Live Day Trading – $610 in Less Than an Hour

Good morning, this is
ClayTrader at This will be a live trade video where I try to capture some of my trades as they unfold live. Market opens up here in about 18 minutes. Might do some pre-market trading here. I’ve actually already
done one pre-market trade a long time ago at 8:05 am eastern time. Tried to get 1,000 shares at 8.25. Only got 400 and then
sold them $0.20 later. So I’m up $80.00 already on the day, and this one already three
and a half million shares. So a lot of volume out there, and if it looks like I want
to do another pre-market trade I’ll try to capture that on video. If not, I will see you back
at the opening bell at 9:30, but I will keep you updated. Okay, I have an order out for 1,000 shares at $20.75 here on RIOT. Just an introductory order. Market opens up here in two minutes, so I guess it could technically still be a pre-market order, or I should say a pre-market
trade if it can get down there, but like I said, only two
minutes before the market opens, but that order does exist. So I’ll keep you updated,
and we’ll see what happens. If I don’t get filled by
the time the opening bell comes around then let’s see how the price acts on the opening bell at 9:30. All right, the markets are now open. Let’s see if we can get a
pull back here to $20.55. That’ll be my opening order. So that order exists. Gonna scan the market see if I can find some other orders that I want to put out some fishing orders at. So I’ll keep you updated. All right, getting a
pull back here on RIOT. I changed my order to $20.05. So let’s see if it can
pull back there or not. Close. I put out an order at $19.55 too. So get an opening order at $20.05. Got close, as low as $20.11. All right, now seeing
that what I’m going to do is go to $19.75 initial order. So we’ll see if it can
get down there or not. It’s been alerted in the
chatroom here on this pull back so now it’s bouncing here a little bit, but this one’s very volatile so we’ll see if it can
get back down there, or we’ll see what it wants to do. Okay, have an order at $3.15 here. Got those for 1,000 shares. So nothing huge, but gets
at least my feet wet here. Let’s see if this thing
wants to make another run up towards highs. If it does, I’m willing to
take a quick 15 cents on it, but if it wants to pull back some more, I will take another 1,000 shares at $2.85 and then $2.75 and $2.65. So let’s see what this
one wants to do here. It’s gone as high as $3.50, so you know, $3.30
doesn’t seem like that’s out of the realm of
realism here, but again, if it does want to pull back some more I will build a position. I mean, 1,000 shares on
a sub-four dollar stock, that’s not, from portfolio value, not a very large amount at all. So let’s see if this one wants
to make another run back up. $3.25, if I remember right, seems to be kinda that stubborn area from
the level two perspective. So if it can get through $2.25 I like the potential that
I can get up to $2.30. All right, so 800 shares. So all out there for
$150.00 on that trade. I’m still interested if this one wants to drop back below $3.00, but so we’ll see if it can get down there or not, but there is another $150.00. Let’s see what else is out there. All right, getting down
toward the $3.00 break. First order at $2.85. Okay, there’s that break. Let’s see if I can get $2.85 entry point. All right, got that. So we’ll look to build more, but if it wants to give me
a $0.10 move on this one, then I would gladly take that. Let’s go to $2.60 for the next buy. So we’ll see what this one wants to do, but surprisingly good volatility for a sub-five dollar stock, so it’s hard to kind of complain about this sort of volatility here on, again, the price range of the stock. All right, so again,
just gave me the $0.10, which equates to $100.00
on the 1,000 shares. So if this one wants to
continue to pull back I’ll continue to play it, but let’s see what else is out there. So let’s see, what time is it? 9:37, and up $250.00, technically,
since the market is open, since the $80.00 doesn’t
necessarily count, but either way you look at
it, whether it’s $250.00 or $330.00 in less than 10 minutes, I’m very happy with that, and I’m looking at my scanners right now, but from a video perspective
I’m pleased with that. So far two trades, captured
them both completely on video. So that’s good, but let’s see if I can capture at least another couples of trades here. Watching SQ here. Wow, this thing is just getting
absolutely beat up big time. I have an initial order to
go long 500 shares at $44.75. Seems like it’s quite a bit of a ways off, but I mean, look at the chart here, and this thing’s been getting hammered, so it could actually
probably get down there quicker than what it
would normally be able to. I don’t know if there was bad
news out this morning or not, to be honest, I don’t really care. I just care about what’s going
on with the price and volume, and price and volume is quite volatile, and that’s the name of the game as far as my strategy is concerned. So that order is out there. Still have an order out on
DPW for 1,000 shares at $2.51, but we’ll see if this one
can get down there or not. I will keep you updated. All right, looking for an entry point here at DPW again at $2.05. Whelp, it went as low as $2.06. All right, I’m going to go
ahead and change this to $1.90 at this point, since it just decided to hover right above my entry point. We’ll see if I can get the $2.00 break. If not, I’m not going to cry about it. Already up a good amount of money, and there’s still plenty
of time left in the day. I mean, it’s not even 30, the market hasn’t even been open 30 minutes yet. So let’s see if we can
get that break of $2.00. If there is a break of $2.00 I’d like to see ideally a
good old quick flush down through it, but step one
of course in all that is it’s got to first
break down through it. All right I’m going to
go ahead and pause it. I’m now watching MARA,
so if I don’t capture the entry point on DPW that is why. Only have so much real estate
I can do for the recording, but just heads up, I may miss the entry point here as this rolls. If that changes from white to green then you know that I got filled, but MARA have an order at $7.85, and for a second it was looking like there was some downwards momentum
that may’ve carried it down to where I wanted to be, but
that seems to be relaxing now. So I guess never mind. Putting an order out
here on ROKU for $41.75. So currently now three fishing, or three fishing orders out there. There are bobbers in the water. Now it’s just a matter of
seeing if I can get any nibbles. I will keep you updated. All right, $7.85 potentially in play here. Volatility really picking up. Let’s see if we can get a break of $8.00. $8.00 almost on the bid, and so far holding up. I’m sure as soon as I pause it it’ll probably break
through and I’ll get filled, so I’ll let it run a
little bit while longer. All right, I am going
to pause at this point. All right, $8.00 potential again. I have moved my order down to $7.75. There’s the break. Let’s see if we can get it. Nice, got it. We’ll look for a quick $0.15
if it wants to give it to me, but if gonna let me build some more I will take that. So it’s looking like it’s gonna
let me build some more here. So let’s go $7.40 and then $7.30. Let’s see if we can get a bounce off that moving average or not. Video’s over 10 minutes. That’s all right. I guess if you like the longer ones then you can watch this one. I’m going to go ahead
and change that to 85. I’d still be just as happy
with a quick $0.10 there. So let’s see if it can get up there and fill me at 85. Definitely a little miniature
resistance up there at $7.80. Now it’s just kind of hovering
around here a little bit. Let’s see if we can get the bounce. At this point I’m going to have to pause because much of it has slowed down here. All right, I’m going
to go ahead and pause, and if I looks like it’s
going to break through $7.80 I’ll get the video rolling again, or I’ll get it rolling
again if it looks like I’m going to be able to
buy some more shares. All right, pulled back some more. I now have an average. Let me actually get a
couple orders out there. There we go. So I have 3,000 shares at $7.48. Again, not a large
position by any stretch. Go for some more. Looking like I’ll be able to potentially build a
bigger position here. So $7.15 and $7.05 is where
I have a couple more orders. So let’s see if we can get
a break up through $7.50. That would kind of be the
current focal point here. First order at $7.55 and then $7.58. Before we start worrying about any of that first got to get up through $7.50, which you would expect
to act as a resistance. Okay, up through $7.50. So $7.55, that order is out. So I got, okay 250 up at $7.58 too. Let’s see if I can get 54’s out there. $7.50, this area is
definitely being pretty goofy, but I kind of already
eluded to that earlier. That was the key, but even with the break, I was hoping for more of a clearcut kinda nice methodical
move back to the upside. It’s still got a chance here, so I don’t want to give
up on it too quickly., but I mean, it literally took
12 shares out of my thousand. So this is kind of getting to the point where it’s getting hard
to even get anything out if it’s literally just gonna
be 12 out of 1,000 shares, but let’s see if it can get
back up through that $7.50 mark. All right, now I have 750 shares left. You know what? Just because this has been such a pain. Let me just do this,
and I’ll follow it up. I’ll put a stop loss down at $7.38, and I’ll start to follow this up. So if this does start to bounce I’ll just start to follow it up like this. So now good spot to be in. Not a matter of if I make money, but how much money am I going to make. So let’s see how far this
bounce wants to take me. If I can get $7.80 on the bid
I’ll raise my stop loss again, but $7.80 is the key number on the bid. Wow, 15 minutes. I guess if you’re just a dedicated fan. If you’re still watching at this point and enjoy these videos, but if you are, then yeah. Well, $7.80, that’s the key. Gotta see $7.80 on the bid, but it’s looking like I
might get stopped out here, and stopped out at $7.66
on those final portion. So yeah, a very goofy one as you saw when it’s filling at
12 shares out of 1,000. Yeah, that’s a little
on the rough side there, but with that 750 I had left, as you saw, I just filed them up, and that 750 became a nice little trade. Had this kept on bouncing
they sky was the limit in terms of how much I
could’ve made on that. Which is the key, right? From a risk versus reward perspective, but it decided not to bounce, but with that I am wrapping this up. 16 minutes, this is crazy. Captured a bunch of good trades, so let’s see. It is now 10:12. So 42 minutes into the day, up $610.00. Very pleased with that. If you’re interested in,
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