Live Day Trading. Bitcoin, Treasuries Futures, Stock Market. 19 Jul 2019

you derivatives trading involves some central risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors special performance is not necessarily indicative of future results good morning well it's ready Freddie's Suk usually but you know let's be positive let's be positive we do get what do we get today do we get anything today you have any foodstuff mmm preliminary University of Massachusetts consumer sentiment and inflation expectations also some fed speakers speaking later in the day well let's go to the church yesterday mmm let's look in the Treasuries yes so yesterday we had some good news what was it I don't even remember now it was like the it was the Philly Fed yes it was the Philly Fed Manufacturing Index was really good it is a local manufacturing index and that that sort of thing can you know is not necessarily super predictive anyways but they really liked it so during most of our session we head down but then a much later in the day after we were gone the feds Williams came out and said you know you have to act before the recession happens and it's it's better to react ahead of time and then you know if you're wrong you can just adjust later so they went up and the the the vet watch tool is was is giving us some like some crazy readings so like they're saying there is a 50% chance now that we get to cuts so we get a 50 basis point cut in the next meeting which I personally think is crazy um yeah so um they have essentially since walked back his comments so let me say that again they have since walked back his comments the New York Fed has okay so I think the chances that we get a 50 basis point cut is extremely low I think it's probably like 90% chance that they just do a quarter of a point okay but the market is pricing in 50% chance and just kind of knee-jerk reaction so given that I think my preference is gonna have to be down today they're on the open they did do a little bit a little bit down but yeah I digress let's make sure we have a sheet up now I guess we should look at the e-mini – I mean the e-mini also liked the comments so we had a pretty bad down and Boosh I don't know and you see Suzy and CBS I'll have really wide initial balances are trapped inside and it's weird yeah so um load the levels here okay so we are below with the bull bear zone but not the opening range low is down there opening range a high is like it's all well the whole the whole range is the opening range huh geez I wish there was a way to make cheeks I do this automatically today's either gonna be really interesting right really wearing well I think that interesting is the right word because with that wide of an overnight range and opening range and that level of I I guess you could say imbalance this is almost guaranteed to move but that does not mean that you have really good probabilities on it right it's going to move because the traders are going to make it move and not necessarily because there's a reason to move it okay so there was a decent decent amount of big orders on the open so we're just going to say that it happened at 17 1/2 1 2 3 4 we're just gonna put that as a continuation well I might have done something there where was that black order at 15 well to get a black order and already be up to 15 you know 16 is not good for whoever puked down there is it anyways I think that we're probably going to move down and test yesterday's levels mmm like when I think that a 12 1/2 is a very very possible in the tenure but I think that it is going to be really tricky trading just notice here by the way as we move down the offers bowling so this is something I think of everything oh you know what I need to switch it over here ok you see the offers pulling right there that would that red so this is something that I find incredibly interesting and I think that it kind of I don't want to say that it contradicts but but in reality it does contradict one of the big things that I was that we've been told because they were always saying you want to look for stacking and pulling and what happens if we're down here at 16 and all of the sudden the 15 half pulls and then we take down and the 15 falls and we take down and then that's often allure and they flip it on you there and and that's the sort of a thing that we've been looking for but what I'm seeing here with the big orders is that it's really a much better signal if we're moving up and these bids disappear way back here in means that they're giving up because they know it's not coming back and so it's a really good continuation signal anyways I double-checked my indicator and I was looking at you know like looking at these these are there but it's like you know what we should we should fix it we're gonna change it right now okay let's change these two right here that our bids to have a minimum filter of 59 50 would be appropriate and let's see if that shows us anything different okay so already it's not yep it's working correctly cool question is how common are the 50 Lots but it seems to me it seems to me that there's these robots particularly on the first two inside levels that are always kind of flickering and it seems to me then like 95% of all level 2 changes are those which is why you tend to get the same thing on the bid and they ask in terms of level 2 changes if I could detect a change between retail people to see if there was more buying or selling that would be really great but I don't we'd have to come up with a better way to to identify them perhaps we could say when it's put on outside of the insight – or something if you want it to go long at 15 you would have to needed to leave the order working yeah and I don't know if we actually got a signal there either why do I still have this efficiency already on this no one doesn't work anymore or doesn't work on that chart anyways so you can see some offers bowling again if they're going to come back to that 15 for a while order hmm thank you he's fighting it there at 15 half he's really fighting it there 15 half so I think that that would be one of those situations where you could really look to see if people get trapped but you know it didn't really do it quite you know it's really insistent okay maybe okay now I think maybe you could buy 16 let's see offers it'd be like I like that look I know they're not just gonna let them take 16 either nope well we need to pull up discord here so make sure that this court is nice and lively for people that don't want to watch yep so far that one seems to be going well so I'm going to identify that one as bid stacking entry at 16 and so we're gonna say that it was down down and their soul and the day I think is down oh wait this is not this is supposed to beat the trend date this is a trend day this was a trending well a trendy day missing wasn't like a trend a trendy but it was like trendy if that makes sense all hmm so even when we go with 50 lots you can't you can't really see maybe if you just only show the small guys hmm mmm I don't know another thing that we could potentially do is we could make a difference thing so we could say how many more are there bids then asks and I think might that would maybe be useful because then at the very least we could look at like are there more buyer's or seller's that makes sense Lucas do you have a divergence indicator what do you mean for like divergence between these two I'm trying to think here if I can others that's the tape I mean look at it somewhere no where is it where are you Control Center never you owe my July tracking and stuff is all over here ok well let's use that one like ons are trading higher Xion at the bottom of the range well I mean I have this spread I don't know how you would but that is like hmm so so are you saying you want to know when the spread moves and it's moving because of opposites like Xion went up and ZB went down or something like that so what I'm seeing right now is definitely some flattening in the knob if I can bring it over here you can see knob moving down what does that mean well oops oh I didn't mean to click that I clicked the wrong button it means z1 we came up ZB moved much further than Z ended so this one is hired this one is lower that's you know it that's the way I look at it is like this is deepening and this is flattening right so what did we get we got flattening so you're better to buy in this in zv you're better to sell in ZN and you have to factor that into the order flow okay so we are getting a signal here well and ten-thousands not enough when you learn it 250 Lots it really changes like there's not nearly as many 50 lots and while we saw with zbe trade 22 and is not seven ticks off the little part of the range Xion is actually below overnight range as seventeen half yeah I I think that that your um your spread indicator is probably the only thing that you can really you can really look at that with I do have an indicator for correlation and what you would probably see there is a correlation go completely off but there's some problems with the correlation so I never really ended up putting it on my charts as it's too easy for the different data series to get off from each other if that makes sense it max is under investigation now too that happened today Wow wait did it move no hmm fishy stuff it max is getting CFTC to investigate whether be it max broke us trading law miss Reed okay I guess I guess what we saw there at 17 we we do have to count that as okay so seventeen would say that this one was to one okay this one we're gonna say range because it went into a zipper overall the daily trend is down there's got to be a way to filter those so like all of that right there is kind of what we should do what we should do is we should make like a like a mmm like a vista chart we should make like a vista chart where instead of showing the absolute amount of orders there will show how much the amount of orders changed during that time period I'm kind of tempted to just pull it out and start programming it right now but I think we should pay attention huh pay attention and we should read this this report about BitFenix or about about bit max according to Bloomberg report on Friday citing you know sources the probe would be months long to investigate the issue as scythe sea jellies based bit max is not registered with the CFTC mmm in 2018 but makes emerges largest merchant trading platform for Bitcoin was forced to close North American users accounts following the letter from The Canadian regulators and form a the company it was in breach of an Una's an unlicensed entity Eunos regulators have been clamping down a crypto trading firms in recent months for instance bit Knicks fit tricks and politics deal aside tens of tokens earlier this year over concerns they could be deemed as securities by the SEC finance also announced it was withdrawing from the US last month although it is planning to open a regulated Fiat to crypto exchange for American users on a separate platform hmm it makes also return to the limelight when it came under fire from Nouriel Roubini the crypto skeptic pointed to the exchange as an example of a firm that has openly involved in systematic illegality decided to research the estimates liquidations of customer savings compromise as much as half of the nexus revenue and according to his sources inside the company terrorists and criminals from Russia and Iran purportedly used bit make services for money laundering on a quote-unquote massive scale for its part otter Hayes told Bloomberg baymax provides fast safe professional and liquid ways for those who see the potential of crypto and D trade and hedge cryptocurrency risk we continue to monitor all legal and regulatory developments around the world and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations we reject any allegations of criminality manipulation or unfair treatment of our customers who are at the center of everything you're so full of dude I'm sorry and I think he's full of bit bit bit max is like II wanna come out and say like oh we value our customers what we do is important what you do is you you liquidate traitors all day that's what every bit max is I don't think we've had a single set of gift guys that comes into our channel like our Bitcoin Channel and on the discord and comes in and says oh yeah I've been doing the margin trading and you know doing really good and they stick around forever ya know what I mean you know what I mean okay so we were within a range and we take down so I think that that also counts as a Signori I wasn't paying too heavy attention to it so then it went from range to down at sixteen half didn't actually go against you believe it or not it's a trend a day but it's interesting cryptocurrency market hasn't reacted to it they bought yesterday can I say by the way when you look at that chart down there in the lower the lower left corner of the screen they came down to 9000 and they just bounced off it like it was nothing and I'm kind of starting to think you know it's it's a little bit too clean don't you think like think of it this way you are manipulating Bitcoin and you really really really don't want it to go down because if it goes down you're out like tons of money so you're doing everything that you can to prop it up okay this thing does almost exactly what you would do if that's what your manipulation was right if that was your minute you see if you were out just to make money you would go short and you would just crush these guys here at the very least you would try and create chaos by making it go past 9k but if you were really concerned and that the market would would fall apart at that point then you're going to make sure it bounces you know what I mean like the e-mini would never trade like that the e-mini they would absolutely without question take the jump first and then oops bolts breakout I find it suspicious I know that that's that's you know probably what I'm seeing there is probably just a figment of my own confirmation bias but but that's just the way that I see it it seems fishy to me that they do MIT they made a new low on that that push immediately turned down offers pulling that's interesting a lot of offers pulling in fact good morning I'll go lover good to see you again we've had to you like left three four days in a row now personal all right I guess I did that as a continuation so that was at fifteen so this one was just one in one and then this one you got one two three out of it and this one you've got one two so far nice to be seen well I I try to keep track of who's who I mean like we only have well we you know it's less than a dozen guys that speak regularly they chat regularly and it's usually only about 20 people watching at a time although the stats indicate that we get about 100 viewers a day and I don't know if that's part of that is like people watching the video multiple times or something like that but because it kind of seems too weird to me that you keep it's a hundred people watching but only 20 at a time and I don't know how much of those are like well actually I do because it says that the majority of them are subscribers so I don't know so to me it's kind of like and we got to remember everybody I I know I'm going to do a super good job at it but I don't I don't think numbering names and people is something that I'm very good at but the way that I look at it I'm not like a super amazing traitor traitor right I'm not we're not doing anything like that at least I don't think we're doing something that's making you like tons of money so then the reason that we're here is for the interaction so it's it's my it's our obligation to know everybody and make sure that everybody feels welcome and knows that we appreciate them okay so let's see got here if buyers maintain their bid above twenty nine ninety two then thirty fifteen target if 29.92 breaks before that target trades then anticipate a deeper pullback interesting but you're still looking at that 29.92 at level basically well twenty nine ninety two is still I don't know it's really hard to predict what they're going to do you're very analytical I like that out of things I never you know growing up I never considered myself I didn't I didn't really think of it like that analytical but especially especially after I mmm-hmm so I started I started taking medication from my ADHD about the same time that I started trading like I think that I did that whole thing well it was a year so I had been on her for a year and then I started trading and one of the first things that I found when I was on the medication was I was way more analytical like like when I'm on the internet now so hold on insult selfish fish selfish fish nine thousand thank you you want to call me daddy that's totally okay I mean I'm I'm pretty old I'm pretty old fur to the to which platform aren't I I'm like in a almost wait how old am i I'm 34 you know I'm 34 so you know you're all the way you have to think about it right anyways I guess I guess there's a couple of guys on Twitch some of the really good players on Twitch are in their thirties huh I can be good I can be okay they don't really play my candy gave me any more I did pick up overwatch again yesterday though how's their kinetic they're gonna do a roll cue I'm gonna gonna give that overwatch a try again anyways so I found when I got on that the ADHD medication that it was like especially when I'm on like reddit or Facebook and somebody says something that is just not accurate or doesn't follow logic and has logical fallacies in it I cannot stand it it actively bothers me now where's before I just kind of like I wonder with the flow and just kind of feeling everything out mmm review this call from yesterday didn't get the 2970 targa on the initial cell but the squeeze got us here yeah if not then it pisses argot to 2970 I totally I totally see the logic in in your call like I think that I see something on that price level as well the the one reservation I have with it is that this market seems to be completely out of balance because it was moved by news that that probably shouldn't move it and so like it's kind of like musical chairs right now right and where when everybody sits back down I don't know where it goes and and it's further complicated by the fact that we're on Friday so it's kind of like some of the other guys we're talking about maybe it just ends up doing nothing today so I think that this one was only good for two of what we're gonna say because we got another signal essentially down trend the move was up I think it's going to be a reversal at 15 half let's see excuse me hmm I'm just trying to I'm just thinking about my indicator and thinking about different things that we can do because those two columns that we have in the ones showing the big orders definitely that's definitely useful um and the one that it shows everything that's definitely useful but trying to split it out by showing all bids and all asks and seeing if there's differences between them does not seem incredibly useful to me and I'm wondering if I change my indicator I thought about adding this filter and before and but I just never did if I add another filter to say only show the inside X levels or only show that the outside X levels would that tell us something but I'm kind of sitting here thinking that it probably wouldn't maybe I'm wrong but you get what I mean well I think we could do I could do one thing was that going to be a continuation yes it would make so I have this set up so that we can at the top and bottom it tells us it shows us the total liquidity right but we can never scroll up that bar so it's kind of pointless to have that so well we need that 10 K orders what we need on there and so we can see how much room we got some thinking maybe I could move these in a little bit and I could put the I could put the snapshot columns on Allah that's more time we could make it a little bit smaller we could also come in and you know like we could go down to 14 that doesn't really make a big difference does it that doesn't really help us too much um I can do that I know it's a bit certainly bats let's see I think I feel like I need to leave at least one parameters snapshot depth oh the snapshot depths should be everything man show me everything see so it's those those moving up and down that seems to move everything the most almost so CL if sellers break market below 55 45 that 54 55 target if buyers defend 55 45 than anticipated squeeze higher remember large firms have planned trades which always supersede yeah well yeah totally okay so that right there I think that I need to change something here oh okay zero zero in the filter yes no no no no no one one okay see if we take out like that first two or three levels and and only look at those changes I think we might have something I'm gonna do it and just do it on a different screen here so that I'm not blocking while we can what we see here I'll just put it over here in front of of my camera so I don't need to see that my way I can still read you guys and I wanted to say okay where is it is here we go okay filter banks filter that's what we want mid-level filter and mix what's the pulling and stacking look like forty levels deep yeah well it's funny so so note here um one let's do from here one two three four you're moving one two three four five six seven eight yeah you see how there's there's a bunch of orders going on eight ticks away 11 and four eleven and fourteen so that's a robot probably this market that's gotten pretty dead though and then I need to change and I need to do one of these you'll see how no wait no that's not actually what I want at all we get caught up in the minutia which offers the brain data overload yes it's a stuck in a tiny range hopefully it will change with the equity open yeah I agree well you're right out oh I'm I I have this I have this up because I'm trying to use it to determine something so what I'm with what I'm really trying to do is I'm trying to find a way to filter out the humans from the robots so here I can see every time that somebody changes something every time somebody puts an order on the exchange and here I have it every time that a bit changes and every time they didn't offer changes and this is when they stack and this is when they pull but do you see how the stacking and pulling and the pits and offers are almost the same there's a slight difference between them but they're almost the same um and I know that it's not an error in my program because when I do it down when I look at only large orders then it it's correct and it it shows us exactly what we should see or at least what I would expect to see but not when we are doing it with everything although the numbers are different numbers are different and so I'm I believe that what's happening is these are the same because there's these guys snacking and pulling constantly on the outside and so that's why the numbers end up being the same basically the robots are doing so much activity that we can't really see what normal people are doing do you know machine learning I mean kind of I'm not I'm not quite sure how we would use machine learning in this kind of situation to filter out a tick you know what I mean that's kind of hard certainly not a criticism just an observation yeah so what I'm thinking is if we just if we just pull out the the inside three I'm gonna say the inside three then what does it show okay so it shouldn't be sighs though it should be market death update dot don't position right yes Holsey sure and that's not that's not a thing that changes negative does it it is not okay I mean if you train your a goes it should learn something I think like competitive eSports is intuition in MLB some serious players and an adult in dota well yeah so I don't really know a whole lot about kind of the more complicated machine learning algorithms but most of the things that I've looked at I've been kind of things like just this is a really simple example um you know you would have two parameters for instance you know like this and the question would be where is it most profitable and so you would have the machine learning algorithm do this and this and then it would find a spot here and it would find a spot here you know and here's the the testable area and then it would test the edges and say okay this is the most profitable one and then you know on a regular interval it recalculates that and goes okay now this is the most profitable one so then it would start using this and it can switch right so then you can get into something like ah okay whenever I get a spike do I is it a reversal or a continuation and it can use machine learning to kind of look at the most recent history and determine if we're arranging or trending and whether or not it should try to reverse or continue that's the way I understand most machine learning but we're getting into something that's like like I can tell okay it's on the inside you know they're going to pull trade down pull trade up you know I can see that pattern by hand and I know that most of those orders are just algorithms trading right I know that's an algorithm it just sold that but how do I represent that programmatically especially you're trying to do it where I mean every time that something changes every time something changes I can do a loop but then I have to like record a series of those changes and then somehow take that series of changes and identify it as pattern you know so basically you've got an array with the last you know 100 200 changes or something like that how do you analyze that and find a pattern in it that's way beyond me okay position position okay and I got this like super ugly and statement to trade and learn it should be able to make some money I don't know though the thing is is I don't know if they're there or wants do that kind of an analysis you know or you know just take the last X volume things and say is the end to go I think that they're kind of more simple than that maybe there's too much hype about machine learning well I you know so the other thing is is that what's something that's really common with machine learning is they'll you know show last organ line just remembered I'm all I'm all slowing down because I'm remembering something that I might need to stick in there oh maybe not well anyways you'll have some sort of a a you know you have a set of building blocks and then you tell it okay do you know put all these building blocks together in random ways and show me which one is the most profitable and you know it'll do a generation like that and then the next generation it will base it off of that that particular one that was the best and then it'll keep going and iterating and becoming more and more geared in I suppose you could say it's like the program is evolving and so you know what the building blocks are but you have absolutely no understanding of how it put them together it's kind of like when I'm going into some of my things I might do something like okay what if we get an iceberg here and the cci is above 100 okay well that's one thing but it might maybe there's some correlation where when we're above 101 we're below negative 100 the behavior is different and when you would start when you have two variables like that all of the sudden there's like eight eight different ways that you can do that particular thing right and every variable that you put it on it just increases exponentially and so you can use machine learning to just you know put all the building blocks together and have it figure out you know one that works I think that's the way that a lot of that sort of stuff works okay so we're gonna get rid of that and and for the minute level filter is going to be three let's see if that does it anyways the thing is is I think if we're trying to trade discretionary that the machine learning is may be of limited utility okay so I can see there's a lot of changes there and I'm not getting stuff over here so that already is good and I can see this is 16 and this is 23 for instance so that's good maybe maybe I got it to tell me what I want and I guess I should go over here into my chart and say because it's gone pretty much sideways this just went range but we'll put it at maybe you could have made too yes at 7:15 its we're probably not gonna get a stay but want to talk about the did you guys see the Top Gun trailer oh my gosh it whistle like the whole thing where they're like flying along the desert and then he hits the air brake and turn straight up and all that stuff was like whoa suzy is unusually quietly kind of put his in two cents in at the beginning you know he probably has made so much money today he's coming in here looking at looking at today and being like I don't know if it's worth it okay so I am seeing definite differences do you see that the asks changed there off of that optic no so bids pulled mmm-hmm he says like the market yeah this is a crappy market and when you look at the number of bars that we've gotten since the open it's pretty bad it's pretty bad anyways I was not expecting you Top Gun trailer at all and it looks it looks to me like this story might be complete completely stupid I mean really with a remake like that and you know everything that's involved in stuff yet that do you have to that has to be a possibility right that it's just gonna be a really dumb story okay but the sentiment of photography on the the planes alone is gonna make that movie worth watching that was just so cool looking mm-hmm my primary buys filters the entire day's range right now yeah so easy is basically saying that he can really do much of anything unless we break the higher the low well there's Nicolas good morning so what do we see here I think what we see is that even here it doesn't really well there are differences but they're so subtle and only like a dozen at a time hmm and then might change if more people got in the market I'm debating taking small trades off of the swing indicator but those would be super Jesse Yeah right oh man Lucas why did you have to bring that up Lucas says the seams in how they want to make a PC Bond movie without toxic masculinity and gender neutral well so here's my understanding of it um Daniel Craig has signed on to a couple new movies so he's still like James Bond but the movies are basically going to be there's a he is retired and there is a new agent double-oh-seven who was a girl so like James Bond is still there right but he's not double-oh-seven anymore and and that to me is actually a fairly interesting premise perhaps hear me out okay just just the idea of James Bond training another person this kind of is kind of interesting to me right and it wouldn't matter if it's a boy a girl in a bit being a girl okay sure but then if Daniel Craig disappears right the James Bond character doesn't actually exist anymore and and it's a girl and they try and make the girl to be like like James Bond was you know some of the characteristics of James Bond that would just be a total trash movie you know what I mean I think it would just be a total trash moving so the thing was is when they were saying like if if they have started completely over and they it's you know just picked a new person and it happened to be a girl that would be a trash movie as well I think I don't think anybody would go and watch it because people go and watch it for the the male archetype you completely try and change it around to it a female archetype it's I don't think people will find that interesting there's already shows out there they're like that you know and they didn't do that well hmm so I'm see a lot of asks pulling one who asks pulling compared to bids but a lot of bid stacking compared to as well if you want a freaky brain go see the true that I watched down one two why did that wasn't as interesting to me I thought Taylor Swift was in and I saw Taylor Swift for a moment and I was like no one couldn't even get a good look at her couldn't even tell her that was Taylor Swift you know so so all I'm just really into reddit and and like social news me yeah I've always I've always been in on that even from like the Slackware days right or sorry Slashdot days and the seeing so while I will troll knew and top of the hour on reddit and they have a Taylor Swift subreddit over on reddit and those guys are so crazy active I always find it interesting the the subreddits that feel that they should be active because you don't do that unless you're trying to like recruit you know what I mean what's why why is it that the Taylor Swift fans feel the need to recruit and that weird this is something wrong going on here how come I'm not getting bids you can also watch woman trilling I did not see that one I'll have to look that one up today didn't did mm no it shouldn't be I go in here zero zero zero zero no bits can see that the market kind of pausing there is 16 now they're really like oh jeez this is just awful action right like they they upset everybody within that range and then I just died that's just so the last one that I see it was a bid but maybe and let's clear this I am in who doesn't need me in yet I take all the stuff and I made it in appropriated oh man I don't ona have to go see it is is it based off of the new the new Marvel Universe or sorry the new DC Universe always did is did show up see we we were gonna wait to talk about the new top end trailer until you came in because I figured with the name and everything then maybe you would be interested in that but then you know it was like 7:15 you weren't here so Riley oh I guess we're just gonna have to talk about how awesome it was without you and now that we've talking about how awesome it was you know I don't know if we're gonna talk about it again new Jay and Silent Bob trailer you can't even see the shark that that jumped so what did you watch no I did not see that the a says he did see that he did see that the Top Gun trailer it was so cool it was so cool well there's an ask I'm waiting I'm waiting for a bid to show up here so we can confirm that that I didn't screw something up I might have screwed something up because I'm not getting any any prints in there yet kind of weird well if there's no large bits out there that doesn't speak well to the the upside does it maybe the Eamonn he's just gonna take off here and they're just gonna sell this they better not be messing with me it better be as good as it looks I'm okay with it being silly but still well no but that was that was the things I saying is like you have to you have to assume that there there is at least a possibility that the story is gonna be really stupid like like you have to know that that's there you know um but the cinematography and everything was is gonna make it all worth it anyways you know and it really looks like the military pulled out all stops for them on this one too this is gonna be a good propaganda film that's that's all I got to say okay so we did see some bids show up and I see them on the chart so we're okay and that's the signal large bids at 15 we're gonna say we are now I mean the day is down but so far I'm gonna say its range and we were moving down normally would be a reversal as long as there are jets and maybe some dogfighting goose comes back oh no no it's gonna be deuces kid right he's had a kid the neat didn't you have a kid I'm pretty sure that there's a kid it's gonna be like it's gonna be like Tom Cruise is training gooses kid and the kid replaces goose and you know they have interpersonal problems you know because the kid is a girl or something like that oh whoa whoa hold the second one if the if the kid is a girl and then then that then there's other stuff in that pattern I am I think about that but well you know though do you know where they would take that and Tom Cruise getting with gooses could that not right that's not right I hope that that's not what's happening hmm do you think that they're gonna move this today I'm kind of starting to wonder see so when I put on the stacking and pulling columns here it just looks like noise it's just noise you can also see how if you added all of these up they would they are I'm I think that the indicator is working correctly I think it's working correctly it's just it's not showing us what I want to see it's just noise well maybe being able to see the difference between this and this to see that there is more often that there is more activity on the offer I think that that matters okay so here is there was some bids here at 15 normally that would be a reversal but I don't think you want to take it as a reversal I think you wait and see if they trap anybody here first and then maybe take it at 15 1/2 if they do look at the e-mini though the evening he is bidding up into the open mmm that that would be cool goose junior pulls off the stunned Mavericks dad couldn't complete over Cambodia and then Yan yell there ya go that would be awesome and wasn't that ah I remember I can't remember what they were saying in the reddit thread but I think that there was something about Iceman being in there but but not being in there because this elf isn't very good right now you know Bella camera ages litems LVL thank guy I let I remember you know when I first saw that movie a couple of years ago and and you know I only knew that if L camera that's seem him and that movie I was like oh wait I understand why he's a famous name now at 14 half is not looking too good the old does it and there was some pull in there 14 half okay here's the open hope I didn't trap some people look at this stacking it 14 1/2 and 14 it's unclear it's kind of interesting because it seems like this indicator is a really good job or at what we're looking at does a really good job at showing you where we're inflection points are but even with this you would think that this would work really well on on a slow range-bound day but then the truth is is that even on a slow range-bound day he actually just sends a team random yes overnight hi taken by a tick on the rth open yeah and they were buying up into the open and after the open not a lot of activity but possibly selling that is not something I want to trade so I don't think I'm gonna take one in the e-mini today unless I see something really change but just the way that it's behaving right there I don't that could revert all the way it could go on for new high I just don't know it seems like the market is not that active maybe they are just waiting for the consumer sentiment and everything I mean they do that is a fairly important number sentiment wise for the market even though it doesn't necessarily move us a ton a trait it's the same here wait another 15 minutes yeah like we can see if at 7:45 if there's a really clear direction we could take one I'm still skeptical the heck was that that was that was the jigsaw sound why did it do that anyways let's do this this stocks rally on Williams 50 basis point and then the array only some more after Bullard says 25 it from Bloomberg if the Fed isn't explicitly targeting a rally in the stock market they sure have a funny way of showing it it was considered pure tin foil hat conspiracy knitter e as recently as four years ago no fart on camera much no that was not did you guys hear that strange noise your baby you would hear through my headphones that back into the microphone Oh actually I do have the desktop audio on so you would have heard it huh hmm now we're getting large offers me it's so interesting every just everything goes range today well now I have to put it in that was down range e range I don't know what this does the 15 and large offers bigger than last bits okay so I think it would be more interesting with this one to make something to show I don't have to change the indicator significantly to do this but to show okay the difference between our bids and all asks and the difference between all poles and all hope it pulls in Alaska pulls now I thought it was but now I realize it was just you passing what was probably corn on the cob no that was it was the jig saw the jig saw day trader that started the journal lytx notification sound I don't know why it was like all distorted and stuff that was weird and I don't eat corn because it irritates my my intestines okay so we're gonna say and I was a bid a large offers and then in high activity era it was a reverse it was a reversal which is not quite what you would expect but probably some sort of a flipper sort of a move II may turned so it might just be because of that it's good for three at least that is the one that I think we should remember because we were at the low of the day and then the offer showed up and it reversed and it was like ranging and it was slowed down there I think I should get rid of this snapshot columns now you no need to fix that there we go to and kind of goes into a range way too easily today mmm Oh Donald Trump is is I like New York Fed President John Williams first statement much better than his second his first statement is a hundred percent correct in that the Fed raised too far far too fast and too early also must stop with the crazy quantitative tightening we are in a world competition and winning big but it is nothing that the Federal Reserve had they not acted so fast and so much we would be doing even better than we are doing right now this is our chance to build unparalleled wealth and success for the US growth which would greatly reduce percentage of debt don't blow it in the old cash cow refueling Trump hasn't noticed his eagerness to cut to one negative 1% hmm ideally buyer step up before the doubt feeling use those sellers as fuel you want it to sell huh now I'm buying head of the open not following through is a little suspicious to me so now we're seeing more bid on activity actually this whole day I think we've been seeing morbid activity no that's not quite true I have a data series for stacking in a data series for pulling but if I want to compare bid stacks to offer stacks I'm gonna have to add more like I can dataseries underneath and just not show them or something is starting to get complicated though I might need to go and clean up all there's more fed there is almost no inflation well so that so what just happened here what just happened not even Donald Trump not even Donald Trump can get the market to move come on Don you know what we need I tell you what we need we should give Jerome a Twitter account what do you think if we gave Jerome a Twitter account let him talk whenever he wanted to do maybe then we could get some action here today what do you think then first so we gotta get it come up with a plan first I think we gotta set up an account for him and then we have to convince him to use it and then we have to convince him that it's okay to say you know controversial things with it I think that we would need to do some like some inception you know what I'm saying you know like the movie like we're gonna have to bring Jerome Powell into a dream and the idea that we're going to a plant in him is that is that I should say controversial things on Twitter as well this is a you know mmm this sounds like an expensive plan I don't know the the the more profit margin on such a plan would be worth it they are taking up still won't either and wait we can't say that you'd get four yet I think that you should be able to get four though Adrian you mean today 3015 is a target yeah he posted a way you guys scroll like way up mmm buyers need to regain a bit above 29.93 for squeeze continuation if not then anticipated another down rotation target to 2970 so far I don't know so we're at a spot where we could take a trade in e-mini I can't see that on that buy there was a lot less volume on it I think that that would normally be good for a sell it suffer that it's not in a very good place I think it's too high yeah whether you really want to sell it at five there I don't know especially the way that it's behaving I feel like that that's too much risk too much risk for me well you could if you had taken along at 15 and I am surprised that that did end up eventually reversing but there you go just because it was that the low under thought maybe they were gonna go for it but um you you touched for so maybe based on the swing you could take it off at 3 or 4 but we haven't done any other real you know action or behavior signals or anything so there maybe there's more more in it there was that zipper but it was you know there wasn't that much there wasn't that much messed around with it I suppose two takes back though might be enough to justify you getting out of it – what's John's don't say I have my bias still linked to the upside in CV that rejection of prices 154 1821 is why I'm feeling that way if I'm right looking for supply to be tested don't 8:30 err you haven't said that downside attractors could be 150 for 14 well by test stuff yesterday Sloan they all eat area move lower can get rolling we could even see the tea pot but Wednesday tested in the 150 331 area we shall see good by the way you know we should go in here and look at show you guys some stuff yeah so see here so here's like a 24-hour viewership on our channel right and here was when we were streaming yesterday and then here at 3 o'clock yesterday and that was when it was he commented on the video you see how many more people started viewing it after he comment apparently if you're able to do it within like the first hour of it being put up if we got like 5 comments within the first hour that video would probably do like double the views that normal one does but today would probably be a bad time to do the test that sort of a theory because uh this is just such a boring market it's for today's session it's too high but for the long term next week projection could be good talking about out goes um set up check out Friday expected move for options market they're expecting a one point one move for spy options so is that really low I think that's a one point move for the spy well there is consumer sentiment here in nine minutes I could definitely you know get these guys to move a little bit at least hmm so it's not to file false Oh sis Adrienne I don't know like like to me it seems like yesterday Williams came out and just totally threw the market out of whack and then we wake up this morning and we find out well he's not you know we're not gonna do two rate cuts and I think that's basically the gist of what they're saying is they don't want they don't like that the market is trying to price in two rate cuts for the July meeting I don't do not think it's going to happen I think whoever has an option straight on should take it off let's seize their nice there's not gonna be two anyways so it's like we were saying earlier it's like musical chairs like everybody got kicked out of their chair and and instead of trying to get back in their chairs and then seeing where it goes from here they all just decided to go home I think that's what happened is really on a Friday with the only thing being consumer sentiment and just kind of like in the summer yeah and he's can do you can tell just from the way that it's been trading it's not it's not very positive action relatively in connection we are not having have the more the more that we say that that wasn't more of the market is can he be like I'll show you you think this is boring here are you just lost 100 bucks now how boring is it that's how it goes well we are back into like the profile this is another thing that's interesting is the point of control is at 16 we got a profile from 16 to 20 we're getting just back into the profile and they can't they can't move up from there if I if we see like some iceberg in like some volume up here and they're not able to hold that I think that that could be enough to kick us down to a new low but let's see what they do I made for Dixon UB which is finding Treasuries but since I'm trading more and more the UVI I expected more no man that's that's like 100 bucks on one contract that's good I'd be happy with that okay five warning that time the sound was reasonable trying to find a sound here I want to put a sound I want to try putting a sound and light into my tape but I don't think that I wanted to use the quake the quake hit sound I want like the little click one I want the clicky one there no oh geez you all got make things difficult and stopping out early buyers off the highs is normal just watching to see how deep they let this go well it seems to me like they're doing similar to what they've been doing all week which is that the market orders want to sell but all week they've been doing that and nothing you know doesn't work okay so sit right here maybe that could do maybe I could do that one and I think that that would be too distracting mm-hm let's try this one oh it's gone I think that's what I wanted there through my web browser I'm going through hit sounds from games because I want to make something that every time that one of these come in it'll make a sound but I don't want it to be like a really incredibly distracting sound I want it to be like a really quiet kind of you know just background noise sort of thing yeah dig maybe we could use the overwatch his sound sure I would go with the tornado siren alerts and no no no because that happens way and the way you do often for that okay now we need to go in here and we need to go to today's sound this method will only execute once the state has reached state real-time default behaviors to play the wave in an asynchronous manner which can result in calls to play sound to play over one another which is exactly what I want can hopefully be configured to execute in a synchronous manner needs to be in a PCM waveform at which is what we've got okay let's try it let's do the print and then here we live today sound SC : / no we shouldn't do it there where it should be we should move it to somewhere let's just put it an inch of traitor huh NinjaTrader eight slash hits an overwatch stop wait mm-hmm so did we ever get another signal here mmm well it went into a range so maybe it wasn't but then we get another one that says that we're gonna continue iron that was bids so let's let's put it in as that that was the read didn't I checking so we're gonna sand this one we got three and then range and so we're good same as arranged a continuation at 16 half worth mm one two three or ninety was from earlier so okay let's see here the tape here okay so I'm just gonna come over here and a five so now aha do you hear that do you have crude traders in your rooms yeah if you go to the discord there's crude traders it's fairly active let's go let's see here how much do we get got going on here I'll show you it's enough that I meet the channel yeah not a ton of activity this morning but they're in there I don't keep tabs on the oil guys as much I don't I don't know them as well maybe we should trade oil one of these weeks so now we need to go in two volume mixer and we need to okay so let's just do it at 40% hmm so can you hear that was that good I liked that how did ancient Romans cut their hair I don't know you know man he comes in here and he just asks a random ask question and now I'm gonna be thinking about that all day it's a question I wondered myself with Caesars there you go now now I'm gonna wonder I mean obviously they probably didn't have scissors but like what did they what did ancient Roman scissors look like okay so you are getting an out-and-out signal so so it was actually one two three four five five and I think that you could say here when the bid showed up maybe maybe let's just say for the sake of argument that it could have gone to against you but okay so this is range and it's going up this is probably a reversal of nineteen I like it what do you guys think about the sound does that bother you I kind of like it I like being able to see you like it when when it's moving in the order comes in so I could do something like this check this out now I had my tape in there and just do everything now it'll just go like it will just be going off oh my gosh wow what the heck ah oh you shouldn't have done that oh wow they come in too quickly they come in too quickly to be able to do like that because it's literally doing it in as fast as it can play the sound and so it just sounds like junk man I like that bow you I'm gonna hit me no it's my it's my level two tape right so every time that there was a level to change it was making a sound but there are so many level two changes that okay so do you see how they try and how one kind of came in as she went and it was an offer coming out two ticks away I wish we had like better facilities facility we could go in and we can say like based on how big it is make it bigger note the light and make a thicker noise so it was cool you know like change the pitch of the noise that's what they do for the quake head sounds is like the more damage you do the more the deeper this sound hey oh wow look at that so that's interesting to me when they hit it it's like they're hitting the they're hitting the bid and they they stack on it too you I think it could sound that would be better for like overall like doing all of them but even then I don't think like a shorter one would probably sound a little bit better but it would probably still sound like just like it would just sound like a hum because probably the number of orders coming in is probably higher than the number you know then you know forty-four thousand Hertz if that makes any sense so to do it for real we would need to think you would need something more complicated you know some sort of noise generator plug-in that handles the number of things so when a bunch of them are happening at the same time it sounds a little bit different okay it's kind of interesting the way it's acting here I like because if I see it tick and I don't hear the sound kind of just doesn't do anything there was a website offering what you were looking for I remember there was a website that was like it tried to simulate the the floor the noise on the floor and but it doesn't they don't exist anymore anyways but you know was he was using the information from here thing too the question is like how do you put that into NinjaTrader and yeah so now I kind of want to be able to read it okay so they were asks that was one and they asked just right here so I took sure of the last swing at 28 only one contract and exited at 23 no it was totally a good signal dude he's all like oh I just gotta look you know what was a good signal I mean this thing at this thing telling you it was gonna reverse we had a strong market up and then all of a sudden there was a ton of activity and it goes through for two and ranges and comes back okay so some bid activity there so we're gonna say that's the end of that swing um how much was it nineteen one two three I should really change the I should we should really make a component that allows us to just you know to paint them correctly and all that sort of stuff that requires a little bit more work than oh I've only done once where I've tried to make each component and I guess I'll put it over here so it's not blocking anything you can download the may six flash crash audio from YouTube wait really then that exists that's the thing let's look I might just own sound because I think that that one is a little too hissy it's a little too hissy well I can see people with with charts of it but not of the floor ohyou futures bit maybe not a copy somewhere well there's that there is that audio of the guy he is to like call the price out I have seen that that would be distracting rang it'll definitely make you feel of their Ben Liechtenstein says dojo Jana I remember there was like at there was a guy that used to call out the price from the pit and people used to pay to hear it but I think he stopped doing it or they don't do it anymore it wasn't popular yeah okay no that's not what we're going to use wouldn't mind if you called a few prices out periodically um well which price is in particular well you know we should do something like we should every so many minutes or something we should go through and we should list out whether they are or something like that I don't know there's the price squad thing that's built into jigsaw how does that work I don't know where it's at is it in options I know there's a price clock things somewhere what these do hmm swear there was something summer oh maybe it was you know I know what it is it's in in the summer eating now didn't escape don't know well in gay this another oh this one was original I think that this come down here you would be out now one two three and now it's doing this within the range you don't I can't really tell what's gonna do I don't I guess I don't consider that a signal yes price walk you can search for it on YouTube they have a gently yes that's right for the guy that was calling out a bit I just think that that hit sound it was is too long and hissy so now I'm thinking like let's pull out make something no no no I don't want to take up the whole screen I'll put it over here okay new what should we use diva make sure I have it on the right audio I can do there you know we get very very very quiet and have like literally no no sustain hmm I don't know I don't know should do a bandpass sure mmm I don't think that that really helps now bouncing files either sure I'm gonna just make sure that I'm not making the file bigger than it needs to be mm-hm I forget how many exports we file between loop take it's funny that we haven't gotten any new ones since I since I've been doing this that's okay and then over here then pump up a timeline on the down uh we need to open up this one I'm just still this route here sound it might be doing that because I did something funky anyways okay so now pull out our tape and we will just call from tic da wave and then where's our I was right there okay okay so with the jigsaw tools and your ability to read flow why not scalp well I mean I that's what we're trying to do here so the problem has always been that um I'll get in one and I'm looking for like four and then you don't get four you know notice a lot of these you're not even getting four on them oh by the way there was a there was a signal there that I missed while we were messing with all that seventeen anyways so why would be like looking for like four ticks right and then you don't get it that's and then I'll get like you know what something you know you get something like this and so then you're like well I want to get the whole thing and maybe you get two seventeen half and you get that's one two three four okay so maybe you get 218 and you get for texting you go okay I maybe I should take it off there because I got four right but then it keeps going in how do you know that it's going to keep going and it was it had a hard time with that and so it was kind of always turned into a question of like where should I be taking the profit and how much should I be taking and everything and then we came into this summer action which I'm just very very poor at and and seeing like the revert and all that sort of a stuff but now that I'm getting this this thing I think the the amount of times that it reverts when I see something like this pretty pretty much most of the time I'm gonna say 60 70 percent of the time introverts okay so their dad era when did you hear it it is very very soft but that just means that I can um I can put this back up I'd say look at contacts in a day like today if you trade see and you can't legitimately hope for more than four and I agree so then I'm like but the thing is is that with this with the way that I'm looking at things now I think that what I have done is I've taken things that I was looking at before anyways but I've just basically created ways for me to see it one in in a quantitative manner and to immediately so like I know now okay it ticked there there was a bid when it ticked up okay at eighteen and that's it that's a here in this particular context I don't know if I would be taking it per se but I don't know we're still working this out and we're still testing this right so we're not taking a trade but I think that you take it for a reversal here at eighteen half it did reverse at seventeen when one two three he could get three out of it I met a guy a while back they flipped 40 Lots for two ticks Indian I don't well you know in in John Grady his channel and he has some like a we call him endorsements or you know people that have been successful using his method and there was one guy that said that all he does is look for absorption in backtick and takes a tick out of it and he was he was running like ten Lots so yeah you can definitely do it I don't think that my strategy has the I don't think that I get the win rate necessary in order to go for one tick okay I would have to be getting like eighty ninety percent and I'm and I am really like 50/50 even if I was only taking two I think that I would still only be like 55% so I couldn't take one maybe two or three my work but I think with what I'm seeing right here I could I think that this should this should just really tighten up thinks for me you know I don't know what who was what it was one of the UM testimonials on John Grady's channel okay so now so now it is ranging I would maybe I would get out I think I'm still this is one of the questions that I've had this is when you get in and then arranges is it better to wait to see it go out and try to take it she goes when it goes out or is it better to just exit what do you know about brain boosters to help in trading well I haven't really gotten into like a ton of the nootropics or anything okay so there was two orders that time I was interesting because it did sound a little different he hasn't one of mine is 25 and has been trading profitably for six years now really you know those are people who took the webinar which it's kind of weird because I I've watched some of his webinar this is the thing that I think is so weird to me well that not so weird to me but like um oh man it was like I watched a webinar of his somebody send me that they had recorded it and they they gave it to me and so I was watching it and there was one day where he had taken trades and well it was a day that I had traded so I went back and I looked at what I had done in that that Bay and he was like well here's where I don't like to touch it and so you know and I realized down that day I was trading in areas that I shouldn't have and um you know I I had it since then changed things anyways so that was like something that I already knew was I look back and I was like oh yeah I was really bad at that back then right but then I watched another day and it was trending down against him and it kept giving him reversal signals so he kept fading it and it was running over him over and over and over again and I was like holy that happens to me all the time it happens all the same and it's is it was kind of interesting you know in that respect um just the that it was like it seemed like I had kind of arrived at similar things to him but he I think that the difference comes in while first in an experience and recognizing the context of them but then second second I think that it was kind of more of like my own mental things you know but now with this I feel like I should be able to tighten it up because there's there's gonna be so many of these trades or that's like yeah I would have taken that but then I wouldn't have known to get out here and now I do as for good I don't know if you guys can hear that but it's a nice subtle sound even here it's really soft it probably should have made it a little louder I don't know if I want to go back in and hmm what are you seeing here that happened last webinar I attended he got run over like three times but managed losses really well eventually ended his day with profits yeah and that was another thing as this seemed like he takes more trades than I do by he'll so he's like he's only taken like two ticks on a loss I don't think it's very often that he loses the full four ticks was did we say yeah okay so we said it was a short and it is going down I wish I had saved that project instead of just closing it down because now I want to go and modify the sound let's try it let's try doing it in different way let's try doing it with with a wave table we've no sustained you can want one like that and then I think I want another envelope that is even shorter has no attack on it as a really short I can attach this one to filter yeah and say I watch an entire webinar if and it's not the individual tradesies makes its mentally mentality brings the game definitely changed my mentality the way that I approach trading you have to watch everything without skipping parts so yeah you will and that's what I did was I was watching everything I was watching it I liked double speed though um but oh man like that's a lot to watch isn't it and you're not really as into it as you're gonna be when you're on I'm the thing anyways today I have any really good always ones in here mmm but we could do something like one of these spectral something really something really really out there could maybe go with a sauce or everything maybe so then I want to like find a mmm so watch only recaps I don't think that helps you need to watch the entire session understand how he processes context which is the most important aspect of trading for him interesting that they they kind of pushed it around there I think that that um it's done okay so almost 5 I kind of like that I wish that he gave me multiple noise oscillators I wonder if maybe you can just take the noise oscillator and put it into a one of these now do I need a system so then I can what I can do is I can do from here hmm well that's interesting and that only works on only works on the oscillator I might just I might just leave it at that actually no I do want thank you hmm yeah yeah yeah and then I think I should make it a little bit louder yeah yeah okay let's try that cool export mixdown call this one Chirk gotta bounce yeah we're gonna shut it down here but I will see you guys next week yeah appreciate you comin sir about the the context thing now we're gonna do this thing for another week and then and then I think what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go in and I'm going to spend a week trading every single one like like literally every time that I see an actionable reversal like right here I would be going on right now well maybe not right now because it's like crappy the market but you know trying to trade almost every swing and seeing what happens you know I could you leave catch you next week Lucas okay so now coming here and I'm going to do sure and clear this out see if we hear it hello Linda I'll get some more people on D line you know um honor if there's been something going on on da life this week because we've been seeing a lot more people stop in and say hi on that platform they can they hear my wife upstairs the dogs are all uppity okay so now you're really getting an increase in activity at 16 1/2 very interesting to see whoo okay but I did not hear maybe it's because I have this open so save it this time make sure that I have an already fresh this cuz there was stuff there and I didn't hear it they are stacking it there at 16 fl me many is kind of looking ugly are they gonna kill you mini there you go what do you guys think of that one I like that I like that the most of all I think you want to try putting it in wear it or it just keeps you know where it's on the full tape let's put it on the full date for a second level to tape sure Tom wait [Laughter] see you just you just get like that it almost sounds like an oscillator at that point because there's too many if there was some way maybe if I made it like literally this shortest sound you could possibly make or you know what I think I actually do have that somewhere oh come on hold on oh man okay I'm not gonna put you guys through that so Wow so what happened there was that they were going it just kept playing them because it was so far ahead of the market so that's interesting like it was actually processing loops long after I took it took of the thing off they're pretty strong stacked there is 16 1/2 that they left I have somewhere I have another click that I made where's that one that must be on my old disk yeah it would have been under like look projects no no no no projects No I could possibly pull it out oh wow that one was like as short as it could possibly be but no I think that I would have to do something to say you know like if he played it if you've already played it in the last X milliseconds or something like that it could be you could make it really complicated but then NinjaTrader probably wouldn't be able to handle it you'd have to pass it off to something else I can't have to have another process running and it receives the messages and then you know that that process running on its own would do it cuz I think if you tried to do all the logic from with a ninja trader that it wouldn't be able to handle the threads correctly I like picky picky much was this one two possibly three I also think you got to be looking for probably should be looking for three on this yeah because that's just because that's what this swing has been yeah no okay well we should make sure we take our picture okay where are ya right here yesterday we forgot to put it in anyways oh it okay so I think on that one you take three I think you just take it at the 18 and done with it so that you don't know if anything's gonna happen for the next like you know 30 minutes or whatever um okay well this has been an interesting week and it's going to be fun trying to trade with all of this when we get to you know the end of next week and then we can kind of work from there anyways it's been fun guys I will see you guys next week as always you know leave a comment on the video um the sooner you leave the comment the better that it does for the video but let us know what you thought of today and what you were looking for him stuff because then we can you kind of use that information when you're looking back do you kind of see what kind of a day was so if somebody's like you know trying to practice specific type of action or something like that they can just find it you know you know always always check out the picture on if you haven't checked out the patreon we got some good stuff over there and I will see you guys next week in the meantime stay profitable

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