35 thoughts on “Live From Consensus Floor w/ @JimmySong & More”

  1. Ton , you are doing very long videos , it is not convenient to spend so much time to get basic idea. Please makes 5 minutes videos !

  2. for your own good stop listening to this guy, those who can't do, teach, think that if he would be actually good at trading he wouldn't do what he does, I don't mind him creating content on btc but him doing TA on any asset and branding himself as expert is misleading for all new people listening to him with sole purpose of selling you his course, buying his modification on TD sequential won't make you money. Same goes for his buddies birds of a feather flock together.

  3. Why is this fool still around? He's been discredited so many times now but he is like a turd that won't flush.

  4. Is the rally sustainable? – who knows but what I can't stand is how people think they are so sure about what is going to happen next. I hear Tone in his videos say for example that there is a 75% chance of it going up or down and a 25% chance of it going the other way. Sorry but it does not work that way. If it did anyone with an ounce of knowledge in statistics would clean up every time just like a Casino does because it has the house advantage. Just be honest guys – you don't know! – anyone who does know has to be manipulating it.

  5. Tone is a moron ? he says no new money is coming into crypto? Record volume? Smh dnt listen to this greedy dipshit

  6. This guy should leave YouTube channel and do something else. He might makes a lot of people lose big money listening to him.

  7. I’m so happy I stopped following this blockchain negativity channel in January. I went against tony Vays $1,500 – $2,500 bitcoin prediction and bagged it up. It was a no brainer, why would you think bitcoin would go to that level if everyone was waiting for it.
    Anyways as for being a bitcoin maximalists, I don’t think these guys really understand blockchain and the application it will be used to replace corporate enterprises. People like this, stop innovation to secure benefits towards themselves.

    Bitcoin ? Ethereum ? Enjin ? Basic attention token ? Cardano ??

  8. Whoever listens to this idiot deserves to miss the bull run. He’s been wrong about bitcoin and altcoins from day one

  9. If you guys think that $1000 is not possible you must be insane. Anything is possible and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if this thing crashes once this bs economy goes into a recession.

  10. hedging yourself tone lol, price will go up but I am selling now…so price goes up you say i called it, price goes down you say i sell top, stop embarrassing yourself, not to mention bs about price going to new ath and than to 1k, losing confidence in your TA skills doesn't mean you need to lose confidence in btc, you and your bunch are unable to adapt and change bias and we all know what happened to dinosaurs

  11. Bro, if you bought BNB you would have 300x your BTC stack and Binance has done a lot of good for the crypto space and helped millions of people gain access to BTC.

  12. Lol you guys are drunk. Please don't do any trades. Unless you send BTC to me. Then please do drunk trades.

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