13 thoughts on “LIVE Bitcoin Where You SHOULD Be Looking! May 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis”

  1. 9:19 Start
    12:29 1:01:46 1:22:30 LTC
    13:47 43:50 1:29:10 1:58:54 XRP
    14:24 1:45:48 EOS
    36:46 SPY
    42:50 1:30:30 IOTA
    46:18 ADA
    51:24 BSV
    52:20 BNB
    54:25 1:45:16 LINK
    57:00 MCO
    58:18 THETA
    59:39 STRSUSD OR XLM
    1:02:52 EMC2
    1:04:08 NULS
    1:04:55 MATIC
    1:06:42 1:25:55 NEO
    1:07:00 1:31:54 ETH
    1:10:06 BTT
    1:12:25 NRG
    1:19:55 GDX
    1:24:00 TESLA
    1:27:33 DXY
    1:33:20 LYFT
    1:33:49 1:41:31 XMR
    1:34:59 CRM
    1:35:14 GOAT JESUS?
    1:36:24 ENJ
    1:37:01 DCR
    1:37:28 XTZ
    1:39:02 SNAP
    1:42:04 ZYNE
    1:43:49 1:53:04 VET
    1:46:01 NANO
    1:46:40 CAN
    1:47:31 GBPUSD
    1:48:50 TLT
    1:50:17 FET
    1:53:46 ETCG
    2:01:43 DASH
    2:02:41 RAP-UP

  2. Hey krown thanks for all the quality content man!

    Seems like the discord link in the description has expired, can I get a fresh one?

  3. What do you think about this completely overbought market? I'm hoping for a retracement but I won't fomo in if it goes much higher.

  4. Hey Krown I was away all day so watched the vids when I got home…Laughed my ass off at the Goat Jesus sketch and my 14 year old asked what I was laughing at…. I told him and showed him the sketch – He said I wouldn't get on the wrong side of Goat Jesus he is one of the 10 top hackers on the planet and could get medieval on your site! Just saying?

  5. 41:40 This chart. GARBAGE! F:::ING GARBAGE! ABSOLUTE DUMBSTER FIRE! DISGUSTING! AIDS IN YOUR EYES! omg Krown u are my great teacher.

  6. Hey Krowns I commented the same thing on an older video so I'm not sure if you'll see it.. . but which trading platform do you recommend if you're trading within the United States?

  7. We go to a party and everyone turns to see

    This beautiful lady they call BNB
    And then Krown asked me, Does your TA look all right?

    And I say, "Yes, I feel SAFU tonight"

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