LIVE Bitcoin BLOWOUT! April 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

[Applause] [Applause] well well well we're all back here once again bitcoins been doing the pump dildo from fucking heaven all damn day unfortunately missed most of it myself I woke up just as this pump was ending but we got plenty to talk about actually you significant amount to talk about today and that's what makes this fun so as always one of you wish you well want to be wishing the best the best the half is the happiest Tuesday's is it a Tuesday what's the what's a good word for Tuesday cuz you know you have like Thirsty Thursday then Freaky Friday then wine what is wasted forget what is Tuesday anyways wish you the best of the best let's talk about some goddamn magic name money because we don't want to waste any more time and actually today's gonna be a little bit of a shorter stream as I do have to get on to an interview right after this so so it's getting a lot of scene right here right now and I just want to leave it on the daily for a second and just show the beauty of the higher time frames with looking at the Exponential's look at this blue moving average right here that is a three seven seven exponential turn off the beautiful music sorry about that hahaha and BIC one has actually nailed it just about perfectly on bit Mexico getting all the way up to about 5150 and work you know it's it's hovering a few bucks higher but close enough is close enough especially on a timeframe like this that to me is a pretty damn staunch reaction upon a major major technical Tuesday twitchy Tuesday Taco Tuesday there you go what's up Phillip Park hahaha nice one man anyways you know when it comes down to it a major move like this hitting a major exponential and then backing off this much I would be looking for this move too well I mean you already know this but basically I would be looking for this move to consolidate a little bit lower as you can see we are living above the purple tree own exponential moving average and the red 10 some moon average in ads over the current moment in time this is about a 16 about a 17 percent move from from the start of the daily dildo to where we are right now giving back sorry actually skipped this part over right here giving back about 10 percent of that move so the whole move from wick to wake was about 26 percent and now we are printing yeah and and now we are printing about now we've lost about 10 percent of that move so there's a few big interesting things be aware of on a higher time frame like this and it's not only that we just got essentially rejected from the three seven seven exponential which to me signals that we want to consolidate lower but also the fact is is that we are of living above the purple children X Bench mood now G and the red toward the I mean where you want to call this a this is a pink 200 simple moving average basically the jointed simple and 200 exponential moving average right over here which are converging on each other right at 4600 about even and the big news is for me today is to see where we close above each sorry where we where we close in relation to these moving averages do we close above or below if we close above then we have something new to consider and overall I would be looking for another you know you know another consolidation in this area and likely try again higher the relevancy of this is that we have not really closed any daily dildos above the pink tourism moon average and also the children exponential moving average anytime soon more importantly the torrent is simple actually this pinkish one which we lost in March of 2018 and ever since then it's actually tagged are one two three high tests on this guy and right now we actually will have a chance to close above it so that is well over a year that is more than one year of price action living below it now with the chance to actually close above it so it's gonna be very very very very very enlightening and very revealing to see where we actually close at the end of the day and of course this can only be waited for at the end of the day either which way I do feel I do feel strongly about this Bitcoin will likely come back down and test the 200 simple internet exponential the question is do we close above or below it by end of day for close above it that implies a more bullish narrative that would imply a more a more positive consolidation above this area in likely try again higher if we close below it then that puts in then then that's when we start talking about all the bearish shit again but for right now Bitcoin living above it actually a couple hundred bucks above it almost so that is pretty damn good and let me just make sure that my other screen is safe and Safa over there oh man that's gonna be no I've alerts on that's good okay great hahaha it's making sure sometimes if you get a little bit scary when you got a few screens going but anyways right now Bitcoin a couple hundred bucks above it but going down to the lower timeframe so you do see that Bitcoin is trying to flag out this area however we are starting to look a little bit tired hourly hourly RSI is printing all kinds of bearish divergences right now Alvie stokes are looking looking okay actually not no glaring obvious issues their hourly jul is going to set up for a sell signal out imagine sometime later tonight most likely barring any sort of major breakout I mean I mean should if this thing runs back up above 4900 that's gonna that's gonna go by the wayside but for right now it does look like a setup as we do try to like stair stepper way higher right now I would be very careful in this the big news to me is again that we hit eight we hit a major exponential moving average for three seven seven right here and a lot of the time is just gonna sell by the nature of it similar to the monthly twenty one exponential moving average which I can bring up right here right now on the monthly total time frame which we nailed we absolutely nailed to precision right at the cross of the yellow twenty my special and the red ten samoon average which is so far being respected on the monthly I mean obviously we are about five hundred dollars off that high sorry not five hundred dollars anymore we have four hundred dollars off that high right now is we're about forty eight hundred so that is the next big piece of the puzzle from the macro perspective timeframe now I'm glossing over a lot of different time for so now of course I always want to separate the low time frames from the medium time frames from the high macro time frames and this would be the macro time frame as long as bitcoin is this is respecting the 21 exponential moving average as you know as as resistance from a very very very very very high time frame look I'm still in a more apprehensive mode to get on the long side with that said though I will confirm this I am still holding on to my long however I have sold a bunch of deep in the money calls against it I've sold actually I'm looking at my other screen right now I've actually both my accounts pulled up I sold the what is it hmm I'm bringing it up right now I sold the 4250 strike calls again so so very deep in the money and and essentially that to me that is like closing this close in a position it you know it insinuates the same sort of thing so hmm with that said I'm I no longer really have any long deltas right here I don't really have any sort short deltas either I'm kind of just neutral essentially grabbing that me grabbing that move and then and then kind of taking it back because again we hit a major exponential on the daily and the monthly both so far resisting $400 off that high which is very important to me regardless of how we kind of respond around here so I know during the morning stream I said hey I will hold on to this long if we do end the day above above what was it a uh the above the turn attempt which wanted exponential moving average but I decided that once price action hit that 4750 area I might as well just close a little bit of it because I'd rather take some in and do it with calls therefore if I do if I do see this move take back on on on and upwards to the upside I just get rid of those calls or just let them expire whatever it ends up being I'm covered and I can have options with going forwards and gain more out of that that's the whole big picture with that so again if you're not familiar with that go check out the free playlist on my u2 titled it's probably titled some like introduction to options something like that it's probably some like that it'll have options than the titles it'll be some there somewhere they're on YouTube anyway so that's kind of why I decided to do that doesn't mean that I'm necessarily looking for this move to have like a fortress or anything like that no it's really gonna depend on where the daily dildo closest for that sort of more medium to higher timeframe thinking if the you know if the daily closes above the 200 simple true and it exponential I would be looking for this consolidation do you have another try above 5,000 most likely if it does end below then that's where things get a lot more hairy not like mr. Potter but in a much it you know in a much more nasty way as as essentially that would call into question a lot of what we're doing right now and this would start to take on a whole different meaning I know a lot of people are already drawing like bare flags coming around this area you know if Bitcoin were to end up below this area of course yes that would count but it's way too early to say something like that you know again I really I really can't stress this enough as a trader it's very important to be agnostic not to get stuck in the bull camp or the bear camp which I see a lot of people getting stuck in not like you know of course there's you know there's different munities but especially on you know the crypto twitter universe the reddit universe the YouTube universe all these different great social media venues you see people join these gangs which they have to be bullish about Houston bearish I've gotten a lot of shit myself because before it this is so funny to me actually just this morning today one person got mad at me for he said what you were bearish and now you're been in it and and you're long it's like yeah I've been long for a week and I've been pretty you know pretty open with showing that and then other people came out the people get mad at me for for being bullish when I should be bearish like okay that makes no sense as a trader you have to be agnostic and and I hope that I've been very open and honest and clear and I think for most people most people have gone this that I've been long ever since 39:30 right over here I do have to watch my main account right now so that is my priority so I won't be showing my streamer account unfortunately today but well if I can close this position a little bit more I am still waiting to get filled on my main account then I'll bring back up my streamer account which no problem but let me just we just go on over here yeah I am about about 50% full filled right now my options so so maybe by the end of stream we can actually get that up up and running anyways for right now as far as bitcoins concerned lower timeframes like I said are going to try to flag out this area but due to but due to me look they want to come back down and test this 4,600 area this blue box territory which represents the daily torrid simple internet exponential you can also see that if we go of if you go back over to them yeah the weekly it was yeah the weekly right over here we also popped up and tested the 50 and the 89 exponential which also crossed as well way back well way back in the in early March about a month ago and right now it is still being respected so a lot of the time when times when you see these crosses you'll see price action actually approach it and test it and the reaction off the cross with price action is gonna give you insight into whether that's gonna be played or not and right now we still do have that monthly and we still do have the weekly both both but but both kind of resisting that area and to me I want to be respective of that until told otherwise so again the very macro timeframes you know the monthly and and of course I mean if you want to call it the yearly essentially the love of six thousand have not really been violated just yet or certainly not confirmed above you know the lower timeframes are switching around no doubt about that so we do have whoa hey what the do we just drop a hundred bucks yeah there we go there we go that's that that's move that I'm looking for oh my god that red dildo is coming right down and round let's see we can get all the way down to forty six and see this level there it is so again this is what I was talking about earlier I'm looking for that pull back into the two hundred simple children exponential it looks like we're gonna get that right now come on baby show me the power I want to see how big and thick you can get man let's see 4650 I'm curious how the reactions gonna be off this 200 simple intro to exponential that is incredibly important to me as it's gonna give insight into whether this air is gonna be defended or not out imagined on first pass it probably does bounce on second pass then we'll kind of figure out but we're gonna have to go into the lower timeframes to figure out what's going on right now and a little bit more of an aggressive move but overall volume not getting too crazy want to move like this just yet still has a lot you know still us a lot to go I do you know I'm on a 10-minute right now for for reference we don't really see anything too crazy happening just yet the problem is is that when you go over to the higher time frames like an entire time frames relatively speaking like an hourly you do see that the next hourly support is right around here right around about 4550 if we go to a four hour I mean for our support is well for our sports way down there but here's the thing the four hour just looks like a massive flag right now so we just tapped a 4655 does that count as a test of the 200 simple intro to exponential I would say that you know close enough is close enough technically to speak and they're coming up a few ticks above that's 46 under number careful guys hey what's up Krypto Darth Mike how you doing ma'am so again we talked about this in the morning video that pick one was likely to come back down to this 4600 level I believe that that's you know that's kind of what we just saw right there still very very very very very young in the day don't get me wrong but here's the thing with the daily I do want to be careful this is why I decided to close my position as well on the daily we do see that the daily Stokes are getting quite tired around here in fact they are hinting it across to the downside which the last two crosses have actually not been good signals however all the crosses for the last year have been pretty damn good signals so is worth consideration and more importantly as we do hit a major exponential on not just a daily but also a weekly and the monthly and we see see those sorts of all sort of starts to turn down to me that is signaling that we do want to you know consolidate a little bit lower which again does not it does not necessarily it doesn't necessarily signal do more gloom just yet I'm really really really really really waiting to see how bitcoin closes by end of day how it closes whether above or below the 200 simple internet exponential is gonna really dictate though the pet the pace of the next week week or so I'd imagine something like that again it's you know it's it's it's one of those things we're just have to kind of watch it unravel itself but going back down to those lower timeframes because they are kind of fun to watch the movie timeframes have like to call them you do say that bitcoin is losing a little bit of its luster but we can actually draw on it if you want you know if you are drawing you know if you are playing the lower timeframe so now you could draw on a preliminary support like this ethically right I mean what I want to be trading off this I don't really care to trade the 10 minute time frame on cryptocurrencies right now that's kind of what Forex is for if that's not redundant enough but it does it does seem to work on Forex on on cryptocurrencies that's been it's been a year since I was really a viable strategy right now though we are finding support around this area and I match that were probably just gonna continue flag in this area out most likely creating some like this and then by end of day we'll break it either the Chi up so I didn't have another test right around you know forty nine to five thousand or break to the downside and test around this region over here hey what's up Zhu har yes indeed man we talked about this in the in the program discord earlier and the twelve hour does have a golden cross so I do want to flush out both cases and let's talk first about the bull case because well they are I mean that's that's the more probably one to be talking about right now it's you know it's a one more close to happening and and right now the 12-hour dildo time frame has actually gotten a golden cross the green 55 and the purple 200 exponential which we were talking about in the you know in the in you know yeah look I can't even get my words out properly but basically what I'm trying to say is we're talking about we were talking about that in the program discord and going back through the history of the past year it has actually not been a good signal but keep in mind that we are seeing divergences upon how all these golden crosses have been working from the past years history what I mean by that is we've actually seen all of all all timeframes underneath a 12-hour golden cross around here which have not been good indications in this past year when the market cycle turned around however we are no longer seeing the same sort of reaction that we saw before as well so with regards to this two 12-hour deal of time from the last time the way she saw this golden cross was actually in May on the bull trap of May to ten thousand right over here where we got sorry no there was actually no golden cross right there there hasn't been a golden cross there hasn't been a golden cross ever since yeah there hasn't met a golden cross ever since I mean shit man it was the last golden cross that we had was perhaps all the way back should we need to go to two bitstamp probably back in like 2016 not imagine 2015 no 2015 right over here yeah we got and go we got the 12-hour dildo golden cross right here literally right here at about 2:45 price per Bitcoin in October 17th of 2015 and ever since then it was straight upwards and onwards never got death crossed after that Intel wait nope sorry we do have we do have a one-off right here we do have a one-off right here in again this is a very low price point $600 as well but ever since then no death crosses all the way through from that $400 price point towards our 20000 high until you know until until the turnaround in in early 2018 so this has you know the 12-bar actually has been a little bit more precise and getting it the other lower timeframes when they got their golden crosses in the past year of the bear market cycle we had we had we had kind of a divergence some behavior where you know just for example going over to the 12 or let's just go to the 8 hour for example the 8 hour had plenty of golden crosses in the past year but each and every time that actually got golden cross that kind of called the last of the last of that rally the twelve are not the same the twelve are has actually each and every time that it's gotten gold across to me that it's actually had a history of some pretty massive movements and right now we have a fresh one on our hands to go back to it and verify it right here again the green 50 and the purple 200 exponential are what I'm referring to in this moment in time we do see 12-hour Stokes however turning down so I still would be looking for some for some consolidation lower we do see that 12 hour support is right around that 4550 area kind of the lower of those you know of the daily support and and we do see that the 12-hour RSI getting up there pretty damn high but of course there is can't go higher bro no of course not I can always go higher this is the high stuff we've seen it in this is the highest that we've seen it since December 2016 actually this is quite an impressive move to be quite clear this is higher than eat that then then anytime that we saw in 2017 actually to put in the to put this into perspective higher than any time that we ever saw in 2017 all the way to the ultimate high in in 20,000 in 2018 or sorry I guess it was late 2017 so right now you know we are kind of at unprecedented levels but that doesn't necessarily mean that you know the movies over just just by retrospective of that no I don't really look it as such in fact look at the volume down around here the volume on top of a golden cross like this tells me that we actually probably know tells me that this move actually is quite legit I mean you don't really need me to tell you that but of course when we as soon as we broke out of the signal trendline yesterday at 40 130 yesterday I believe that we were looking at this right here going back to our lower timeframes and putting on our drawing tools whoops wrong chart let's go back to pin Mexico yeah this area right over here we we watched this initially yesterday night on stream live as Bitcoin was approaching this 41 thirtyish area right here as soon as it broke above that was the signal that you know that was a signal I did not add I was actually sleeping by the time that that happened but but if I was awake I would have added and and that was you know that was a full-on move we actually did we nail we didn't just nail the the full move to full measure move from this ascending triangle right here but we also you know we also got all the way up to the monthly 21 in daily three seven seven which is quite impressive for this for this move again you know well I'm sure like a lot of people are asking what what's the cause of this what's what's all that you know you can always come up with with perhaps reasons for my price action moves but the only reason at the other day is more buyers and sellers what it really comes down to I know that's not too helpful but that's the truth of the situation you you can put a mean on price action you know in in multiple different ways it's gonna be respect is it's gonna be it's gonna be just that person perspective and of course you know you can't control the way that people interpret something you can only I mean you can't control the people is what it really comes down to so you know news items and all that kind of stuff is Islam you know it's almost is is almost irrelevant to me this is just more buyers and sellers so I've been getting that question a lot it's it's almost it's it's also it's it's it's also a moot point to begin with I mean if you knew if if news came out saying whatever would that change your behavior I mean would you act differently would you have you know what would you have traded this but of course the news doesn't come out at the exact same time it's gonna come out later so it's a little bit hard to try to begin with anyways hmm off that off that rant and let's get sexy go check out gbtc gbtc having a massive up open as we talked about yesterday but there's a couple of things that I won't really want to talk about for a second on gbtc gbtc I no longer see as a leader I believe that we are seeing this trend break Bitcoin spot prices broke out when GBC was not well it wasn't even trading but GBC was was was barely even testing this up resistance right here so to me we are seeing our first kind of divergence and market behavior between these two between these huge trading assets now GDC heading up testing our next major resistance trend line right around 585 you can see on GDC the next reason the next support more more more recently speaking will be right around here which looks like we actually came all the way back down and already kind of tested but I would like to see this level hold up 553 if the Bulls want to you know maintain control if they do lose this level it's not necessarily all over of course not you know of course not but but then likely gonna in anyway a you know likely gonna insinuate that this consolidation comes much lower somewhere right around this region right here right around five and a quarter but for right now G but you see no longer no longer something that I put as much weight on because we are seeing this diverting some behavior let's look at the daily daily Stokes are crossing up and are and do have plenty of room to move daily RSI is the highest it's been and since since 2017 I mean these this is pretty pretty pretty impressive behavior right here just kind of gauging the strength of this breakout so to speak but we've talked about all the bullish things right now and of course I you know of course as long as Bitcoin is cliff Bitcoin can close above the daily torrid simple moon average and as long as it kind of maintains well there I would run with the medium-term bias a little to the upside to the long side the second that it breaks it I would be looking for a move likely down into this area likely down around well at the very least 4400 I think that's a very that that's that's the next obvious area but more importantly somewhere right around forty three but kind of makes sense so we went before the next and of course Bitcoin needs to actually take that area that that area out first but here's the thing now everyone's everyone's asking this question right now everyone's asking is the bear market over is the bear market over are the lows in is Bitcoin never going lower bro and it's always going higher well let's actually let let's actually do a dissection into this okay so first things first daily Stokes will be crossing down most more than likely by end of day unless we have another pump up you know back to you about forty eight forty nine hundred on top of that if we do want to go over here to bitstamp and check this out we can see that if we put on the MU T so no Bitcoin is actually once again signaling a red which this indicator has been perfect for calling Bitcoin Tufts each and every Bitcoin table in the history of Bitcoin one hundred percent every time that the signals are read that is a major mark cycle top every time that signals a green that is a major mark cycle low and right now for the first time in well about six months since October we are once again signaling red this thing is all the way up at a 160 read which is exactly where we were right in the sweet spot in you know on the consolidation above the 6,000 of course this is your 20,000 20,000 high area right over here ultimate top and if we scroll back and kind of look at the validity of this the last few times that we signaled red was on the bull trap right over here in 2014 the time before that was the parabolic i/o 2013 2014 and the time before that was you know this this other parabolic eye and of course we can go further back but right now just want you just want to focus on this so we are singling red once again and more importantly more importantly I mean shit we you know be I was drawing a trendline on this guy right here that obviously is going to be broken yeah or well B got it we got a long day left to go but I'd imagine it probably does get broken but we can draw a new trend line as this is gonna be the right way to do it now and unfortunately that is I know it's annoying but that is the right way to do it anyways bring this back down and around I do want to be cognizant of such things because again it has been 100 percent valid in the history of Bitcoin once again as Bitcoin approaches a major major exponential moving average three seven seven on the daily which we saw red over here and as we see the monthly resisting price action as well right over here and to me the monthly is of the utmost importance why because as long as bitcoins below the twenty one exponential from a very macro time from perspective I am extremely apprehensive about the lows being in doesn't mean that Bitcoin can't play out some up moves we talked about this for the last month or two you know you're gonna have your up moves and your down mark you're gonna have your down moves in your up market it's it's not that's why you don't want to get it that's why you don't want to associate with the fucking bull gang or the bear gang because they're both of them get wrecked at some point the the the Bulls have been getting wrecked for a year straight now we're wrecking some bears it looks like and also we do see more importantly the cross between the Red Tent savage and the yellow 20 M exponential moving average on this monthly total time frame which as as it stands right now we are backing up backing off quite a bit now five hundred dollars away from the high and to me that is a clear rejection and tonus that we are actually respecting this cross so we're seeing the MV jason'll plus this cross being respected plus if we go over to the weekly we're seeing this cross respected as well the green fifty and the in the cyan eighty nine exponential and all these timeframes kind of conversion each other which tell us about the macro momentum and right now it is still being shoved to the downside as long as we respect in that twenty one exponential as resistance so from a very high temperature in perspective that's what i would say of course on the lower timeframes that is you know that's not even really relevant cool lower timeframes just because well i don't want to trade something that you know that might happen in months and months and months you know if I'm gonna be trading the fucking ten minute right of course it's good to have perspective but but for something like this you know you know if Bitcoin is gonna make new lows doesn't happen like it doesn't happen this month it doesn't happen next month probably doesn't happen for for a little while it's gonna you know it's gonna take some time so as long as all these things are kind of happening I am apprehensive my am a little bit and I am a little bit question ative of this you know of of the strength of this rally as we do see it hit all these major areas and back off immediately showing insane sell insane sell pressure around these areas as everyone gets extremely extremely bullish once again which your which you know rightfully so after a move like this it's you know it's a good time anybody says you heart says how how do you manage risk buying pullbacks given VP VR how would you manage risk okay so you're saying I have to use the VP VR in order you know in order to do this I'd rather not so it depends you know it depends how you do it so you're trying to be a buyer right well or I'm just okay I'm taking your perspective now understand I I'm of the opposite perspective right now I'm looking for this to come back down and in consolidate a little bit lower and at the very least test that you own it simple internet expansion so if you're trying to buy right here would I be using the volume profile to kind of manage risk upon you could I suppose you could I'd be using this 46 50 ish Rick right here I don't like it I think that I think that that's gonna end up in the risk category not to reward category perhaps I'm not prep perhaps I'm not insinuating or sorry interpreting your question properly how do you manage how how would you manage risk behind pull backs giving VP BR well I'd do it off a major exponential listen I think you know I think I kind of I've kind of described exactly how I would do that at the beginning this video if Bitcoin comes back down to the 200 simple and turn it exponential by end of day I would you know could you scalp that yeah you could and then just manage it you know and then just manage it what I use the V the volume profile on this absolutely not man look at the volume profile there's nothing done in this region how you gonna manage how you gonna manage risk with a volume profile like this you're either gonna wait all the way up here or wait all the way down here it's a it's a fucking losing move man it's it's it's not a good way to do it what I much rather do is the next play that you know if I had to play Bitcoin if I had to be a buyer a Bitcoin because again you're giving the you're giving me the perspective of being a buyer which I would not be actually quite literally just basically but neutral in my position I would you know I would perhaps I would perhaps put a position in somewhere right around here and then use these guys to manage off of so it the closer to the end of the day the better because the closer that you know you know probably like the less likely that I'll have to wait for this to actually you know give me the signal if we're you know for still hovering above 4600 by you know with like 30 minutes left to go at the end of the day then might be worth the trade use this just use a still manage on of course when you're talking about a daily it's just you're naturally gonna have wider stops that's just you know it's just just relatively to the timeframe if you're going on a lower timeframe I mean you know could you play the could you play these pull backs right here I mean again what is your perspective like are you looking to scalp this are you looking whole are you looking too hot of this for the rest of your life I'm not necessarily sure so what I could say is you know if I had a trip if I had to trade like an alley dildo time from like this you know yeah you could you you could be a buyer right around this 4650 of Sharia and then just use where my fucking Exponential's there we go I get these on over here and then I'd be using well shit I'd want to use a 21 exponential to kind of manage this trade upon but look at this man it's all the way at 4550 that's the problem with taking trades in this range it's very difficult to manage risk so you have to go down to the lower timeframes if you want to do it accurately but then again then you're dealing with lower timeframe so they're gonna be more flighty and more floaty so if I go down over here to the 10 minute I could say alright I'll be a buyer right here at 4700 manage risk right below you know right below this wick at at 46 72 would that be the best way of doing it if I had to play this position that's the way that I do it I wouldn't fucking play this position though I don't like it I don't fucking like it but hey that's the way that it do it if I had to do it that you know that that that would be a decent risk reward set up I suppose again not something that I wanted to you right now but hey fair enough man fair enough and it does look like it actually does want to bounce a little bit right here but remember you know these are very very very very very tight ranges and have really have to and I feel like I've been unclear with the way that I writ the way that I relate my own trading behaviors because I feel like you know if this is gonna be just a scalp this isn't gonna be like a hollow for the rest of my life is just gonna be I'm gonna look for like a twenty like a what I guess like a hundred or move all the way up to forty eight hundred perhaps Suho says anticipating next leg up fifty seven hundred ish I don't know about that man Bitcoin has to do a lot of things before fifty seven hundred i bitcoin is gonna take up to fifty seven hundred it doesn't happen like right now man I wouldn't be in any hurt in any hurry for a move like that what I'd rather do is I'd rather buy a breakout out of a nice consolidation and right now we're just kind of letting the chips fall where they may we just had a major move up we had a massive massive shooting star dealer right here and now we're consoling this area my play to be for that would be wait till this area consolidates itself which likely gonna come back and test the two hundred exponential on this you know you know on the daily which I'd much rather put on a trade right there or you could buy a breakout which is the other way that I'd do it which I you know I guess they're equally valid but somewhere above this area right here about forty eight fifty if we could get back about their clothes like a two hour do a little of their down look good to me anyways but these are all very low timeframes so not as reliable in my experience not as reliable I think in most people's experience and so unfortunately okay cool let's see back no one over here make sure that my other screen is good to go um okay cool the daily scalps is done a bull trap a bull trap got some scalps and yeah man I mean if you are gonna scale this is the time to do it I mean you're actually given you actually given you know you're actually given opportunity whereas for the last like couple months you know a price range of a hundred dollars every week is it's just not enough man it's not it's not enough meat on the bones to really make it worthwhile for right now hmm does look like this area will be defended but a still a long day left to go so I do want to get that out on the same topic though of the lows still being a little bit you know inquisitive of them actually being in I would look at the weekly right over here sorry what's wrong one wrong let me get off phony profile there we go I would be looking up to weekly right now and the weekly Stokes are crawling the way all the way back up into the bullish control zone which a lot of the time you will see resistance around that area just by the nature of it kind of getting back into that area after being away from it from a very long time in fact not only that but we did have a nice firm ation right here which we had been talking about and what's up man I can't I can't see your name quite properly man I do pause about that but hey pleasure to meet you man pleasure to have you in here we did have formation right here this is a nice triangular formation which broke out to the upside and we actually nailed that measure move and beyond and and now that now the weekly Stokes actually not really telling me too much I was hoping that that measure move was actually gonna line up with what we're doing right now but no we have something new going on this breaking above the neutral zone heading for the bullish controls and let's actually mark it out right now I'm gonna be right over here or right around this area I would be looking for a little bit of resistance coming in that area just by the nature of it going over here to our weekly RSI we think RSI again in the neutral zone as well you can see that we do have a nice trend line coming in right around here getting one two in this kind of you know in the in this area from past prior times and also more importantly our basing of the 2016 to 2018 run over here into this you know into this resistance zone so another thing kind of aligning with this fact that this area is riddled with resistances on very very very very high timeframes we're talking about not just a daily but a weekly and monthly so to me that is of great importance now of course plane moves like this it really you know this is where and really suggest if you're gonna be on leverage you've got to be very careful because these ranges are big now they're once again big and you know when we're talking about a weekly ranch I mean that's you know it's gonna be like 500 fucking dollars so understand that if you are playing these positions use leverage use leverage responsibilities responsibly and more importantly know where your risk management is I never I don't I don't really I never really talked about using leverage because for me it's about using proper risk management not about letting your your liquidation price manage it for you that's very silly in my opinion it's much more worthwhile to be proactive in doing that that we can actually you know be a trader not just a fucking gambler anyways mm-hmm so we spoke enough about the daily you spoke about gbtc we spoke about the higher time frames we spoke about the lower timeframes having spoke about everything that I want to speak about I think so it's time to get on to the comments right here right now let's see we've got baby let's see what we got I see Miller over there what's up Miller we're in a 70% range now a 4450 100 yeah you could say that well I would say the range is actually more more appropriately about 4,600 to to about 4900 more more like you know like the actual range Michael Michael De Niro says is it okay to buy card ano well we can look at it man card ano is it okay to buy card on you I mean again I don't know your perspective so I can't really say anything anything specifically it would be I mean it'd just be irresponsible me to say because well how would I how could I know you know how could I know I don't know if like you're a long-term person I don't know if you're a short-term person I don't know what those even means you I don't know if you have other forms of income I don't know if this is your only job I don't know so many things I would need to be known one what's your fucking goals are with this with this piece of shit but what I could say is as far as I'm concerned with with card ano we actually came all the way back down to the 21 exponential beautiful reaction off there with a golden cross on the way my rule is I'm not short on anything that has a golden cross and is above the 21 exponential which which is which is what Cardoni is going to be doing later tonight however I would be looking for this to pop back down at the very least and retest this fifteen sixteen hundred a share sorry sixteen hundred Sharia we got the move down that we were looking for yesterday all the way to about fifteen hundred but to me I'd be in no rush as long as it's below 30 1750 if it can take out 1750 to the upside then yes I would you know I would want to be long that is kind of the last major resistance for sorry yeah that is about the last major resistance that I'd be looking at four four count on you it you know if it did get above there yes there would be resistances on the way I'd be looking at this area next but I guess this is right around 1950 1920 but overall I wouldn't be bearish on card ano not that I'm Baron Cardoni right now I haven't been bearish ever since we broke out of 1350 right over here but but in the more preliminary regions you know does this look like a want to come back down and consolidate lower yeah probably I mean that is a pretty nasty wick down Jesus Christ mom so yeah to me to me Cardoni looks like once to consolidate lower I would have no no no real rush as long as it's below 1750 I think I think that you're probably to play out a more prolonged consolidation before before really moving it all right back now back now on over here Ben says Mark Douglas trading psychology thanks for the tip amen my pleasure that is a phenomenal one I've actually been doing more on the psychological side because I really enjoy really into actually talking about and writing about it so I should been putting some together but it's coming together extremely slow because I wanted you I want to do something better than Mark Douglas which I think is possible to do because he does a very good job of explaining the problem but he doesn't go to he doesn't do a good job of how to fix the problem which I think I know a little bit more about Mike whoops whoa Jesus flipping in flapping Tron Tron Ameen Tron trip tripping it says expose what's up man I love a trap be be traps indeed what's up john cowan is how you do a man enigma Eng has been interesting alright man I hope that is I hope that it has please don't lie to me today baby please don't lie it's no longer April Fool's um yeah yeah hittin this next I don't know when I charted this one out last but still respect in this and what is it like 18,000 ish level essentially I'd be looking for this one to kind of consolidate a little bit lower as well man I'm looking at the daily Stokes right here they're looking well they are actually looking like they're consulting themselves actually something like this I mean all the way over here put in a nice triangle but more importantly the daily RSI is printing some pretty nasty bearish diverters between this point in this point as it prints some higher highs and also the jewels gonna be lining up for a sell soon a lot imagine the next day two days more than likely it does it does want it for a sell signal okay um and again you know as long as it's things below 18,000 satoshis I don't really you know I wouldn't be any sort of rush if we can break above 18,000 satoshis yes there are resistances overhead this 22 this 21,000 area right over here of interest but at that point in time it's not you know I just be bullish on it overall it's just it's a different mindset right so we're kind of like in that intermediate purgatory stage for the markets which requires a lot of patience and that's why I don't really want to that's why I don't really want to commit to positions either you know either which way John thanks for that John Kahoot um thoughts on Tyler Jenks hyper wave 1000 Bitcoin targets so yeah man it's it's again it comes down to this fact for myself as a trader I just don't see how you can straight-up say something like that I can understand that you might have targets down there but I don't understand how you know as a trader and again as a trader separate from an analyst which I think it's a lot more rewarding to be a trader but fair enough you know I can look at all I can plot all these potential downside targets if Bitcoin does break down absolutely this next one in this in this blue box territory between 2300 2600 of great interest to me then then below there about 1850 and then below there then we could talk about 1,300 to 1,000 – I think that it Bitcoin is just gonna go straight down to 1000 no the thing is for me is you have to understand how major mark cycles lows are put in it's not just by people saying okay so we have this line right here in this line right here in this line right here it's gonna be this one it's like no major market cycle lows are put in by extremely large entities with incredibly incredibly big deep and deep pockets which when they get into the markets their perspective is to buy up as much as possible because they know that as soon as they step into the market everyone else knows as well everyone else will know because they will leave a signature similar what we saw in 2014 right over here a massive massive massive spike in volume on the actual low and then Bitcoin ever returns within about 40% of this low ever again even though you have multiple tests you know kind of around it still not even within almost 50% of it for I think I think the actual number is about 45 we can do it really quickly right now so to me whenever sorry it actually is about 50 percent so to me when someone says bitcoins definitely going down to 1,000 because my secret sauce it just tells me that they don't really understand how these major market cycle laws are being put in I know that he has some sort of you know his own sort of philosophy but the thing is that it's I don't really know it myself so I can't verify it is the problem if he really truly does have all the data that he says he does then that would be very interesting to look at and I'd want and I really want to look at that but for right now you know it's to me it's there would be potential bottoming errors beforehand and more importantly it's not about reaching a specific price target it's about the reaction from that price target that's why I always call out this area right over here and I say hey look at this massive spike that is under that is about undeniable proof that someone biggest back in the market if we were to get that at any point around here before 1000 I would call bottom before that and I would say you know I I respectfully disagree mr. Tyler Jenks I'm not sure not sure how much I buy into that so again you know as a trader it has to be taken a lot more step-by-step then as an analyst because analysts don't have any accountability and we spoke a lot about this in the program discord earlier today analysts don't have any accountability they can say all sorts of crazy things which you've probably been hearing for the past year bitcoins go into 20,000 bitcoins go into 10,000 when he was like 5,000 bitcoins going here bitcoins go in there but they have no accountability so they never feel the actual implications of those moves that's where I hope to differentiate myself actually showing my trades which funnily enough I'm actually not doing right now cuz I have to you know I have to have to trade my main account which I'm still waiting to get filled on about about 69% fold now actually actually almost on the totem that number kind of funny mm-hmm but more importantly you know I actually trade those moves and as a trader I might not have been Jesus what's going on over here some Swedish kronor hey what's up Elysium currently shorting 5125 what would your play be you shorted 5125 sounds like you're doing fucking good to me man I don't know I don't know why you'd be asking that what what would your play be like what am I looking for I'd definitely be taking some off we got to 4,600 man that's just trading could you have the next big directional trade on your hands yeah perhaps I mean perhaps you just caught the top a few short at 50 50 125 possible very very possible but what I would be saying is you know you got a load my play beat will here is first things first I would be managing on this area right over here 4,800 Bitcoin gets back about 4,800 I'm gonna take profit in that position or cover it with some options which you know you may or may not have access to if we break 4600 I'll you know it probably covers some here as well and then I'll just reopen if we take it out to the downside I'm not holding to these positions while yes it does look really sexy on your P&L to see like a plus you know two thousand percent which is actually let me actually just check on my my position right now from thirty nine thirty yeah it's actually it's actually nineteen thousand four hundred ninety one nine four six and zero four percent you know that looks cool but at the end of the day the account value was the same and that's what really matters more so just managing these trades over time it's a way to be doing it and I'm just supporting resistance trader you know if we take out this level right over here I probably you know I probably close the position if we come down here I probably close him with a position and then if we take out this area right over here at fifty at forty five fifty I reopen I just add back on and that's that's you know you're not gonna catch the whole the move but you're gonna be a fuckin profitable trader which is way more important the other you know people doing it for other reasons is you know it's great for social media and whatnot but as an action you know as from someone who does this as a living it's in my in my experience it's much better to take take profits each and every time that you actually hit a major area and I just need to take some of this water cuz I'm damned Thursday oh man Oh baby that was some beautiful water mr. Bosh Ian says what caused the pump more buyers and sellers the only reason why anything ever happens in moving markets ever hey what's up V Tom I see over there with your nice emojis the quality Channel says hi crown I've I've I've been I need to ask you for a piece of advice regarding how to acquire a sufficient account balance to make the living of trading could you say your experience and recommendations so do you mean raising capital do you mean quite literally raising capital or how much money do you need well again that's gonna be a personal thing man I mean some people live some people have a lower cost of living than others but I think your question is on like how to actually raise capital for myself when I first started here's what I did I took out a loan I maxed out my credit cards and I borrowed money from my father actually would I would I recommend anyone to do that fuck no fuck it was very very very very very scary for a little bit of time but I was confident and at that point in time actually had had some tutelage from one of the best traders maybe in the world and actually more and actually recently as well the the loan that my dad gave me actually paid him back twice it was like it was like a couple months ago is fuckin amazing it felt so good it felt so fucking good let me tell you it's a good story in hindsight but would I recommend that anyone else does it hmm I don't know I mean it's it's up to you to decide what's acceptable for your own risk reward if you proven yourself that you can't be if you if you proven to yourself that you can be successfully that you can be profitable over a long period of time you know I mean at least a year then getting more money shouldn't be a big issue you've already proven yourself the most important part is what you can be profitable or not that's what it really comes down to anything other than that you know raising capital it'll it you know what can come there's ways of doing that like I said you know bank bank loan you know contacting people and like I said I'm maxima I've maxed out my credit card it's not the best idea and it was very sketchy for a little bit of time but eventually because I had that you know because I had that underline that underlined bleeped but also more importantly basically a mentor for for it for the three years prior that helped a lot that helped a lot so again you know are there other ways of doing it absolutely man absolutely some people you know they'll have a job and the mill you know know and they will work in their job you know their nine-to-five and in accumulate funds that way and then over the course for your you know practice practice practice and then once it can prove to themselves that you've been you know successful and profitable then they can go full-time you know something like that Jay says should I sell both kidneys for a steak you could you could do that you'll also end up in the fucking hospital crypt of Darth Marx says how are you Eric hey what's up man good to see you man thanks for all your videos my question is last time we have seen Bitcoin was rejected off to 21 Ma and then went down to previous lows do you see a potential rejection to the downside okay so what Darth mark is referring to is this right over here which actually forgot to cover on you know you know on you know on the I guess the the opening ceremonies but basically in 2014 2015 you see a very similar reaction on Bitcoin or sorry you see kind of a similar setup on Bitcoin where it was living you know it's living above the 21x petrol this yelling right here for you know the years prior it breaks it in 2014 and that becomes a governing factor for the whole bear market until it actually breaks back up back and above hmm I like about a year later but more importantly Darth Marc I believe is referring to this area right here where where Bitcoin pops up tests a 21 X ventral and is immediately rejected enforced back down to the low side of the range could we see something else like that happen you know in current times yeah absolutely man absolutely like I said the reaction off this right now is that of a rejection we are 400 sorry 500 dollars off too high about $500 off the high of the of you know of the current spike high so to me that is ooh got some salmon in my mouth that is you know that would be a rejection and also tell me that we are actually respecting this this this exponential moving average cross it will end simple as well as you know as well some other important things as well you know we're seeing the weekly the weekly 50 and 89 it being respected to so could that you know is that a potential path for words absolutely man absolutely in fact that is what I'd be running with either which way whether I'm in the lower timeframes or the higher time frames I'm looking at this as a local top regardless does that mean that we automatically reverse from here no it just means that at the very least I'd be expecting some consolidation lower which I'm looking around again 4,600 about even for that area hey what's up amber Ragsdale love your course like one in back please sure let's go check it out sure girl woman do what what gender pronoun would you like me to use as you can it gets a little bit scary sometimes we talk on YouTube we can go look at mrs. litecoin and in bat no problem let's go look at mrs. litecoin yeah so again mrs. litecoin is doing what we spoke about yesterday where essentially we have the golden cross right here 50s miniature crossing the upside of the 200x Ben tral had all the best things in the world other than that but this is why my rule is my rule this is why my rule is my rule that's not redone enough if we have a golden cross and you're above the 21 I ain't fucking short I ain't I don't short anything that looks like that it's just not it's just not something I'm innocent doing we do see that this pattern has been fully resolved so we have broken or actually we're actually testing the top side of this resistance right here which is the next resistance area right around seventy two and a quarter which we spoke about was the next likely area if this thing broke upwards and onwards the real question is now is has mrs. litecoin completely changed around the whole pooch well I would argue that hmm very probably likely if I was just looking at mrs. like when I'd probably say that a clear and massive massive high-volume dildo nater back above this blue three seven seven exponential movement which right here making new highs along the way breaking or perhaps or actually testing the top side of still this is sending brawny wedge so fair enough we actually still living in that hmm is quite is you know is quite a powerful move and if we could actually really confirm above seventy three then that would look a lot better but realistically here's my thing I'm not again it's it's the same thing that have been saying for the last like week or two weeks as long as we have a golden cross and as long as above the twenty-one I'm looking for some more upside I'm looking for some more upside yes we do have a resistance right here at about seventy three and a quarter you know it's I mean you know we probably spend some time consulting this area I would imagine in confluence with Bitcoin and then if it wants take another leg up then I'll be looking at this area right over here at around ninety dollars or 89 bucks but at but my point is is you know yes we can mark out all these targets and whatnot but the general my general thing that I want to get out right now is that if I'm just looking at missus litecoin she has made highs over her you know this really nasty consolidation right over here when Bitcoin was you know consulting above 6,000 so to me I would just generally be bullish a missus like one I don't really have anything any of the reason not to be the only way that I'll kind of let go those police's of is if we broke back down below sixty three and a half dollars so from a higher time frame perspective we do have we don't we do have some I don't know if I'd say new to consider here I mean you know we've been generally bullish ever since this happened right here but at you know I'd be holding those views as long as we're above sixty three and a half dollars as long as it's areas defended that looks good to me let's go check out that as you said as well bat BTC on what do we want to check bit tracks yeah tracks is the one that I've been looking at and of course didn't save my chart once again but that's okay this one's easy enough to do bring this guy over here that was kind of an easier one cuz we identified the breakout in late March right here March 21st ever since then marching up to the next major high area which is right over here and now coming back down to consolidate lower and I would be looking for this one to pop back down at the very least actually a little bit lower towards fifty seven fifty seven hundred satoshis right around here much you know put in a horizontal right here does that wick down that we just saw kind of count as a test perhaps perhaps it does but you know a lot of things are turning around now we do see daily Stokes coming down we do see daily RSI putting in some bearish divergence right over here after a major rejection along this horizontal again I'd still be looking for this to actually consolidate a little bit lower perhaps come back down into this range between fifty eight fifty and fifty five hundred ish and then what kind of read judge from there but for right now when bitcoins rallying but when the big king is rallying the altcoins do not like to join they do not like to join it you know it appears anyways Bitcoin actually having a nice move up one hundred or move off that uh Jesus Christ man this one got this one about front round pretty damn well what do we get two forty six fifty five and a half yeah not bad not bad at all right back on in the comments Ryland Dan Lee says sir crown sir hey I like that you sped it you spelled at the the game of thrones way ma'am how are you hey thanks for asking man I'm doing alright I got a good night's sleep last night and my throat doesn't hurt as much so hey thanks man I hope that you're doing well as well how about mister BMB we can go check that out I think BMB probably broke to the upside if if I've anything to say about it and it did and it did hmm yeah BMB looks to me like it really wants to go here I you know it's you know basically broke above that critical area that I spoke about last night confirmed yesterday right here on yesterday's closure above $17 and a quarter and today we're just seeing this you know accelerate more technically speaking I still do I still do have this rising trend line right here I don't think that it's too appropriate though what you know realistically speaking this thing is breaking out once again hmm I don't really I don't really see anything stopping it from you know the 21 to 22 dollar region right over here even Daley Stokes having a fresh cross up well not a fresh cross up but looking okay you can see a very obvious trend line forming so keep your eyes on that because at some point this likely will break as it gets what you know wedged more and more aggressively over here when it actually does break that would be the that would likely be the end of the run but for now taking another leg up we do see daily daily jewel is perhaps gonna be setting up but usually when these guys you know approach each other aggressively like this and they're kind of all crowing up at the same time those are not actual setups those are you know those are still training movements daily RSI mm-hmm probably gonna be printing some bearish evidence but we need to confirm a local high first which is still you know at least Italy another day away if you know if that that's making a major assumption there so I wouldn't you know I wouldn't say that just yet overall the move looks good to me Geordi righteous says you can pronounce my surname as rest Resik reis AK Risa don't hurry so next time sorry man haha I don't want to I don't want to be disrespectful by getting people's names wrong and with a Ola Ola how you doing ma'am check link BTC tell me what you think says Edie Bilardo let's alright let's go check it out man link BTC huh on by Nance um yeah still Kinsella in this area you know we we spoke about this last week how it's kind of likely to make another run towards this you know I said about 1450 I think we didn't quite get there we got about sorry not 1450 but about 14 14 thousand we didn't quite get there on this last one we got up to 13 500 but overall to me this is just a nice consolidation link has had it link has had a very unique chart for the for over a year now very constructive in nature and overall as long as this you know from from a structural perspective as long as 10700 holding this looks good to me but it's you know it's gonna spend some time in this area right realistically the big breakout will be above 14700 ish area Satoshi right over here we can play the lower timeframes as well you can see that we do have a nice well let's let's actually get rid of this guy right here we can just bring them up we actually do have a nice resistance trend line forming right here so you know if you do want to play the lower timeframes this is what I'd be looking at but overall just to just you know what looks to be a constructive consolidation I would be looking for this to probably try again higher still being bought up above all major moving averages you know this this thing can come back down it did you know did retest this 10,800 areas we spoke about and now that you know now that we've done that probably probably to test resistance once again we do see daily Stokes looking a little bit tired but not crossing down just yet we do see daily RSI mm-hmm just looking like consolidation but again you know a healthy consolidation this being the range that's really up to say about that man I don't you know how long is gonna stay in this range no one fucking knows man no one fucking knows but I'd imagine that the more time that it puts in is going sideways here the more likely the breakout will be more powerful anyways back on in the comments go see what we got John County says it took a little while but you've got the calenus calenus countess Calvet Countians Countians right got it man awesome now a telex what's up man hey ground could check out Zera lecture man sure what is it 0 its 0 X right 0 X BTC on I guess maybe maybe maybe by Nance this is best for this one I'm not I'm not quite sure I know that I have it on Polonia X um bad not good getting rejected right at the critical trend line right here at 8000 satoshis I don't know when I made this chart but it's still working it's still working for the Berk and you know I'd imagine that it probably does try to grind this hi once again but uh but basically the fact that this one's not joining in on the fun with the others is not a good sign this is your more preliminary support right around 70 to 50 so it is quite a write a wide-range if you do break 7250 to the downside then i would be looking for this come all the way back down to about 68 68 and a half it looks like right around here but overall I think that you probably put in some time going sideways retest this area and then come back down most more than likely this is not a good sign that this is not join the rest of the market in the rally not a good sign at all actually all right back now I'm back now on over here movie mode five-minute popcorn alright you want to see the movie mode let's do a baby 5 minutes let's see what we got well you know it's it's it's actually little bit more it seemed to look at the 5 minute right now cuz in a five minute Delta we can get about a $20 price move and what's up over there on Peter lapis good to meet you man as always pleasure to meet new people let's go see if we got on the on the chats now Evan Bedell says it's MBT simulator top yes it is it is but remember and let's actually go back to the MBTA mode we already covered this so I'm guessing that you probably just coming here a little bit later but uh but but let's actually talk about it a little bit more because I know a lot of people are looking at this and for good reason again an indicator that's been 100 percent perfect 100 that oops me tbh to see been doing that shit for too long just another shit coin right isn't it and what's up Santiago de ângelis good to meet you ma'am yeah so the MU T signal is signaling you know it's signaling to top but here's the thing each and every time that it has taken aldo top in bitcoins history it stayed in this area in the red zone if you want to call it the red zone for a while i mean you know in 2017 2018 is stay there for about a month in this area it stayed there for like literally six months if you go back further to this area it stayed there for a couple months between july and august yeah July to August and this one right over here stayed there from November to December and this one right over here stayed from there from hold up you know April of March or sorry April to May don't know my months now do i but that's my point is we're just on our first day of signaling red so I would be a little bit apprehensive to just blindly say hate word going right down right now no it's saying keep your blinders on be aware that this is you know this is the red zone this is bit this has been where all the major marks like which have been putting on bitcoins history but it can still still grind this area for a while you know as we've seen at you know it's a very least about a month in the past you know in the past examples already we're actually sitting on a read on the hourly by the way there you go alas dose worth worth a look um I'd need to know the ticker on that as you heart says did you hear back from Willy woo actually I did not man mm-hmm I did not hear back from him sadly maybe just doesn't care he just doesn't care oh well fair enough mam Cowden Wang Chuck says a theorem do you think a theorem will kiss 170 tonight let's go check it out um did we get up to my 160 target I think we did yeah 163 there we go not bad not bad at all um do I think that it hits the 170 mark the prior hive yeah probably it's it's gonna really depend on whatever Bitcoin does if Bitcoin closes above the turn it's important you see mr. bhooteriya close above the children simple you're probably gonna see mr. Buell make the next motherfucker what a fucking disaster man yeah I don't know why this has been happening I think maybe it's because it's because I have my new computer hooked up to both Wi-Fi and and and epinet cable and unfortunately because I'm using such a high bitrate right now for my streams it might just like kind of crap out when it doesn't like what I'm doing so I do pause about that one I completely missed that but uh but the north I saw your super chat over there man as always a pleasure to see my friend and he's letting me know that that Amazon drones are gonna fucking poop out little partials in Finland now are you serious that'd be amazing man that'd be absolutely amazing yeah man I've Wi-Fi and Ethernet so I guess I need to disconnect the the Wi-Fi hmm yeah man cuz that's probably what's going on right now it probably just craps out you know every time that I you know I ascent to much information so after do I have to get rid of that but you know I thought that then my ethany would actually just you know would just we'll just override that so weird weirdly enough anyways to answer the question about mr. bjur all right over here it's gonna depend again what Bitcoin does by end of day but what we're gonna likely have going on in mr. beter all is something like this you're actually I'm actually gonna get rid of this whole drawing because really all comes down to is this right here we got this guy right over here that that rise in support trend line and we're gonna have another trend line forming right over here which we did hit ours are 162 target actually got a little bit higher than that hmm I got a little bit higher than the 162 target but on top of that oops let's see hold on my other screen just went blank as well Jesus Christ what a fucking disaster him there we go hmm so we actually did hit that target but I'd imagine that we're all gonna go into consolidation in confluence with mr. Bitcoin more importantly we do have a very very very very very very important horizontal horizontal trend line right over here so it's probably actually looks something like this well something like this perhaps so gonna take its time out of Majan but if we can break this 161 and 1/2 area I would be looking towards 170 as my next target right over here actually 1/7 it's gonna be a zone from 170 to 178 171 actually I'd say 171 yeah right over here on finnex by the way which I should start changing my exchange for that anyways back on to Z comments there we go we got the we got the emotions what's up Bitcoin bull and avant-garde crypto on Twitch good to see you guys we back we beg perish sound sorry about that guys again I do pause about that it's incredibly embarrassing as well anyways whoops let's see do I have this over here let me just make sure okay good chips it's of Ra's al Ghul block of Ken says okay time for a rebrand anyone got any good crypto name suggestions mmm you don't wanna be blockhead Ken anymore no the future is now the future is now in the now is the president still live in the present my friend Sean Casey says can we look at now please sure man hey what's up what's up Sean Casey how you doing ma'am um nav nav BTC I haven't heard this one called out in in fucking ages man in ages nav corn you motherfucker and you know better you know better Sean you know better I know you man hmm doing the same thing that that that many of the alts are doing it's not joining it on all the fun mostly other also actually breaking out of their formations but this one actually selling off from this test so I'd be looking for this one to come back down actually daily soaps looking tired actually having a fresh cross down daily RSI printing bearish divergence Oh someone let's come back down I'll be looking for another test down to 4700 satoshis most likely um back onto mr. Bitcoin doesn't have coin it's fucking garbage mr. dog use himself the fucking legend can you check XR pieces Lewis Marriott sure ma'am sure XRP and what's up man he's young oh thank you for that donation let me I should go read that uh hello Hiro thank you for the content please check out that look at that and then we'll look at ripple me nipples ve to ups ve T BTC and thank for that donation uh that was very generous thank you for that I always want to say I always want to be very grateful for I was want to remind people though like please don't don't feel obligated it's it's all good um-hmm okay ve T having a very nasty reaction off the test of this mage resist trendline you know you're printing major to major bearish divergence on ve T I would be looking for this one to come well we already got that move lower this is what makes it difficult it's gonna depend where today closes just it does today close above or below this one 50 ish area if it closes below I would be bearish on it looking for another test back down to 137 if it closes above I'd look for another test towards 160 161 is sherry right now it's kind of run the middle there are more on this chart we do miss droney I see over there as well man one second as I do get this upwards and onwards so I need to get this on my other screen and there we go we do see we do see daily starts like she's still up a daily RSI bearish divergence and breaking the exponential yeah man I would say that this one's probably more than likely to come back down in in retail Caesaria maester Oni says what do the Mafia and the pussy have in common one slip of the tongue and you're in deep shit oh damn I haven't heard that one before actually haven't read that one before good all right let's go check out XRP for Lewis Marriott I remembered man I remembered let's see we got oh we hit the 35 and a head and a half cent target we're actually right there right now actually all the way up to 34 Namsan nice not bad hey not bad not bad not bad at all so yeah mr. mr. ripple my nipples is breaking out in the USD pattern or sorry on the USD pairing right at resistance right now but overall I'd say that I would be you know I would be looking for some more upside as long as we're as long as we're hovering above this 32 and a half cent region right here this is this is the most important sport right now for mr. ripples nipples as long as he maintains 32 and a half cent I would look at this as constructive and a real breakout looking to actually try a little bit higher this 34 and a half cent region has rejected which is the most important resistance however and the fact is is that you know is is that similar to the to the monthly twenty one on Bitcoin I mean let's go let's go over to the weekly is it hidden anything on the weekly yeah weekly 21 nailed with precision weekly weekly Stokes up and out him as well I mean this the you know this does look like it's kind of gaining momentum II weekly are a site this is exactly what I was saying I do not want to be short ripple right now now if I did want to be short rippled want to short the Bitcoin pairing that's a different story though we already kind of got that move in fact looking at the Bitcoin pairing that got down to our next target right or sorry it actually completely overshot our next target right around of 67 and a half wait a second what do I know that number from do you have anything down here no I don't yeah it's it's breaking this area right now Bitcoin parent looks absolutely atrocious but but the dollar parent does look to me like this this probably does want to try higher so I'd imagine that we probably do have a retest of this area at the two and a half cent at some point in time and then tried in hire we're gonna see a lot of the market come back down and test these supports out imagine well then again I mean shit if today closes above 33 and a half cent that's mm-hmm that imply another test of 34 and a half cent if I were to happen and overall you start to see all these all sort of take over so also on mister ripples nipples we are seeing the RSI ax in levels that we haven't seen since November of 2018 it's been a while it's actually hasn't been too long Dom hasn't been too long but of interest of interest regardless alright let's see we got over over here I see David hunter NYC says I'm an average Joe I don't understand your analysis but I watch everyday still because of you I made 22,000 Lots not a Bitcoin thanks fucking yeah man hey there you go you don't think it's done to you on that lease but it sounds even it sounds even better fucking nicely done man that that's a that's a year's salary for some people not that you should be compare yourself to others but hey man well done well fucking done very very happy for you that is fucking awesome man that is fucking awesome I mean but again give yourself some credit man you you took the information but you also executed on it it's not like I just said you do you know you do this and I did it for you no you did you did some yourself man so give yourself some fucking credit us s YF full dead says hey crown it what's up man have you looked at tezo's XTS newer chart I mean if it's newer man it's not gonna be qu xtz USD I mean if it's a newer chart it's not gonna it's not gonna make too much sense man it's what is all this shit why is it on fucking beat hit BTC and who OB what what are we looking at here mom some bullshit let's look at Phenix finex looks to me like a hit looks like looks to me like it hit a local top yesterday wants to come back down test this 18 18,000 – Ariel the next support mm-hmm one lucky bastard skin in the game hey there you go man no that's no that that is not look what David hunter did man I mean you can't you can't control what bitcoins going to do you can't control bitcoins what-what-what bitcoins gonna what bitcoins gonna do but you can control but you can do and you made the right decision based off of the price action and then you know just so happen that bitcoin was gonna do one of these monster dildo Nader's regardless you know it's likely to be it was likely to be a big breakout you know either which way this one just got like the most of the Massa vest Sean's laces well Bitcoin keep going up today I would be looking for Bitcoin to come back down I think that Bitcoin has hit its top four now wants to come back down at the very least to 4600 the way that we react at 46 under is gonna be the is gonna be the most important thing does Bitcoin bounce big at 4600 or does it actually fail below and close a daily blow if it closed below then I would be looking for further downside of you know over until about 4400 it looks like I've got close above than I would be looking for another try towards 40 about 4,800 if that would happen in consolidate this area but again I do think that shorter term timeframes if you're asking about that specifically I would be looking for a move down to 4600 before anything else can you check shorts and Long's sure man hey what's up Frank we got 24,000 open longs verses 17 and a quarter opened shorts with to almost 3,000 Zagat's hedge we have fourteen and a half thousand open shorts this is still this is very unprecedented things but again we are seeing a divergence in behavior we are seen what does that know it's gonna be from anyone else hear that am i hearing voices we are seeing a divergence new behavior more importantly if we go over here to the shorts chart you know Bitcoin got back into the blue box territory which is where all of the major massive jumps have emerged from in the past year and we pumped pretty fucking hard so to me that is indicative that we likely have something new going on as far it you know as far as this is concerned because for each and every time for the past year that we got in this area major major dumps this time right over here at this time right over here in the last month no that hasn't been the case although we are extremely extremely low on the short side so if Bears didn't want to attack they could very easily do it from here very very easily do it from here Long's on the other hand to 24,000 open Long's not crazy high not crazy low but we do have a great imbalance in you know in favor of the Long's right now even greater than than what it was to break 6,000 on the you know in November zoom in zoom in on this baby and go back on over here hmm I'm starting to hear voices it's over US drones are here drones are here and I for one welcome our new drone overlords kylo Jesus charities are good just for money watching isn't that funny that like every super wealthy person has a has a charity right Kryptonian Joe says we just had a candle to 46:20 on baiance and it came right back up yeah interesting man um I'm looking at Mexico right now we got down to 46 55 let's let's see what the other exchanges got down to 46 70 on GTX um 46 72 on bitstamp I'm gonna go with the mean of this group if – did get down around there I'm here see where – is daily 200 exponential would be it date if finances 200 exponential is below 4,600 then now it makes sense if it's if it's right at 4600 then did – just front run the market maybe maybe but I still think that this one yeah I think that working actually does move right now back down to about 46 um let's see man that is so I just I just keep on reading that since on my screen I'm an average Joe I don't understand your analysis but I watch everyday still because of you I made $22,000 last night on Bitcoin that's fucking phenomenal man Jesus Christ man I I know that you'll do good things with that so go for it man fucking go for it love it absolutely fucking love it uh Jo Pallas says cranky checks by Sherman sure spy down about a half buck we do have a nice gap down here at about 283 but overall spy is well that's actually doing some like this making another one of these rising wedges but overall spy is kind of the same way that I look at mrs. litecoin right now on the higher time frames you know as long as we have a daily to look golden cross and its long-term above the 21 exponential I can't be bearish something like that that's just my rule that you know that's the same rule that it would've kept me safe you know throughout throughout this whole formation right here just stay long just stay long just stay long as far as the daily censor not too much resistance until about 282 our sorry 288 289 perhaps in the more you know the lower timeframe is do we come back down and fill the gap before you know before charging and charging away to that area tells kind of look likely right now does actually look a little bit likely listos gonna be turning around yeah I would be I would be looking for this come back down and test to 83 and a half some like them but overall you know I want to make it clear my thoughts on the higher time frame since they are more important right now missus litecoin plux says since although we already looked at it and it's right you know I'd basically be bullish on him and as long as it if it closes above sixty three and a half dollars I don't there's just hasn't Golden Cross above the twenty one it's the same it's the same rule there as spy not bearish on anything that looks like that let's see Mike 21 says if you made twenty two thousand five course Amen all good I don't I don't feel like anyone's you know I don't feel like anyone's beholden to me man you know do you do what you want to do with the money man do what you want to do I'm sure that you'll do good things and then that will in some roundabout way in the world just bring it back you know just make the world a better place there you go that's your and that's your positive message for the day let's make sure that I can actually see this where is stream labs where where is that there's some possible daily divert and sauna on spice and Santiago let's go check it out man I missed that if if we do have some is there potential daily daily dildo divergence well the thing is with divergence on a daily we need to confirm a local high first and right now we don't have a local high confirmed we'd have to we'd have to confirm this as local high first so how would we do that we have to check out the low of this guy if we can take out the low of this guy then that basically just since anyway it said we're gonna test this to 82 and a half level I do see that the daily Jul will be setting up for a sell signal maybe at the end of this week maybe I think that this week or maybe early next week so that could be another you know that could be another indication as well but right now I wouldn't you know I you know I wouldn't I wouldn't try to get too cute with them man I really want to try to get to key with it if you were bearish right here or I mean bearish is not the right word you not bearish after a V bottom like this it's it's more like I'd be looking for a pullback if we break this rising rising wedge to the downside but you can see that this is a massive range right now it's it's not it's it's not true it's not true tradable at the current moment in time you can't say that we have preliminary support right here at imagine that if this breaks and that's when we see that move down to about 283 we'll call it to idea about 283 hmm and doubt probably incorporate any sort of daily deference as well uh MW Rubel says hey cron can you look at fit dollar sign fit for our okay Fitbit huh and you said for our specifically alright uh okay we can just do it like this don't need to put a dollar sign in there for our it looks to me like he wants to rally a little bit here look looks to me like it wants to rally off this area can solid in this area making a nice what do you want to call this again don't care what you call what a nice triangular consolidation I'd be looking I'd be looking for another test of the upside of or side the upside of this resistance right around six dollars even if you can break above six dollars and I'll be looking for a move towards six seventy or Sharia if it you know if it gets reject from six dollars heads back down to the support at 575 and breaks this area then I'd be looking for a move down here to about 525 um so basically game is supporting resistance until you actually break that one with the other zoom horses can you look at dollars traded on the last pump compared to last market cycle oh man what would be the better question is what would be the relevancy of that because we are we are looking at two different mark cycles which are naturally gonna have you know the price of Bitcoin with with which this is related to is gonna be completely different I mean on the last market cycle low Bitcoin was around $200 on this one it is you know ten times more than ten times multiple of that like 20 times actually so the the dollar values gonna naturally be a lot higher regardless it's not gonna be too representative of what's actually going on so I'm curious I'm curious to hear why what sort of you know why you'd want to know I'm just curious Bob seventy-five says hi mate did you close your long hey what's up Bob I okay so did I close my long the way that I think about it yes I basically went back to neutral I sold some deep in the money calls which essentially you know now I have no long exposure I have no short exposure I'm I'm just I basically just locked in the position from thirty nine thirty and then I sold those and I sold forty to fifty strike calls for about nine hundred bucks or sorry not not enter bucks 800 bucks which basically so it's basically selling the spot under one at about five thousand so I'm happy with that for right now I don't really want to be holding along right now just because I am looking for consolidation lower which if I do want to add back onto longer if I do want to start a new long I can do that hmm let's see D sector says can we can we please take a look at background yeah man we just we already looked at it I think yeah yeah once consolidated Laura man wants to come back down to 58 or sorry fifty fifty eight fifty we call I'd be looking for this to grind back lower a little bit consolidate here and then give another try higher more than likely Savio says can you look at Nokia sure man sure yeah man and and note no problem I understand that I miss a lot of the comments it's not intentional on my part it's just the the chats move really fast so if I do miss your comment feel free to just repost it it's all good man I'll try to get to it as much as much as I can as you know as much as reasonably reasonably possible I'd be looking for some upside here I think that this one wants to pop back up and test five five and a quarter we do you see daily Stokes wanted to cross up with you see daily RSI testing the exponential mmm-hmm not I mean we also see it kind of you know testing this trend line right over here also testing at 200 simple Internet special yeah I'd be looking for this for this to get extended a little bit more overall though overall Nokia's just in one massive massive consolidation which does seem to be a little bit more constructive to me it does seem to be a little bit more constructed me and what's up Robert can hey thanks for that man let me let me go check that out yellow vests love you since Jerry Jerry Khan hey man I actually gotta we're done with the yellow vests are yesterday by jus man in the discord by the way if Jim Ann's here right now massive shout-out to you man cuz I spent all night looking at videos of the yellow vests and it's very very interesting on the print like the French are fuckin having a revolution right now it's it's it's insane if you don't know anything about this like go check it out it's incredibly interesting and and also quite inspiring I mean shit the French could fuckin change the world for fuck's sake and thanks for that man thank you for that Jerry Robert Carr thanks for that as well my friend as always massive massive pleasure mmm let's look at the weekly for Nokia though weekly Nokia right at resistance yeah weekly for Nokia would be more bearish on them yeah would it be more I would be more bearish on the weekly so perhaps perhaps I do take back what I said let's go down to a lower timeframe okay here here's what I would say I do think that there's one test a little bit hired about five five and a core but ultimately hot you know very high timeframe like a weekly we're just consolidating major resistance right here about five eight five eighty major support right here at about three eighty eighty eighty seven that be the two areas to be really been looking for plays on if I'm you know if I'm playing the higher time frames right now we're kind of in the middle some give both the short-term and the long-term hmm our glasses hey crown can you check out lift sure ma'am sure that one just went IPO didn't it or did it yeah it did and hey what's up Stuart Roscoe to meet you man oh it's pleasure to meet new people and welcome to people into this beautiful cave lift there's just your classic IPO dump man I there there there are ways to trade these I don't it's it's it's not not something I really have too much experience and to be honest with you this isn't how elite art for reference you know I need I need years of I need years of price action history to actually you know do something worthwhile there you know there are people will tell you hey if you can get back above you know your your your your ICO dump area at eighty eight and a half you know that's the time when you start buying maybe yeah but I'm not you know like I said that this is not my forte very very very very very new way to new it's been around for you know what less than a week now something like that a poll was going on for bull or bear use exclamation mark one or two devote their young have you heard about dizzy-bat digi bite assets no I've not did you buy assets no I've heard about did you buy them could you check hollow I think it's on support says Austin Kelly another another one that's way too young to really be giving any sort of real consideration but we can look at it really quick is it on support you don't have support for something that's a lesson at your old man this one's a little bit less than a year old no support is well yeah you will have a little bit of sport right here but ultimately I'd be looking for this to come back down to about twenty-two Satoshi's then again you know it's a double digit double just shit coin right do we have this guy running over here yeah I'd be looking for a test probably somewhere you know somewhere along this trend line between twenty three so I between 22 and 25 hmm okay cool Zil BGC on Finance please says non plonker Sherman Zil Dilek ha on finance down bad really bad really bad if this if this daily close below 475 I'd be looking for further downside at the very least to 4:30 and probably more appropriately speaking about 385 very bad very very bad the crypto vapor hey what's up vapor could you take a look at XM are possible absolutely man hey I'm surprised that no one ever asks about Manero me now it's kind of cool where's my Manero though there your arm from an arrow and I was bullish on that yesterday and oh hey not a bad move baby not a bad move kind of a major rejection off the 200 exponential and turn it simple so I don't think I'd be bullish there right now whoa salmon attacking me man it doesn't like being eaten yeah oh that's fucking nasty I have no manners excuse me I apologize anyways yeah hit hit our next major resistance right around 69 bucks Oh beautiful oh my god you gotta love manera hit 69 and a half dollars and down I'd be looking for at the very least to move towards 64 dollars and then probably more more appropriately speaking another test of sixty two dollars but overall this one got the breakout that you know that we've been looking for so yeah you know breaking above this fifty eight and a half dollar region right here at thou is the big area so while I do think that it comes back down and consolidates lower I'd be looking for bounces around those areas stefan-boltzmann says can you please not check under top shen can you hey fair enough stefan all right man I will let let's input let's implement a rule for the rest of the stream no no more shit coins and list their top ten shit Quinn's like we already looked at like coin man I'm not I'm bullish on Mike when as long as it's above sixty three and a half dollars probably does want to consult a little bit lower I need to take another sip of this water man I'm dam Thursday already don't care choking out of the feet let's see what else we got TX admin says stammen better better than hot dogs Jo there you go man there you fucking go big cones what's up Edmond I caught you doing ma'am how you doing brother let's see do we have ace did you already look at XRP Chaconne since flooring guy yeah man we looked at it I'm actually looking for XRP I'm actually looking for XR PITA do you know to to come back down test the 32 and a half cent region and then probably rally off there that's what I'd be looking at for XRP yeah to me to me XR Pete wants come back down test 32 and a half and then try and hire you know I think I think it's okay already back on in the comments mm-hmm nobody knows why Bitcoin sky rocks this morning says nordian 1978 actually I do know and I think that pretty much everyone here knows actually everyone everyone knows at some level why Bitcoin pumped there are more buyers and sellers it's that simple it's it's really that simple and that is the only reason why anything ever moves ever well an imbalance of buyers and sellers right saw death crossed 1xrp BTC daily time from says XT alright let's go check it out um okay you're talking about the big o the Bitcoin parent yeah that death crossed ages ago man ages ago that would that was what made me bearish on it way over here man it happened way over here but I was bearish on it right over here as soon as it broke 8,000 that was kind of the last the last of Mohicans for me lots kind of chance for a bull case there's one just get him beat up all the way down so XRP versus Bitcoin very bad XRP versus u.s. US dollar yeah wants to rally a little bit or once wants to pull back and then rally a little bit ooh okay all right golem men all right a lot of people a lot of people asking about nano and golem should we break the rule B CH IC b CH over there um let's see where's where's my B cash where's my beak I know it's somewhere right around here yeah there it is $200 so it did hit our next target at $200 this one actually looks like once more I would be calling a local top here though hey thanks flooring guy much appreciated my friend some ground beef on them hey floor guy thanks man I really do appreciate that man that was very generous daily daily on on be cash I would be saying that were probably at a local topping area I figured out in the lower timeframes yeah some good someone on that last hourly actually you know I'm not seeing any divergences on the on the lower timeframes maybe I take that back maybe I take that back I would like to I would like to see be cash retest about 191 and then if we can rally off there then I'd be looking for another move towards probably 230 or Sharia but but 191 needs to hold if 190 huh if 191 gets broken to the downside to be looking for a move all the way down to about 171 but for now you know that this one looks looks like we could actually have a little bit more again gonna do whatever Bitcoin does and I you know short term I'm looking for a pullback convict one Jake on says Zoo ha are you serious one entity created this phone well you can't trust anything Zohar says anymore man he's a fighter he's been revealed to be a troll he got me good Nestor day to man you got me good to har you fuck [Laughter] let's see MD says Bitcoin pump because tea vase is stuck a test at Istanbul Airport and kick get out of his shorts oh man not Tony a man says icx please I will do it will do a few shekels I'm gonna be signing out pretty em soon though guys I do have to have you to adhere to a couple of the things before end of day icon bad really bad wants to come back down probably probably seven sixteen Satoshi's hey and welcome welcome epi good to meet you ma'am as always pleasure meeting new people in here beautiful beautiful oxo MIT hug some of exilim over there yeah absolutely mad xlm I think it's hit our next target of eleven and a half cents let's go check that out let's go confirm that where is it yes it has there you go good Axl I'm good actually got it got in a little bit harder than that almost 12 cents alright here's the thing for excellent ma'am here's the thing for xlm is that hmm Jesus ma'am my throat is really fucked Sam doesn't like that xlm does to me look like it wants to break out of this area we do have daily Stokes getting get a nice fresh cross to the upside with you CD RSI looking looking fine looking good and overall man you know it's right at this resistance right here right around this eleven and a half cent region which we talked about was likely to happen yesterday now what happens now we have to go down to a lower timeframe and lower timeframes do you look like we're having some sovereign pressure on here so I would be looking for a pullback in the lower timeframes probably down around somewhere around eleven and a quarter cent to eleven and and in point zero five cent but I would look for that area to bounce it and would look for it to try to you know try again higher after that overall the volume on this pullback not too crazy so far so I would be respective of this as this move probably does want to try again higher later at some point in time if it does try again higher later I would be looking for the move to to evolve all the way to a twelve and a half cents right over here which would be a retest of this major trendline original all the way back from December 2017 and actually holding up this massive consolidation being broken in December 2018 and then retested once over here massive rejection if we came back over here again at 12 and 1/2 cents probably to be a massive sell as well hey Bali poor what the fuck's up man take a look at the hvr on a six or eight hour maybe use open one to to see colors uh ok hv okay you want to you see hey what's good to see you Bali poor high volatility rank let's let's check this out oops can't spell out whereas Bali poor do you want to use the the percent hour do you want to use the rank let's actually go back to Bitcoin for a second and you said on the six or eight hours specifically whoa hey big move there yeah look at this Bali port look at this mem so we do see that we do see the the historical volatility percentile get up there once again to me this looks like a training move got extremely low so we you know Bali port we were looking at this the whole the whole last week seen actually on the eighth hour and the 12-hour that the that the I was looking at the rank the store kovalchik turmeric was extremely extremely low and that was telling said a move was likely to happen it doesn't tell you the direction of that move but when you're breaking a major support or sorry major resistance while this is taken up y'all gonna have a tourney move to the upside but yeah man good call unless if you know am I missing something okay um already so so so so let's get off this actually do you want to check out the stork vulture rank as well let's see right over here yeah that that to me looks like a training move probably does try again higher at some point alrighty seahorse Zoo hard not drawing daily huddle not sure how credible they sound very credible not rallying daily huddle not so hopefully you are it's not April Fool's anymore you fuck not Troy daily not trolling coma daily huddle nope I'm on to you man I'm fucking on to you now you've you've you've given away your cover not sure how credible reported single order across three trainees for 20,000 Bitcoin what next they don't really have a they don't really have a way to confirm that for one how would you confirm that aid 20,000 Bitcoin order was spread across three different changes do they mean that you know someone was just trying to bid up 20,000 bitcoins well I mean yeah that's someone's driving up the price no shit but but what are they basically telling you those do hi they're basically Tony that we had more buyers we had an imbalance of buyers and sellers 20,000 bitcoins demands not enough sellers for that at these prices so yeah ma'am oh by the way jewel I think Jules called the top so far in the hourly right over here yeah jewel she did call the top right here one dildo after so didn't get the ultimate top but did get to get this area not bad not bad I like it okay back on in the comments let's see do you think it's okay to hold like on litecoin long now or wait a bit so again this is this is why it's very difficult for me to answer these questions why it's really just downright a downright inappropriate for me to answer these questions because I don't know where you entered man I don't know so many things about you that would be needed to know what constitutes a good trade and what's up I I can't see that name properly but hey good to meet you man Shetty Shetty GT good to meet you man mmm-hmm would I be holding a light coin long now I mean shit if you entered anywhere below sixty three and a half dollars I like it and I'd be using sixty three and a half dollars to manage risk upon that that's all I'd be doing to me that this this looks like a breakout out of a major exponential and also a major horizontal with the Golden Cross on the daily above all major moving averages i i'm not bearish on anything that looks like that ma'am I'm not bearish or anything that looks like that then again I do think that bitcoin probably pulls back a little bit to 4600 hmm so you know take that as you will that's probably it probably probably means that what misses like when comes back and test some supports as well we already looked at xlm I'd be looking for excellent you come back down to about eleven and a quarter cent and then try again higher uh hey there it is Abey Abey hug Kandra hey good to meet you ma'am blocky Kansas just wanted to say again much gratitude for dropping daily dem dem daily pearls I've gained so much knowledge oh you mean like ty Lopez not twenty-two thousand dollars worth of knowledge but I'm working on it hey fair enough man you know again don't don't compare yourself to others it's all good and you know it's always forward progress that's all that matters man there's your positive message for the day six and eight hours is polypore all right so the six and eight I already said I'm gonna go back and put on the rank this time though I'm curious what the rank says cuz that's that's one that I was watching you yeah look at how low that the rank got before this move man doubt you know that's I mean it you know is low for like two weeks beforehand sorry about a month beforehand but ultimately telling you that's six an eight-hour lol oh you mean six point eight hour no getting really high again so to me this is telling you know what is this telling me and I'm glad that Bali port pointed this out this is telling me that bitcoins likely gonna go into some consolidation now we're seeing the same sort of we're seeing the same sort of volatility rank that we saw over here on the drawdown from from 6,000 which ultimately Bitcoin put in a lot of consolidation afterwards you can see it essentially spent the next the next few months kind of you know making this all the way down and then once again we have a massive move and we're like the getting go and choose to some consolidation after this and I would agree with that man if we if you look at the eight hour basically telling us a little little bit a little bit less aggressively the eight hour can go more man the eight hour wants the attack she wants to go more on to be fair hmmm I'm gonna have to look at this a little bit more how do we get on this one yeah point six it's getting up there man but I want to see I want to see into this range when I start to see like actual inflection points on the market already hmm let's see we in greed mode oh we're probably definitely in greed right now man probably definitely agreed hey what's up Miller check out Bitcoin USD s Oh Miller what are you up to you right now man USD s bitcoins stable stable USD holy fucking moly wait what you might be having a bad day but there are someone out there who bought just hours ago Bitcoin for ten thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars and ninety eight cents locking in instant loss of about six thousand dollars Jesus Christ man brutal that's fuckin brutal that's fuckin that's why I don't play in shit coins man you know you're gonna see that sort of same liquidity in there that's that's disgusting a tower still crossed down yeah man I mean a lot of the stuffs are crossing down even the dailies actually wanted to cross down so that's all so I'm saying that we probably probably consolidate lower and actually that reminds me I do need to get off this stream relatively soon see our listos crossing down right now I'm gonna guess that two hours are down yep they are three hours are down five hours are down eight hours are as you said down daily once cross down you know I think at the very least we come back down to 46 or fit or 4550 and then see how the reaction is from there look at nanos his crown all the way all right man all right we'll look at nano just really quick nano BTC on finance bad hmm still being held in by that they're still still being be held in by this three thousand resistance right here as long as it's livin below I mean it looks like it wants to break to be fair it looks like it wants to break it's probably have a free ride towards 30 to 50 if that happens and overall you know it's gonna break out of this lower level here probably probably just runs towards this area anyways 33 50 and just you know just upwards toward those prior highs that's what it's say about that get a tea bag what's up Freddie what's up Logan cheers Eric have a good day hey you can't you have a good day as well ma'am please do a quick ta on MDA BTC all right I'll find it interesting all right MDA BC mo de loyalty points that's not that sounds like something that we need to change the world tightening up this consolidation right here nice little ascending triangle right something like this yeah something like this man does look constructive over a long period of time if it does break out to the upside be looking for a move towards oops missed it towards right around to you're about 50/50 1,000 if it can break out of this resistance at 33 500 but for right now once come back down in testy supports I'd be looking for another test of this 2,300 rising support trendline overall hmm because hey what's up Daniel xilk is there he is the fucking man the man of the ceremonies zu Haris his sources confirm Donald Trump just market bought they couldn't pay for the wall when we moon what through har in parentheses not trolling why is it theorems been so weak says Alec cudapah well I think Dana's ilk is appropriately answered a question mr. bjur I'll not drink his protein shakes and not doing his bicep curls at the gym more importantly for mr. Budrow right over here you know he is falling but yes I would I would agree weaker in nature weaker nature why is it weaker just lest a man man you know we can we can tell ourselves stories for that but at the end of the day men price sections price action I don't really have I don't want to put any sort of like you know human story on this cuz it doesn't need to be it doesn't need to be that way it's just as simple it's not as strong as the other ones right now that's what it's telling us that's but that's what the market is saying any sort of other you know you know meaning that we put on it it's just a story which we cannot verify and it's very it's it's you know it's very you know hinged on perspective of that particular person so you know what I could say is we have resistance right here about 162 if you can break above there I'd be looking for a run at the very least towards 171 but but really at that point I start looking towards a run of 184 right now though getting reject from this resistance probably if bitcoins going to consolidate lower your probably to see mr. buuder all consolidate low as well at 154 and a half 150 153 right around there so you guys I'm actually going to hmm actually going to get now over here shorts below 17,000 GBC fill the gap at five six five five nine yeah man so we did see did we see gbtc fill the gap let's let's go check it out yep we did we filled the gap right over here we spoke about that in the you know at the beginning of the stream you said shorts are below 17,000 are they are they there right there yeah they're right there they will get below 17,000 pretty damn soon yeah I'd agree mum the wizard thanks wizard thanks wizard what's up crypto kitty thanks for have a great night hope you feel better hey thanks thanks crypto can you Krisha that Frankenmuth says thanks wizard have a great whatever have a great whatever to you as well my friend gonna watch some more free crown stuff hey go take advantage that my friend hey all good man all right guys I'm gonna start you uh I'm gonna start to wrap – the most important thing we have on Bitcoin what's up Julian del coro good to meet you man but let's go let's go back on over to Bitcoin we'll start to wrap this bitch up and overall I would be looking for a pullback on Bitcoin sometime in the next you know either before daily close or you know sometime tomorrow right around this 4550 to 4600 level right over here it's gonna be absolutely critical to see where the daily don't close does the daily they'll close above or below the purple children exponential and churn it's simple which are right at 4,600 if it closes above I still would be looking for a pullback into 4600 but I'll be looking to buy that pullback and looking for another test somewhere right around 4,800 and perhaps even beyond if it ends below 4,600 if it actually breaks this resistance or mean it sorry if they're just basically closed below this resistance is it's not officially broken it just yet and then I would be looking for this to probably actually come back down to about 44 50 or Sharia and and then we'll reassess from there but for right now obviously living about 130 bucks above this you know you know above this critical area if we can actually confirm above this area today that would be that would make things a lot more easier and look like we'd have a you know look like we have another test higher but remember higher time frames are still painted in a very very serious picture them weekly monthly and MVT signal on the daily are all saying be careful be cautious because we have just hit major major resistances and for myself that would be a signal to be extremely extremely cautious with my positions I have closed essentially my long I'm still holding it but I'm but I have a but I've sold calls against it so I'm essentially neutral on it and I'm just waiting around now so that's what I'm to be doing for right now hope everyone has a beautiful rest of your day I'll be back tomorrow with some more live streaming and video action looking for TC in there and take care

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  7. Expect a small pullback on Wednesday, 3rd and then a huge pump up to $7,400 Thursday-Friday, 4th & 5th. Then sharp pullback on Saturday!!!!

  8. nearly lost alot of money, missed out on making alot of money….ruff day in the office yesterday due to shitmex. on to deribit i go

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  10. Where is the dollar volume on this rally? Price action is impressive on btc but nothing resembling a market bottom lets see if we can stay above those 200 day MA's.

  11. hello mr.krown, can you make a full video guide on how to trade BTC short/long on deribit? idk how leverage works in deribit as im familiar with bitmex, but I heard deribit doesnt have lag/crash when there is peak volume….really apprecaite it! i can't find a video of deribit guide T_T

  12. Hey Krown, thanks for this. I really appreciate you to help me take step back and really look at things more clearly. I was actually awake during the big move but I didn't know until I got to my computer and hour after. Feels bad but your analysis kept my emotions back in check. I haven't seen your content for a bit too. I always have a need to comment when I see your videos. Keep it up Krown and thanks! I also want to let you know I bought your program a while ago, once I finish it and really absorb everything you're teaching i'll join that discord! But hey so far these modules are fantastic. Really trying to time manage to get it done but you know life. But hey this dildo party is just getting started! 13 more subscribers yeaaaaa

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