Litecoin integra MimbleWimble, Cash App Incorpora Lightning Network | #22 Noticias del Mundo Cripto

Hello everyone, my name is Pablo, welcome
to our weekly crypto news summary. MimbleWimble joins Litecoin and it
shoot your price The renowned crypto announced that it will implement
MimbleWimble a new blockchain protocol that increases anonymity in transactions. As a result of this Litecoin happened to be the fourth
most valuable cryptocurrency according to Coinmarketcap. The name of the protocol is taken from Harry
Potter and was presented by a user with the name of “Tom Elvis Judisor” which is the version
French by Tom Riddle. One of the names that the supervillain had
Voldemort throughout the series. MimbleWimble allows you to encrypt the amounts
of bitcoin of each transaction. So only those who send or can see them
they receive a transaction. In addition, MimbleWimble adds another technology:
CoinJoin. This group many transactions in one
to make it difficult to identify the individual transactions and their recipients. This makes a difference with the transparent model
of Bitcoin where all this information is public. In short, this new protocol goes up
the level of opacity of the network and the to Monero, the most anonymous crypto by default
that exists today. Litecoin usually deploys new features
before Bitcoin and fulfills a function, more or less, of testnet. This also generates a benefit since
takes advantage, before his older brother, market speculation. In this case he had an increase of 14% of his
value in a single day. Mimblewimble is also being used in Grincoin
and Beam, two new cryptocurrencies that come calling attention in these last days. Venezuela breaks exchange record of
Bitcoin This figure increased by 30% and reached its maximum
historical. The data is from the exchange platform
peer to peer, LocalBitcoins. The volume amounted to 8 million 900 thousand
of dollars between February 2 and 8. This coincides with the deepening of the
economic crisis of the Caribbean country and the Increased tension among supporters
of Maduro and Juan Guaidó. According to a Kevin Rooke tweet, the market
of bitcoins in Venezuela during that period it was 157 times bigger than the stock market
from that country. The volume of money generated through
localbitcoins transactions had an average of 1.28 million dollars a day during
all week. On the other hand, the bus market had a volume
TOTAL of $ 8117 during Friday. YES, THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY 8 THOUSAND DOLLARS. The news comes after the announcement of the
tightening restrictions on mining and the exchange of crypto. Something we talked about the previous episode. Despite the volatility of Bitcoin the
Venezuelans seem to continue choosing the main crypto as an escape method from Bolívar,
its currency, which is still in a process of huge devaluation. Cash App will implement Lightning network Cash App is a virtual wallet with more
of 7 million active users. It is a very popular application in States
United. It’s something like AliPay or MercadoPago in
Argentina. Lightning network is a solution to scale
the bitcoin network and it makes transactions small ones are made outside the blockchain. This makes them much faster and cheaper. Cash app is the Square application, which
In turn, it is an electronic payment processor. This company was created by Jack Dorsey, who
He is also the founder and current owner of Twitter Dorsey said in an interview that the
Integration is a matter of time. Cash App already offers the option to buy Bitcoin
from the application Jack is a Bitcoin enthusiast, he’s totally
in favor of the main cryptocurrency in particular, and of no other. In a world scenario where the economy
moves from cash and cards towards mobile payment applications implement
Bitcoin and Lightning Network in Cash App added to Jack’s public support for the model
decentralized management of cryptoes, is fundamental so that these have real and daily uses. These were the most recent weekly news
relevant of the crypto world. Do not forget to click the subscribe button
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