36 thoughts on “Litecoin, TokenPay, Ontology, and Electroneum Updates – Crypto News”

  1. Timestamps:

    Overview – 0:01
    TokenPay and Litecoin – 1:14
    Charlie Lee Says New Litecoin Products are Coming – 3:02
    Coinbase Wallet to Support Litecoin – 4:06
    Ontology CMC – 4:22
    Ontology and Google Cloud, AWS and Azure – 5:00
    Electroneum News – 6:12

  2. emergency news please save yourself plese save your kids and off springs encouraging these types of crypto channels would lead you to imprisonment in some countries cryptos are illeagel these clowns always encourage innocent people to invent in crypto currencies so please stop inventing in crypto currencies stop encouraging these altcoin buzz criminal channels be safe with your family

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  4. Darek of TPay scams with TokenPay bounty manager and hunters as well so never trust whats he talking about 😀

  5. For those who are hodling ontology and have it saved on the owallet make sure you practice withdrawing your coins now.. You might get a message saying not enough ONG for the transaction fee when you try to withdraw

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  7. Tokenpay is a SCAM!!! money laundrey, big dumps on the community, crashing prices with teamdumps, CEO Derek Capo owns 60% of the supply, so easy rollbacks in the chain etc.. soon another big DUMP incomming.. last dump before exitscam


    WEG BANK IS NOT A BANK!!!! they just give laons if you want to do construction works in your house!! no license to have debit cards or even bank accounts, A BIG JOKE!!!

    Tokensuisse same big JOKE! Just a broker for SIX products,

    TOKENPAY ALWAYS NR 1 in lies and fake hypes!!!!

  8. guys remember etn 7.7x'd in sept? IMAGINE if it tops that, because imagine it actually could based on fundemental triggers. imagine.

  9. Good news re WEG Bank Charlie Lee and Litecoin Foundation!

    Reminder! Next 'round' of Litecoin and Bitcoin halvings begins 2019 – continues into 2020 – mining reward is halved leading to less new Litecoin and Bitcoin entering the market leading to upward pressure on price. Last 2015 Litecoin halving signified the beginnings of 2015 – 2017 price surge!""

  10. Electroneum will be HUGE. There's no stopping their progress and ultimate success. Sooooooooo undervalued i can't express this enough. Ill just keep buying!! ??

  11. I bought 15,000 ETN the day before cryptopia was hacked! So I lost all! If anyone is feeling generous! Thankyou. etnkQGvyjRRLWrHVLk1jrMgooFDGNAPypBBfuZx7uPyUSeFupvnizvmX6qR67MqN6VNKnPfKtbRG75v5BeRYLFwE4YY2xdtHpn

  12. I see a lot of you here love ETN, while many others are concentrating on the top 10 coins on CMC. ETN will silently creep up like a Ninja.BANG!

  13. Saw ETN leak video. Big things are coming for ETN. Will not see under a penny ever again after Monday.

  14. Etn is just solving problems mobile networks are having etn has the solutions im excited for monday and next week ! Etn should be 20 cents this year very concervativly depending on the market

  15. What a fantastic opportunity for Electroneum to shine! Thank you again Sir. Regards from London UK

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