20 thoughts on “Litecoin & Bitcoin Nasdaq Listing! Our 2 Cents! Crypto Moon Talk! #Podcast 47”

  1. guys. good stuff!
    Just curious if you had to HOLD either 1 BTC or 50 LTC for the next 3 years, which coin would it be?
    If a portfolio was only composed of BTC and LTC, I'm wondering what ratio of BTC and LTC would be nice to hold …….like 20LTC per 1BTC?

  2. I just want to point out that the math won’t work out exactly like that. That math assumes bitcoin is 10k in 2020, 20k in 2021, 40k 2022 and so on. Which means that when you’re putting your money in every month in say that second year… you’re buying bitcoin when it’s 20k a coin.

    If you want a more accurate number do one year at a time. And take your end number and make it your starting amount for the next calculation. Do that 10 times.

  3. I don't think this news will do much for Litecoin, you probably shouldn't fomo in just yet ?It's still down below EOS and Bitcoin Cash. The news doesn't always carry over. XRP hasn't done anything in months and people just don't trust it. I'd move over to Stellar if I were you guys there making moves.

  4. The rumor is next month is going to be BIG! As well as September! Let's hope it's true. Not trusting BAKKT because I think they will drive the price up and then BOOM! Kill it all over again but I think that will be more 2021.

  5. Great show guys, and news re Łitecoin and Bitcoin on NASDAQ. August 2019 Łitecoin reward halving closing in…..

    BTC still inching towards $100 billion dollar market cap. $100 billion Level held for over a year previously!"

  6. It’s just me thinking here….but it sure does feel like big boys are loading up on BTC to dump into altcoins…think about it. Buy [email protected] 1/75 drive that ratio buy buying BTC further apart…then flip LTC…LTC goes 1/4 flip back to BTC and from 75/4 you get 18.75 BTC. There is your big move….and moon landings occur safely, ?

  7. Guys, let’s keep grinding….keep our heads down and don’t look at the score board too often. Every LTC we can buy now is one they can manipulate in the future;) keep buying LTC…and of course BTC, lol. Buckle up…this rocket is about to take off!

  8. Wish I could go three years in the future. This patience is almost impossible since last bull market.

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