Litecoin's Bottom is In! Projected Litecoin Price For July…

what is going on YouTube heading back making another brand new pearpod TV episode in today's today we're going to be looking at litecoin bitcoin theorem as well as stellar lumens to USD also known as Excel M also we will be looking at the current coin market cap and you know pretty much seeing where exactly this bottom is within purple occurrence E is like coin hitting its bottom there are some very interesting patterns forming on the technical analysis on the training side that I would like to share with you guys but if you guys are new to the channel that we make sure to subscribe turn off those notifications leave a giant thumbs up and let's jump right into today's video so as you guys can see we are on the current coin marquee cap and there's a couple interesting things happening right now besides Bitcoin dominance being about fairly the same as yesterday's 25 our volume is 67 it's kind of slowing down that we're seeing market cap slowly increase back to where we you know used to be not maybe you have an exuberant rate but we're definitely starting to head back up the other way so if I scroll down to the top ten cryptocurrencies you'll notice everything is in green except for aetherium and Chios now what's interesting to me is the fact that we are starting to slowly consolidate up the bottom potentially was in and now we're starting to see prices start to swing to the upside as volume moves back into the exchanges on these coins so I do just want to bring your focus really quick to the charts so we can really go in depth as to what exactly is going on you can see past the tops and Kryptos it's pretty much a mix where we have a lot in green as well as a lot in red but without further ado let's move on to light point so you can see what exactly is going on right now within litecoins chart right here you'll notice a couple of things very interesting pattern and you know to me what's going on so you can see that we're having a very interesting play right here in terms of potentially a bottom support that was found which is quite interesting I do want to talk about Bitcoin in a second because I didn't notice there is a potentially a double top on Bitcoin but you'll notice with litecoin we're we're in a very interesting pattern right now so we have shown that when we were near overbought there was reason to see consolidation and pullback that's why we had this top overbought line right here you'll notice where we were hitting 140 and I was saying over and over again that 140 seems to be the top you like Charley Lee said that 140 or that area may we may have seen the highest prices come towards the halving for light point and it looks like that's exactly what's happening hitting 142 now we are starting to consolidate back down you are overbought when we started to hit 50 on the RSI trading sideways right here no volume I started to wonder whether or not we were going to break bullish or bearish because when we know that volume starts to trade out sideways and volume dips down that's an indication that there's a run coming and that's exactly what happened unfortunately it didn't break bullish it broke bearish and we fell to a pretty low level now we were using the high-low metal moving averages as supports which we have seen previously on litecoin do and I can just scroll down and show you what exactly I'm referring to where you can see we've bounced off of the top of here you know in the past we've used this as a support in the past and it does kind of gauge where exactly the coins are going and you can see we're still semi you know up so it's going to be interesting that the part that is surprising is when we compare to the other all coins like Bitcoin and etherium you compare it to where light points sitting like coins currently sitting at the oversold line right now we did find a bottom support which has numerous you know key points of support indicating that this should hold and you can see where we have the wicks below it's starting to retrace back up to the upside you'll notice that not only is volume now down again you'll notice where it near the oversold line which is a good indicator that we could potentially see movement to the upside is this the bottom we're gonna have to find out I know I made a video yesterday discussing Trump and I did get a lot of controversial you know topics or comments kind of unrelated to cryptocurrency itself I'm not pro or bear anything I don't dislike or like Trump in any way so I'm kind of conservative I just wanted to share my opinion with you share other people's opinions with you and see what you guys think about how to maybe influence the market being he's one of the most important people in America so he may have some control over it and I was talking to a bunch of people outside of YouTube and we did you know think of the possibilities that you know cryptocurrencies here to stay and if Trump has you know Trump's a busy man and if for any reason he has some time to be talking about cryptocurrency that's a pretty big indicator that this is a big thing and it's not going away so very surprising in my standpoint that a big man like him would actually even you know mention try a cryptocurrency if this is a problem and this was tiny and nobody cared about it he wouldn't even bother with it but the fact that so there's some talk than the big you know government that cryptocurrency is here and it's getting very popular there very interesting that's my point of view like why would he have the time to even you know mention it unless he somehow involved in it either one of his companies that he owns or works with or someone in the presidential office knows about cryptocurrency and he thought maybe if he talked negatively it might swing the market down I don't know if he helped this or caused this but market went down and maybe he's buying in more who knows that's another indication this could be the bottom now moving on to Bitcoin before we go back to light coin I did notice that there was some sort of double top forming that's with this M right here so you could see this or I mean that's a bad representation this is a little laggy but something like this is what I'm referring to yeah there you go so this M pattern right here finding bottom support it is a double top where we've tested resistance twice and could not hold steady we broke bearish from that I don't know again if this is in you know response to Trump's call but we are trading out 50 on the RSI much healthier than where we were previously when we were over here we're most definitely in the overbought region then we withdrew back you know that's what we have this week here and we pulled down to around 65 on the RSI now trading at 50 or 48 on the artists eye it does give us due diligence to assume that this may be the bottom the thing that we have to consider is the fact that we do have a high low MMA also here which is a great indication that we could easily pull back below this just like litecoin did as you can see there's no reason why Bitcoin couldn't pull all the way down to here so there's still some possibilities that we could retrace lower maybe 280 $600 maybe to $8,500 it'll be interesting and probably very healthy for litecoin because if litecoin pulls back down with bitcoins retracement it does indicate that this will be a great buying opportunity so for as of right now I am anticipating or preparing myself for Bitcoin to pull back down to levels as low as 86 to $8,500 and then I'll scoop up some white coin as well as some Bitcoin now I do just want to jump on over to aetherium chart and then we'll wrap things up Estella lumens 1/3 has also hit bottom very interesting so we have litecoin oversold and now we have aetherium which is oversold now they are both below their high low middle moving averages they have not been below their high low middle moving averages in months on months last time litecoin was below its high low middle moving average was all the way back in let's see February I believe it was all the way in February when it was below its high low MMA so very interesting to see that we're finally below that again nothing too wrong it's gonna start acting as a resistance right now which we do have to keep a close eye on but for the most part the fact that we are nearing oversold does give me some does give me some reason to believe that we could see a pullback up higher but for the most part right now what I'm doing if I'm waiting for some sort of pattern to form some sort of indication that we know oh okay this is what's going on this is what's happening now we know when to invest when to buy when to sell I know a lot of other youtubers discuss buying and selling opportunities but you know for the most part they play it very bullish and aggressive I try to play the conservative waiting for the right proper time to be buying in holding on short term and then you know selling off now these are only for short-term trades I got involved in litecoin back when it was around $4 to $20 that was the range in the range that I bought and I am just holding on and stacking up forth he long term this isn't my short term play I bought it months and months and months ago over a year ago I remember it was my sophomore year in my dorm room and it was in the beginning of the year and from then on I've been holding and watching that money double so it's pretty awesome to see or triple or quadruple so it's awesome to see and that's why I recommend long-term holding is definitely something here and if you guys don't have the patience to be watching charts every single day then you may want to consider just a long-term holding you know markets are oversold right now this is the best time to be buying if you want to make a great play long-term so look at litecoin the fact that it is nearing overbought or sorry oversold there it is and the fact that like kathiria ms also nearing oversold are great opportunities to just buy in long and just hold put it in a ledger you know I did give away a ledger and just hold on to it long term and wait for some sort of you know consolidation period I don't even know if I'd call it that I would just wait for the right moment a rainy day whatever if you want to check it you want to cash out there you go but you know in a year or two from now we could see you know aetherium Kryptos price triple quadruple in terms of you know the $200 low that it's that right now may shoot up to five six even a thousand to two thousand dollars very easily so and that would quadruple your money into here so it's definitely a thought I highly recommend you know long term positions that's what I really push people do that in stocks as well you know mutual funds ETFs this is another great opportunity to do so now to move on and end today's episode with etherium sorry with stellar lumens stella lumens is on a downtrend right now heading lower markets are heading lower it is also oversold so the only coin that's not oversold is Bitcoin so we'll see whether or not this has a bigger hold over the entire market cap or if the altcoins can bring this to higher levels so we're really looking for that retracement back to the upside you know stellar lumens does look like the best-case scenario for a move like this to take place testing its previous high low MMA but for the most part that's gonna wrap up today's episode guys if you needed the shadow make sure to subscribe can I post notifications we've a giant thumbs up and I'll see you in tomorrow's video

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