Litecoin and Bitcoin Day 13

yeah mic should work better now okay I found a problem you're not gonna believe this it was it was a camera I added for the bird okay that was a problem it muted the it ducted mic sound and that basically uh yeah that's that's that so I'm just going to reset everything and we're gonna redo the stream because clearly I did not foresee this coming I didn't realize adding the bird cam would result in the ducking of the actual mic which is necessary I know I know I know I should read chat yes thanks were at least thanks rewarding me yeah god damn it that's so awesome right here few autism right now your this is gonna hurt your ears let me mute real fast no get much better I've added the windscreen and stuff I thought there was something wrong with the mic but it was just a software no way there's that all right we tweeted the link okay so here's what we're looking at we're like going we're gonna see if this mid bat holds I think it will so far it has if it doesn't hold we're gonna go sideways like we went here essentially that's basically it I mean that would just mean we come back a little bit further down that's the worst case and even the worst case is a good case because as we said it would result in a higher low and keep in mind we considered like we might not even come down that low because of how we are using this range let's draw a horizontal line because lines are useful we'll do this right here so 75 you can see this he'll have the 75 range was support on the way down it was also a range of like sort of support this area just seven just this upper mid 70s whatever you wanna call it alright that's range it's about these workings here so that's it's pretty bullish okay in that sense so I do think this area is gonna hold what I think what we could see is tomorrow if it does hold and all this works out and stuff so let's go to six-hour extra but if it does hold we could see a type of move we can see from where we are is like a green pretty big green like um like this like where it retraces to move down this candle back to a tas or something if it's bullish it doesn't have to go that high I guess I mean it could go would like like we said that 10% should that 10 10% channel here right here between these bottoms these wicks and then like 85 you could also hang out there like it did here and that in that situation what would happen is the price would go sideways and then the moving average would go up above it and it'll get pulled down as price goes sideways then as price goes up the MA will get pulled up again so that's that's another thing and because this is do daily that could take 20 days to actually like resolve out if we decide we decided to go sideways we could go for like 20 days or something essentially and just looking at the past right that's where we're going off I mean hello we're not just looking at that we're looking at how the price movement affects the moving average in the past and how the curve price movement could affect the moving average like it did in the past where okay so that you know there's that and yeah so we talked about that stuff all right so let's move move into the monthly do we actually okay so here's a weekly for litecoin so we said for the situation like this did not happen we'd have to get these mas above basically 25 day I made actually the only thing we really need is 1/12 right there all right just you just need to entice we just need to get the 12 day MA on the weekly chart above the 100 day EEMA right so and then when that happens as we mentioned this situation gets ruled out and that would mean this mid channel would not hold us resistance and break out of it I mean we could still see resistance there to be honest but like simply because of the grandeur channel D been in here let's just get rid of some of these lines because it's distracting okay so back to plaid a real fast right there yeah so like if you go sideways here we've done it over here why not do it up here we were just building support in this range if we're building support in theory if this is a bull market which I think it is I mean it speaks for itself okay like the way this movement wouldn't happen if we're still in a bear market okay and the thing is we broke down all the downtrend and all that so in the worst case we just come back down and great a higher low somewhere here like we did here but the the possibility of this gets ruled out sooner or later but keep in mind as I showed you in the other street before I restarted the see real fast again so we talked about the possibility where seventy could act as support here and whatnot like this 95 area could act as resistance so this was actually pretty good to play it out pretty well in that sense so now we see if 69 holds and if it does hold you know that's just the 70s essentially we could go way higher if it doesn't you could come all the way back to fifties essentially so like like you know that could that could also happen the reasoning for this was because of how 50 was a support range here and back here and like resistance back here so 50 is pretty good area like if it wants to come back down all right in that case but I don't think we're done peaking it because of this five day I might there he said this so many times so you need to sound a bit stupid here but every stream have to repeated over and over again it gets very annoying the we haven't really deviated a lot which means price needs to go way higher for us actually for this to spike down and the spikes down those are the bigger bigger pumps like this I mean in theory this could come down but I doubt it if it was gonna come down I think it would have been more violent by now but um you know that that range we talked about here it's holding so I'm just going off price history how and that's had that's actually how we did tas before and all so in the past back in 2017 so we're just going back for oh wow the stuff that works right work so far so alright so I mentioned all those possibilities for like oh and we already talked about that and most of this basically every video the what what's next is the Bitcoin thing but the three-day shirts don't not the right tab this tab right here now let's go to B T C so for Bitcoin we were saying we have to get above EEMA 100 on the free three-day to be bullish right here but um we're getting to a point like we have to either get above it break about about it like breakout above it like we did right here in this tiny area let's zoom way in like right we did here or here or we're gonna end up coming down like we did here and if that happens next attempt would be when the monthly bullish crossover happens basically in October and November later in the year over here so you know that's the worst case okay if this if you fail to breakout it as soon it'll probably come down and if it comes down it's probably gonna test this area as support okay that's you know high it hurts me to say this that's the worst case I mean clearly won't come down down low if it does happen to be honest we'll just see what what the market does okay but I'm just saying historically if you can't break this break out of this soon I'm running out of candles too so we're gonna do it soon before it like either end of month or like at the latest end a month for like the first week of May and if you don't do it by then it's probably gonna come down a bit I don't know if that will affect like quite much litecoin seems to not give a probably in a situation like that we could see it that we could see that move to data when I was showing the 50 move with the Gann fence that could happen so this is the another thing we could look at as a 50-day shirt now I I've never really considered this but I just entertaining the idea of it okay just in turn just bear with me so all it does is it looks at the past few days so we just started this new 50-day candle that was April 11th and the next one starts and amazed so in theory if you don't go anywhere but sideways here and the may like these 50 day candles have been pretty good at like filtering out the noise like it's very obvious like this has been a downtrend on the 50-day especially with this giant wick like yeah I mean that since I'm just saying it's actually pretty clever weird way to go about determine the trend I'm not ready you know just said this could wake like this one in that case we come to like the sixth area and just go sideways here which could wish you to work you know that'd be way more that would be way more stable move if you just like we did back there and then move way later in the year could happen well yeah so that sums it up really I mean another range to look at I guess is this green Channel we were using a support on our way up I mean this this line of the screen channel that we were using as resistance on our way up and if it holds you should see a bounce from it and then if the balance is weak it'll probably not hold again the second time and if that happens it could come all the way to this bottom of the channel before a Big Bounce you know that could also happen just you know I'm just yeah I don't want to be doom and gloom I'm just showing you what could happen doesn't have to happen to be honest I think we go sideways because I'm Felder stuff like this is very possible but gonna go sideways here clearly these two weeks are not very promising like these two weeks they're not giving me a lot of confidence in terms of if this will hold but it has been holding so far so I don't want to doubt that so like this could all be a bear trap essentially just saying all right I still think we're at a greater uptrend litecoin should hold pretty sure this range if it doesn't hold then we talked about where it could drop too well yeah it's it is three day three is gonna be very important and this really wants to come back lick back here like these wicks were insane on you could somebody probably went short down here and then it went right back I said there was just a tiny period of just in that tiny second tiny one-minute candle Peck I got probably liquidated or got self lost or something in that census so some funny things to consider in this shirt these are these I think will go up I don't want to jinx it but you know this is gonna be a tiny Bear Flag – assuming you cut all the wicks I mean I think the wicks say there's a lot of demand down here we got a look here I mean the range range where we get em is important – it's basically I'd like a 5,000 area about so that's a I mean I would say five thousands a pretty mental number what did but what did a Bitcoin do last time when it broke five thousand that's the question we should ask I mean obviously was going up so it wasn't an uptrend when broken yeah like right here yeah and then afterwards it went to 1,500 yeah so in that sense you know did we just come to like a weird target over here just looking so initially when I was looking at this I wasn't considering this range like this we're basically really close to this resistance we had here at 49 50 actually if it go well what the hell hold on hold on what have we discovered here magnet that right there so if that that's there holy okay guys I changed my mind I think this will hold if it does not I guess we're going lower but uh okay I think this capi a coincidence I'm just saying I'm just saying I mean ma society because they're dragging I think so currently volume it's dropped off let's pull that up and um there's a lot of indecision but just looking for a way further back to where this price is just bouncing off of here I think we go sideways before another bounce very possible that's pretty it's actually pretty funny that damn it let's go to 12 hour it'll make it easier to see sort of alright so yeah I mean what else do you want me to say price history works okay so this resistance way back in September 2017 is now acting as support if it holds 5900 about there like probably all the way to this with this this range we were talking about earlier new week maybe let's see what happens it's actually pretty exciting this didn't occur to me until now so I'm not reading I'm not even reading chat let's see what shots in sorry guys is my is it working fine oh boy what if it's happened again what the hell what if what if you guys don't hear me oh no no no no what happened one more tell you I gotta start checking my stream lives goddammit okay where to hell alright yeah no it didn't I know I just had a flashback PTSD from making good points and then having to remake good points it's pretty scary repeating myself anyway thanks for a donation Holloman said 977 look at the 200-day on BLX yes sir well how'd it go right there on the daily which chart would ensure what interval do you want me to look at it the monthly 200 ok nevermind I should have read it clearly some reason there's something wrong with me when I read these messages and just missed the important parts call it alters and we're sewing you know I picked the wrong II should go full retard alright alright so I don't see a 200 day on the they wouldn't be possible I don't know why well actually just not to be a likes okay go on hold on I still don't see you 200 days lovely two hundred day on mostly yeah I'm looking at there's no line this is monthly yeah you mean weekly dude right this is the one you're talking about you sure some muncher there's not there's not enough to they're not there are no 200-day Tudor hasn't been 200 months for this to make a point a data point like if we go back hallo see there's only been a hundred and six months hundred and five months this is needs like halo you still there hello chap please hey say something yeah hello I think you mean to me I really do think you meant to Italy hallo I hope you did at least I mean it doesn't make any other sense you're sure it's EEMA I mean you said ma so let's add an MA but it's not gonna make a difference still gonna say 200 that's like it's still gonna be 200 months yeah so that's what the MA looks like go through the weekly okay yeah that's what I that's what I assumed it was a weekly yeah I mean it looks good in this case you'd say I mean I'd say this is pretty bullish we could revisit it revisited several times here but keep in mind this is a different market mal Cox know Cox here I mean we've been getting Cox here apparently this whole time so I think the daxing is over R as far as we're concerned because even selling it well say well publicly denying it which is just saying you know what the hell that was a thing if you were curious yes sir that is a fine-looking shark very attractive I mean we're not talking we're not worried about this like these dips we get here okay we're just at the very start of this bigger thing and you know we can very well be here now that we're above it but we could also be in one of these situations but considering that we'd spent time below it that would I mean that would actually justify that we're here in a sense because the what would happen what would have happened and got damaged just simply because of how the the price pulls this moving average like back here we went below it but the price still you know it didn't in this case the price reacted to it so want to stay above it essentially right that's what I'm trying to say back here it was staying above it fine like even when it worked it want to stay above it so in that case you know that's a pretty I'd say it's pretty good indication of year two talked about this way back to but good good to recall mr. Hale ooh nine seven seven all right so um there's that but uh let's go back to the the price price history so we were just talking about because I want to see that next to coin base and like one like see where were five K back here was for like one on coinbase I'm curious know because it could do that okay so here we go so where does this 5k damn all right well we're gonna or a zoomin it's this candle right there 57 yeah yeah yeah I could see that yep yeah bitcoin is right here guys assuming litecoin is still leading this thing bitcoin is probably you have to peek I would say it's actually pretty cool right here man it's probably very based in red pill like the same the same area that this was resistance back here in this candle in September is acting as support now just like how back here 5k was resistance here in August for Bitcoin so like I mean close enough September August remember well this was going out like whoa wait a minute hold on well all right the weekly just shows it on in a different way I guess what I say what what I'm trying to get at is like this 57 was pretty important there clearly it was pretty important here to price magnet eight it towards it like it wanted to be in that range but it got rejected so and it went down now it got above it I wonder if it wants to come back to it maybe wants to leave for good what did what this price Fink is price-conscious probably not further than that guys don't don't listen to any of this don't listen to any of that yeah I don't think this is much of a correlation I was just curious on the time interval like you clearly during this when we broke out of it actually I take that back hold on I'm not stupid right here we gotta actually use this candle whoops right here okay so just supposed to move to 100 tonight yeah yeah we're doing fine I take it back Louis we can go is 6465 yep if you use these resistance if you use this range in the past and assuming we use this range of support for litecoin that would be 65 the lowest it could go in that sense if it's doing what bitcoin is doing all right there we go that was a lot of stuttering and the bickering figuring this out out loud but you got it you got it down figured out what this area meant meant so like the reason why I say this is because of just wick and this range of becoming support actually like mentioned like remember he said 68 it's actually probably closer to that not 64 probably yeah I mean I could see that I get really good for litecoin worst case and then you know now or even worst case you can do the other stuff we mentioned way or the earlier in the video it doesn't even suck here but for timing I mean this looks very attractive and even if it does come down it'll probably leave I'm just excited for the second attempt the second attempt will definitely break out of it why don't we do it depends on how will the price fines have bought in like if the price finds a bottom in this range back here that's gonna be really cool then we'll see if like Bitcoin does do the the thing I was mentioning earlier it's like light coin is in this range right and bitcoin is not there yet bitcoin is where to go this shirt do this okay so we're like coin as we're here but bitcoin is still over here okay so in that sense bitcoin could be here and like coin could be here that's what I'm trying to say in terms of price so eventually we just get pop to these ranges we talked about this before and you know after seeing this range becomes support on the daily that was resistance way back and it's like – it's pretty high I don't know I don't want to say it's not gonna happen but if it is a bull market it could hold and if it doesn't hold it'll probably come to this area like this ranch this we talked about like all this stuff like earlier I'm just measuring all the possibilities I'll just as mentioned damn alright so anyway and that could happen and if it decides to go any lower I seriously doubt we go below this low we had here like seriously about that because well there are too many people that missed it and the other thing is we would not have broken out of this if we were not gonna go way higher like this could retrace a bit but it'll eventually move up once it creates a higher low someplace pretty sure just like that's it's very likely for it to happen if it doesn't happen now what happens later in the year as I keep mentioning over here it'll happen in this range rather than over here so no they're not period this is daily we could have like you can just be like this literally snakes up and it eventually takes off so you can literally do that which means they'll be a really boring market essentially right next but eventually it would resolve that's what I'm trying to get it's not even I'm not trying to downplay the drop in terms of percentage or anything but I don't see it happening because of the support range we're using right now but if it does happen like it will recover even in the worst situation where I discovered that happens and you know I suppose they're people that say then it goes to 1.8 K that's still not happening we're not going below that way too many people miss this okay so so your hyper wave homie it's not happening alright that's it's not still not going everywhere does not happen not in this universe let me see yeah I'm looking now I just looked that yet again chat again hello what am I looking at okay let's follow this line so use these okay so yeah this is a pretty good line you could use this so we broke out of it you're saying we get above it which means we get above this black line like we did here which means we stay above it and go way higher that's what you're saying am i interpreting this correctly hallo man did I read the cave painting right are you on another phone call no all right okay god damn it how am I supposed to interpret this yeah I mean what is this like clearly you got the downtrend got that and we got out of that so I get I understand that you're saying this is gonna act as a resistance level but to be honest like if it acts as a resistance at some point like this is a pretty psychological area this is where it went parabolic to this top just like hell how I like over here well let's go to my chair real fast yeah we go down at 6,800 yeah okay yeah we yep I could see that if this keeps acting as resistance I don't think we go down hard I think we see with like a pullback of some sort probably like a 50 percent or something like we could come all the way to 4k if you decide to peek there but in that case like I would go pretty big Lee I would say we're talking 100-plus in that situation I like it I like the way you think let's draw it out here sixty-eight hundred so okay your target is 6800 hallo Matt okay hold on let's add a label alright we're gonna we're gonna do this as a a betting chip people are just gonna give us up their numbers and we're gonna go off that okay where we're gonna top two guys type in chef what do you want where do you want a peak where do you think we're gonna peak from where we are if you were to continue to go up where do you think would top out type and shut we're gonna write some names now on this chart should be interesting how the okay so uh what do we do by the way I remember what's-his-face I forget anyway he was saying 60 50 as the top damn I forget his name it'll come to me at some point alright so DC bogie is sitting sixty five hundred how am I gonna do this we're gonna give different colors for everyone okay that works there we go do we have labels on these we're gonna technical difficulties alright so anyone else anyone else have any numbers you want to throw around dude I really think like I'm just gonna pull one of these words just miraculously he just recovers this full back just like it did back there with you it's so likely the way it's been behaving so likely it's such a like I have to mention to Barrish possibilities because people will get mad at me otherwise but aside from that like personally I think it's just so such a good shirt this is a cow that's gonna feed us for decades if if the world adopts it same same thing with Bitcoin technically I mean this is gonna feed everyone for very long this this Church it's gonna feed a lot of people she's gonna build a lot of loyalty which means smart money's gonna move to it it's gonna be pretty cool that happens and the smart money secondly button but have been buying here in theory and like yeah anyway so we were doing this check and you gotta look your stuff to looking at the 6:00 hour in 212 or a like point shirt because I skipped completely through that and then 650 there 6500 in here okay 6300 6000 it's six two two two five cool wow it's like you guys basically just said all the all the prices three levels like the Jesus Christ that's actually pretty pretty cool I mean it means everyone's just working out that's actually pretty interesting if you think about it we're just thinking of this area how it was support becoming resistance the first attempt and breaking out the second order third or something that's actually pretty nice in that sense and where else could it go technically there's nothing not much else you could do like well if it actually does get above 6800 then it's just gonna go way higher I mean if it goes way higher it's gonna work hard but afterwards it'll recover and so good that's possible to let them yeah that's actually pretty cool coincidental how carefully just what's the percentage difference from the lowest in the top I wonder let's see okay so basically 13 percent so essentially the guys selling here is is it worth risking a 13 percent move if this comes down like you'd be willing to lose 13 percent if it doesn't go up but at least you secure profit in case it comes down so that's that's the thinking there essentially that's pretty reasonable like in terms of low balling it okay we need to hit 50 ma on the month a one-month BLX all right so we're gonna this will all save on the you know what let's go to this other shirt just do this this way so ma 50 is yeah so you're saying we already got above ma 50 yep true bullish sign we were above it here so that's good but that that's just like um yeah I mean this is okay that works I can accept that alright that's a pretty good indicator on the larger side like larger and triple but you can see like the the twelve and a twelve month on the monthly it's basically the one-year the one-year so like the values were here is sampled from 365 days ago right there so and these values were sampled from 365 days here so it took all this time to here see another 365 days before like these things to become less my for the price to flatten out for the MA to get flat for it to start coming down like it did here that's what I'm trying to get out yeah exactly yeah yeah that's what that's what that's what you're saying yes I understand we got about um a fifty in the past I mean it's like everyone everyone everyone thinks we're either doing this side where we come down or here we breakout so the Bulls like this situation because they're already locked and loaded and the mayor's they just want to come down but I will see what happens I mean it's too soon to tell clearly like a few days ago we were talking about how every month for retracing two downtrend so this month could very well retrace this whole red candle he had in the past that would be pretty bullish in that case if that happens but if that doesn't happen you know come easily come down here for a bit before going way higher later thank you I'm just uh I'm just saying halo like I I do I really I personally I'm very bullish I just I just have to you know we've got to get all the non-believers out that's what I'm trying to say um I'm just kidding that's that's such a scary thing to say not just meaning meaning clearly everyone who has any coins like if you were able to figure out how to get some cryptocurrency you're like probably smarter than the rest of the population already because you were willing to go through this hurdle that many people would find inconvenient but the hurdle is worth it because this is helping it get access to decentralized finance so like in terms of it's not even that hard you just download an app so like the rate at which adoption is it's just exponential just like the rate at which like an app is downloaded I think you think about a currency that grows like an app that's you don't get a lot of those and and it's a fine I scarce good at the same time so hoarding is gonna happen just naturally there's so many things let's say it's just gonna moon straight like the back with the longer trend it has been doing these stupid the these uh good boy good boy we gotta go here alright so back into weekly how it's been doing this pattern we kept mentioning hmm so like over here we start breaking down and then we did this right so we're here we start breaking down and we did this like this pattern hasn't been pretty consistent I suppose this should be a bit higher or something no no that look but we've been doing this consistently so there's not much like we've already mentioned the worst is over so we just see if this is gonna pull back or just go on with its way and keep moving up higher and higher both situations are likely like until price starts closing above here these 5857 hundreds once price is about there that becomes much more safe that this whole thing starts moving quicker like people just waiting for a confirmation that's all I'm trying to say this you wouldn't want to trade this right now because it could go either way so you just want to eat her like if it's a breakdown sell the breakdown if it's a breakup buy to break up that's what they're looking at traders okay so anyway there's so yeah so we've been doing this pretty consistently like litecoins been doing this as well we looked at that yeah that's not how you draw I'd be there you know it's not even to be you don't even say it's of these just a just a hump think of it this way if this was like you know if this was like but coin first of all I've never I've never considered like I can't even imagine how to draw human anatomy because I haven't never altered so I'm not sure how they go about this but I mean I suppose you could do some of this my favorite part about streaming making these for your characters doesn't even look like anything what the is that if it's like a retarded plum bus that's what all right so I just read yet again I see so apparently banks are still giving people a hard time just get a better Bank I mean there has to be some Bank it depends on what country you live in – right and so that's a hold in the u.s. I there's always there's so many companies like just go to one that works that's all I'm trying to say there's gotta be one it's something nearby yeah trend line art or in this case I was trying to make but but abut here but you know like but coins come out but I mean I guess I could still do it later I gotta think about how to go about drawing it all right yeah so we got a nice little bounce here that's pretty good yeah okay so yeah this could bard up or bard up the up Barney larketa this could recover very easily and if it does I think people will feel way more comfortable buying in and they could start breaking out very possible or you know if it doesn't happen who could just easily come right back out to here and build support hire but I still doubt that's the case like I'm just romantic just because in case anyone tunes in now I don't know why I keep doing this so gonna stop doing this it's like let's see but because I have this area back here like we're using this resistance because support this will definitely break out I really do believe this as mentioned earlier the like this this area this has to mean something Frank just doesn't behave this way for no reason unless it breaks down you know that's that's another that's obviously possible but so far it's holding okay so if that doesn't hold the next area is gonna be this just previous range we used back here I think we're just gonna go off this this stuff yeah so next okay so that breaks down 4400 if that breaks then and I guess somewhere here because of these areas because if those ranges okay so alright I guess I should have started off with this maybe I should just start with Target so you guys just want price targets much easier I suppose that I'm going about explaining everything that's I just I just gotta go watch my old videos and figure out how to I did this stuff back then it's uh just easy easier to explain I must have had some sort of fork system down somewhere okay so um yeah anyway so these are the ranges to look for if we break down 4400 4000 any lower it'll wick won't stay there much long for much longer I really doubt will become this slow anyway like I do think this is gonna hold now the other thing is if it breaks out then the area is gonna be a bit more different like you guys were saying so these are your targets over here basically all above 6000 Sahara one thinks it's gonna go to 6,000 this side which is I I mean I guess that's good to know gives confidence to someone so what's happening here but the the price history for this would be the next resistance level from the we're dudes into wrong shirt goddammit there we go this is the one I want so next we'd have to look for this for this one what happens next so we break out of this area can we hang out here so this basically okay so this range this is where so we're hanging out where this support was essentially alright so after we break out it is I think it's safe to say we go to 61 it's not 61 then maybe like this is that's probably I can't go that low yeah I wouldn't go off the wick but the yeah you know there's another thing you feel higher because of how this waterfall started technically this whole thing started at 6,200 when that broke down that's what started this whole thing so not since you could have if it had held it would have probably broken out the plane would have been a cleaner pattern that's when the floor drop so we could go back to there too I suppose but I'm just going off this I guess 5800 we're talked about like have this range it's gonna be resistant so we're already seeing this area which happens to be also a support here briefly so in that case like this area still might have already hit this range before the next like the next range of you have to hit up here so you know in that case I I think yeah I think this area is probably say like basically what you guys are saying basically what's your target sir which is you know just like we mentioned earlier it's literally price history so like it's very close in that sense so it's good it's good all right that's what I'm trying to get up yeah most certainly I think we will get another prompt before we see some sort of sideways period I I think this is a bear trap as mentioned earlier I don't see like we Bitcoin hasn't done this type of weekly pattern in such a long time where we trade tightly like this okay this is like Hello after what happened this is refreshing okay and the fact that it spent less time here than it has in the past that means this whole thing is speeding up not slowing down yeah so these are terrain just look for I suppose in terms of selling and then these are the ranges to look for in terms of buying should I give you guys colors what color do you want yours to be you know it doesn't matter well we'll just go back and read chat later and I'll write it down someplace no easier by me I mean I will do it so let's see what business about yeah I gotta be careful I don't want to get sued by Craig Craig right Vic to treat you sue everyone why why do you do that what I love the crab means they're so refreshing you're probably the best thing about biz right now these crab news periods of literally just the crab market me started back here back here where we just did this not much volatility just literally moving up a few hundred dollars every week so so so that's when it started because we're crabbing you might be doing that again here it would not be nice if you just to repeat this up here that'd be cool I'd be down for that that would definitely smash for this because we'd be building momentum then you guys have to uh didn't you all be wrong right and then we need new targets you know that's also possible I suppose yeah yeah fed it's gonna have ruined the dollar I'm they've been doing it let's look at actually here let's look at initial claims you ever look at the initial came to a long time last we checked this watch it not the last the we looked at this like 2017 on the dis court I don't know if anyone from the disk or distiller did this court's been dead I will begin it back but at some point at some point so anyway initial claims the important thing about this is whatever it is is at a bottom eventually like when it it has to go up so we're at we've been reaching a bottom for quite some time okay at some point this will go up and whenever it does coincidentally the economy goes to so if quantitive easing is the result of this going up and then it be god this is like it's been historically accurate in the sense that when this current downtrend is over and it starts going up we go to like well it doesn't go to instantly right it takes like 18 months but afterwards the stock markets got a bunch of other markets just forex and stuff currencies they just go tank Thank You tank they recovered no clearly but it takes so long because these uh they're small they're slow markets why don't we trying to say like they take years new your chirps good yeah so this is what we're looking for when this starts trending up that's what we'll have to be considering about a another like recession or a period even if it's not a recession just some sort of downside in the markets like global markets it'll be very interesting to see how Bitcoin reacts to this situation all right because this was one of what's just conceived after this after this whole thing happened here yeah the 2008 stuff so with the CFCs and so so the stupid hey guys I'm gonna loan out with no money down just also it doesn't matter if you can pay it we get a cut anyway because we signed you up also we print this money out of thin air every time you've wanted to take a loan out but we give it to everyone so it's okay so so basically we could it's housing crisis like that sick calm down calm down Burt all right so yeah so just what we have to look for when this starts going up we'll have to worry about this the SPX and all that other stuff crashing goal should go up silver should go up I mean they don't really get affected by this stuff I suppose not anymore at least like over here gold went up inversely pretty good I think that's what happened but it's been going up since 2000 like over here so yeah all right so biz biz with the crab beams hmm yeah hey think about it if like where do you think you think they would here's the thing what do you guys think if we were to break if Bitcoin let's say Bitcoin breaks a hundred thousand you think it'll come below a hundred thousand again or you think the at that point they'll just keep pumping it up just like how they did golden because the gold I've been seeing the gold argument being thrown around a lot which is a good thing I suppose because supposedly supposedly our bottom looks exactly like it we don't know if it'll play out that way but if it does it should just be upside from now like that means we do break about that and they still that maze on the three-day shirt for Bitcoin right here do you spoken at me just stay above them I mean we do miraculously start staying above I mean the thing is this free day cattle doesn't feel until the sixteen so this is still early but the the higher highs even if it works are gonna be important if it if this is where to go up like it has to maintain high if it starts coming down it's basically unless it gets bought up it's gonna be met it's not gonna be the case where it goes on a bit we'll see what happens this just literally today's the first day now I think we mentioned us yesterday the candle starting today and stuff yeah gold and silver are rigged I agree yep JPMorgan what are you up to don't please don't ring Bitcoin not that they could yeah well with taxation is theft why well you don't say oh I mean in a sense it is right no no not bad we're live yes sorry guys that's I was just about to get raped by this who just walked in well I scared them away with the bird Hey look I don't care what happens we're gonna well I'm gonna like there's no way I'm selling regardless if it comes down a creates a higher low there's I'm very confident that even if this does happen it will recover and go way way way way higher and so in that case like it dude it doesn't matter who cares if it comes down a bit it'll just go up anyway in that sense but again so if it does come down look for these ranges 5,400 4944 74,000 that's where like it could bounce from and I mean 4,400 out 5,400 oops anyway so yeah there's that and then we're saying prices are saying these ranges 6075 and 6300 in that area and then you guys are saying anywhere from 6,000 to 6,800 that range but if we take depends on how this moose so like we said if it just decides to just hustle and crab it like it did here it's gonna pump way greater than these values very likely for that but for not to happen like this has to these free day candles have to start becoming going back up like this it's still too early I mean you have three days to fill this but if it doesn't become green student it's probably gonna be like look at it every time we've had to to read three day candles it hasn't been a very good sign see 2 Reds 2 Reds 2 Reds this is gonna be a red one it's not gonna be a very good sign to read so it just means we get more downside all right that's all I'm saying that's all I'm saying 2 Reds 2 Reds for it to be red ok here's the thing if you want to be green it just has to say above 50 78 in the next 3 days if it cannot and then it'll probably be below like it will probably make my breakdown that's I just I'm just looking at in terms of a technical this is like me looking at it with no emotion just going at it with the uh just a trading perspective okay so nothing any would trade this right now I personally I'm just gonna wait this bride this out yeah it should be and we just rolled this out it shouldn't be that bad yeah oh yeah yeah actually good fingert retirement money okay so the French just tweeted about this the French are up do all sorts of interesting stuff with exclusive alright so this is fairly you can now have your life insurance in crypto so if you die you're paying crypto or some sort of something like that it's actually pretty important okay it's a pretty good way okay so let me see what the important part was uh these two provisions written black-and-white FPS can invest in crypto active like Bitcoin okay whatever this is translated by the way so it's not gonna be um it's not gonna be gross Facebook get out of here the it's not gonna be accurate English translation in terms of that if you're wondering because it's Google Translate I mean there could be mistakes so yesterday mentioned some concerns about the market but and we know the overall thing is they basically life insurance in crypto and this could go into other savings stuff you know how to French are like all socialist right so don't probably socializes somehow they'll do it French socializing everything and they wonder what our country is going down they aren't they were you ruthless before if you don't remember like they killed peasants and and now look at him they take peasants in and then they left the peasants control their country it doesn't make any sense to me whatever France Co went to with all these weirdos socialists dude stay away from their bed rent sometimes I take myself too seriously and then I go on these rents yeah like coin come on baby keep going sideways you'll break up this can easily part up dude I really like this I've been watching this MACD for hours waiting for it to turn green if it doesn't go side but it's gonna part up very like I've really fake light going it's just very bullish okay I don't care what Bitcoin does right now it's just doing its thing it's very strong coin where are you holding its gravel we did you know we talked about all the possibilities so now I'm just talking about what I see here and if it doesn't break above this line for example it'll probably break down but if it does like it has consistently bright like in their most recent times it'll probably be like it'll break in later break above later so actually I think the frogs turned France gay not the oh that's what you read damn I was gonna flip it around and be witty but so much for that idea yes Cameron which one first I mean if I were to go on an awful limb I would say BTC oil actually will it's pretty manipulated they could probably push it up if they wanted but Trump wouldn't be for that likes cheap oil maybe he factually probably Eve yeah I definitely this up Eve has a lot of ground catching up to do yeah that shows based he's making a comeback literally everything this is gonna be really interesting I wonder how it's gonna be after Trump like after a new yeah cos he can't be two terms so honor what the third term president's gonna be I wonder what Alex does then I wonder if he'll retire okay this could this could be his exits can this will last the next like eight years know if the Assange arrests in Bitcoin have nothing in common okay nothing's gonna happen to Krista because Asajj got arrested clearly it's bad because uh you know he's you just exposing some up but they don't you know these people don't like the idea of getting exposed so they're going after and so it's there's that but um yeah anyway hmm okay let's look at the ready this was seven days ago let's see what it means oh okay okay this is the Bitcoin shared yeah I've seen this okay this is that all right now that this makes sense I wonder if this is gonna happen to uh like going probably because it's literally the same fundamentals like in terms of what this dictates price it's identical so it makes it very unlikely for it not to happen so just from yesterday actually hmm see today yeah I saw the most recent one yeah I was entertaining literally he should get his own show I I don't know network would give him his own show obviously but I mean he is his own network so it shouldn't be an issue all right so just so you guys know what I think we do is this eventually go up and then we go above this price might look here a bit these get tightened and then um I guess don't get whiter again but it won't be that wide like this will probably hit that come down and then what'll end up happening is this will get pulled up because it prices that and eventually it would break out of it I mean while this MA we like that after it comes down here so it should actually think I don't know that I mean that's what we could be looking at on the 4-hour chart assuming we this area holds as support as mentioned earlier if it doesn't like just looking at the 12-hour I think we just go sideways here really do like we've done in the past I mean this is like very possible like we did here and if you look at the 6:00 hour we're still waiting on it to pull itself together like like in these instances like we did here so you know like this case case where this is possible where this comes down a bit further and then goes up like that make a little bucket here if it this if it were to break down rather than go sideways and then that will pull this up and then price would eventually get above it and break out like it did leave this range like a break out like this you know this is all this means go sideways and built support at a higher how your area like it's just basically what we've been doing the whole time okay so I move like this with put in like the two 30s or something way up there if we were to decide to go sideways here that would mean we get a tiny little bit more drop before sideways and then recovery and then way higher highs later like in that sense that's also very very possible for litecoin so so we'll see we'll just have to see what happens okay she's married hey little man I'm I don't I'm not very good at chicken chat so you're gonna be like you know give me a second if I miss your shot i falled yes where the hell there it is okay this is it no that's not it I just lost my tab oh that's why we gonna go back nope well that was useless you go way up here alright I guess I mean for entertainments sake yeah or if it definitely worth it let me pull up my chrome kill this CP some horse tranquilizers or something Oh Alex still change students attending you can't like probably the best character ever the Internet's produced if you're new Lester just type input if you're new Lester just type in Pentagon tested gay bomb on Iraq they can set it delay didn't consider using it they've used it on our troops in Vietnam they'd spray PCP on the troops Jacob's Ladder you think PCP some horse tranquilizers or something they got stuff that'll whack your brain permanently brain chips in the trips they give the trips special that seems that a really nanotech that already re-engineer their brains now there it is the gay bomb look it up for yourself I mean this is what they're what do you think tap water is it's a gay bomb baby and I'm not saying people didn't naturally have homosexual feelings I'm not even getting into it quite frankly I mean give me a break you think because I don't like gay people I don't like them putting chemicals in the water cuz they turn the friggin frogs gay do you understand that serious crap I'm sick of being social engineer it's not funny and that's how we get demonetised I'm just kidding all right what the is this dude this is uh this is crypto summed up just what I just hit the floor you know just hit the when the floor breaks just wanna smash it that's crypto for you right there mm-hmm all right so we discuss all that stuff okay like I really don't see a reason why we want to just go sideways here and you even if we did do that dip the next Punk would be way higher like that would that would result in a pretty large pullback way larger than the one little see here if this continues or if it has already thought of that I think we have like I said the the other day because yeah if this stays green the next one is scream you definitely bought them though in that case but we'll just have to wait and see for that it's assuming we stay above this 20-day ma and he would if he don't we just go sideways like still like for like coin it's very possible for this to continue repeating and if it doesn't then just goes below with like being crippled like mentioned in that thing I just showed you well this tightens up happens eventually we get out of it so and of course you know there's also that other thing way in the beginning of the video just to mention with the big Corrections well I want the bath do hey it broke out of it last time we looked at this we were saying if it's going to get out of this area and it did hell yeah all right so uh let me see some here let's see yeah I mean if you look at this just going off our RSI 30 on the weekly chart yeah for hmm you're just looking at the parabolic move indicator that we talked about many times this rule on the weekly that's been going parabolic since September it started it then it almost ended it here but then recovered so it could probably run broke out of a pretty important level I mean everything that right litecoin did Bitcoin did so they're all like not in that sense it's not so crazy what's what we're seeing but bad and this could just be a delayed reaction it's the you know could just be doing this like this whole range like oh it's been doing yeah F is definitely you've just been really lagging as mentioned needs to pull itself together what wait was that the Bagram mouse hold on let me see what the hell nope there's nothing idea so the again as mentioned like we have to for if it has to get above 50 RS I on the weekly right now it's a 44 so you just have to see if you can get above that get above this if it can like just like happened here does this whole thing and it when it breaks down does that so we have to see if we can get above it again on the weekly for if it's far away from it so in that case it has a good distance to go before it even gets rejected so last time we just use the same ideology like i d–'s idea was be used with prices strings stuff over there we could go about like yeah around to 40s to 20s like this range like this area over here like according to sa arbor already parabolic so we just have to see if our side does that the same thing on life no shirt mother under weekly see and say our became parabolic right as we broke out of 50 so actually think about this hmm makes me wonder if Bitcoin gets a rejection and just go sideways for a few weeks I wonder if it will break out of it like light pointed and if it does do that what does that mean for 'if i mean if is probably gonna do the same thing let's be honest so repeating they're all following shudder at different rates like so what one of them would be way ahead the other would be way behind or eventually they'd lighten up yeah want the pool yeah so I say are still bullish on beat ECB bands we're up on it but the what I'm trying to mention is this like this range we're doing now so bitcoins like this whole pattern down here for Bitcoin so that's what I'm trying to get at it's hard for me to speak sometimes words alright so like this this whole range for BTC was extended to dis much and then what what a BTC could be seeing is this first rejection like litecoin had here where it went sideways that's what we could be seeing here there's a possibility of that and if that's the case assuming the pattern holds we could see this way go way way way higher like the breakout on the weekly to possibly let's see where to disco this one's so far through this range yeah so like it it's literally like in a situation like that we're talking up here I was wondering if this would actually happen but it could I mean we'll see what happens I think this is pretty good to speculate on this is pretty healthy speculating I would say wouldn't you like in terms of Goa we're not really going out on a limb we're just looking at this whole thing being compressed or not compressed like you can even tell this whole thing this first weight like it's just literally like this except up here and for Bitcoin it's it's not out of character for it not to happen way I'm out of the be vents especially on the way up like and it generally it doesn't mean there's some sort of pullback so far at least it does it's done this like this when it's doing this this is the pullback essentially I mean over here right here so next next few weeks so we could see some pull backs here if we're higher going away higher or something if that happens just saying or on the hunter end this could be that this whole pattern got speed on this and this is all just nothing it's strongly that way if you overthink it it's probably bad but um you just look at the overall thing I think it's safe to say like coin it's doing this like it's been going way faster than Bitcoin in terms of this fault the following in the move so and where it is now BTC has to get there first like even if it's not up there I was talking about 7,700 a few screens back so it could be like this range this resistance double even if it doesn't go all the way up there or something if this pattern over here works if I mean probably not but you know I could be wrong not that it matters so either way as mentioned on the monthly and the like in the grand scheme of things it's probably gonna go up like we could just be here or here you pick which one I'm not sure anymore nobody's sure we're all waiting on a direction let's go 30 minutes shirt and to get us some this stuff stuff right here man man this makes me nervous this tells me we could like if it doesn't just dad okay hold on let's get rid of everything okay there we go so if this was this type of tightness if it doesn't break down it has to break up like some 30 minute but then again I'm sure we've had this on the way up it's probably happened over here yeah so I guess not though like the that situation we regard up or something or back here yes maybe it's not such a good indicator after all I take it back okay six-hour you know still sideways yeah I still think we go sideways him just because of the price history stuff I showed you earlier nothing has changed essentially there have you ran out of material now we just look at a bunch of stuff and then we made some interesting conclusions about some stuff and then that's it hey spongy coin pence spongy Bitcoin pants good job we mentioned we've mentioned that stuff here hell yeah all right if you're wondering I don't have any I haven't brought any liquids with me so I should go get some liquids soon well you guys watch this shirt let's just do the let's do one miniature the one end a five-minute shirt to make your bets guys here it will make some starting points this should be fun all right we're making a game in chat everybody hello hello everyone who tuned in we're making a game you guys are gonna try to determine where bitcoin is going using the five minutes shirt okay so we'll give like it ll sign a price range and you guys could do this while I go afk and stuff and I don't I think I'll be interesting because this is like you're trading such a tiny interval such a tiny interval and then when I come back I can do scorekeeping or something I don't know that'd be fun I'm such a weirdo coming up with these strange activities with strangers online it's such a weird activity alright so um yeah we'll give some ranges you okay you want 250 ma on it deal yeah we'll give you a 50 ma with B bents about that there you go oh yeah that doesn't look so bad does it says burned like the bottom of the channel okay so we're saying 50 100 here it's probably a terrible idea but we'll see what happens okay so I'm on Strong's – sync I guess it's not gonna sink all right whatever doesn't matter you're better solution alright I figured out a better solution we don't need any of this stuff we just need a line best fit line this should work well so this is five minutes shirt just a one-minute shirt and this is what it looks like so this is terrible by the way you should never I mean unless you want to trade this tiny volatility you could I suppose you keep your mind a tiny volatility here with lever just huge okay so there's that but like the okay so there's that one no this is a terrible idea alright I have no idea how to go about this I take it back I thought I had something here I guess I guess not let's see could I do is there any boxes could you I do lines with text is that a thing those come with text yes it does hell yeah okay all right we'll call this a show Tech Center good all right we'll do a big font so you can see nice okay so these are gonna be just not Center actually right okay so we're just gonna put these ranges and then you guys can see if we're gonna come down or come up from them I suppose so far like be here screen so you could be like a long B sell it that's still not gonna be precise enough it's just such a bad idea this we need somebody needs to build like a text which bought furnace or a YouTube thought not be useful I think this make for a good good um I think it already exists maybe maybe you know what probably not maybe it does I haven't done any research into this no clue yeah I mean as far as we could tell we're just in this atm 1% ATM right here don't want literally a 1% yeah alright guys I'm sorry I this up I will be back in a second I need some water I cannot speak about water any more water here uh let me see where it's a good part where's the part with the hell which one wasn't what was his rant the Sun alex jones alien snow wasn't aliens he's already done this do I not have any didn't I'll be honest with you I'm kind of retarded I mean I suppose that was close enough that's I was intending I just forget the exact words he said there's a clip out there that has the whole thing summarized I forget how to get through it so you know I'm kind of retarded to that sense so uh yeah there you go guys trade this one-minute shirt try not to get liquidated can you imagine just there were people actually trading this like this clearly it's a bot like but there were actually people buying in this well this happens all the Bob pushes it this way it's funny it's interesting to think about we're all just cogs in this bigger plan thing but yeah this could like if this doesn't break down it's probably gonna barred up very likely or as some people say it's gonna March up which is like 2 Bart's combined apparently before of course it can also Bart down and stuff but yeah 20 into okay look a look at that 20 and the 50 you said damn it I should have really get in that water I know what's wrong with me keep saying stuff and it's standing still so annoying oh yeah we aren't quite the sandwich yeah it could be like the sandwich here or it could be like the sandwich here see there's a twelfth go blow it well by the time the 12 goes below it it already dipped almost done anyway yeah like that's way too lagging can't use a 12-day I guess the best solution is just to look at the price I mean it's not even I wouldn't even pay too much attention ma it's like the the thing I showed you with this the stuff right here no I just thought this stuff right here with the price history it's been historic we in the past that's the that's what we'd use okay that's what we used what I everyone what was I the methodology was the idea behind it was a price history stuff like this how would this resistance back here this acting a support now like in that no I think that's a way more reliable than moving averages I really do 15 minutes please got it good eat you know that's maybe the bigger yes Cameron good idea here I'm just looking at the screen like a monkey you know in a sense all traders are monkeys okay sorry Cameron you're a monkey too well alright now that I'm refreshed sort of amazing how waters we just take it for granted wait why would you say he's gonna get raped what the oh well it is ma ma ma yeah I mean this is just seems to me like a sideways pattern or a consolidation pattern like you could dip down below it or go above it that's all it tells us yeah these are these emos okay it's the easiest strat is just to make us make something that buys whenever to value equal this and and to sell it the next time to values above it that's the easiest rap scam isn't that case it's like it doesn't matter what he might is just something that the price is consistently all we do is buy and then sell when it's up X that's the easiest solution like if you were to trade this almost like a robot almost of course the mics not on oh it is on okay good damn you getting PTSD from these screams it's a it's not good it's not a good side all right so here's what I'm gonna do gates we're gonna go and make a publish a new idea with these rate levels support levels yeah dude yeah hell yeah man like coins bullish yes that's right yeah we're not dipping guys man we are not the think this is good right here okay so MACD crossed over okay the cross silver bottom is in from the step very likely I was waiting for this I mean I guess that's why you said the new one based candle started right and then now it's just occurring to me after see this is why you need water okay I should get a water sponsor that we useful everyone needs to drink out drip the water I wonder where my water comes from you know supply chain management blockchain it's a blockchain of water guys come on could be worth billions the markets huge for a while here so stupidly the amount is shilling that would go behind something like that you return very fun entertaining though yeah it would be entertaining them bless anyway so yeah MACD crossover price stop going down price held this range which was as mentioned before was support here for litecoin and yeah it's good alright looking much better now we had some uncertainty here but I really think this is gonna recover the next few days if it doesn't then we go sideways or something but but yeah this is a good thing that we know we picked this up yeah so what I was going to do is make a idea here for BTC was that maybe I shouldn't do that I think I should just recap everything and we can you go on from there sway too much work in order to think about it well yeah this is good news good news everybody great news it's gonna be exciting you know it would just suck if you decide to dump the murder that would just be annoying as but doesn't that be bullish as hell that just means you say above this line yeah yeah I'm gonna I'm pretty confident with that analysis right there that says okay so let's pull this up and we'll talk about these levels and there's literally not much to talk about it we're just going sideways literally the like we're we're back to how it was here we had a few streams here and then nothing for a bit until we decided to break out again out of that green Channel way back 13 days ago it's not that far away that we were back at these bellies I know it looks bad cracks your eyes but like this head of shoulders here doesn't have to break down completely this could actually just be one giant bear trap where possible another thing to notice and this is a coincidence I would say is uh and something you know take this with a grain of salt but the second week the 14th of the month is very important it has been so far during the bull trend like it's bottomed out here let's go to like the 12-hour we bought them out around the 14th the right here c14 bottoms up 14th autumn so like if you don't dump before do it around the 14 we bought them out for litecoin at least it's been that's been the case like if you don't dump around the 14 we keep going up until the next 14th in May so so weird coincidence probably means nothing just mentioning it because I just remembered I had it but yeah that green channel right there so if you look at the two weeks shirt that's basically like yeah that's how the 14th are everything well in this case it skips it skips two weeks there two weeks apart so that makes sense actually yeah because there's a half a month between each point so that's – that's one – Buchanan yes I'm serious holding that's good come on like coin you can do it or not I don't know we'll see it's probably gonna be fun it'll be good all right so those things I want to go over is this you guys are saying we go to this area 6k to 6800 prices are saying sixty seventy five to thirty sixty three hundred and support is around forty nine forty nine if it were to dip and the and if that breaks then 44 70 and that breaks them for K but I don't see that go any lower than that and in any situation we would get higher lows okay so I want to say that so we could either from here we're gonna basically go way up here cuz I mean will you like like hug said he said we should see a pullback from here down to 5200 before to move to six K so that could still happen but at some point like from where we are now the end point of this complete this whole move would be up there and like this this would be like a break if before it gets out there so that's what we're looking at and this were to break down we would bounce from here and if it doesn't bounce well it will just go to here before a big bounce I would say that would create higher lows and if you'd spent some time here that would bring a lot of confidence back to alright so there's also that there's possibility if it does not break up for Bitcoin for like coin would probably just go sideways where we are worst-case dipped to sixty five best case we just go sideways and so far it's been bullish that daily MACD crossover I shown you is pretty favorable the the weekly we're still parabolic we haven't gone below fifty on the weekly trend for litecoin not yet at least this would load there we go we're still 52 so this could easily beat a week where we like chill chill a little bit because we've gone up so much the past 14 days and then this would create a higher low essentially and I'm gonna go way higher in that situation Bitcoin is well Bitcoin would have to retrace a shit-ton a price in that case because like we were if this was compressed with btcd I would tell that let's say we'd go to around nine to ten decay for Bitcoin if this whole pattern was compressed for Bitcoin because bitcoins over here in theory we're like coins over here so becomes a lot of overall assistance and litecoin can cover even more distance seventies Bitcoin can cover even more distance as well so not since there's that going possibly going we'll see if that happens as we finish the week the candles and stuff and yeah the other thing is the MAS we talked about and then I'm basically at that point I think I'm gonna recap everything enough to the end the stream I hope that's good for you guys let me chat right before yeah what about the bear fly I mentioned a bear flag way before – yeah we talked about that how long is the stream actually I haven't even looked at this 1 hour 30 ok that's long alright we talked about the Bear Flag and stuff in the first like 45 minutes throughout the whole thing overall I'm very bullish alright if you're if I'm giving you mixed signals overall personally I'm very bullish I'm just mentioning all this stuff because I get to yell that otherwise the whales don't like it otherwise you know who you are wilt alright anyway that's what I'm trying to say okay that's it yeah all right so let's get those Emmys and then we'll call it a stream and and uh yes stuff next time I see is tomorrow next time I will see you tomorrow the am I done Bitcoin alright so BTC yeah so like you said in a situation where we go to 10k or greater we'd have to stay above these green lines right now and if we do not the with the 108 exponential moving average on the three-day chart we have to stay above it and maintain like not just stay above it but also start going up from it that will that will accelerate the whole thing we already mentioned a possibility of this thing being this hole at the bottom becoming much faster because over here diverse mal Cox is it's not the same market okay all right stop saying say market it's not sriracha and say geez we have over here we had Bitcoin actually let me take that back we have coin cash that's what we had here and then then we had coin cash Toshi we should I mean Toshi vision and and yeah that's basically it so that was our fun element here back here with something I mean that brought the uncertainty up here that she was really annoying it's so annoying it's like Roger burr of all the people to Bitcoin Jesus taking a giant dump this is anyway that she was that was some funny stuff that happened there but yeah so we just have to say about this and for litecoin all that has all that means is on the weekly for litecoin we just have to pull a 12 EEMA 12 above it on the weekly right here and if you can do that that's very bullish and then we go away higher so like we said get this orange line above it and then this situation no longer happens because we weren't above it before over here above EEMA 100 so you know a lot of good things to look forward to yeah the whole market shoot should be fine in the grand scheme and I wouldn't be too concerned about these dumps because like in theory we haven't moved anywhere we when we started at stream 13 days ago we were at a 170 billion we're at 172 billion all right they're not during that whole time we haven't gone from since then and now we haven't gone anywhere in market cap growth like in terms of retaining any growth which which is interesting because litecoin managed to get retained the gains it made so that's probably gonna actually be in check to stay so let's see I think it might have actually increased maybe not maybe I think interpreting this wrong let me find out let's find out yep I'm interpreting this wrong yeah it has not increased I can see it increased though if this if the coins keep bleeding someone of our pumping like you guys said in chat but not all of them not yet at least I'm sure they'll all recover like these are all they need is volume really like look I don't know nothing some of the no nothing going through it all it takes is one whale to really kickstart some of their moves because it just paints the pattern yeah just the Buddha teapots Oh coin market cap broke whoa whoa okay well so much for that idea well Robert good thing you just got here because you missed a whole lot of rambling and bring bring bring puzzles anyway see there's really there's some real striking similarities ok this is this our side thing I was talking about with the weekly well litecoins way above it I can't even find the layout anymore that's very like this thing here Bitcoin is right there Bitcoin has to do all this like this is very promising if it is actually compressed and stuff that's very promising but aside from that like there's it's been just repeating the past the past early Friday since Friday it's been the same market it's just been sideways so there's not much to talk about aside from repeating everything alright good night guys thanks for doing halo see you tomorrow

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