23 thoughts on “LIVE Bitcoin Wants To Go DEEP! June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis”

  1. Krown my man!! Where are you at in this deep correction! Dipping below all resistance to $8200… just sold half my btc holdings waiting for $6300 now… can’t wait for your next video update!!! Soon lol.

  2. That timing lol. BTC going to give you a big fat red dildo when you wake up in Finland or Estonia Krown haha.

  3. that's one heckuva spinning top on the daily dilder, a bloody red one at that. Krown do you like Kramer's hairstyle? ya know, from Seinfeld

  4. I know how we can finally get the correction I just have to buy 100$ worth of Bitcoin. Thank me later for my sacrifices .

  5. WTF. Why did you leave us hanging like that. Did you have to get off stream so you can dump all your Bitcoins on our head?

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