20 thoughts on “LIVE Bitcoin Boring Signals! May 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis”

  1. Good Morning, Watching your TA on the big screen, so much better . Thanks for keeping us informed and on the straight and narrow; use trend as your friend have patience. I love your trading style only a few trades, but killer trades, I need to learn margin trading 🙂

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  3. 10:35 Stream Starts!…if you hate good music. Personally, I dance for 10 mins before stream start.
    LINK 38:00
    ETH 40:45 47:02 1:08:00
    EOS daily 40:40
    XTZ 47:46
    h2o download 48:32
    BAT 48:54
    MATIC 49:59 1:20:11
    SHOP 53:21
    ATVI 54:48
    VFF 55:32
    VZ 56:25
    ACB 59:07
    Squeze Analysis 1:00:13
    BCH 1:02:38
    XMR 1:04:19
    0x 1:05:29
    LLOI 1:06:34
    CCI 1:10:19
    THETA 1:10:34
    LSK 1:13:17
    Drug Analysis 1:13:59
    AUSCANN 1:15:28
    OAX 1:16:11
    GBPUSD 1:16:30
    OGI 1:16:55
    SVS 1:18:04
    Tone vs. Supo Analysis 1:19:34
    h20 download 2 1:22:13
    PPT 1:23:14
    TSM1T 1:23:53
    ENJ 1:24:28
    ADA 1:25:40
    ABT 1:26:34
    USDZAR 1:27:54
    OMG 1:28:58
    XLE 1:29:53
    HOT 1:30:50
    AST 1:31:08
    TLRY 1:32:08
    UKX 1:32:51
    OSTX 1:33:40
    CBLK 1:43:20
    1:34:41 TRON
    PTI 1:35:20
    FMG 1:36:15
    SNGLS 1:37:50
    XAU 1:38:52
    MKR 1:39:35
    ATOM 1:45:54
    MAID 1:46:46
    FORD 1:49:29
    REN 1:50:31
    AGI 1:51:42
    DBX 1:52:05
    ANY NEWS? 1:53:53
    SQQQ 1:55:22
    SPY 1:56:24
    DGB 1:57:22
    ALRS 1:58:55

    Stream ends abruptly. Lizard interference confirmed.

    Donations appreciated, but not as much as I appreciate Krown and this community. Love you guys

    BTC Address 38ZkAZKGhY93ieo5mLDFJv84Pb6dadpBYw
    LTC Address MAEa48GeUbF1sKuvK7PHsCb3s9mn5EtUgb
    ETH Address 0x9B541a69E67F4938B4c28f4aaa76300791415968

  4. Krown when you say “broken” does that mean any time frame or candle closed over/under target. Hope makes sense. Thanks

  5. Yea when I used to listen to XRP news everyday people are always calling out XRP and it's just very strange. Ripple is the most transparent company with everything they do and has arguably the strongest community. Did a lot of people HOLDR and get rekt or something?

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