Litecoin and Bitcoin Breakout Day 7

hey guys I really didn't want to scream tonight but well the market does market stuff so here we are new weekly cattle just started in fury like in my timezone hasn't but on the way trading new works from the exchange it does I mean technically you could just change it here I'm just using exchange time so in that sense it has okay so yeah let's go pull up the Bitcoin shirt here which one was it not that one there you go wait nope not this one either hold on yeah it's like a bit unprepared right here yeah it's the biz one so one biz there we go okay all right what's to talk about there's so much and so we are we are starting to look like a little pullback II but that doesn't necessarily mean it'll happen right now Bitcoin is really trying hard to break out and if I can it be so this is the shirt I was looking for so what we're looking for Bitcoin is well here's the thing if is breaking out like coin is breaking out basically all the market is catching up with light coins pattern in that sense okay so we're just seeing Bitcoin take the first move in terms of beating the pattern like what am I trying to say but at it like Bitcoin is leading now whereas like what wasn't in that sense over here but that just means like coin is gonna catch up afterwards this is this has happened like all the time through to 2017 move well I'm sure happened back here as well like way back there so in that sense for Bitcoin just well we have to look for if you can break fifty six hundred and then around sixty well let's say around six scale just Lourdes because it's a nice round number if you can break that then greater values become possible but if we cannot we cannot obviously it's bad but so here here's the here's the argument I'm gonna make now so remember the amaze we were talking about on a three day how we have to start closing above it and stuff for things to get really good well which we're really trying right now I mean it's still too soon to tell clearly like mentioned in the earlier streams we're like we this month will be very important how help prices price reacts around this range because if we can't close about there and see I mean it's already looking more normative more and more likely like the one the move that ended this the whole downtrend in 2015 it's just it looks very likely and right now it does but um keep in mind it's too soon to tell and it but around the end of the month I think it'll be way safer but then again like the FOMO if it hits if it breaks 5k or something well 5.5 k6k if it breaks that range the FOMO I think will be pretty great it great enough to pull it way higher so like we could see some sort of pullback here if you don't see anything here but in the maybe just should be lower as well like say like 7,500 we could see some sort of pullback in this range if nothing happens at 56 or 6k you just cut right for it and that like if that happens I think the bear case for the the whole market would be dead I would I would say just saying I don't know how some other people will feel about it but I mean this is really significant okay this is happening this is good for good things market wide that's what I'm trying to get at okay so we won't know obviously until more code we get more three-day closes but it looks nice see let's see chat sorry guys so that's what we're looking for Bitcoin to put the breakout light coin I think it's just gonna go a bit more sideways wait for Bitcoin to catch up and before it makes its move you haven't deviated enough in price for the lower beam ads to get pulled away down though keep in mind like we even if there is a pullback like even something does go wrong we technically still create a higher and a greater pattern ok so just saying alright so like we don't know which way it will go out market white I mean right now it looks right nice but just you know don't get too excited just yet and then the other thing is we're getting closer and closer to our to the mid channel at purple buy closer I mean close values so you can see candles are closing higher and higher this is actually actually looking more and more like the pattern we had here over here back in early 2017 and well around this time 2017 on ironically so there's that assuming we don't correct like we did here it's very possible but here's the thing if like only faces no resistance after it breaks a hundred and like the longer trade sideways in this upper area like this let's say 86 to 91 area if you could just say about there as a trade sideways it'll probably break out pretty well because it like right now the way these eyes are looking maybe it says uh we could get like a bull flag or something on a greater interval like that would mean even a red day followed by green or to red days followed by Green yeah that's even possible but that doesn't necessarily mean we've well with P keep in mind well volume is dropping a bit so significantly so Monday will be pretty important let's see how like the market opens in the morning but uh yeah anyways I wouldn't be too worried at the moment considering of because of what bitcoin is doing historically if Bitcoin Bitcoin can pull like coin that's what's happened so looking at the ratio I'm gonna like go a bit corny show okay so here's the other thing the D okay so for a situation like this did not happen the back in 2015 situation we need to make sure the yellow line gets above what's his face the green line yes if the yellow can get above the green so that means M EMA FEMA fifty on the free day is that one well it'll keep getting pulled up as we get new candle closes because it's based off closed bellies but if we can get the emo 50 above emo 100 on the three-day that'll probably say we're not doing this again keep in mind like for that to happen the way I'm describing it like this will keep getting this will have to keep getting pulled and for that to happen we'd have to break out sooner or later at least by mid month if you keep going sideways here either way like it's we just build momentum and we see if the buying comes through at some point everyone will agree in something the market market will but um and yeah as mentioned like for Bitcoin this is what we're looking for and if he pull up the thief chart and a sec we could see that too we could see similar stuff I don't know if I already have it up no yeah I do here we go okay um yes so this is something else I was thinking about I don't know about that get the 'if so efz 'if is um so like coins like up here around here and 'if is like way down here so it has way more room to go up we could see it break 200 pretty easily I would say assuming Bitcoin breaks up it'll probably take it with it the ratio might bleed a little bit but it'll probably catch that what Bitcoin cools down a bit okay so that's very that's pretty much what's just looking at history that's what's happened all right so just saying anyway I'm just drawing lines right now but uh the UH I know it's like whoa he's scribbling but those lines mean I mean stuff so the currently like coin is over here about in this range so if has pretty much room to get there and we know we haven't like if it's a if it's we don't have a lot of data point full points for 'if okay so here's the thing if you decide to do something crazy like this a good time well maybe it won't be a good time all right let's just ignore that the for time being let's just see how price reacts when we get to these levels on Eve if you cannot break above them well it'll really be up to Bitcoin at this point to be honest it's really um catching up but if it pulls through it'll pull everything through oh and keep in mind like light coin set higher lows this these books here yesterday or this morning or whatever um Carlos even this week like when we when we go below an X amount of price just keeps getting bought back pretty quickly we don't say they're a lot that's why yeah we get the wicking so in that sense like no it looks good just looking at the greater greater weekly chart to our b bands on the weekly have not started like diverging significantly yet so that means we still have some upside left and in that sense the other the other thing is the um like we're up here and if we can keep getting closes up here like we did here oh boy did we're in for like we're in for a treat guys alright if that if we could to keep getting closes way up up there i mean i clearly that's gonna throw this finger boy off but then dia then what we'd have to look for is close prices below this to standard deviation line so if you just keep like writing this hypothetically alright not saying we have to do it and then this keeps getting higher and higher eventually price gets below this blue upper channel we have and this is like all the way over there and this gets pulled so well in a case like this what we'd look for is when if we can get back inside the channel and if we can that's probably means we could see some sort of like pullback or a period of sideways alright I mean we could expect something like that if you just if everything keeps going the way they are assuming there's no random sudden big drops even if there are like if we have to see if the market reacts would right now so will they get bought up I mean they've been getting bought up so far we got that working for us so we got like it's pretty good right now I'm good just have to see how the next few weeks play out and and as for Bitcoin it's or it it go well mid coin just has to see we just have to see if Bitcoin will face resistance at 6 to 5,700 up here so if there is resistance will probably see some pullback and if we've set a higher low will probably break out of it our third attempt the the other thing is if you don't break out of it we'll probably just revisit the 4k and set a higher low here we'll just make will probably make this tiny resistance level it'll it'll probably become support or something well I don't know if that'll happen either but the the thing with the Bitcoin was was the three with the three day chart at least is if Bitcoin can close above EEMA 100 if it can it's ultimately well I think it speeds up the cycle essentially like we spent half as much time here than we did here just sync this thing looks similar as much as I hate the fractal now that is sped up I'm beginning to like it so I'm just saying you know well but it's too soon to tell like mentioned earlier industry I'm just remanding this because we got people coming back new viewers I think so alright anyway that's that we got that over so that's what we have to watch out for at the moment and if you don't do anything tonight we'll probably do something tomorrow morning and if you know that assuming it doesn't correct or something but um I don't see a reason yet just yet I'm loving the optimism it's pretty nice it's different the reddit is very optimistic generally everyone's here's not so much like even the Bears are I think beginning to come on board but we'll see what happens I mean we don't know anything nothing is certain okay so all we're doing here is just looking at past price and seeing if it's gonna work I suppose I should have mentioned the significance of these ranges so you can see on our way up here we hung out here so this is like we might hang out here again but if we break out of it through second or third attempt then we're probably gonna get to this range just like we did on our way up here and that's that's in the 7k and from there we could get a pretty decent dip so this could be pretty short it will appear it'll be very safe too short I'd say assuming we don't break out a 7k I don't think we would like we could just wick there and this will come back here or something I don't know maybe go higher just based off that price has to reacted around it around these levels on the way up so because we're going up now I think we could pay attention to these ranges and like quants eventually this week as well this week these closes they're very close to where this was on the way up so I mean we'll probably see them again unless we break through them the first attempt that's the thing if you can break out to this range I mean we could go all the way to maybe 13 K if not greater but probably probably not gonna happen like let's not get ahead of ourselves right let's just see what happens here and then things should play out probably for the better if you get closes up here meaning we hang out here so we get some pull backs here just like not big pull backs we just hang out here these this green line will begin to get pulled up and this will start getting up and when that happens essentially we're here guess so like we could see a peak like this and it'll probably drop like that's this is just the drop sort of thing I'm talking about here if you get the 7 K up here so like a 30% drop or like a maybe 48 percent drop or something like all the way just if you get rejection here there's no like there's a chance we just come back and set a higher low here but if you don't get rejection and we just hang out here and stuff it probably won't come down all the way here it'll probably be way less I know we were just talking about the possibilities but but uh just have to see what happens here I'm loving this optimism no let's see so everything is inching up they'd come about the tab the bullish channel yep and you you it's it is good like the last time we did stuff like this is the start of the old great bull run we're about to start up the new great bill around we started at early April the quarter one well I'm a quarter to right as we entered yeah anyway so uh yeah listen read chat I haven't read chat when we pull it up live dashboard here we go what are you on about Brian you sent a period and it's censored huh that's weird that's never happened before something's wrong yeah I gotta figure out something about the yeah regarding the ticker nevermind I figured out okay so we're just weights really I mean we looked at what we have to look at for bitcoin and litecoin so like we can see substantial upside keep in mind if buying comes in FOMA comes in at 100 like last time you broke 100 if you look at the way we look at the way Bitcoin well did I just repeat myself twice or someone what's know if you look at how Bitcoin went up here like in this range based off the previous behavior on it so ascent now that it's because it was bullish here and now we're technically bullish ear now that we're above here if you can close above this three-day EEMA multiple closes like a full months that would be pretty bullish if it's not a full month's like it could just be tiny tiny inch inched up green candles and stuff so if you just go off this analysis we did earlier for a light coin when it breaks 100 it should like she can go really heavy we're talking like maybe 150 is before any resistance comes possible if you don't assuming you know assuming we break 100 and then we don't spend time here if you do that that's even well technically that's even way better so you know just saying and the we've spent a quite amount of time quite a bit of amount of time here and there's people the selling hasn't started yet okay so in that sense like no no we are technically we've got a lot of works here there's technically a lot of selling but there hasn't been they haven't been able to push us lower so we haven't been able to get lower closes and Adsense for like going on I don't – Bailey the I think we had to want to right there yeah there it is there's another doji uncertainty yeah so yeah there's that could be uncertainty good or bad well I mean majority of us are considering good but we'll see what happens it looks good market wide so let's take a look at koi market cap real fast see what we're at we even looked at this day and nice we're 20 minutes in so in about 10 minutes we'll stop the stream and then I'll repeat everything in the last five minutes we're gonna try something else we're gonna keep short I'm actually keeping track at a time alright so right now we are what the hell are we at we're at a hundred eighty five billion okay so we finally broken out of it this is probably going to shoot straight up to 210 billion like I shoot you not to be honest I don't know where we're at which coins will pump the most I mean clearly like coins gonna pump like same with Eve same a Bitcoin we might see alts following the same pattern it's gets like ketchup just like how eve is catching up right now to the litecoin pattern so in that sense it's pretty cool like in like coins is actually a market leader it's moving to market it's I mean say what you want but like that's a we're way ahead of Bitcoin in terms of in terms of our movement and Bitcoin is just actually bitcoins the one playing catch-up okay so this literally gives us a pop up we could set out the ratio of all time highs all right that's what I'm trying to say okay in a situation like this if it keeps it up like you know they'll if also if assuming Bitcoin doesn't dump or something because that could possibly take itself you know that also is a factor but um right now it looks good okay so yeah so this has so uh we can shoot two to ten billion any week now and we'll see how the market reacts we could see a little bit of a correction there after that we should start inching up to two trillion and I'm from two trillion uh that's when gets real like the we go like this over here so that's what we should see with the total market yeah but over time now keep in mind people keep saying it's inflated and stuff but this is the only metric we've used in the past okay and it's worked so far so you know it's worked so far okay so even if you use like what's that like open market cap and you look at the total market cap there which is adjusted for well I forget what exactly I mean I guess fake or washed rating which is adjustable raw string same thing with the volume even if you look at something place like that the the growth percentage-wise will be the same even though the numbers won't might not be the same okay so in terms of that so like this five billion to five hundred what is this you have five billion to 500 billion move that's like a hundred x growth so if that was like five million on the open market on website or something or some other place that would still be like 100 percent 100 X move from wherever that value was on that site so in that sense the M the overall pattern I guess that's what we're trying to get at and the overall pattern mimics like the well clearly Bitcoin and then everything else really follows vidcon but the overall pattern mimics it because this is just a market cap and this is where the market cap is half of it is at least so this is going to influence how this looks and then over time if alts keep getting more and more power like in terms of market share and stuff it could start looking more Alti than BTC wise but for that to happen I think this will have to fall away like Boileau like Louis have you never seen I don't think that that might happen now I seriously don't maybe in the future okay so things are considered there yeah it's late night stream guys so I know well it's not that late it's only 9:00 19th but I really didn't want to stream today like I want to come back tomorrow morning but uh bitcoins are doing stuff so they like coin new weekly candle dude if you just do this we're out we're out the woods boys everyone's out every what's amazing to be honest and I think a lot of people will just hold they won't even sell when they break even or sewing so in that case like assuming foam will keeps being there we people you know with the helming and the the things I mentioned here regarding like how like coin was leading the pattern market wide and and how everyone else is now playing catch-up and that's since like we could all just be waiting for else for it all to sink and then like experience like a dip so it gets more feel and then expect the big rise like owl at the same time sort of thing that can also happen right yeah I mean let's see let's see if the Bears are gonna gets really scared actually recently big Coley markets that place should be cessful right now because well lots of liquidations possibly on the way even if it's like even if it just spikes here for like an hour I'm not even know if we're like one minute it's gonna liquidate all the shorts so hey that's funny like you even if it just spikes here for a sec and I'm dumps later it's these guys woulda lost all their money they're ready so well not all of it depends on how they position themselves or I think you're not supposed to open the leveraged position with all of your cash you can risk like 1% to borrow 10% to trade with with leverage or something that could in fact the work I know and jinx she was in water yeah beside it if you're watching the bird well it's nighttime so I can't put the bird now maybe tomorrow they'll set a bird cam or something if you know assuming this doesn't do something violent then I get a chance to react to it but let's see what happens here I mean ideally like this this this could be on the on the one day looks like some sort of pattern that won't resolve until the 11th right a wedge or whatever you want to call it a flag wedge well actually a flag looks like this so it's not really a flag is definitely a wedge of a sort it's just let's just call it triangle okay it's easier to understand anyway so this would flag looks like that and then to get breakout or something and then uh a which well it's a wedge what else you only say looks like it alright so so this says it doesn't resolve just based off those dumb lines are just true right they're just mean lines and but it's not wrong I was already thinking about this earlier in the end of day I mentioned this to several people like if he decide to come down and hang out sideways just create some higher lows from like we could probably recover by Wednesday or Thursday like before end of the week just because it's possible like if everything faces some sort of rigid projection look Oh another eye we can just keep going up I mean right now things look really good so I'm just mentioning the possibilities all right don't get mad at me I'm a Kermit bolt dude you think we're at least until 50k yeah at least until it's okay anyway I'll be right back you now let's be honest all probably hold to a hundred or 200 or something hey I mean seriously don't like at that point well might as well just let it ride see where this thing actually goes could go quite far like it's it's not out of us it's done it it since nature all right species this animal this animal is looking very very nice right now if you get more closes up up here literally all we need is some some sort of clothes I mean either way like if you get more closes up here and we say build a green line that's just gonna create higher lows either way and and that means eventually we'll break out of this which means we'll see a spike because of that like well we just have to say like this this next this whole month will be very important and yeah this just we could this one could speed up significantly like the overall pattern which is something I don't think a lot of people expected I personally thought oh this would take longer but that's what happens when you get beaten so every day whereby the Bears those uh those big Mexicans I'm just giving her let's see what business about this was dying earlier nice a green ID friend those are usually decent Hey look there's a clown yeah we looked at this me before a good thing it's getting repos that it's pretty gold it's a meme gold there hmm I don't know about that I mean you got to hold the right alts you can't not like you can't just go buy all the alts that's how you do this that's so funny dude Jeff Oh Jeff mister Bezos why would you why would you do that lose half your fortune alright so yeah this is just a green idea Fred so what these are is for the UH none culture tube is him the didnot neckbeards you know I'm neck beards out there you roll so like I'm just gonna write test because I'm a not gonna play along and type roll all right but uh so lose that there we go and then if you get a green ID and I mean I'd say that's green it's a shitty green it's pijit green but I'll take it hell hell yeah dude that means we're gonna make it right no just kidding that's just a meme okay it's uh I mean I questioned business IQ when I when I see this stuff okay all right yeah so we're still waiting on how this breaks up looks good right now for Bitcoin litecoin 'if everything's catching up to one another I'm excited for D the coin trades we might do later assuming they recover if they don't they'll be suck they'll be very suck but let's I mean they're for wait later we have to see how this plays out first before we even consider looking at that you got my attention did you by just saying whoever keeps shilling did you vote you got my attention I mean preferably I like them and see a coin for coins to a right like these big waves if they come but only because I've seen how they perform and I like that a good decent amount of decent amount of research and just a pattern looking looking pattern we could have patterns I don't yeah that's just me okay new weekly candle seriously though you might not see something until why didn't say like this could get stretched out so don't be surprised if you don't like if you just go limp halfway here just go limping go sideways for no reason all of a sudden hey that's not a you know that could happen in that case that just gives just creates higher lows as we keep saying so I mean why wouldn't it be I could see it it doesn't have to be 150 it could be less it could be 140 it all it all comes down to how it reacts have 110 up here like up here 110 based off this assuming when we break a hundred we don't just go ballistic right so if we can break out to this range it'll probably create well it would just be basically this whole step up better we've been doing so it's I mean just going off that logic right assuming this no longer works and look at like the rainfalls of blood you know assuming this doesn't happen I think this is pretty it's a pretty much safe bet because that's what's we've been doing in the past when we goes ups you know and cut their it the way I said that anyway that's all I'm saying Cameron I mean what do you think we could see you I pull back to 80 or something or 70 or even 64 from here I mean that could happen I'm not saying it won't soak a I've already acknowledged us past dreams just touch base on that again just said okay so we shall see I mean this is way too crowded so what I want to do next is check the weekly let's get rid of some of the did you mail it get him out of here okay so we're gonna look at the are side 30 on the weekly thing again because we start a new weekly candle so this should be significant okay so for like coin we are getting a bit staggie but we've done that in the past before the peak so I you know like there's a lot of stuff stolen stuff this whole fractal could have been compressed like this whole way down so this might not look the same I mean we could still be here for all we know the way this is doing it but we are we are technically above 55 like this hasn't gone about 55 like this peaked around 54 back here around 55 here but we're way above all these previous values so now I guess we have to see if we can get above 60 and then let's see what happens there but when we were up there on to weekly like that's into the 250s range okay so now that's still a thing okay it's all really up to Bitcoin but it certainly looks parabolic to me it you might be peaking right now for all we know but I don't see that yet not on the bee vents like we talked about ideal at least well okay Cameron if it I'll tell you a Cameron if it gets if we're some crazy reason just starts dying and we come back to here just fill out please Cameron don't be afraid to go all-in down here if you ever get back down here help like maybe 42 might become support for some reason if this just passes out and ghostess just overshoot somewhere and they're like a year no I'm making that up okay probably once I got restrain myself here but if you get you know if you can buy buy some back here if you can probably good I'm surprised yet I really I'm surprised you're out of a position that's uh I thought you'd be you would have seen the light by now that's a Cameron but I can understand it yeah it has me a bit like I question myself now but the more we see progress like this where we retrace these long periods of sideways on the way up like in a very brief attempts the more optimistic I get so you know this this whole range up here we could be just in the process of breaking out of it and seeing what happens next the horizon looks nice right now okay so okay alright so uh for 35 minutes in I think I covered everything you've got this alright so one more thing and then I'll stop because we're already five minutes over overboard you got a little distracted there so let's pull up the so this was the coinbase one for like point we already knew litecoin has got had gone parabolic since last week essentially so we're not now we either go sideways with some consolidation and then continue upward later so for Bitcoin we're at forty nine so we haven't broken fifty yet but if we start breaking out of this range we would go parabolic on this weekly chart and we were going off the RSI thirty clothes on two fifty when we get about 50 on that indicator on the weekly that's that's what's determined parabolic growth in Bitcoin in the long run like if the markets has become parabolic and technically has okay it's this type of candle pattern and we haven't done this in so long this this is hella bullish and you know I think like over here we're done and over here we haven't seen this type of tight candle calls on to weekly you follow through by a breakout in a while even though like I mean you know we don't know for sure right now even you might not know for sure right now but we will all clearly know for sure later like well we just have to see how this works how this week next week closes I think that'll be enough data to get some sort of short-term conclusion if not if you want to play it a bit more safe you might have the way till the end of the month in terms of data it's just in terms of how weekly candles close and how we see if you can get above it if you can get above it we're probably pretty pretty parabolic very parabolic so we just hope to see what happens next really but I'd remain optimistic because if it's a situation like the one we discussed here that means we do remain above these above this 100 day EEMA on the free thi we do stay above it so for Bitcoin watch 450 600 and 650 if you break out like if you if you break out of where we are now we'll probably hang out there if you don't hang out there we'll probably overshoot the 7k or something because of FOMO after 6k breaks maybe even greater I'm just saying like just basing off this old stuff no maybe it's 8k or something if I know but I look for and if we get if you don't break out here clearly we go sideways and create higher lows because that's what we've been doing and 4300 might become support if for some reason this breaks down right it enough so in that case that's assuming that we don't break about this green line we're just giving some conditions on what the what's this yeah like going about decision making stuff right some base rules to interpret the market in terms of what's happening right now with Bitcoin and if Bitcoin breaks out clearly that pulls like coin with it and then that means my coin would probably bust right through the 110 resistance that'd be my face 110 to 130 s in that case it will go way higher the other feeling the light point we talked about is how the beat band 7 the lower beam and Elyse hasn't started spreading away far away and how we're starting to get closes well potential weak the closes we won't know until the next few weeks above the upper B vents or the 20-day moving average how do we be sure so you know we haven't in a long time and if you can keep doing I think it'll be good like we could for all we know we could be out like this first tip and we could do another tip like this like a double top sort of thing like we did back in 2015 in that case and fear you saw it more upside like a few more weeks upside in that case but um we could also be very very well easily be over here for this to work we have to see a Bitcoin break out of these values we talked about like if you can shoot up to here it'll probably will probably go pretty high for like going it'll drag us up the ratio might set and you might even set an all-time high if the or at least visit old old time highs at the very least if we if this the patter we talked about here goes about to okay so alright thanks for tuning you guys show us the RSI 50 again for litecoin yes sir that's what you said and okay well that's good all right at least you were in something I just you know the market follow the same pattern so it doesn't matter I guess what you're in sync alright so this is the Bitcoin this is at 49 and I let's pull up likewise next to it what if they bar teeth down like I mean look at this thing few days we'll know if not later and then either break up or down as soon we go sideways or we just keep going sideways forever that's also think before of some violent move up or something alright so let's get the RSI here decided okay so this is what it looks like right here and this is what Bitcoin looks like basically identical like this you know what our site it could be here alright we could be in the last stretch before some sort of correction it could be that or it could be something greater we just like I mean we're gonna clearly see how price reacts to it okay but um it hasn't done that last stretch yet so we serve that going for us if you're wondering weird talked about this it's really like what happens here is not necessarily going to repeat history it's going to determine a lot of it is gonna be up to how Bitcoin reacts when it gets to these levels and if he gets sideways movement here or if we break out again so like if you get sideways movement here another thing is you see how this just keeps the that's terrible let's see see if I can draw some candles you could just do sideways like something like that before a bigger breakout and like that would that would be on its that would have it's like its own upper channel the other thing is that could it be also make like a giant bear trap if it were to break out because it would just be like it just looked like that and this would be like hey we're gonna dump right and it could if that's in that case we she's still bullish because it's at a higher low but the other thing is the girls a breakout which seems likely with the effects I presented on the RSI shirt and other stuff so either way clearly we're in a critical stage and I mean personally I'm bullish I think we've already started this because of that weekly like how bitcoins weak the candles are behaving and even if we do to come down someplace we'll probably come down and create a higher low so either way this looks good like for my long if you're a longer damn right it's annoying okay for some reason click it properly let's get rid of all the brushes yeah all right cool so you agree with that statement how we might have one big push left before it they'll come down a bit calms down a bit and we've set some higher lows or or we just keep going sideways like you I really think we could have this okay this completely completely no ordinary for light go on and then I can't alike that would put us up here like it wouldn't be too far off to consider this range for us to revisit this range up here like up here before we come down 50% or something and I will see if you set a higher low and if you do we get bounce and keep going like they're possible just have to see how it works I mean I'm excited I mean you should be too everyone should be excited all right so yeah you even on the so this is the B band thing we're looking at it's not necessarily topped like the B band thing says we're still here so that's still like a 200% move in that in that case from where we are so that's a visit to 300s which is basically up this range which views we was talking about like this situation so there's also that there's so many patterns out there right now it's really like mentioned it's all to this shirt see what bitcoin those up here and you know if Bitcoin dumps like who might just hold itself when the ratio could go way higher there's also that chance but think I think we've Bitcoin catching up to litecoins overall pattern because like what has been leading the market I think it's what we're all pretty good sign that the whole thing should go up market but like the whole market should go up same thing with Eve cashing up till 2 like points better like in that sense they'll follow each other sort of okay so now well now I will stop streaming thanks for tuning in guys it's 9:40 so that's what we have to look for tomorrow morning we'll see how this all plays out but uh yeah you know you know we could see up here soon sooner or later like this weekly this could be a really good week next week could be really good too and the so could be following with beans whole month could be really good if you decide to keep keeps just chugging along slowly I think eventually it'll pop pretty large and uh it'll correct do a pullback but it'll probably set a higher low and keep going up afterwards because the bottom is in here so in that sense and and the 20 2015 for active situation said well based off that worst case let's let's say we pop here briefly and I come down like this the sixties area will become support and it will become pretty bouncy from there afterwards for a while eventually we will break out though and I'd go way higher like that that's just a delayed outcome but right now we're still far from a situation like that yet to come to that conclusion just yet alright so thanks for tuning in good bye guys see you in the morning I'll see you guys in like about maybe 12 hours I might go live literally at 9:30 9:30 is when a stock market opens so these traders are awake like right when everyone gets up especially if they run if you're a trader and stuff assuming they just stick with like the traditional rules we should see a big assuming things also assuming things are going up and so if you don't go into early AMS you'll probably go around 9:30 and if you don't go by dan will probably wait until later in a week assuming we don't come down or anything you know that's the assumption and that's that's all totally that's a Bitcoin shirt these values up here looks really nice okay and then we get all these coins to trade afterwards too so it's gonna be great so we can see like coin peak like here so around here this is one light going went up and then and that's when we could go into like coins because we'll probably see some money flow out of it flauta like what and get like a big candle like that maybe hey we're gonna pump and dump this you but just kidding I mean I will take position just in case of this happens it's possible all right very possible besides I mean what's the point right if you're not taking some risk here what's the point is yep you'll feel alive after after a gamble with it something with this much supply no it's this business of life goddamn all right aim it doesn't matter it's it a of supply is that 21 million or Billy and I think that's billion yeah Billy and the tests nine zeros 21 billion down dude like I want to stop screaming but this just hypnotizing so it's I'm gonna I'm gonna force myself it click it now and I'll see you in the morning Thanks goodbye but either the morning or the afternoon I don't know if I'll get up by then like I mean clearly I'll have to be up but I don't know if I'll be able to stream just that like it might take me later today just in case in case I'm trading this or something right so yeah like a pop to here if you don't say it and see any resistance here then it's pretty much clear or we're either here or here in that case we'll just come back to here if we're here so I don't remain optimistic like this if you said you've had some good ranges to go to it can go to 19 go way higher assuming vehicle and brakes out as well everything could do that and the litecoin might do something even more weird which just like might create like a ratio all-time high and a Fiat all time high at the same time when that happens due to its helping and I know I'm trying to I'm not trying to play the hight helding type here up because I'm not but I'm just saying it's gonna like if something like that's gonna happen this would be like a pretty good time for exact half-ish I still rather see us go sideways like we did here keep in mind this all started like seven days ago one week ago we were at 60 now we're up here okay so now we get to see how the next few weeks play out and then and it will go forward from there essentially but what base software litecoin is Bitcoin should see at least like Bitcoin we should go sideways up here because light coins basically up here and then afterwards we'll see what happens well about up there

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