Live Day Trading – 1 Trade, 5 minutes, $450 Profit

(swooshing and chiming music) It is Claytrader at This will be a live trade video where I hopefully capture some
live trading as it unfolds. Market just opened up. I have a couple fishing orders out there already on LFIN and and RIOT right here is going
the opposite direction. I was looking to play
some sort of pull back but as you can see here it is bouncing and same with LFIN was
looking for a pullback but this one is also a heading upward out of the opening gate so
looking like I was wrong on those directions not that I
thought it was gonna go down. But I was prepared if it did go down, and I neither of those are happening so that’s how the morning has started off. Officially one minute in, let’s
see what else is out there. Alright looking to pick up
500 shares here of LFIN at 60, and now it’s bouncing backup, was getting close I will keep you updated. I wanna chase RIOT right now but the chasing is not a good habit, so I’m just gonna follow this up here and we’ll see if I can get
some sort of pull back. And we’ll see what happens with it. Still have an LFIN order there at 55. And yes I realize Clay you
should have just bought when you said you were gonna chase it. That would have been you’ll be up. I know. Let’s go 41.55, actually
40.35 on the pull back. Just double checking. So we’ll see if it can
get down there or not. Got a bit of ways to go but
this one can move very quickly. I was gonna do it at 41.55,
didn’t hit there yet. Low of 41.65 so no I wouldn’t
have been filled regardless. So that is the current plan right now. But this one seems pretty
strong, let’s see what happens. Holy smokes that was fast. That was really fast. See if I can get those out at 41.55. That happened literally
just in a blink of an eye. It shot down there. I’m actually getting greedy here. I was happy with a lot more than what I could possibly have gotten. Try it for 39.25 once
it dropped down there. It does not wanna break up through. So let’s do 41, I’m gonna let it play
out here a little bit. See if we can get the balance
up through there or not. So if I can get through 41.50 or not. Alright let’s see here. Just do 41.25. It would be interesting to picking some more down at 39.25. And see what this wants to do here. Alright got out at 41.25 for 450 and it will probably break
41.50 here now that I’m out. Because isn’t that how it always goes? Let’s see just out of curiosity. Maybe I, that’s a resistance
for sure right there. 41.50 and a couple times
just kept getting rejected. So I just jumped in line,
so 450 I went to 940. So 10 minutes in the
day, one single trade. I will take it. I apologize, I missed the entry point, but I was literally, and I was trying. I mean I was ready. Just alright if it gets somewhat close, I’ll get the video rolling then
boom I was filled that fast, but I do wanna get ready for if wants to pull back some more. So yeah 39.15, I definitely
wanna get my order out there. Alright well there’s a breakthrough 41.50. With a hit up above it high of 41.67, so should have, could have, would have. It happens but like I said I
need to get my 39.15 out there just double checking. Looking like might have a chance see if I can break down through 40. There’s the break, so let’s see if it can
hold on there or not. Alright, I’m gonna go ahead and pause. Alright I change the order of 38.55. Let’s see if they can move
down there through 39. I just trying, alright and then go to 38.10 here. Actually at this point
time, let’s just do 38.05. See if we can pull down
on that next level. Alright get only 7 minutes
on the recording perfect. There it’s going. Keep on pulling back, just
need a little bit more room. Trying, alright I’m gonna do this now. I think I might be a little
too greedy trying to get 37.75 but we’ll see how did it actually go. 38.16 so it would have been filled, but that is where the current orders at. I will pause it and do my best to capture an extra point if it happens. Alright looking for an
entry point at 37.55 here. This entry point is coming
from another time frame. Keep in mind, I’m looking at more than what you see on the screen here. Alright 38 being pretty stubborn, I’ll let it roll a
little bit while longer. Alright, I will pause. Alright just getting back. I got distracted but
looking to go short here. 500 shares at 10.45, introductory order. Alright, I got 250 shares. 300 shares, alright I don’t like the way this is slow playing me here. So I’m just gonna put those down at 35 and I got those for a quick $30. 10.65, I’ll try to process up there. If it wants to break through 10.50. For me, I reach a point
where it’s just slow fill, slow fill and it’s alright, if you’re not gonna give me what I want, then I’m just gonna take
what you’ve given me and then work with that. As you saw there, it reach that point but I will look to
start the process again. This time though first order. I’d like more than 500 but I’m not willing to do until 10.65. Let’s see if the price
can get up there or not. We’re almost at 10 minutes. I’m gonna actually change this to 10.35. Feel better about that. As I was saying though, I got distracted. My kids came in and then
one thing led to another and before I know it. I’m out there wrestling with them but I guess when you make 450 bucks within that first 10 minutes or whatever. Kind of puts your mind at ease. It’s alright, I’ve already made money so it’s not like there’s a
pressing need to do anything. So I guess you can get
distracted more easily is what I’m trying to say. Well I guess this makes me
feel a little bit better. If you look up here you can
see 10.64 was the highest. So even if I had left that order of 10.65. I still wouldn’t have gotten filled but I’m gonna leave that
order out there 10.75. It is now 40 minutes in the day but like I said I’ve been
distracted for the past I don’t know 20 minutes or so. But we’ll see if I can
try to capture one more but now the video starting to
get long so I’m gonna pause and be a little bit more
in tune with the time. So I will not, I’m just
went I’m having flashbacks to RIOT where I was trying
to get the fill captured and then it just shot up. I don’t want that to happen again but alright I’m going to pause. Alright 10.85, I move my order up to. Let’s see if we can
get that filled or not. Initially entry point. It’s creeping, it’s way up there. See if it’s actually gonna do it or not. Alright pause right
there, not a fan of that. Let’s go 10.95 and that
will keep you updated. All right, I totally
forgot but I am recording. We have a podcast interview
at 11, so not that far off and I gotta go and get prepped for that. If you’re not aware, I do have a podcast. A stock trading reality podcast where I interview
members of our chat room. So you can just go to play and under the section of podcast, you can go and listen to those. But yeah I gotta get moving for the day. I apologize but I don’t apologize because I caught some good trading action and just two trades but
the one trade no yielded a nice little result. Before I go though if
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41 thoughts on “Live Day Trading – 1 Trade, 5 minutes, $450 Profit”

  1. Hello Clay, I have been watching your videos for almost a year, I also paid a inner circle membership for one year.
    I opened an account with lightspeed and daytraded for 2 months, I was doing what I learned in your videos and in my research in the internet, it kinda works for me, at the beginning of each month I was consistently profitable, almost everyday was a profitable day (small profits), but at the end of each month I had 2 loser days that ate all the profits and a bit more. I want to take a step back and prepare myself better, how I probably should did before. Clay will your courses help me to control my losses?

  2. Hey clay just wanted to know as a first time trader what would be my first investment and tools i would need to succeed? Thx, keep it coming with your videos.

  3. I'm new to the stock market but you have been a very helpful and yet simple introduction to the business. Not sure if I saw this correctly (I'm at work and couldn't watch the whole video) but did you buy 500 RIOT shares at 40.35 and sold them at 41.55 in just a matter of minutes?

  4. Good vids. Not many ppl are willing to show how they trade.

    I do some day trades for fun using Robinhood. I use RSI to determine entry and out points and so far it works and I get over 3% profit per trade which i beleive is not bad. Too bad I dont have over 25K on my account. I have to deal with pattern day trader regulation which keeps me from doing good money.

    Anyway, keep doing these vids buddy 🙂

  5. I don't get anything…. looking at the charts and 2-3 computer screens on all at once really intimidates me….but,I will try my best to learn and keep saving for the courses…

  6. Love the videos. Everyone asks me for advice and I've sent like 20 people to your channel in the past two weeks. You're the best. Keep the good content coming.

  7. Hey Clay could you maybe do a video explaining the indicators you use such as the different MA’s and Fibonacci levels, and how you use them? I know you are busy but just thought I’d ask. Thanks

  8. Yes, definitely……thanks for encouraging……every videos I watched,I read ur comments below and always click for the links you provide for other videos….

  9. I am 18 years old, i was start back in 2015 , i thing to trade in short time frames it has less risk too trade like investor buy and hold for days a stock that is my opinion and my trading style, have you greate profits and small losses .

  10. I believe breakout trading has less risk with bigger profits. Its just harder to do because one needs to be more disciplined. Will you do the breakout strategy using paper money on a live trade one day?

  11. Quick question, do your courses mainly focus on trading as a whole, day trading, swing trading, position trading, etc. I've noticed that you do day trading a lot on this channel but do your courses cover other types of trading. Thanks.

  12. Anyone know what trading platform he's using, or if you could let me know claytrader, that would be great, thanks!

  13. Do you recommend reading “The intelligent investor” for day trading? And is it true that you are taxed a flat rate of 40% for day trades? When it comes around to file your taxes?

  14. At 2.49 is a bear pattern so you can see that the stock goes down. 3 green candlestick and high volume. Am I right? I am 16 and study a lot of stock market. And bought courses etc. .. and books 😄 at 18 I want to start trading

  15. I don't understand his slogan… Anyone with a decent psychological background knows every decision is driven by an emotion…

  16. Why did you automatically want to short this, instead of buy? Maybe because there wasn't any news to go with the hype?

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