16 thoughts on “LIVE Bitcoin Is Losing Momentum?! May 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis”

  1. I just called to say you're SAFU
    I just called to say how much I fack Bears
    I just called to say you're SAFU
    And I mean it from the bottom of my (BNB) Bart

  2. Check out audio|sound|voice Compressor. You can have it in software as a plugin or hardware, connected in between mike and audio card. It is used in professional voice recording in order to compress the voice within specific db-range more suited for radio broadcast & cheap speakers ???

  3. Hey Krown, just a thought. The only reason why I risked my own money instead of a small amount is so I can get used to the pressure of trading my own money. Yes there`s a great possibility of getting rekt but i`m learning to trade more calmly this way. I feel that if I traded with a small amount I would take too many risks because it`s menial.

  4. Hey Krown (or anyone who knows if Krown doesn't see this)
    Thanks for update videos..
    I'm hoping you're able to answer a question I'm curious about pertaining to gaps.
    Should (not would) a Friday evening trade be a safe trade?
    Theory: If a gap is created by Monday on the downside, considering gaps get filled, price should return back up to fill the gap. Or if price up then you know to cash out due to gap.
    (Referring to gap on CME)
    (Thanks in Advance if Answered)

  5. Eric could you please consider making that top graphic in your videos that reads "Krowns Crypto Cave" vertical and putting it on the left side of the screen. The graphic is covering your top stoch reading most of the time and a lot of time other things you're talking about like the time frame you're looking at and the OHLC info.
    I think if it was off to the left and vertical, it would never cover up anything other than old data.
    Just a subtle bit of constructive criticism. Man I sure appreciate you dude. Whatever you do, remain cool?

  6. the russian voice seems harder since the new mic. I can not hear you so good when she is speaking

  7. Hey thank you for the AMAZING CONTENT….my 5 year old sometimes hears bits of your feed and today she asked me to make some extra chicken nuggets when I make hers for my friend krown because his mom never does…..she heard the Nicklaus Mertin rant the other day LMAO

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