leaving fifteen thousand in there and it just keeps exponentially going up and and at that point if I'm paying myself very handsomely at ten thousand a month what do I need with twenty thousand the next month except for to be greedy and dumb but if I keep taking money out and at whatever point like let's say that I'm making fifty thousand a month and I start taking twenty five thousand half of whatever it is per month putting half back in half out if I keep doing this at we'll still grow and I start putting this money aside in a traditional retirement type account or investment something that's very secure against this very insecure stuff that I'm doing I will even if the cryptocurrency market you know burns up in flames and everybody loses everything in several years I still have a huge nest egg which will probably be millions of dollars sitting over there and so you know that is that is my plan and and how you know I'm looking at it right now as a business person on on how I will mitigate risks so in the beginning though I'm all-in to get up to those higher numbers then I'll start taking stuff so yes soul Weaver this is available on YouTube exclamation point YouTube or explanation point crypto soul Weaver and that is a link to the playlist for this and we'll be posting video pretty much every day for the next 30 days showing success or failure it's gonna be one of the two and I will have this be I'll have no holdings of any cryptocurrency in G Dax tomorrow morning and I'll have just $100 u.s. dollars and that's what I'm gonna start trading with that's what I'm gonna do I have a big show tomorrow for Eve and some big announcements happening and stuff so it's gonna be a really busy day I'm not gonna be able to do transactions while I'm doing the show so I'm gonna set some stuff in the morning and then in the afternoon I'll look at it again I guess you could taking it very much to going to work so where is the money coming from it's got to be coming from somewhere new investors yes and there's people who are taking losses so there's a lot of people who are just really dumb about things okay Tenchi says dumb question are you measuring the daily percentage gain in US dollars or Bitcoin so the answer is US dollars and so this right here translates when I start entering the stuff in so xx is our day this is this is when I start entering stuff in and it'll be hundred dollars day before but end of the day tomorrow I'm going to enter in whatever holdings I've got and it will then take the values of each against the the the amounts and it'll turn it all into US dollars and so it represented on this sheet here you'll be represented in US dollars so there are a lot of what you'll find is a lot of the cryptocurrencies when you look up their value they're valued against how much Bitcoin they're worth and it makes it really hard to figure out because half the time you don't even know what your bitcoins worth so this this all does it in dollars are people really making 1% a day I have made more than 1% a day for the last two three weeks and so that's what that's why I decided we're gonna do this and so I'll keep showing what we're doing and neither I'm gonna look like a hero or a zero and we're all done here I'm okay with either one because it's either expensive education or its holy that was awesome one of those two okay so Jason you thought that you're gonna lose some money last night and you set your cell at 57 77 which would be Bitcoin and it traded in the middle of the night yes I've had I've woke up a few times to find that I did well when I'm actively sitting here trading I'm a lot more conservative but yeah overnight I may set some stuff to be really high so that if it does hit that that I score really big or I score really low on buying so there was a blip which I don't know if it still shows on here for Bitcoin yeah look at this blip today so yet it went down to 56 16 no let's see here not it that's not it let me look further here yeah that is it you know what I thought that blip went down further but it looks like it wasn't as far as I thought but you know if I had set you know like overnight or whatnot you know you said it at you know 50 50 625 or whatnot I'd have made a purchase and then it's still sitting up at 50 675 $50 difference just surprising to see some of these things sometimes and the markets are very volatile and the volatility of these markets is is where you're making your money this is how the money is made so look at this so this is this is what day was this I actually don't know this was was this yesterday yeah 24 hours ago yesterday it hit a low of 287 right now it's at 310 so 10% is 30 bucks to 287 297 307 so that's 2020 just over 20-some bucks so it's about what 7% something like that and on that so if you if you had set something really low here and you made a purchase then you could have sold here and made seven percent on your money so coin to coin exchanges so let me let me tell you that that coin decline exchanges sound fine to me there are people who are going off the spread of coins like one coin is is you know going up and the other coin is going down and so you do a buy from an altcoin Bitcoin or Bitcoin to an altcoin and then and then kind of the opposite happens or whatever and and you make a ton more money because the you know like the alt coin that you purchase into when it was a really low point at a really high point for for Bitcoin and Bitcoin comes down in value as the alt coin comes up and so you're gaining off of this coming down and this going up against the current rates so you know you can look at it that way I don't know how to do all the math on that I understand it but I can't say that I know how to do all the math on that so let's see here the scale of Bitcoin over the last yeah I don't even know what that is there JJ yeah so Pablo says I think I'm understanding this now you use minor to do the minor Minds stuff minor processes transactions but we are not this doesn't touch mining in in G Dax stuff here this is not mining related but when you transfer from one person to another then then there is a minor in between who is getting paid for facilitating that transaction so the key is is just that you need to make more money and your stuff than whatever those costs are what altcoins am i watching very specifically z cash and then also Moana I'm investigating Moana right now which is the first Japanese crypto currency and Japan is very very excited about cryptocurrency so see Joe says Markie I think there's a good control test for your challenge so you started to buy $100 worth of each coin at the end of month and see their growth compared to your trading strategy okay so that's a very good question and in fact here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna add on on my sheet here under my name maybe I'll add a theorem Bitcoin and and like Queen and I will put here you know what what it's worth I'll figure out the scale here so that as we enter the men on the dais here it'll know what it was worth against the original hundred whether it's gone up or down and that way we can see if just having purchased and held would be outperforming the trading because I think that's a very valid strategy at the moment the the markets are going up so in Mother Russia the Bitcoin comes to you in Mother Russia they they banned all crypto currencies and then they announced the crypto ruble so unless that wasn't that was fake news I thought that was interesting and the crypto ruble is mined by the state and when you use it to buy something and the funds are not known where it comes from which is I don't didn't understand the statement there is a 13 percent tax so what this tells me is that Mother Russia does not understand cryptocurrency and yeah they're missing the point so and I explained the interface a bit sure that news is fake hey it looked like a reputable site but I wasn't on percent sure and that's why I expressed some doubt in it okay so darlin I live in Canada in early last week about a hundred worth USD worth of Bitcoin and now they won't accept any ID other than my driver's license as they haven't granted me the friend bonus I submit a ticket and never heard anything sent in the advice says tissue I won't be able to use GTX so if you got $100 with the currency sitting on coinbase I think you can transfer it into in 2g tax anyway and we found that the bonuses were only if you purchased a hundred dollars worth of cryptocurrency and not transferring in cash which we didn't know that I think that's what we figured out today so and then the ID stuff so another thing I found out with coinbase the ID thing it asked you to take a picture of it and it like comes up on your webcam and says take a picture of your ID so you hold it you're up to your webcam and you take a picture and then it says hold your ID up to the webcam and take a picture so you still continue to hold it there and you take your next picture and what we found out was one webcams can't take pictures that close and get it clear and to the second picture they want the back side of your ID and so what you do is you install the coinbase app on your phone and then you use your phone's camera to take a picture of the front in the back it actually on the phone it says back it's just on the webpage it doesn't so maybe that will get you your ID going in on there so the interface here okay so if you're going to buy something instantly your under market and so I have like one hundred and thirty-eight dollars and I could buy you know two point two three litecoin right here if I hit place buy order right now and it'll start buying right at the current rate if it changes a penny or so while I'm buying then what I'm paying will change a penny or so while I'm buying and it'll show multiple transactions in here if you do it under limit though then I can place how much litecoin I want here or Bitcoin or aetherium and then I print the price in u.s. dollars here in this case of light coin I would put fifty nine and forty four cents if I wanted to buy it fifty nine forty four this is a point five here a half a cent and so you always buy lower than where the market is and you sell for higher than where the market is and so I can't put in that half remainder won't let me in the limit price and and this may change before I get done typing it in right now it's holding very stable but sometimes this ding things anything zing all over the place so and it'll just tell you error if you do it wrong and so far it has not let me waste money so anyway then I could I could buy one and then when I put it for sale I would sell it here and I'd put in how much litecoin I want to do and at what price I want to sell at let's say that I bought one like coin that fifty nine forty four and I want to make a dollar and so I'm gonna sell it at sixty forty four I can do that and making a dollar even though it only cost sixty you know bucks fifty nine bucks to buy this but I want to make a dollar for the day make my one percent I would have made my one percent anything after that I could end up with more or I could lose that profit that I made too so anyway and so stop I don't understand all of it yet but I think it'll sell all your stuff over 92 what not if the market crashes or what not stop doesn't charge you anything limit doesn't charge you anything if you buy right at market price right then in there it will charge you a fee typically about 1/3 of 1% or lower and so on $100 buy or sell 1/3 of 1% would be about 30 cents 30 33 cents something like that so is there record of all your transactions yes they're all under here under the Phils there is also another thing here where you can look at all of your fills here and see it in a bigger view and I believe you can export the stuff out to a spreadsheet so ok so that's kind of the thing you have your open orders here and then when you're tabulating stuff at the end of the day you know for your for your stuff for the day most likely any buy orders that you have here you're gonna have to cancel or you're gonna sit and do a lot of math if the math is really easy then fine but it's easiest to just cancel those and then you take your cash and you take your holdings in each bitcoin anything you have that's in or any or light coin or whatever any of these Holdings that you have you add those together and put it into there and then it will convert it to dollars or to euros for you so there is euros tab and there's $1 tab so there is both mmm-hmm the minimum you can buy is point zero one the minimum you can buy or sell on limit is 0.01 and that is one percent so if you're dealing with litecoin that's at $59 right now one percent of that is what fifty nine cents no yes fifty nine cents so all right look at that so I had some limit stuff set in here and I just bought one so I bought that at fifty nine ten fell down far enough to do that so I'm gonna go limit sell and then I'm gonna sell all of that because I have this little remainder in here and so I bought it at fifty nine ten I want to sell it at 60 ten so basically if it were a whole coin it would be a whole buck but it's not so yeah there's some very large orders that you'll see in here and the kind of block things they call this a wall and so this stuff is behind the wall here I have to get past this wall which is a huge amount to be sold in both sides here the volumes so this is people buying in green what we have right here let me show you on Bitcoin the numbers are a little bit different hey so Green is people buying orange is people selling Green goes up orange goes down I'm I have kind of a hard time with this I'm Dyslexic and and to me it's like left and right and I don't get it sometimes hasn't stopped me yet but I'm just saying that I really feel like Green should be profit and red should be lost or whatever and maybe that is way it is on here but why is but I'm making profit when I sell not when I buy I don't know anyway that's my little rant okay so what we've got here is these numbers on the left so top number here is 600 top number over here is 600 they can be different sometimes or or maybe no they won't be different what we've got here is it is that we're gonna have different levels so on the sell side we have at 600 and on the buy side we're at 300 and something it's not quite 400 this is how many coins are wishing to be purchased and how many coins are wishing to be sold so we have about double that are being sold in the same spread of dollars going both ways which should indicate that there's pressure that there's more people or more purchases wanted it's not people I call them people often but it's not people it's more coins wishing to be purchased or sold right now as opposed to how many our people are trying to buy and so it's more pressure on the the more people trying to sell which then lowers the price I get really confused about this stuff hmm I've got someone at my door my wife is getting it I think hold on everybody be right back okay he was looking awful annoyed out there this box I'm pretty sure that none of you are gonna want to know what's in this box why would you want to know what's in this box here why would I want to show any of you what's in this box here so anyway it's a beard comb man it's tough no oh you guys are gonna be so jealous oh my goodness you guys ready to be jealous yeah how's Outlook a Google pixel to excel mmm yes okay so something I'll play with later back to business mm-hmm yeah so where were we I love having the security cameras I'm able to see everything so okay now so when there are a lot of people you know a lot more people buying a lot more people selling which ever put pressure on the market in different ways and and so and you can see some strange things happening here let me let's go back over to let's look at ether and see what the volumes are here now this is kind of interesting so we've got some walls here and these are we got somebody right now that a hundred and forty-eight ether that they are selling and the buy price is stuck a penny below this person were to change that then that would release and and a bunch of transactions will happen or other people who are impatient and just hit the place by order or sell order right off the bat is you know what happens so anyway I got mine I got that phone ordered about I don't know two hours after they were announced that's how I got it so soon they weren't spy was it wasn't supposed to arrive till November you ain't sorry excited about it maybe it make me do my trades faster right probably not okay now the other thing is is these the overlays the EMA 12 and E May 26 I don't know what those stand for except that they are these lines here and I see people talking about when the lines converge I have convergence or whatnot that it means something and whether it's above the transactions are below the transactions and I don't know we're gonna have to figure that out at 1% you would more than triple your money in a year sir psycho let me show you exactly how much 100 bucks 1% today your math is a little off there buddy Dave 365 $100 at 1% a day is three thousand seven hundred and forty dollars so that is what three hundred and seventy four times wha ya so get a little bit more excited because holy that's a lot of money alright Michelle hours but yes in this particular show then about an hour and a half and we got just a few more minutes before you wrap things been here and tomorrow will be the first day of live trading with with the challenge money so yeah okay ma stands for moving average exponential all right so still don't know what it is but now that we have it named maybe it's a little bit better all right so mmm yes the excel sheet no problem it is part of our challenge there's an example sheet there's also ones in USD and in euro so yeah Michelle we're just wrapping this one up and so exclamation point crypto and twitch and so link to the whole series here and we can see all the videos so if you missed part of today's you can you can see it in fact today's on there is live so it'll be available for you like two minutes after show goes offline okay now okay so so let's just go over this again just real quick here which is that tomorrow we're starting a 30 day challenge the challenge is to make 1 percent on your money per day doing it an exchange with $100 and only $100 you know there are some people are putting in more there are some people don't have that much and you're putting in less you don't want to get in on this challenge if you can't afford to lose the money so it is possible you could lose everything I represent everything you know just to be blunt about it do I plan to lose everything no I plan to make 1% today if I make one percent a day for the next 30 days I'm going to say I win and then I'm going to add a bunch more money to it and rinse and repeat and do it again so but I need to be able to prove that I can actually do this before I put more money so mm-hmm your personal goal is trying to make 2.2 4 percent per day literally double your money every month so Michelle you could put in 20 pounds and there are there's a link below the video in twitch chat for coinbase and it's a link in the description for coinbase in youtube and no it is compounded don't worry visa versa it is compounded in there so anyway there are some bonuses if you sign up with coinbase and if you fund your account for you by hundred US with a bitcoin or hundred dollars worth of etherium or light coin I get $10 worth of Bitcoin gifted to me because you did that and you get $10 with a Bitcoin gifted to you because you did that or euros in European case and so anyway but this challenge does not involve sending me any money if you want to send me a tip I'll put up my Bitcoin address and you can send me a tip but that's not what this is about this is really about seeing whether or not we can do it I want to prove it to myself that I can do it I'm going to prove it in front of all of you so I'm either gonna fail spectacularly or I'm gonna win spectacularly no middle ground and then you know continue on from there so and my expectation is that all of you who are participating which we have I don't know 50 or 100 people at this point they're all putting in a hundred bucks some people lower some people higher that's why we have percentages per day if you make one percent per day you're doing awesome and then you know we take this and we say okay you know who's doing really well what can we learn from them who did really crappy what can we learn from them you know I think that I think that that the people who don't do well will be the people who are trading off of emotion and so those people who are trading off of emotion get all excited when they see something happening and I have cut myself doing this a couple of times they get all excited when they see something happening and just go oh bam and make a purchase or make a sale and I think that if we can eliminate that and just kind of work off of logic and everything that we can actually do quite well with this so but I don't know that that'll be true that could be other things that could happen that could cause losses and we all need to learn from that and so that's why we're all doing this together that's why we have the discord channel for this and that's why we're doing all the videos so you leave comments on the videos as well there will be at least a few live shows maybe more during this challenge and there will be videos daily on my youtube channel so mm-hmm anyway Pablo could you get my Bitcoin friend on an interview um I could ask him he's incredibly busy so he is like almost every day speaking at a different conference around the world about Bitcoin and so I don't know that he would have time for us for an interview but but you know maybe I could get him on so I know that I know that he would accept my request and he would give me a reply of yes or no so do you need to create a new coin base account for the bonus well if you already have a coin base account then then I don't think you can have more than one account there youtube link exclamation point crypto in twitch chat and those of you on youtube there is a playlist there for the cryptocurrency 30-day challenge okay so basically this is where we're at for the day and so that's the end of the show today there will be show tomorrow it's for EVE Online and we're gonna have a great day I have some announcements and if you're a sub in twitch make sure you're in discord and the subs only private chat and there's gonna be a announcement there shortly and yeah I'm excited so tomorrow we're gonna do it thank you everybody take care and tomorrow morning start buying start making trades tomorrow evening start filling in the sheet and I want to I want to hear about your successes or failures so I look forward to it okay everybody take care we will see you all tomorrow

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