Live Day Trading – $325 in 3 Minutes

Good morning, it is
Clay at This will be a live trade video where I try to capture some of my trades as they unfold live. Market opens up, not until
about 25 minutes from now, but I do have an order
out here as a pre-market. Whether or not it gets filled, I have no idea, but I figured I’d get the video rolling just in case there is some pre-market trading that actually does happen. If not, I will see you back at the open. What I have right now,
going into the open, which occurs in less than two minutes, throwing out several fishing orders, may put out some more. I will do my best to capture
any of these fills live, but obviously, I can
only record on the screen one chart and level twos at a time, so we’ll see, maybe one
of these will get filled while we’re watching something else, but that is gonna be the
strategy this morning. Throwing out some fishing orders, seeing if I can get any nibbles. Let’s see what happens. Market opens up now in about a minute. The market is now open. Have several orders out there, just added one on TTD to begin
a short position at 57.45. Let’s see if it can get up there. Looking for a break of 57. Getting close. 45 may seem far away, but
it’s actually pretty close, and it got up there as high as 57. All right, I don’t like how it paused. Let’s go 57.95. See if I can get some filled up there. Okay, I got those. I’ll look to try to build
a bigger position if I can. What did I just do? Oops. All right, 327 there, although, sometimes, you need a little bit of luck. That was an error on my part. Let’s see, 59.45. I meant to put in a cover order, but I actually shorted
another 500 shares more, but that really goes to show, when you have a proper entry point, you can afford to make errors like that. That can still work out. Luck, yes, I don’t want to
act like that was pure skill, but it wasn’t like it
was just pure randomness. It still made sense to get there. Let’s see, two minutes
in the day, up $300, so I’m happy with that. Let’s see, 17.37, double checking. Put in that. I don’t want to forget about that. Still that level out there at 59.45, but that seems a bit of a ways off. All right, good, I got all that. A little bit of an error, but again, the power of a strategy,
the power of actually knowing good entry points and such. They allow you a little
bit of wiggle room. I sold at 57.95, sold at 57.80, and then was able to
cover at 70, and then 40. Let’s see what else I can find. Fishing order update,
one on TTD, one on MU, which is what you’re watching right now, and one on MOMO, which I’ve
adjusted upwards a little bit. We’ll see if I can get
any of these filled. All right, I have not even
been looking at the market. My wife and I, we’re actually taking our kids to a hotel this
weekend with friends. Point being, there’s a pool there, and it’s the middle of
winter here in Michigan, so the kids, they think it’s fascinating to be able to swim in
the middle of winter. It’s a cheap way to have some fun, and just hang out with friends, watch the kids smile, so
I’ve been kind of busy. We’ve got some packing to
do, and stuff for that, and just running around. Plus, you know, when you make the $300 in less than five minutes, it sort of decentivizes you to really want to pay close attention
’cause it’s not like, “Oh, man, I’m not happy with the morning.” There’s other stuff going on. The point being, I guess, that
was my long way of saying, I have not really been paying attention much to the market. Maybe missed, and this definitely could be a little bit of hindsight,
maybe a potential area in here, but who knows? That is the status. I am back, I am gonna
look a little bit more, but I’m on a limited time schedule today. I guess, if I don’t
capture any more trades, I’m certainly not gonna force anything. I want to have fun this weekend. I don’t want to be irritated at myself, so I am gonna be extra
picky with my entry points. Maybe that’ll be the only trade I get, but hey, at least it was a good one. We’ll see what happens, but I am gonna try to keep this video short. I know the past few have been long, and I know some of you
enjoy the shorter ones. That’s my goal, but who knows? After saying that, this will probably turn out to be 25 minutes,
but yeah, limited time. Probably got another 30
minutes that I can trade. It’s 10 o’clock exactly right now, so let’s see what happens. Order at 37.65, still a bit a ways away, but yeah, I just paused a few seconds ago, and already throwing on another order, so maybe I will be able
to capture another trade. We’ll see what happens. Order at 41.80 here on ROKU. We’ll see if it can get down
to this green line here, which is where my entry point is. I’ll keep you updated. Looking to start to build
a position here at 33.27, represented here by the
green line on the chart. Getting close, but not quite there. I’m in there. Like I said, this will just
be my initial building point. It gave me a quick $40. Let’s try the process over again, double checking, 33.01. There we go, you saw $40 in,
I don’t know, what was that? Three seconds, if that. The power of charts, like I said, like the thought that it
could bounce from that level. Like I said, Friday,
I’m being extra stingy, extra picky, so I never want
to use the word guarantee ’cause there’s no such
thing as a guarantee, but I wanted to give myself
highly, highly likely odds that it would work out. That’s why, 40 may seem
random, but like I said. Look, it’s bouncing right
off that green line there, so the power of charts,
and that’s why I laugh when people say, “Aw, charts don’t work.” Yeah, you can use them the wrong way, and they never work all the time, but newsflash, there’s no
such thing as a holy grail. There’s no strategy anywhere in the market that works all the time, but to say that charts don’t work, or technical training doesn’t work, that’s just not true. It is not true, and you
just saw it right there. You saw the green line where it was, you saw my entry point,
you saw me make $40 within two seconds, three seconds, and now it’s bouncing from there. Hindsight, yes, I could’ve gotten a lot more out of it, but like I said, I just wanted to tilt things as much in my favor as possible, and
not have a guaranteed trade, but have, like I said, a
highly, highly likely trade, and that’s what I did there. I’ve been stalling, trying
to see if we could get a flush down to 33.01, but I’m just gonna go ahead and pause it. We got about 13 minutes left to trade before I gotta go and
continue packing and such, but let’s see what happens. In fact, not to pat myself on the back, but definitely to pat charts on the back, I just noticed, right up here… You can see where the low
was of the day, 33.27, and you can see, right there, right where I bought, 33.27. I’m not gonna say that I
nailed the bottom of this move, but the chart certainly nailed the bottom. Again, charts are not perfect. I’m not saying that, but for people to say
that charts don’t work, that’s just ignorance on their part. Well, it is 10:30, and I gotta get moving. I totally distracted myself
the last portion of the day. I was actually watching this video, which just went live, so I want to plug it because it turned out really good. It’s something where,
especially if you’re younger, please go and watch this. You can find this at my
site, Go to the vlog area. I’ll just walk you through that. You click on the blog right here. Who knows if it’s gonna
be in that position, but just scroll all the
way down here on the site to this part right down here. Let’s make sure it’s in the screen. Where you have the Trader Vlog. Click on that, find that
video, and like I said, there’s no gimmicks or anything like that. I realize the headline might say, “Oh, here we go again,” but just give the video
a chance, watch it. It turned out really well. I’m happy with it, and like I said, I was just watching it as it went live. Just give it a watch,
especially if you’re younger. Please, if you’re younger,
go and watch that video. With that being said, I gotta get going. Final few things before I go, if you enjoyed this video and want me to make more of these in the future, the easiest way to communicate that to me is by clicking the like
button on the video, and then going and subscribing
to the YouTube channel. If you are interested in
learning how to trade with charts as you saw unfold here
and work, then again, you can go to I offer many online video training courses on how to use charts. Finally, if you want to trade alongside me and other traders, get alerts as to what I’m trading, and what
other people are trading, you can go to Look up The Inner Circle, and that costs only $99 per year, not
per month, per year, and as I always say, over
the time span of 12 months, I’m very confident you’ll get at least $99 worth of value. Thank you again for watching. I’ll see you back next week. One of the biggest questions I get is, “Hey, Clay, how do you find
the stocks that you trade?” What I’ve done is put
together a free resource guide where I talk about the tools that I use to locate stocks that I find interesting and think may have potential. If that sounds like something that could add value to you as a trader, then click on the image that
is up on the screen right now, and I will email you the guide. The guide itself is very
short and to the point, and best part, it’s completely free. Thanks for watching the video. Let me know if you have any questions.

13 thoughts on “Live Day Trading – $325 in 3 Minutes”

  1. Clay I love your videos… I got turned on to day trading while I was in Vegas betting on sports. Ive watched a lot of free videos and done two 60 day paper trading demos on TOS. just opened a ustocktrade account with $500 2 weeks ago (trading on my phone). I know this is not a good idea but I feel like I have learned enough to get by with a small account. current value on my account is $761 as I type this. The first money I pull out will be to buy a computer for this venture, and the next money I make will be used to purchase your full course to get a more in depth education of EVERYTHING! My primary long term goal is to be able to have a 25K day trading account in 1 year. It is ambitious but I work nights so I have an ideal work situation to learn this! Cant wait til I get enough to buy the course! Thanks for all your insight in the videos!

  2. I’m starting to learn at a very young age so when I’m older I know how to do these things, but I was wondering why your videos cost so much so I was just wondering why they are

  3. That HUN setup looked nice. Love those moves when price gets extended and ramps on volume into a support/resistance. I’d buy that chart all day every day. And dang you are stingy ha ha. Selling right after she bounced. Sweet though.

  4. I notice you usually do around 500 share sizes a lot and get filled using limit orders routed to NSDQ. At what point do orders get harder to fill? 1,000? 2,000? why dont you use the LSPT route other than paying ECN fees? Wouldnt you get filled better on bigger share orders? I know volume has everything to do with it but just wondering if 1-2k shares would be hard to fill on a high volume stock such as FB for example.

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