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  1. I noticed that you didn’t posted a video today Saturday March 2. If your not committed to the channel that shows a lot about your self!

  2. Lightning Network is
    Still not ready for Commercial Use

    The Lightning Network (LN) is a second-layer protocol that
    was long promised as a solution to BTC’s scalability problem. However, the
    off-chain system is still very far from being able to support actual commerce
    according to a new review by business management technology company Scipio ERP.

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    Ticker LN Is Incredibly Difficult to Use Report: Lightning Network Still not
    ready for Commercial Use The report’s developers created a Lightning Add-on for
    Scipio ERP that provides businesses with the ability to use the system. They
    then tested the network in order to see if it was really ready for commerce. On
    the positive side, the tests confirmed that under best conditions payment confirmations
    were reached within 5-10 seconds. However, also revealed many crucial flaws.

    LN makes it very hard to implement clustering, meaning
    running several redundant servers simultaneously, which is a critical feature
    for online retailers. Implementing it, in particular in a dynamic cloud setup,
    would require a lot of workarounds, the developers explain.

    The network has a bad user experience, in sharp contrast to
    that provided by most payment providers, who make the process of setting up and
    integrating as fast and painless as possible. The system is also incredibly
    difficult to use. The report lists over a dozen steps needed for merchants and
    close to 10 steps required of customers to make payments.

    It is also a resource hog, requiring a Bitcoin node and a
    Lightning node installed on the same server as the business application. “All
    of which will require a lot of time to set up and configure. If one of the
    systems fails, your business application will not be able to handle
    cryptocurrency transactions. This is even more problematic, as redundancy
    cannot be easily achieved,” the developers lament. This is actually much slower
    Than an Average Credit Card Payment.

    Lightning Network is Still Way off Being Ready for
    Commercial Use. The tests found that LN is still in a very early stage of
    development. “We have been operating the system for four months and crashes can
    and will happen all the time. Transaction channels can close or may not have
    enough peers at any time. There are no push notifications for these events so
    you won’t know until a new transaction is placed and fails.”Moreover, the
    network only allows small payments to be accepted due to limitations on the
    amount each channel can handle. And the process of opening a channel, needed
    once the limit on the previous one has been reached, makes it extremely
    difficult to automate for business applications.

    As it stands, the Lightning Network is not useful for
    professional clustered environments, the developers insist. “Yes, Lightning
    does allow multiple nodes in its network, but at the same time it limits the
    number of systems that can connect to a Lightning node. And sure, payments are
    considerably faster than Bitcoin, but they are not ‘instant’. Even under the
    best conditions, it still takes more time for transactions to be secured and
    processed than with your average credit card payment. In addition, Lightning is
    neither easy to set up nor convenient to run.” All of the above made the Scipio
    ERP developers conclude that LIGHTNING NETWORK payments are not yet suitable
    for business transactions. Lightning network is considerably slower Than an
    Average Credit Card Payment system.

  3. You'll never find another coin with as many use cases as DigiByte. Speed, Security, Scalability. 40X faster than Bitcoin ON CHAIN. Soon to become even faster! 2019 brings block time halving to 7.5 seconds per block. 1080 transactions per second.

  4. Yo Hayden… You made a video a really long time ago and you were talking about a cell phone that ltc was supposed to me supporting.. what phone was it do you remember?

  5. Bitcoin and Litecoin are heading much lower. Bear market in to 2020. Hope is nice but not a strategy or reality. US$3-10 will be LTC bottom.

  6. Watch out…watch the stocks…and watch the crypto market both closely to see what happens soon… cant see the future but looks as if stocks are going to drop and crypto is going to rise guess we shall see

  7. Pay for patreon? You laughed at me when i told you lite coin was going to 80 dollars. You told me its the real deal teal ect. Now you dont even know what tether is. Dude. Do your home work get some experience and then maybe ill subscribe to tour patreon

  8. Why is digibyte getting so much hype. Has anyone noticed all of these weird coins pumping as of late like ABBC coin??

  9. Łitecoin Summer 2019 mining reward halving ‘closing in’ – Bitcoin May 2020!


    Łitecoin partnered K-POP with Ailee above – John Kim twitter feed refers re ŁTC ‘hook up’ with C & U Entertainment

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