Litecoin and Bitcoin Breakout Day 3 Continued

you hey guys welcome back to the stream it's been approximately 12 hours since we did the last one and odds are we'll probably end this stream around 1 p.m. so I'll keep this short and sweet like the other ones I mean 30 minutes streams are I think reasonable because I run out of content in 20 minutes in and then I just go on rambling and ranting at that point it becomes a let's play and not a charting stream and let's play as in like a video like let's play minecraft because why not anyway so a Bitcoin we are still in this zone where after we broke the 4.1 K region right here so this breaking this resistance was pretty important because well now we can go to go up to this first leg like we did back in 2015 which is around 6000 for us dutchy is thinking and a few others on the stream are thinking fifty seven hundred fifty eight hundred that range close to 6 k if we're gonna see any pullback we haven't seen any pullback yet so there's the thing right and yeah so we're gonna see any pullback we should see it there if you don't get anything there and they break through six gate and 10k is up for grabs a thing I want to point out in this chart is it took us 180 days to get to 6 K back in well to do this first move this first 89% moved from the bottom come back in 2015 this time around we're getting there early unless you know unless we get there like so it took a hundred eighty days then it took 70 days less now let's do the percentage of that right so let's go through so like just to get an idea that's did assuming this fractal and all that old pattern stuff works how much faster RV right so in this case we just do 180 over 110 and then yeah we're like 63% faster alright I got our backwards we should subtract that by one so we're like 30 so we're at the moment assuming we reach six cave in the next few days or the next few five-day candles in this case you know a couple of five day candles is mid-month if you can get there but then would be yeah okay I guess I did that right all right so about 63% faster than the old cycle which is good which means if you go off that logic 0.63 over here this one to 95 move that takes us to that takes us to so that's 185 days so this one 280 295 they moved that took us a 10k well that could take us a 10k here could happen in 185 days for a nut bottom in that case and this is all like I wouldn't you know I don't know if you did actually work this way but we're just hypothesizing here based off how the trend has sped up so based off that that 185 days would be from this bottom so you know I would put us to June for us to get here seriously doubt that will happen just considering like the move here is much faster than the move here obviously because the markets bigger now that's the idea at least so we're we're still seeing if we're gonna get any pullback here we're just just climbing up the tree pretty well to like this drop this whole drop here to be it was a this is like a mean this has to be a mean right here so for us to climb out of this ditch and then get here and an overshoot because we climbed out of it isn't that out of the question alright but we have to see if we can break 6 K or five seven five point seven K before we can worry about what comes next you know I'm all for a sped up market cycle definitely all for it let's take a look at my coin though so we're in the 87th the fucking chicken just a chicken that keeps running it doesn't want to stop the the five-day RSI currently is reading 110 so I think it'll be greater once we start the next five a candle which starts on April 6th so it's in three days that's when we should see another data point on Arcite 30 on the five-date shirt right here so thing about RSI 30 is whenever we're above 50 we go parabolic so like let's take a look at BTC RSI 30 here see if we're going parabolic right that's the thing we got to look at and we're at 44 so we haven't gone parabolic on the five-day chart yet but on the daily I bet we're about 50 on our side 30 so actually well is it daily or weekly I think it was a weekly the the stock market rule for RSI 30 is on the weekly chart whenever we're about 50 were a parabolic so let's just draw a line at 50 so you get exactly what I'm trying to demonstrate here to get that point let's make this in this round 5-0 so so yeah like October 2015 we broke about 50 on the weekly chart parabolic our sight trend is uh intact so I guess what I'm trying to say is if we can get about 10 K and that 10 K lets us get above this 50 that would basically mean we're parabolic all that around we could be doing this first first thing here right here and the point I'm trying to get is we're gonna get above this 50 line before the end of the year so if you don't do it now if assuming we get rejected at 6 K and we do this and come later into year we break above it shit's going parabolic will have a bull run until end of 2021 shit's gonna be great like I'm pretty excited you should be excited this is the rule for RSI 30 on the weekly chart so let's take a look at on that on litecoin and see what happens there wait Doug you just redacted a message how does that happen let me will reach at mystic as it's censored does YouTube censor what were you saying like we were you being were you cursing on stream sir excuse me I don't have any filters for my chat so it shouldn't happen so on our weekly uh um it's like coin on the tweet we hasn't gotten parabolic yet I mean technically it has here but just from the definition of the indicator wait look at the right one yeah it has not so odds are in the next few weeks we see like coin break above our site 50 as well a weekly chart and that'll well that'll commence some sort of parabolic trend um but uh we are you know we are getting closer and closer to that mid trendline so we're gonna see what happens afterwards so if we break above 50 here that'll be another bullish Sun we're like going clearly we're not out of steam yet you're still going and and yeah like I'm still will be keeping an eye on this we are getting into this onto our side 12 we're certainly like keep in mind our side 12 is just half the sampling as this so it's just this um for sake of argues for sake of point it's just this peak just amplified because there's a half as much sampling I guess this would be the lower sampling will be four before the later sampling okay but that's that's what we've been looking at here so let's take a look at the trend lines well actually another thing we could look at is the high kanashii chart for litecoin okay so what we have to see now is on the five-day again we're on the Friday we're using 180 ma 25 day 50-day and 12th day EEMA and what we should see on the hiking as she five-day chart is he's this orange line not breaking above the green line here if the orange line gets above the Green Line then we've set up for a completely different situation where we could do two 2017-2018 move here very possible but we don't have to worry about that until much later because uh well we're not there yet but um it is you know we are inching our way into a situation like that we haven't gotten much selling I personally waiting for a pretty heavy cell volume like we experienced here I guess what I'm trying to say is if you get a day with let's go and scale this to the how do we scale this sir columns we want to call them is falling we don't need a volume I mean it is pretty the volume MA will be how do we there's a way to move to new pain below okay let's do that okay this will work I just need to get some numbers here so we have an idea of how much cell volume we have to see before we can possibly top out or see some sort of pull back it's so far not a lot of selling has been coming yesterday night we had a minor dip from like 80s or was it like 84 to 80 and then it's shot back to 80 87 this morning at this rate this weekend we could see a hundred plus and then you know then then we'll have to be a little cautious in terms of how Hubbard managing the money's right so personally I have some cells sell stuff here like I will sell a little bit here not a lot just in case we face resistance here I think it's very likely that we do if we do not then it's gonna go a lot higher but um that's gonna just a peace of mind sort of thing right are you gonna you got to see selling pressure somewhere if you don't see it here then it's probably just gonna go higher this mid channel is gonna be very important for us to breakout it but right now if we've topped out we'll be looking for heavy cell volume like in the millions millions we haven't gone that yet actually we have but um like not it's not a big spike that's noticeable your volume is a little low of speakers wait maybe I might have turned this down a bit how about now I don't want the thing is like any any higher end I get in the yellow zone we don't want to be in the yellow zone here it's just I think it's just your rape at that point but yeah I'm sorry Wilson about the volume yeah LCC hasn't had a point five our points 0.618 at all so you know it's got to have one somewhere and when it does get one it might be when Bitcoin Peaks at that well face is resistance at that 5k but if the Bitcoin pattern sped up that means light coins pattern has sped up and we already discussed this because this correction here is half the time here and if it's half the time here just like how bitcoins going for that 6kp curly Shirley earlier in the video we could be set up for a similar situation for light coin that's the case this whole crash like bottom out go sideways accumulate this whole period would have been cut a good portion like a good percentage just this period could actually be from December this year till December next year well not December next day December 29 2018 to December 2019 like this whole thing we could be we could have gone through this pretty quickly for all we know we don't need obviously we just have to see what the chart says for now all right it looks good though looks really healthy see check the yellow range is good don't go red okay true we don't go red so and wolf in the next few weeks we should see a peak I guess within the next three or four candles five-day candles we should see some sort of peak with a correction if we don't at that point well I guess we made it to guys speed we survived the most cruel fucking piece of shit ever and now we get to reap the rewards where keeps going up and not stopping because the the way you're like just like on the way down you kept by and then the price kept following we're in a similar situation where you buy and or what am I saying you sell like you sold here what the fuck why is the price going up you sold here the price is still going up so like this this where we are now this range oh yeah where we are now is we should see some resistance here if and then obviously like if the pattern is parabolic which it is let me get that new weekly cattle you know we could see another week candle well another few five-day candles like that it's just that the bean sprouts or bamboo shoots as uh our first says so we're not done yes you certainly haven't peaked yet but we're getting there possibly end of this month however if you've repeat this pattern here then we're all the way into six hundreds alright there's also that if it depends on if something comes through because for all we know there's a you know a bunch of whales just keep buying and buying at every every one of these blocked ranges we have like in this range someone bought here they haven't sold yet someone accumulated here now we're here they haven't sold yet so what are we gonna do now we're gonna see someone accumulate in this range and now we're gonna see if they sell and odds are somebody's gonna sell somewhere and when they sell it's not gonna be like just one person it's gonna be like a stampede effect a lot of self pressure is gonna come out of nowhere sort of thing and that's gonna keep us down well we haven't seen that yet which is uh making me really curious because right now you're better off is just staying in a like your you're better off holding your coins and selling them the current current status but that might not be just the the thing for much longer if you get rejected from like 180 or 200 for light coin and if Bitcoin doesn't break six K or five point eight K or whatever you know so we got a that's what we have to look for if you get a pullback there what we should see is a buyback oh that pullback when it drops thirty or forty percent the drop here was I think only twenty five percent for like going so if we if we're in this stage and this um this liftoff for zone we were talking about so assuming like this whole pattern that got sped up this this four dollar range is the new fifty five and that's basically here and just like how we go parabolic from here and that over here we could we could actually been like we're at this stage we could be doing that I still think it's more likely that we're doing this but we don't know until much later so and so we have to keep an eye on it's uh either way everyone wins you know all you can do now is like the the worst thing you can do now is sell too soon or not sell some just in case there's a pullback that's the old us those are the only two things you can do because if you sell some here and there is a pullback you might just double your coin or get thirty percent more or something but um but uh you know if that pullback isn't any greater than the thirty percent it's probably gonna keep going up and then in that case you just sold too early so but um you know you know the idea it's just horrible guys come on like the idea is simple here especially now that the patterns speeding up which would be a you know it's gonna be very interesting if you're on out um oh yeah that's what we have to look for see if we peek out in the next few days all right let's get the let's make this a double chart and I want to show you some other stuff regarding our three-day chart for Deema that we're talking about literally so I think it was two days ago two streams ago I'm losing already track like I'm already losing track of what stream what what how far how many days we've been streaming cuz this literally one mark shot thirty first we make a stream saying bitcoin is coming back to life april fools fucking pumps now we're like keep going if if really if if it if the alts do look like they do back here and they do like add shares I mean neo did you buy some other the other ship coins they all look very similar to Dupre 2017 some are out season pumps so for those to work we needed to see a bitcoin and litecoin reach like a peak and plateau and then we saw money from bitcoin and litecoin and well basically two top three coins excluding XRP because it's not so you know we saw money from eve like coin bit coin go and flow into these other all coins and they saw a pretty large rises but for those to happen and they've already set up for moves like that for that to happen we have to peak here first because that money has to come from somewhere yeah hey chasing those green candles the question is buy in to it or wait for a pullback did your but is no shit going dude have you seen its name like there's did you pipe Marines I mean it I mean clearly it's gonna have its own use case at least it's a cell block Shane right did you buy Marines this is this is how you know a shit ko and when you have memes like this like coin has surprisingly the least amount of memes but now this is cool I mean what is this I already taught already popping like gaseous logo nowadays our day wears – very similar strikingly similar alright looks like we just broke 90 hell yeah let's see what happens next a Bitcoin still hanging out at 5 K that's the thing like our ratios going nuts sort of thing so in this situation let's pull the ratio up on the strip yeah so our ratio is like Skinner up I can go back to candles yeah so our ratio is slowly creeping up to move up to here and if this if you get up to here and we get rejected at three point zero point zero three three and the Bitcoin finally Peaks it at 5,800 that's still a.m. that's still one $91 litecoin right so theoretically even if you buy now you could double your money assuming we do that pattern but I'm not going to like it just risky now but I'm better and the risk was not buying on the way down there is the risk now is selling too soon God to have it's so confusing but it's it's a good rush I guess the hell of a rush for me this is way better than drugs so let's say that watching this candle pump come on I just need another another few of these what is this 48% Moo's a couple more of these and I worry we could be we could be doing this pattern and and not this pattern if you can get a few more of those 49 percent candles on the 5a so that just means like you just don't pump until the end of the month we just keep going until the end of the month non-stop and nobody sells in their period don't know if that'll happen yet so yeah well okay it could be five over five years old I'm I'm not like it's gonna pump okay that's what you're wondering all these coins will pump simply because money goes from one coin to the other but in terms of this for example did you buy does any amount mace it has 5 million in volume in terms of like liquidity it's shit litecoin is 5.2 billion I'm not shitting on digi but I'm just pointing out what I can like the facts about it all that are in you could say like all the things I'm saying about shit shit coin didja but you can say it about shit coin see a coin and they haven't really similar to charts to at the BTC where they just go plat to like see a coin is probably gonna pump like a motherfucker soon at some point after the peak for Bitcoin and like oh and lots of good money to be made in deuce niddy shoot coins but yeah again this has low liquidity at least it sounds lower supply than the other one so you know they're it's not working for it they just for me just circulating supply and the person who controls the circulating supply hmm I come I'd rather have a whale of control twelve million litecoins then have that have those twelve million litecoins be between like a bunch of noobs at least I mean the whale will hold because he's smart I don't know if the noobs will the noobs will probably panic sell all the time so in the process the whale would accumulate those coins back from the market windows news panic cell but this was amazing with the ratio we literally went and kissed EEMA 12 created a higher low this old resistance became support and now we're bouncing off for a bit so if you don't recall a few streams back we were like one step two step three step so we're in the fourth step and we could see a big fight fifth step or just for stuff could be greater so this is I've seen these five step patterns in the past so I don't know if it'll continue that way but it could either wait just you know it's good it's a bullish sign everything well there's nothing else to do guys so we just we just have to wait I mean I really want us to see if you can go sideways here where we are now in the 90s like we did if you can do dis sideways action we did back here on our way down up here that'll be really good but right now the momentum is really strong and so it probably might not do that if that's the case you know it's basically a straight shoot to 180 if you can break 180 then then things become interesting too to 50s that's what we have to look for yeah we're at 91 great what do you know guys I'm not pumping this all right this is not me pumping the coin okay I'm not pumping like coin we're just observing the trend we just know like good things are gonna come so just all we can do is prepare for him right so in this situation where we launch off from 55 to 60 we're just like how we launched off from $4 if we're in this situation the yeah we could see like 600 580 600 range for litecoin stop before we see a 50% comeback and in a situation like this at this point nobody could say it's any did like you can't argue that the trend is down any more if it's a bear market like the bear market would be over for sake of argument and I've mentioned this many times before like it's not a bear market it's it's a really big bull market it's just that everyone thinks these pullbacks mean the end of the world like crying out loud we are we are either literally right here but if you break out of this green line or over here and this whole thing is like this bottom was a joke this whole thing was a giant fucking joke hence the clown mean that the whales possibly started we don't know who starts these memes all we know is that they come out of nowhere and the market likes it and people remember like four so this it looks really good right now okay everything looks great we just have to see if we can get above this green line for Bitcoin if we can and buy get above it I don't mean to wake above it we're talking like have solid three-day cannibals close above it if we could do that for Bitcoin that will make the case for litecoin much more well strong you know then that would mean we could go in the case for this rally over here could happen for now we just have to look at our trend lines and see what happens we're at 92 now holy fuck alright let's zoom into the one minute shirt Oh oh man dude this is gonna dump so hard I'm just so scared of the dump his fucking not like yours here's the problem the Bulls are battered and when they see a pump like this they're just gonna be like fuck I need to take my profits I don't want to I don't want to be poor again yeah that's the idea that everyone's gonna get right but as they're taking their profits who do you think is buying their selves the new money that's seeing this pattern and the new money they're fucking not going to sell until well there are up a decent percentage so that's the pattern we've been seeing at some point everyone agrees that there's enough selling that there should be enough selling to happen I really know I want this to see it go sideways or otherwise it's gonna be unsustainable and I'm gonna be really annoyed the in terms of if we come back down that's gonna be very likely goddamn dude 93 can't make this shit up so oh hey guys just up another 20% today casually like boy it's you know I'm all for this pattern I really am I just I just don't know if we're gonna see it happen I really want this to happen but so does a lot of people which means it won't happen 94 just so you know guys the we face resistance at 106 before we went to 420 so hey maybe if you don't see any resistance in the 90s we see them in the early 100s like even a 30% pullback from 100 would give this a lot more steam a lot more feel so if you go it's from a hundred to 70 just for a few days or a week and then we go up from 70 to 700 that shit wouldn't be out of the question assuming you get a pullback week but we haven't gotten any pullback yet so that's why I'm a bit nervous a lot of bulls are nervous right now because they don't know if this is gonna run out of steam too soon or keep going I mean obviously the smartest thing to have is a a good hotle stack and a decent trading stack just in case it we see this rejection up here what if you don't cats out of the bag I mean the chickens out of the coop it's just gonna fly and I mean it's been flying since technically December now again with the height cycling remember when we made these videos we were like people are probably won't come through conclusion at the bottom is in and the trend has reversed until months later and it is months later now now everyone's getting that foam Owen well we're at 95 now for fuck's sake god damn and some water yeah come on Bitcoin break out of the nice right 50 100 there yeah Bitcoin has to break out of it's something is keeping Bitcoin back it has to uh uncaged able you have to get up get up here so if you don't see any rejection on this first step here that's what I'm gonna be really skeptical on where this is all going cuz now we could really push and create a like a pretty decent trend here the other thing is this is technically this whole thing itself this haps this sort of pattern where like you had a low here and then this low is higher I'm gonna be break out of here just just on its own would be its own parabola you're just gonna work that little peak geyser so like for all we know we go here you get with sideways like that and do not process like point dips as well or maybe like coin doesn't that maybe the ratio goes up and we can get it bounce back here and this range could be this old resistance level B hat here becoming support assuming you know there is some sort of selling pressure up here if that's the case and that becomes support the balance from that will be really big because everyone will be trading that pullback if their balance comes through we don't know if that will happen later so we just we're getting there surely but slowly the ratio is now at point eight eight like coin is doing some sort of uh well we're saying we're seeing some sort of three pull back we've just had we were just at 94 95 alright so we do technically hit that um never distance the longer way up way back here this range yeah it's not nuts but Wilson it's not nuts what's nuts is what comes after okay well you will not be like when you're doing this type of move again and it will happen okay because it's just a matter of time as we've been saying for months years actually technically because we got into crypto back here and this whole happened and I'm literally the way the whole market reset was right back to where we got in in terms of like heavy bikes and stuff soon so this this is just like a matter of time before we do the same growth and this time like this disk growth here will be way more exhilarating than this pump we're having here you know for all we know we are at this stage where we do this but if we're not you know it's this this next thing is gonna be just constant optimism for years at well not years at least some you know at least two years after that we'll get another round the pessimism with downside but that's just profit taking at that point because we've gone up so much the yeah yeah I mean this this whole thing looks good really promising right now we could take a look at some other stuff again we're a 30 there's that so someone asked me to take a look at basic attention token we'll take a look at that in a second d again we're still waiting for either a rejection or a breakout from the mid channel if you get a breakout from the mid channel shit's gonna be pretty glorious pretty quickly if you don't well then we're just gonna go back to the drawing board and wait for a pullback to EEMA 100 where we get true you know we're like price overshoots from it and then we come back down to it the acute whoa hold on this is wrong share let's go to free day or or we could be out of stage we're at a price overshoots like we did here and then we come right back down to this EEMA to accumulate so we're either here or here you you pick your guests because I'm literally running out of energy thinking about which where we are it's it's it's a lot of break like this is pretty brain intensive if you think about it because there's a lot of I guess a lot of fucking neurons are firing in there my tiny little brain my little chicken brain yeah let's look up bad that is all about let's see it's good – I'll pull the bat shirt here that wouldn't even bat UST 2015 fractal playing out let me see what does that mean the hell oh this thing yeah it could be that playing out yep or it's not dad at all because everyone's expecting this now and it does something completely out of the box and repeats this fucking thing that could also happen the the point like the important thing is both of these launch points like 55 is a pretty much important important range does that's where we went parabolic here like up until the move until in December my coin was pretty chill hanging out at 55 it's just that what came after took us all by surprise and traded all these new well price ranges to go and retrace on our way up now with if we were fine here and then we over corrected after peaking to 420 and then we just now stabilized here it wouldn't be too out of the question at all we we have to do this move here so we can have the price discovery necessary for us to climb up and create a new all-time high later and that's not all the question it's just that we it's either this fractal we should more likely this fucking line or this this thing happening that's what it is right now and yeah it could be either way at this point I'm not gonna complain it and you need your way because no this is great it's a good shirt so let's pull up bats what do you want to look at the bath USD pair PTC all right so it's BTC is gonna kill just like how like coins got killed here that's pretty normal because oh this is bat BnB no wonder whoops all right it's not gonna kill after all I guess let's look at the USD T I'd rather do the US dollar shirt for shit coins in the Bitcoin shirts and that can't be right I can't be seen this cuz this means they got the USD feather pair later I guess this is not the looks like they just now got it that's not what we're looking for it okay let's just go on coinbase I guess see what happens no there was what exchange it I use for bad was it Polonius I'm looking for it along with the most data anyone know hey um who asks for baton someone shan't ask for bet who was it what exchange do you use you want to help me so I can look at that am i hallucinating did nobody ask for bad and shat do you guys see back here LTC moon okay maybe I am I'm not hallucinating I know that thinks somebody asks for bat maybe it was yesterday night and I'm remembering it now that could happen to you no that's happened to me remembering facts late that's that's sounds about right oh I'll buy Nance ok bat bat on by Nance I think this should get us the better data point there is cool beans okay so bats this is this is the more like the chart I looked at for basic attention token clearly bullish we broke the downtrend now we're gonna see if it can maintain that the new trend it's in so yes make this black so we can see lying in black oh yeah so that's good yeah I remember talking I remember talking about bat here we're like hey we're gonna we got to break this or else basically because we've been getting rejected from this down line and now that we broke out of it I guess we have to break this resistance at 39 after 39 breaks it could be a clear shoot 255 break of 55 then 108 very possible in the course of the next ball until June July assuming we get all season like we did 2017 very possible for that type of Christ's move to happen and percentage-wise from where it is that's well the first first rise would be like about I mean you could probably double your money here as well it's it's very similar to like coin in terms of how everything is breaking out it's just that I don't think we'll see a lot of money flow into shit coins like we won't see stupid shit coin Rises like let's see I don't know let's look at an shears no it's not an tits neo no EGC no you want to get the bit to your ex pair that's where it was first listed so we won't see stupid Rises like this until we see a peak on Bitcoin or litecoin and after that peak as like as Bitcoin goes sideways that gives the opportunity for the for these other coins it's Bitcoin pairs to go up because they no longer have to fight the Bitcoin growth it can break out of it so for for like something like neo we have to watch your 0.003 one breaks out if you do that then I guess it's good again it's just email 100 that's gonna be something to keep an eye out on the three day chart for a lot of these charts like if you break down from it it's probably price starts closing below EEMA it's probably bearish if you get above it like we are here because basically the whole market has the same fucking pattern like we saw if break out of it earlier you don't look at it here though so let's pull that up so if we've broke out of this pattern as well everything is breaking out of the pattern we're just going to have to see if we can get up this next resistance level and if you can then things become really good quick pretty quickly well we have to see some sort of sideways period so like for litecoin we have to see some sort of sideways somewhere if if it's going to keep going up it has to go sideways at these like this new price range it recovered because you can see that like this whole drop this drop from 92 to damn what's that so we dropped from 92 to 35 and you know I need to go fullscreen here and give me like a day tool I just want to show you an idea like how quickly market recovers so this whole drop took well dropped it there it dropped from there to where we took off from in over the course of 50 days but we've recovered that whole period in two days well yeah in two days this is Bailey Church so you know in that in that sense recovery is gonna be always faster so I guess now that we've gone this range over with the next drop is gonna be dis range right so if you can cover this range and see no pullback here then obviously the next next range is gonna be just to 50 area and then and so on if we break that then shit becomes really good but uh we just have to see what happens I I want to I really want to see sideways movement up here if you don't see that I want to see it here if you don't see that then I'm afraid we're just gonna peek and the selling pressures gonna come out of nowhere and drop us even if it's just for a few days like the the sideways period here wasn't that long it only took 17 days about half a month so we could do that yeah be good the the rice here took about 11 days to complete so there's that too and we started our rise about two days ago so I don't think it'll take eleven days complete at this point it'll probably complete much sooner if it's going to complete and if it doesn't complete enough period it's probably gonna go a lot higher no but again we just have to wait and see how the price price moves looks good though look it's pretty if you if there was a time to be excited about crypto it's now all right everyone out of coned again so let's take a look at going market cap we'll look at the hash rate for litecoin the we looked at that briefly yesterday actually let's look at how straight first because because the because every time light coin has created a new all-time high and arash arash rate hash rate not a straight though is rising from the ashes so there's that the every time you've done a new all-time highlight coin has been able to break resistance so in that in our case like if our hash race keeps going up which is you know which is clearly due to miners wanted to mine more because they need to commit more resources to get the same coinage out now that we are up in an uptrend where do my long-term trend line trend lines go alternate oh there's it's okay you have to go back here so if a straight keeps going up well we could see is the is a breakout of that purple line that we keep talking about you can break you like your Patrick keeps rising we break out at a purple line very possible you know assuming hash trade doesn't top out here because we are like is the second we start making you all-time highs on the hash trade which shouldn't be like literally in the next few days maybe next few weeks if price does not come down during that period and we break for that orange having not the orange the purple line I think we're really good we're looking pretty strong in terms of this pattern this could happen again because the when we were able to do that pattern the hashed rate that's the 2017 right here so July January so get it basically have to scroll to this range so January happens April we start setting new hash trade all-time highs and then boom we go vertical vertical like we did here so there's also got to keep an eye out on right so clearly people are committing more resources because they find litecoin valuable and well the helping is gonna help certainly with that 94.5 on coin this let's pull up the coin this shirt you know what will keep the coinbase and the Big Finish are next to each other now keep in mind there will be a pullback guys okay that's has to happen we haven't had one yet so and when it does don't get all depressed and like sad because then yeah we just literally confirmed that we have a bottom this is a rally off that bottom and then we should just create a higher low from where we peak that's basically it really doing that pullback and then we'll see if we can go up from it and if it's not a pullback and more of a correction then we just go for more sideways but either white like it's whatever happens next is good it's just a matter of time until um gets better and so so but yeah so coinbase were at 93 97 Oh 93 77 did BitFenix were at 94 about a 40 cent difference on price we're just actually pretty fine in terms of how that works so uh would your self price their patches a story well simple we could just get the price in USD next to the hash rate and I see what the hell that's all about so let's get the hash right here when price surpasses hash tree will I sell yes guess what price has not surpassed hash rate the reason why I said yes is cuz well it Peaks every time it does so we got to have to look forward to that means we have a hell of a long distance to climb on price literally every d'amore i look at the hash trade and thanks for pointing out I think of as Duchy or somebody else in chat but the more I look at this the more I see this fucking thing repeat the we just have to see if it actually happens because during this rally like 2015 rally here me worth setting all-time highs I don't think with the hash rate no we weren't but that's different now we're setting all-time highs the hash rates in the – – lunge Lee I think we could see two point three if because the it's very it becomes more and more possible the longer Bitcoin takes to face resistance so if he doesn't face resistance here and litecoin fiat keeps going up alongside Bitcoin Fiat yeah I mean very possible still the we haven't peaked on the ratio that's still favorable but I'm not gonna be trading the ratio right now I'm just gonna be looking at the Fiat because the UH I don't I wouldn't really care if the ratio of peaks at point three three if the but if the Fiat goes to 700 I would not care about the ratio as much because I'd rather have the the more valuable dollar valued like point into the bitcoins percentage-wise my cone will get you more into longer anyway just in terms of getting you're like most for your dollar that the growth of the market yeah I mean repetition it's gonna happen everywhere but this recovery is pretty significant here literally recovers this entire range like it never happened it's just this is so reminiscent of this like this for all we know we could have done this pattern here and that pattern looks different here because it got stretched out and what's to come is this thing and that thing could be way up there like you know we don't know anything okay we're just gonna be ignorant I said like the only thing we got going for us right now in terms of guided somewhere this is going it's Trent lines like we knew when we broke out of this green trend shit was gonna get pretty accelerated pretty quickly and that's what's happened now we're gonna see if we get some deceleration up here and if we do not and we could see like much greater values all right so let's go back to call a market cap and I wanted to show something that we showed in one of the streams we did yesterday we have four of them keep in mind because the market kept moving so I ideas if you go and catch catch up to ripple and dethrone it because first off ripple isn't belong here no offense to ripple holders again I'm just it's just because it's not like going I'm gonna shit on it because I can but that's not the real reason clearly cuz ripple ISM well it's all about the circulating supply who controls it so if we can go and get the ripples market cap and replace it on coin market cap that's some that's a $246 light coin okay so in that sense if you don't see resistance at two to hundreds I don't know what to think at that point like you for all we know when we break 106 who were like we just just like how we went vertical here we just go we're too cool here again in the hundreds it wouldn't be out of the question because we've done that in the past and it's a different market now so we don't necessarily have to fall to pass but that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep an eye on it just in case there we go back to coin this yeah we could just stick with the coin this shirt I guess but the only reason why I've been looking at the bid for next chart is because it has all these older data points see now if I was to do a LPC analysis on coin base without looking at any of the other shirts what I would automatically say is just going off the price action I'd be like well cool we got up from here and then this fing peak and lower highs shit like that so I clearly this range is significant we were able to lift off from it and it was significant here because just like how we overshot here meat / shot down here now we're gonna overshoot from it again that's what I would go off of and and then like the next thing I'd look at is just for some horizontal support lines and that would be it so in this case because we were able to skip this whole bleep down this whole leg well it's not uh it's not too out of the question that we skip this whole bleep down as well and go up here in the 180s now what happens next we don't know if you can break that then I guess the next range of bleeding to retrace would be like 250 s break of that then 300 304 well then we'd be into 390 split that range so but yeah I'm just this is pretty good the way we climb out of this I just the one to go too fast because the chance of a crash becomes more likely but if this just keeps going up and you repeat this I think I ain't be complaining let's just say that all right so what else we got in chat well we got 40 38 38 viewers I don't know how many of you guys have subscribed but you definitely should subscribe because we're well I've been I'd be back now is it a market to come back to life and stuff like yeah so we're just waiting on this see if you can break out at a purple purple midline 50 minutes in the de stream it's exciting isn't it like we I haven't felt this alive in crypto in a while I mean I think that's the whole thing thus if you look at this you know what that is see what the sentiment there is about it's all about do I think LTC will at ninety we're talking about birdie at 9 T XT Oh see take a look this is the one minute shirt so hey what do you know this pattern looks really similar to this pattern so maybe we do get some sideways movements here until Friday because it is only Wednesday and then Friday comes and IV pump again into weekend into Monday that's very possible if you see any sort of resistance here but keep in mind like the momentum is fresh so it's probably what I'm what I'm what I say here probably won't happen but if it does I'm not gonna complain either because if it does happen we just built more support that gets us more more power essentially to go a lot higher which makes the the pattern from 44 from $4 to 40 more legit I guess oh yeah let's take a look at the sentiment here I've capitulated I was bearish as fuck for months but I give up I just went all-in with every dollar at 5k today oof this is happening too we will see six K and a week oh no I mean not six K 2 K that's funny the UH the be right back guys let me just load the hyper wave thud yep sideways means all pump yep and yes what's an old like coin so I could take advantage of that I just want ways BTC to shit the bed enough to pick up somewhere I haven't looked at waves good point lots of people forgot about it after third generation shit coins came out typical typical market be oh fuck damn wait am I seeing this right let's take a look at this that's it daily left this shit so what I'm seeing here is like I'm gonna draw this out for waves it's actually really interesting basically did this from here to here and then uh that and then we we just waves just now entered this dish we're here alright so hey maybe maybe waves is another thing that's gonna just one dose maybe it's one of those quois that go down until um until Bitcoin becomes peaky and sideways it could be done we have somebody's like some of these shit coins have the worst worst it's just gonna leave a lot of bad taste and a lot of new money that entered a market like request network wrecked my bad I meant a wrecked network wrecked I only point this out because biz means a lot about it I'm still sink sticking around the 94 all right let's take a look for some sort of downward momentum I guess on the let's get like coin here yeah you just want to break a hundred on the livestream I want to see us break a hundred – but you have to understand when you break a hundred you just catapult up so I I'd rather keep a sideways much even if it's just for another day or two before we go fucking berserk so our sighs finally on the daily let's you know what let's get rid of all our size stuff here we want to look at the fucking you know let's just get rid of five pictures here I do not great we'll just get um let me load my alternate shirt and I will get rid of everything and just look at the classic Mac the SAR B bands that we used way back we still use it's these like B bands you can't go wrong with but um in feeder a B at this point it's gonna like everything is gonna give us it's gonna be delayed and not right potentially if you know this trend is more up than we expect it to be it's gonna tell us to sell too soon so let's see let's go to like the six-hour shower and and yeah I mean yeah all right side looks pretty I'm not artists I just just looking up SAR what we could see is okay so remember how I was talking we want to see sideways movement so in there sit in this situation if the SAR catches up to here and we see that resistance in this like 90 to 100 range will probably come down and flip the green dots bearish still appear up here and then you know they'll come down for a bit we just that just means we might do a bull flag up here and then do another rice like in that sense it wouldn't be too out of a good question if you do something like this and then obviously this is not gonna be accurate because the market does its own thing but a pattern like that wouldn't be too out of the question if we can flip SAR bears here I again do I'm not trading this I'm not shorting anything right now we're just letting it front there will be someone who takes the risk to do what I'm suggesting now and it might work in their favor if it works that way if it doesn't they're just gonna get burnt like many traders got burned selling here or selling here it's a lot of people like will read read it in a sec see what litecoin markets are saying but a lot of people saw that 70 expecting to come down to 65 not happening it just kept going so Who am I to say that we're caught like you sell here and it doesn't keep going there's the the whales have a mind of their own right now so if you look at the the pattern we did here back in 2015 I mean 2017 it's not we have you ever have even overshot of the debate dance you have you have okay we definitely have overshot out of events so I could see this sort of thing here again or like the sort of um the sort of pattern where we had back here where we go sideways for a little while to build a higher higher low just some consolidation up here it would be nice we don't need to run out of steam all at once that's all I'm saying but yeah so and there's that which we could look at the five-day SAR and that's just still okay yeah five-day s air is definitely getting like the the thing that concerns me here's how you know SAR is getting really parabolic so you see these dots they become more and more distant so we just had a new distant one odds are the next one's gonna be up here and if that's the one up there we could peak in the next five or 10 days or something if that situation happens yeah so we are sort of in that sense or or on the other hand you know we could be here whereas air just doesn't care either there's also that possibility but that's something to keep an eye out on did not see that earlier yeah a lot of people did say there would be a correction but it's still climbing honk honk what is this oh look it's a head and shoulders pattern oh no oh wait a minute what no it's not a head and shoulders pattern it's the all right this is what this is they just took a bunch of charts and snip them together I guess this might yeah this is clearly invert like flipped upside down no the the volume should be down here it's weird yeah like everyone is gonna be waiting for it to pull back their traders will wait for a pullback somewhere and then they'll buy the fuck out of it and then write the next leg up and then take some profit and then see what happens from there on oh that's what traders will do in this situation if they have no position open if the path for the position opened they'll just be scaling some cells in case well there's a correction and their hedge towards so they have some money to buy back in with but again like a lot of these traders they're not gonna beat a bob I can guarantee that it's uh Lots are just way too fast and they don't care they have no emotions and they're much they can they can enact they can respond to a market situation in under a second you can't do that by the time you type your order in it's already ten seconds the bots already already fucking way ahead of you hey like five you're a prophet lmao hey that's how it starts like the they're people that bought Bitcoin at three dollars and while not forty dollars that I'd like three four hundred dollars and then they got 20k out all of a sudden that little tiny bit of investment grew huge usually in crypto that's that's like the the the best thing about this thing anyone can make a decent amount of money say assuming you time it right the the other thing is like the long-term trend is always up so you always have that in your favor even if you make some mistakes the market will forgive you it's just like like all these people have sold here and that never that'd be like selling here would be like selling here and I'm washing it to go up to there and then have it correct back to here that's that's why it could be but be like the sellers here they have to be super fucking patience because like they didn't know if it was gonna come down to here they really didn't and it paid off for them but the thing is like they had a full they had a full 200 days in limbo where they were like fuck I could have just held and it could have gone up could have made so much more and then they finally got there their wish it only took 300 days three or 400 days we just got an alert what was that about let me see someone subscribe something like that happen we go to dashboard for this information no not dashboard oh yeah all right so hey the first halo junkie thanks for subscribing yeah it's like watching paint dry literally right now a very exciting paint nonetheless oh man you don't want to lose her to FA I don't know if Gate hub lets you get your coins back if you don't have your to FA look they're still people buying shit coins with their bitcoins oh no motherfucking litecoin got them even normies know it nowadays LTC is better than Bitcoin it's 2019 come on guys what are you holding bitcoins for boy Hey look at this 1500 meme here's the thing all right that mean it I didn't give it much credibility in the past because well it's it's the past but now like nowadays looking at $1500 or litecoin in the dear is it really not on a question if we revisit this channel so end of years here if you go back and revisit the top of the sharp trend we've been visiting right we've been on end of the year would be 1,500 so like that that 1500 meme is actually relevant but it's also we don't know if it'll actually happen until much later what is this about let's see now it's just bullshit just regarding chain link Nano one coin base that would be nice that one's been doing pretty stable but the the thing with Nano versus litecoin is well they're different tech first of all the second thing is by different tech I mean they don't work the same way they should like it's not proof of work with Nano every wallet gets their own blockchain and they somehow managed to get rid of fees because of it but bags decentralize acrylic whatever's it's just these are all like it's all buzzwords technically but then again like anything is a buzz word to someone who doesn't live in the industry because well it's just jargon the buzzwords are jargon for crypto right it's like in physics you get jerkin and engineering you get Jurgen same thing in trading so yeah we could pull up we got the Nano charts curious on that yeah a lot to be said for holding on patience well here's the thing even if you if you don't want to hold and be patient like the pet it's the only time short-term works in your favor is if you live in a state that's a really favorable for this stuff where you don't get a state income tax and if you well if you made zero dollars to the year in the year so you can start from a clean slate and plan out your trades properly with the tax code to federal load the the federal code because the like this it gets you get diminishing returns the second you start making over a hundred thousand well if you make over one hundred fifty thousand a year you get diminishing returns on how much you pay in taxed because I'm like now every profit you make you have to take out some money for your tax and now you have less money to buy buy back in with so you get less coins but you're not looking for two coins in this situation you're just trading the pumps so I mean trading a spot really it really is it's just that I'm not in a state where it's fucking possible with the volume I would move it's not possible for it to be worthwhile it's smarter just to hold in my state it's only because fucking it's just a law maybe it'll change one day but not yet yeah this I mean this is good we're just going up still ninety five I can't tell you that why would I tell you that let's just say it's a pretty much good and may way more than anyone you'd think would have liked it some it's all or nothing like Boston a walls sort of stack not not this pussy shit where you're just wetting your water and just getting your feet wet in the water we're not we're way past that we can't be dealing with that like yeah I'm way too committed so everyone should be very really committed but they're within the crypto because yeah this is your one way out of wage cutting forever like it's it's one way that a lot of people that can take to avoid working we have automation that's gonna take a lot of jobs so think of it this way like you can if you could get some coins just a hold for a few years and sell them at the big peak or just sell it when you're up a hundred X or a thousand X or whatever the fuck cuz the market does stupid movies anyway and just live off that money that you sell and wait for the next bottom like you can this chart will be your cow it'll it'll deliver you eggs well no what am I saying that's a chicken let's just say it's you okay because it makes more sense but it's also a cow because this is where you can get your milk and butter from right over the years if you play it right I'm sorry belly that you bought the the big peak but I hope you bought some more down here because if you were willing to commit here and you did not commit down here then I'm afraid you're doing this wrong that's that's the thing like I know people that bought here and they fucking went balsa walls here they didn't care if it was going to eighteen eighteen dollars they do no they don't they don't like anyone who's health food is this desensitized to fudd two drops to anything really so you just Creed this whole job just created a bunch of hard lers and that's a good portion of the supply that will never get traded until we get really high bellies like those coins are out of circulation until we get there yeah Nick that's a that's a pretty good idea yeah we're definitely gonna break a hundred and I see you two on the well it's on the elder screen let's go to 30 minute shirt so those purple lines on the 30 minute chart are up here so that's one 35 brink of that then we can go to 158 break of that then well 182 two fifties are in play after we break those than anything is up for grabs new all-time highs could come as we get more data points but for now you know we aren't getting there slowly and surely like it is so technically like if people are gonna go to sleep soon traders will go to sleep soon I don't know what region of the planet but somewhere or someone out there will go to sleep and then that'll sort of bring us like the I'll sort of give us some sort of like breathing space like here so at midnight after we finish the stream we went sideways until the morning when everyone walked back up so I mean midnight midnight today is until here so if we're gonna see any pullback it's gonna be maybe end of day and then when everyone sleeps and comes back in the morning we just keep going up just to continue right where we left off the my alerts were going off at like 10 a.m. when we broke in before but I'd done like fucking I'm sleeping this somebody out there has to sleep and I know and I just started streaming right here at the like literally an hour eight minutes ago so but I didn't end of the week like we can see at the rate we're going will definitely see over $100 like Coen end of the week if you see no pullback and uh and and yet really if you see $100 light coin in a week then a lot of like this whole this whole period here didn't dis didn't take much did not take a long time yes this whole rise happened over the course of a month or so well after we okay my bad I should say that she correct myself so the whole rise after we broke broke a hundred was it only took six days so so you know if you know if you break a hundred this week next week we're certainly peeking and if you don't peak then then something's really fishy here and like I guess the wheels are just gonna pump us to forever dirt they're always gonna pump us it's never gonna crash that's terrific without that it would happen it I mean that's the beauty of this fucking market it's so good can I stop the can I stop stream while I take my dog out I mean maybe when are you taking your dog out right it's gonna be great to like at the end of the day everyone anyone who's bought here like on the way down anyone who's bought the way up everyone's gonna be making money alright so in the in the long run like the market really does forgive so in that sense which is really good you don't get to you don't get a lot of coins a lot of a lot of markets like that some markets punish you where they don't give you a chance to come back and buy more it's like a second chance like a redo anyone who saw a 20-17 play out and they they're like fuck I should have really gotten in this was your second chance now now that everyone's loaded what comes next is obviously gonna be pretty good let's go to three day shirt briefly yeah I mean we're certainly climbing the B been like we did here on a three day question is if you can like if you start setting closes above the upper Bollinger Band in our case that's if he's just creating Bailey threw 3-day candle closes above seventy nine for multiple three day candles than a situation like this becomes way more likely because now we know we've gone we've overshot from our standard deviation here which is what we should see because be bands were tight on the daily here right Pete bands got tied onto daily and then we've ended up visiting the well we've ended up visiting the client climbing the the three-day be band upper be been and then the five-day we're just now touching it so you know we're basically overshot to keep getting overshot it's gonna dump but if it doesn't dump hard then we're here we've redo it where we might set a bull flag up here before the next leg up growth spurt spurt up yeah of course we could take a look at it but it's not gonna mean much literally we're gonna own the daily we're gonna get false positives can really tell you to sell so I guess I mean I guess we could use use a drink so it's not it happens it has certainly not peaked on the five-day and the thing is on the five-day now we can we have more leg essentially we could go all the way to 89 on the daily but I'm not really focused on RSI 14 I'm more looking at our sights well on the 5-minute because this this well the difference is obvious you see this peak here so 12 versus 14 is it it just gives it more definition it makes it a bit more relevant but again like if RS a size we peak and we don't peak and we keep going up that's basically a big bull market where where any bearish indicator it holds no power over it the yeah so I mean we sell room room here certainly over Bodmin but that's what happens when the price shoots up so quickly let's go back to pitch for next year I I mean I really I really want us a peek and do something like we did here I really do but it's never gonna do what I wanted to do this market it always does the opposite you wanted to go up it crashes you wanted to hang out sideways it pumps to the moon it's you can't get one or the other it depends on what I'm trading like this I wouldn't trade this day trade this I wouldn't day trade like Oi I there's other stuff that I have working and that the trading for me hollow chain hmm let's take a look at that ah PTC I'll chain is great I got this got on my attention way back here definitely got some and then this happened and yeah this is probably gonna keep coming down I wouldn't buy this just yet just like we could this thing could visit two twos before it actually bottoms all the other end it could just die get demolished all the way back all the way back to here this last leg before it goes up maybe a big wick down there still that's a huge like when you're dealing with such small values like I move from here to here is 12% but that's only that's only a two satoshi value for it so a bot that trades the that just buys here but sells here by yourself it's an ATM for a bot this essentially because the values are so easy to trade which means you know that some good returns on the report a bot good BTC returns because this is a big pointer jeez what the fuck that I draw here when was this let's ignore that like could you not have that $500 four weeks ago it would have been so much safer to buy here than here is there's a chance this one well it like crashes and burns but if there is if that doesn't happen then you know it's all obviously it's all gonna be hindsight but what for now no no man I can't make your trading choices it's like my policy not to tell people when to buy or sell the the one like I just look at the trends that was the idea on this channel and then we got a little diluted with this 4/20 move yeah year back that fucked my trading mentality and well anyway it doesn't matter that's the beauty of it you correct you correct yourself the market at Greece and now your sync with the market so I I do is why is BTC BCH rising so much well it's because let's take a look at it just for the shits and giggles keep in mind PCH is a shift going to weight talking about oh I'm getting a phone call definitely not gonna pick that up it's from a zero zero zero number whose so whose private just call me but a private number could that be could be could be Charlie Lee would you believe me if I had a stone number clearly that no I don't have this phone number yeah so health BCH be BTC is going to ship but uh the USD pairs what everyone's excited about I guess where to get listed first I'm just gonna stick with the coin base pair of visits okay so this had a giant cliff I guess what we're seeing that was um dandy this was a fucking nasty drop she it yeah I guess so this was a gap down where we covered price levels so okay there's gap ups of gap downs gap downs work when you don't cover a price range so from 384 to 279 we price did not trade here this was like a void like so in this case we closed for one day I think this was a fork to we might have had the Satoshi vision port here or where nothing got traded and the next day everything just tanked so this whole range we have to revisit and that's what we might be doing here if you don't break out of this range then I'm gonna say it's probably on I mean one of my transit if you don't break down from here then it's probably could go up higher but this is we're just filling this range here so it's not if you're looking for a reason from a trading perspective that would be your reason because we had a period where we didn't cover price price levels and we're now making up for that that period that we didn't cover price levels what happens next is you know is anyone's bed because if it breaks out of that then the next range will be like breaking 600 great that and could go higher but keep in mind it does a shit coin you don't want to hold this you might want to trade it but definitely not hold it because this is Bitcoin this is bit main cash not Bitcoin cash it's uh all right nice we broke 96 on coinbase hell yeah All Right see you later hallo junkie um again like I'm I'm just running out of content I guess fuck here let's okay we could in the meantime while the market moons let's get distracted let's look at some Twitter drama so uh see my notifications here comes scamming fuck-boy back to the party acting like he did something other than scam his followers into the heaviest bag on planet earth classy about this shit what is this who is David Goldstein well here here here's how you know you can't trust someone it's Justine at the end you can't you just you know they're not gonna they're gonna rape you it's the Jews they're gonna hire Harvey Weinstein your investment was this what's the bag is shield is it is it Ron what are these people up to here's the thing I know it doesn't matter if your scumbag in this market appeared a guy like like we are here everyone wins so even scumbags get off with bags of money that's it the LTC certainly is on something some sort of amphetamine the what's-his-face I forget okay so here's a fun story in college I met this chicken farmer and he was from Mexico and stuff and he would tell me like when they had cock fights the David give chickens cocaine or was it and driller than what it is sooo two things anyway it was a stimulant and then the chickens fought better and took the crown so I guess some of that Mexican chicken powder made it into a our chicken here likely yes the Jews not that it matters yeah I mean clearly there's so I could buy us out there yeah you know it's no coincidence that the Jews control a good portion of the wealth were not the Christians I'm you clearly it doesn't matter who controls our wealth it's the people that are the best that get to control the well know the people that are the worst so it just does not stop it's retarded up it must end soon I love how confident they're about the crash I seriously doubt we visit to 3,000 again I think like if Bitcoin stops pumping it could come down to forty two to three point six to forty two hundred but any higher than that I don't see it work yeah and there's there's work before all that stuff to talk about still waiting on this line see what we're gonna do here you know another fig we could say is because price dropped from here back this was like the what is this 8 8 60s back in 2014 the the exponential moving average because price dropped from there and literally came back to where it was maybe maybe we do top out at this orange line after all there's also that again we just have to see what happens I'm not the orange line to the purple midline let's get rid of the upper so it's less confusing maybe maybe all we can do is just get back to where this where we last had this in the 130s hey yeah dude at 5 K I'm not selling everything I certainly not selling everything but I'm certainly selling a good amount via yeah I think that's way over there if you fell with a fractal one to one if it's gets sped up this could be well over here which means there Pete gets lower yeah this hash rate thing this is I wasn't aware of this until you pointed someone pointed out on the stream yesterday but this the saturate thing actually gives me all sorts of good feelings with the way how we're progressing on this shirt because ash rates making all-time highs we haven't done that in a long time when 1k geez I wish I could tell you man I'm done I've run out of energy of trying to predict the price there's no it's not accurate it's just easy it's just a buy and hold and wait till something happens to take profit when you can it's just way easier though like the one thing that I do know for for certain that'll happen at this point is the revisiting of this orange line up here so that sense you know we if you decide to break this mid purple line and not get a pullback from it like we did here then 1k could be as soon as literally end of this year but probably not I wouldn't put too much money on that just yet okay it's the way moving averages work they just need data points so if the more the more we spent price up here this the slope of this Green Line will get but at the second we start making higher higher highs and you start creating lower clothes values the slope of this thing is gonna get pulled back down and then we're gonna see a price go below it too uh and eventually stabilize around it right and and then price won't be able to it won't take for another hundred days or so for this to become straight where price can pull it up again after that happens I mean that's uh you know it's certainly a possibility we just have to see if it actually works if it actually happens though Hey six and a half light coins I'm 33 like what does I get a set of thousand well that's 6,000 let's think bigger now you just made 32 grand hell yeah man different here's the catch you didn't make that 32 grand until we get to here but still like that's that's the type of thing I'm talking about it didn't take a lot of money here you get a huge sum out here and any light coin like you should use everyone should have some light coins that's all I'm trying to say if you're selling something to take profit don't sell everything just sell enough and then yeah that's it really like there's nothing but else to talk about here we're just watching this shark let's look at reddit now we haven't looked at reddit yet I think I mentioned it earlier but then we got off topic so let's see what people are talking about hmm what form users like coin talk that I oh alright I guess we'll sign up here with Twitter okay it's crying out loud I see where we're gonna have to launch it on a different tab you know not this type of that new window yeah might as well sign up here eh hey guys go sign up to litecoin Tokyo if you want just so uh we get more users here and then Steve what's the Suzy Xin Jie it could pump us with the user base but Caesar price is there like a marketing there's marketing okay that's cool I guess but um mmm trading let's go straining yeah we're just going to just cat really shit point should shoot post bump eat chicken king again that's probably a bad idea but whatever well it has to be 50 okay see now I'm already gonna give up on this shit post cuz there's no way I'm gonna fill their requirements well hell yeah dude if you bought that many light coins at 240 when you bought backed on the bottom you just lower your dollar cost average a huge sum was that 10 20 400 there some down here so yeah I mean it's not that bad that's a you probably could you probably bring it down to like 100 100 20s or something what's that what would that be 240 plus 33 divided by 2 essentially assuming that's how much you bought but so yeah your DC isn't like the one 30s or something yeah which is where we might peak so you might just break even or if this Peaks up there and this size not to repeat this pattern all right so it backs it back to reading reddit damn my bunch i sold a bunch at 88 hoping it would pull back everyone just selling i guess nobody is getting the pullbacks they wanted just like just like I'll see you we're not selling that we're just watching this thing run I think it's safer to sell after repeat then before repeat because we can miss the big run by just I mean clearly it's bad practice but uh but yeah anyway so he's saying 100 was previous resistance I mean support here and then I mean technically he was right we didn't break a hundred here right or you should see some sort of pullback here that's what I'm hoping for too but that's just you know this is just some random guy on internet doesn't mean it's accurate it's very reasonable though his conclusion I sort of very much agree with that like this range becoming resistance where we are now where we go and make like a crazy dip or something to create a higher low we can bounce from to break 100 and go much higher that's very possible in my opinion now we just have to see what happens like the momentum is still strong thing is nothing has to there's no reason for it to dip unless we peak the way we are now so trying to like time time the time of pullback is gonna be a little suicidal the incremental selling is safe but keep in mind with incremental selling like the just don't sell too much of it on the way up cuz like let's say let's say okay in this situation let's say you have like a few hundred like let's say you have 300 light coins you sell a hundred here and we don't dip so the next time you sell you might sell something like 180 or something and it doesn't dip there and it keeps going so about a 100 coins you sold here they would have like you would have lost 75 75 percent games on it but the coin just sold here you only lost 45 games and the coins you sold here when it finally peaked we lost very little gains so if you layer them out properly you want to sell like you want us you want to sell little on the way up and then a lot when we top out sort of thing so the opportunity cost of selling too soon oh those smaller cell cell walls on our way up you make that up when you sell more coins out the that the real Peak or near dove real peak I don't think we've ever had 42 people on since we came back where are you guys from are you all subscribers like did you guys find me on Twitter where'd you find the screen forum I'm making profits can't believe what is happening a caffeine only going one hundred billion hundred million Bitcoin order that's funny dinnertime PTSD yep it could happen it is lunchtime so if people go and get some food we should see a pullback here or go sideways at the very least like by sideways I mean on the five-day chart it's best visible like we can go you see how razor fin Bieber very little volatility you can do that here on the like the 4-hour chart that would be pretty promising well um based off the based on the fractal logic the next all-time high would be in the 5k 5 to 6 K area but that doesn't mean we won't see a pump 2 2 K and a correction 2 1 K before to pump the 6 K know there's gonna be Corrections upon all along the way this this 7th this red line here if we repeat this sort of pattern this red line represents dis first range right there and then what comes after is like another 800 percent move so that puts into 5.6 k range so yeah I think that's smart you know 5 to 6 K pretty clever area to sell some clearly not all of it because in the future like it'll go a lot higher but you know you're up over a thousand percent at this point it doesn't hurt to take out a few million and pay very little tax on that because of long-term gains and then just you know put a million back when it bottoms out or something just you know it's good money and given the time frame it's not that far away yeah and you know that's assuming you you haven't had something that's trading to get you coins if you have something that getting coins along the way that shit's gonna be even even greater like how much you could take out assuming those newly created coin well accumulated coins are the they're long terms they've waited a year family the spying volume it's just so sexy like literally right when everyone thinks it's coming down buying just shows up I wonder how long they can keep this up yeah at some point there they must run out of money the buyers but it is that even likely at this point like especially if you're a whale and you sold the 200 or 300 up here now you can buy ten times as much down here so on the way up like even now you can buy you could have at least double your stack or something so they I don't think they have any reason to sell until they make a new all-time high in that sense book we're just gonna stick with this this purple mid line and see what happens I really do want us to go sideways here as mentioned many times earlier in the stream well in the long run in the long run the coins automatically get into hands of the strong hands and the strong hands are the whales their strongest sense the thing is they they can't trade the the whale when you're trading that much money you can't trade though you can't trade these like these tiny moves down here if you're a whale what you do is you make one or two trades so so they'll still distribute up here and accumulate down here to distribute up here again or something they don't take partake in too small fish so the other thing is the whales have BOTS running for them so they'll take advantage of the liquidity regardless so the market goes down or up because like at any given point you're up or down a percentage on this four-hour chart so the the whales have stuff that are good enough to go and exploit the the volatility and accumulate more coins that way – that's alright one day one day will be a whale that's fine I mean I technically it is but in there it's not what I want to be so is buying is buying spread out I like we know for a fact coin base is the best place for retail to get into crypto so I would assume like retail whatever retail buys gets accumulated that whatever the whales buy gets accumulated whatever do the miners mind gets sold so that's what the whales are accumulating and yeah that's that really lots of accumulation all around from all parties I'd say come on baby let's see that pullback we need we need we need some more feel don't don't go don't go and not all at once like coin just come down a little bit for at least a day so we have more upside left I don't want to peek so soon don't do this to me like oh come on come on chicken let's go go take a break you can come on anyway okay so total market cap at the end like let's say bear markets over everything just starts going up we no longer have pull backs everyone's parabolic in that situation the market cap would be in the anywhere from eighteen to twenty trillion I think that's where will peak out and a lot of that like maybe maybe eight or ten trillion of that will be in Bitcoin litecoin might have its own trillion dollar without eighteen to twenty trillion market cap and then of good portion of it will be on e and then the rest will be in shit coins like XR pian and the other things and they'll be way way over valued and they'll crash pretty hard so for some reason I don't know why okay it didn't load earlier loaded now so as I mentioned again we're repeating ourselves now because we said this so many times and the other stream yesterday well we could be here where we just go and peak around two hundred ten billion two hundred twenty billion market cap and then from there on out creep up to two trillion and have from two trillion go to twenty trillion sort of thing over the course of a year that's very possible you just have to see what happens I mean just looks scary right but is it is it really scary it's not that scary it's just that the price has to go price wants to go up a lot but in doing so it has to like establish a new baseline so it can go up a lot from again so that's like that's the whole bargain but crypto so like there's no such thing as a permit there everyone's a permeable yeah we can look at the credit haven't looked at the credit very long time my biggest reason for not looking at it well for not having any was the lack of liquidy that's always been my excuse for decrease now it might be a bad excuse clearly it's a good coin but um it might be a bad excuse but as it from a from a whale perspective but you wouldn't want to buy something that's not very liquid yeah the acrylics very bullish if it does what like coin did did and book bitcoin is doing we could CD credit go to 120 s1 not 120 now you can see another 100 percent move on this thing especially now that it's just started this is a two-week chart by the way and we're looking at so each candle is two weeks so in the basically as we approach end a month the D tread can peak assuming a light coin and Bitcoin peak you could see money from from the good coins flowing through some shit coins and see them like the money has to come from somewhere for just the pump but yeah that kid looks good actually it looks pretty attractive down this drum what's not pretty 4d cred that went all the way to 13 sellers fuck when when I looked at the card last time was over here back into 20s I don't went all the way to 170 so that's great you know it it went nowhere near to light coins all that my buck even my the trade also has lower supply so it's gonna make it possible to do those sort of moves and I think the this is proof of stake – and it's so Network so it's not really relying on Eve so there's all sorts of new stuff good stuff behind it the thing for me says owes has always been to liquidity I like when I sell I don't want to crash the market that's what I'm trying to say right I don't wanna be the guy that crashes it with myself I'd rather that was that was my fear over here because when we were going to 400 on coinbase order book was so thin my cell alone could have brought us to 200 from 400 I I did not want to do that to anyone so I mean it happened anyway but whatever I'm not gonna be it's not ethically right for my perspective but whatever I mean who cares about ethics when we're going to 6,000 in a few years right so literally it looks like denti-cal like this fucking liftoff here literally does that still puts us in the 180s for the peak possibly alright and if it doesn't see any resistance there then we're really out of luck in that sense like shit's just going 2017 all over again if that's the case if you don't see a pullback from up there assuming we don't see a pullback here if you don't see one up there yeah it's really up there it's like good looks good so far litecoin still has more money flowing through it than its valuation to keep that in mind right so we that just means a lot of a lot of money it's coming here and the price isn't reflecting the volume that it's flowing through it so price has to close up essentially there's just a lot of money five billion I think I don't think during our peak we had that much volume let me take a look as we've got a million bitcoins flowing for litecoin see how good that is that's that's pretty good all right so all rise from holy fuck okay yeah guys I'm not gonna sell this I don't think we're gonna see a pull back holy fucking shit you see this so the most we had are on our rice to 2.5 billion I mean Donna rice of Fort when it was 2.5 billion now we're getting five billion volume that's twice as much alright we've never had that much volume in my coin ever ever that's sort of like the spike here where we were having like average 510 million of volume and then all of a sudden we get 200 million of volume and that's sort of like this I don't know no fucking clue I I'm just like this we're gonna see some pull back somewhere that's all we know I got some good shit though I mean is it too much to ask that we get something like this where this green line gets pulled up while we hang out here and then we get a clean bounce from it and I go go move is it too much to ask mr. wale why do you have to pimp us so hard it's like you don't want to run out of feel so soon what it's so annoying it's also really good it's like it's this is uh this is one of those painfully good things in life yeah don't you go it hell yeah yeah like the face went dogecoin has more money going through than D credit or did you buy it like what the fuck guys what is it I guess that means no which code is more religious than these other coins right mole dogecoin is good this this is this will always have a special place for me I think when we looked at this a few streams ago to how we were like it's just gonna shoot up and it literally just did that all right let's see the reddit see if more people posted interesting stuff probably not very interesting to be honest but let's see yeah watch this Beach trash pumping D yep those going was tweeted by musk ya know a new comments here let's take a look at Bitcoin markets I remember getting sensor to you for being bullish a few weeks ago so there's that no Bitcoin dominus drop below 50 open oho that's probably not the reason why the dominance drop below 50 not because of don't confirm transactions it could be though but I don't think that's a reason why we have the drop the drop is because everything is pumping that's just like the wrong you're putting the wrong two things together Bitcoin will always have this transaction delay in two lightning Network is full power and that's I mean that's still coming I've been waiting 12 hours now every fucking dip gets easier though when it turns it turns hell yeah man it sure does that's pretty good yeah don't you I made you 100 bucks that's pretty decent returns right there especially overnight some going yeah exactly like the more I see shit like this getting posted the more I like the it's just the more this whole fucking pattern makes sense where it goes to 600 or something it really does yeah kids just this fing it was a lot of pain it really really weeded out anyone any sellers so what's left is now like all the holders and those holders sure as fuck are numb to dips or drops or won't fill any sort of thing like they're not gonna sell until their profit I still think like thinking going off that logic I still think we break this purple line but if you don't you gotta be prepared for it no so I have to talk myself down I really want this to happen you have no idea I just like when I see this this is like a golden retriever getting snacks that's how excited I get that's it doesn't have to it doesn't have to be so perfect either it can be messy right at the downtrend the Bears are keep getting desperate and desperate every single time we break the downtrend they draw a new downtrend every fucking time it sort of gets me off to be honest because now they seem like I that they're acting like how I was acting when before yeah we just which is good which means uh you know that means I can correct myself now which is much which is something apparently I did not possess earlier but it wouldn't have mattered anyway because the tax code was against me so whatever I'm not too worried about the past the future is way too bright to be focused on what's happened back there I've been in Bitcoin since 2013 I do not trade this isn't this looks like the top the human nature at its best yeah it's your dad sure dad it's the FOMO doesn't care about the market just people will buy it and they're like oh shit I'm up ten dollars in one minute I'm I'm going all-in like that that type of lawyer gets here first for certain certainly here I don't know why everyone surprised about this run up this run ups been setting up we even talked about it here like this this this moving average chart was like pretty played out pretty well so far what what we don't know is if it's gonna continue playing well because the the only thing it takes now is we get above the Green Line and stay above it and then this whole 2015 this whole period gets thrown out of the box no longer it's not gonna happen like it that happened here like there's a chance we go to 250s and don't go below a hundred after repeat here there's also there's always that chance that the if that becomes likely or not will ultimately depend if we can get above the screen line on the three-day shirt we're touching it now holy fuck alright so if we don't see resistance here we're I mean this is on coinbase so there's that let's go back on bitch panics it's just getting really exciting yeah so we're touching it on bit for next two so if you don't get a pullback here guys we're gonna break out of it and if we break out of it well it looks like it's all fucking perfect if you're from here on out like oi shouldn't see much pullback in this situation and this whole period could be moved up a lot higher rather than this range very possible but still we've got to focus on this purple line again like every time I get off track with the purple line I go back to it because it's it's fucking dangerous speaking this way until it happens so right like you can think this way and if it happens then you fought the right way you just don't know when to laughter that's that's the only reason yeah small pullback would be very healthy i i'm all for pullbacks I'm not trading this certainly not until at least we get the purple line if we break the purple line then whatever I sold there I'm afraid I'm just gonna fucking buy back in and just call it a day there I'll dot around like there this is this is the important things about scaling cells so if you sell sub coins if you sell a hundred coins here and then we go all the way to 650 and and we don't get a like so the drop here might not be 50% but a drop here would definitely be 50% so in that sense like the coins you sold here you might not you might not feel comfortable buying back in so you don't so you just keep the cash and then you sell some more coins here and then you make up the the coins you sold here in the dip from this peak and the 50% peak from here so if you sold a hundred coins up here you sell 300 coins and then when it comes down 50% you'd have six under coins so in the process you're actually selling 400 coins but still making 200 coins as the market plays out like that sort of situation I might be in if we break through this without stopping until we get to this range which is over here it should be this news 39 area that happens but we all want to see pull backs right now because we don't want this to run out of steam so quick see what else what's what else is going on yeah so they're sitting 4200 yeah Bitcoin decides to face resistance here where it'll come down to next is definitely gonna be very likely gonna be here before another bounce and the bounce from this one will be the one that takes us to 10k I think and that'll be towards the end adir assuming the pattern isn't compressed but we were to talk about the pattern being compressed and stuff beginning stringing of the stream alright so we've been live for two hours it's a lot of a lot of fucking talking what shall we do she only stopped streaming and then come back in a few hours they could break anyone down for that I mean I'd like to come back but the thing is the second I stopped this shit's just gonna keep going up that's the thing you never get what you want April for tomorrow's cattle is gonna be pretty important we get a new free day cattle odds aren't a three-day camels gonna be in these like we'll be covering this range and not coming down so if we're gonna see any pullback we have to see today if you don't tomorrow and the following day well do in the next six days we could peep like we did back back we did hear back in 15 I always we just keep going I guess that's it anything interesting happening here disgusting pump get out of here do you what a fucking dude douche bag you clearly sold at 4200 that's why he's triggered yeah we can look at LTC PTC oh we're all fucked again oh no guys that again they're what they're using is the okay so this is certainly fucking stretched out what what a fucking mean they're using email 102 so that's good I mean at least they got that much right just a three-day chart no it's the one week so it's not gonna be as relevant well actually I'm you see the one week that look okay so if maybe it's gonna be similar but the you can see like we break out of the green line in the next few weeks we're basically clear to 10k sort of thing and that happens this whole fucking down trade was a joke if that happens I'm still thinking that could happen but we don't know until later so let's look at the LTC BTC chart yeah yeah I mean we looked at it earlier odds are this still has a few weeks of upside left as well just like the litecoin bitcoin shirt I mean like coin fiat shirt not a few weeks but like you know you get what I mean like a couple of candles well on the weekly that's um okay and all the weekly that's about one candle but under five-day it's a few more candles because we get less soon then we zoom out a bit in the five-day and the you know we don't know how the ratio will play to be honest like if you don't peak here and Bitcoin doesn't have any resistance soon sooner or later and the ratio could have a could do something completely out of the box and really have us question like in her head spinning because last time we were at one point one eight was one light coin was at the 180s so you know Fiat still has a long ways to catch up to this old ratio keep in mind back here Bitcoin was one space Bitcoin was in the fuck let's just pull it up once way back back here beacon was in 10k so you know that's not too out of the question I know a lot of things a lot of the things are lining up pretty well oh yeah so for LTC BTC this is what I'm looking at this sort of thing where we top out here the like you forget rid of all resistance levels and just go off well we quit we are seen even the mas and volume and get rid of everything and just draw horizontal support will see stuff like well we'll see some patterns here okay so alright so this is this bottle we had was pretty significant because this bottom became resistance before to 2017 rally and this time around this bottom became support before the 2019 rally now what does that mean I have no fucking clue all only thing is that it's it's a good thing because the price is going up right so we couldn't push it down any lower we bottomed out here essentially which means we created a higher low which is something like coin bit coin hasn't done in a very long time the last higher low we made was I guess like in this rally up here but ever since to having made a lower low like this lower low obliterated any higher lows we had before this low was considered higher and this low is even a higher low of that low so in that sense like we got three high lows which is a pretty good on the 5a chair as far as we're concerned the weren't part of that step-up pattern that I've been mentioning few streams ago an earlier dis stream where we do one two three we might be at four and then we do a five and a fifth one could be in this old old resistance level here now if the ratio and the housing and all that other stuff like the howling has a different effect on the ratio it could break out of this previous resistance up there but all right right now let's go back to those horizontal lines because I just drew them I removed them way too soon so so we knew this range became support now then we had this range so every time be broken out of it even back here we were able to climb up pretty pretty big and then over here with a channel over here was resistance over here was resistance we broke out of it here went up pretty high so you know the fact that we broke out a point one is pretty significant I've already sent out a tweet about this way with that way way back and and well then the next range of support well next range of resistance would have become this this this leg here basically and like this range was also a we went to it and that became support way back in the future so and we looked we went to it again one more time here so maybe who knows maybe we don't go to three fries maybe we peak at 2 5 or something very possible to but the the next we got to look at after that is this one 6 once we break one 6 like broke a 1 6 here break o 1 6 back here brought us all the way to point 3 free break a 1 6 brought us twos two 5s break a 1 6 way back here brought us a point 5 so for all we know like if the ratio and the howling does something strange there's no there's not much saying that we there's not much saying that we have to peak up here aside from these like if you can break out of these resistance levels like the Past 2017-2018 ranges if you can break out of those then there's not much saying that that we have to come down from these old ranges we could just keep going up and create a new ratio of all-time high because of the helping yeah bat o exia we looked at bat already I'll pull it up again I guess 0 x zr x is just do the Fiats for you okay where did CRX first get listed as a finance I forget where they got listed first I think it was financed yeah so zr x so weekly no this the treatment let's go to daily that looks pretty bullish on zr x the the next range we have to look for is brink of this downtrend keep in mind basic attention token had the same thing right and basic contention token was able to break out of it so next range is we're just gonna see if we break out of this end of the month and then if you do who knows we could go to $1 we're only 30 38 cents now very possible it's got bat USD again finance this one yeah so bad to have the same same sort of resistance line that it broke out of well right here broke out of that we talked about earlier so in the case of bat we were saying how we basically have to get these get food is french the 56 to well 35 to 56 cents range and after data can go a lot higher but that's the you know we're gonna see some sort of sideways or maybe you just break through it the first time because it's been resistance in the past but you know there's that if you look at volume you can see not much cell volume here compared to to buy so it's got that going for it same thing and like coin shark look at that now way more by volume than cell like a huge huge spurring hoof by volume right here see volume dies be bands get site BAM everyone buys I guess everyone decided we're going up could have been the other way around it could have been all red could have been all selling volume but that was in case because bottom now if he didn't bottom out that would you know the red would be the case so I'm no idea when the lad nimble Wimble if I was Charlie Lee I would tell them to delayed as long as I can or as they can so when they if we do not if you decide to do repeat this I would hope they'd add you in blue in BO when we're at this stage again because this was the I think this was segment or was what like coin got one some some network upgrade here and then we started a rally start what was his face like I think over here Charlie sent out a tweet back when like : was $4 saying I just found out the price of what like coin will be after segment is activated and if it was something like 14 bucks and then we went up a lot and then continued from there and so it was way back and if you're curious I didn't buy like coin till it was 20 so this thing was painful for a lot but not as bad as it could be for me it could have been way worse if you went below 20 yeah I'm sort of like I haven't had breakfast this is the first thing I did I woke up took a shower went to stream because this thing wasn't stopping so at some point I'm gonna start going to like a a coma because of lack of food well at this point Purple Line is up here all we have to do is break it and if you don't stop there then we're pretty much good to 180 to 220 if you break that then to 250 if we break that then everything changes but we have to see some sort of selling somewhere and if you don't see it here I don't know like where else we could see it aside from the 100 plus range up there we could look at Oh scoffs so last I checked crypto twin sold all their Yost fine I mean it is a shit coin but here's my problem yes it's uh let's go and compute let's go and copy Eve except this time we get all the supply and Mike Novogratz backs this coin so in that case if you're ever wondering if anyone has anything to lose Mike novo has a decent amount yeah as far as I know he all says Lika I think I forget the exact number maybe six to eight billion dollar war chest that they could use to pie back in and pump their coin that's um because what ended up happening was they had the ePHI CEO and then this all happened and then did January happen and they started selling all of their I see you I see you Eve's they have zero Eve's now the Neos dev team so all they have is EOS in that sense like that all of all those coins if they sold for dollars they got good amount of money to buy back when they please and that'll push the price up a pretty large chunk but anna says that's like double accounting sort of thing because you're selling you're selling everyone iost coins for e and then you're selling those 'if four dollars to buy back those eos tokens with dollars so it's like the money just goes in a circle essentially coinbase alert instability on coinbase knock'em okay because look at what's his face status blowing this is a status page we could see what's happening here hey this is how you know foeman's work and coinbase is breaking guys hell yeah whoo are gonna make it yeah it looks like websites working pro coinbase should pro-clinton product cloning they should be working on your login on the inter screen really fast yeah that's functioning fine actually it's not loading for me what the fuck yo not cool bro alright there's this here it's loaded locked and loaded alright looks good there um yeah not we're not seeing any of that delay on to coinbase Pro only on uh only on coinbase apparently damn man I hope my friend bought it yeah the bull is real codebase overloaded I hope my friend bought some so no on our whole way down like I was like it's time to go and reconnect with old people I know and I'm like hey guys you heard a cryptocurrency you can really change your life and you might never have to work again and retire and possibly have really stupid amount of money I mean obviously it all sounds too good to be true because we're not there price-wise but this was way back here when we were bouncing off hundreds so they got some they enjoyed they got the euphoric rides of this and then this fucking thing happened and I haven't talked to some of them since then but hopefully they got some here they got a bit salty once we started dropping a lot that's acceptable I mean I'd be a little trigger to when my money constantly looms and smell use every day but keep in mind this whole drop he just made it up in less than half the time alright and we've way more to go after that this whole job was to find the bottom and we've really tried to find bottoms here at 75 at 53 it had 29 and all the way up 23 we finally found it so there's a lot of bottom bottom checking all right Chris let's take a look at this so fall fall of 2020 greatest from the great reset mining completed regulations completed globally shit coin purge the run is legit not a pump no reason to retrace now retract now hold on to your seat and and your crypto I mean very likely yeah we've the wave you set up 2020 is gonna be really good for litecoin Bitcoin the whole market that's general well currently like whoa what we're doing is we're just waiting on how this pattern plays out to see if we're gonna do this or this and what comes after will be into 2020s and from 2020s to end of 2020 one way here like from here to here this should all be green green and sideways for us for like coin and Bitcoin and do move to 600 if you don't do it this dis attempt the move to 600 could be in April 2020 where we do this leg and the 600 would be here thousand plus would be here I think this would be twenty two hundred and a 6k would be here sort of thing that's like that's way down the line for the time being we just gotta see what the fuck's happening here essentially yeah I wish it would slow down to Chris but uh Krypto does not stop once it gets going and does it not like it's it's good and also scary all right technically we could run until the end of the month and if you have no pull backs during that period it'll be rather a hell of a rise it wouldn't even be a small rise and one from you and peak here you'd certainly be might peak here but it might go a lot higher and that's case if you don't peak until the end of the month but we're going up pretty rapidly now so see if coinbase got any word more problems not yet not yet see Twitter see what the let's come luck what hashtag litecoin gets us wait is this title the should be titled a free continued oh let's not let's change that okay let's see we keep scrolling down okay so alright okay let's talk about this commits bullshit alright here's the deal guys this is crapper there's some there's some week to your FUD like the reason why litecoin doesn't have all these commits is because every Bitcoin developer is a litecoin developer in essence okay because the code the base code is the same they just changed some stuff to make it work for litecoin yeah see people are just posting your games you got a bull dancing that Twitter's really really has died I just remembered this shit was way more active back back into 20s damn you've spoiled it you should have sold about $1 in one sin oh no yeah well crypto twitter is not interesting this guy's cool though he's I like him he's doing good shit we had a lot of selling here and a two-week period of like no volume than we dumped I remembered this because I was trading futures here and then uh and then this shit happened sort of wish I had my leverage Long's like I had I had a perfect position open and I had 100 X 100 X my bath 25 X long here 3400 I took profit here should have not taken profit just let that bitch for open we'd be up over fuck that be up over like 10 20 grand or something by risking very little spree annoying I'll to see you if weekly yeah we can look at LTC Eve that's the only traded on Finance but it well actually it's not bit t-rex got at GM and I got it hit BTC got I wonder if coinbase will get more like coin bears I'll be cool but yeah so LTC Eve yep this is this is to be expected guys because the well like coin is going I've had a greater percentage and then ether so our our Fiat it's just like this is just like how my coin price is over it or over if price so who knows maybe when we peak we'll be able to get one F with one light coin no be nice I mean I still find litecoin way more valuable than Eve but if has its own perks and I mean it's definitely gonna be a it's definitely gonna be into ten thousands one day so a light coin eating away you can't go wrong it's just a percentage is still more favorable at litecoin that's that's what I'm working off of the UM just like a so far we're only two years into my five-year plan two three years later and shits gonna be really good again on and yeah and after that it's basically like fucking mojitos on the beach every day if with lots of euphoric sex let's reach out again let's see what's going on six you think 16 20 22 yeah very possible and I mean here's the thing if when we break a thousand like what the Bitcoin do when it broke a thousand you could just look at that because that's basically the only thing got to work off in certain sense in terms of up like the protocol works cuz um so you know Bitcoin couldn't break a that was on the first time oh well like coin do it that's a question and if it does we're a little bit coin B so let's let's get this to help you see USD again looks like we're hanging out at 94 finally haven't even broken out of it yet that's good we'll probably break out of it tomorrow when we start to next three day candle so probably tonight I really want to stop streaming because I'm running out it like I can feel my stomach lining collapse because of lack of food but it's alright this is this is a this the sacrifices we must make so so this is around here is one Bitcoin had its second helping so well I coin could really well be here in this range in and yeah that's really it like this rise could be are like coin rights the surprise Bitcoin it could be what we'd be could be what we're doing here you could be doing here but we should at least reach a for for the old Bitcoin old-time hide the next peak for litecoin which is around 5 K 5 to 6 K did you reach at least a fourth yeah it's this is uh this is good I think we should get all fat people looking at charts we might just you know cut costs on Medicare and get that universal health care everyone wants finally able to afford that because everyone's fit and not overweight could happen see what litecoin markets are up to you you'd have to think things will settle here for a bid for a retracement right right right no of course not see I just wish I had the confidence to sell and take from it to buy back at a lower price yeah see this this is what everyone's thinking right now they're all the trade this is like a note not tradable like just easily fucking go up and leave you in the dust so yes this is why the whole thing works really well this is the last thing you want to be is stuck in Fiat at 60 or start a race case they go or even a worse case just have no nothing just have zero entry like your coins here and I missed this hole right now if it hits 140 and we don't see a resistance there I mean I'm gonna sell some around that area anyway just a little bit tiny bit like 10% of my stack not even not even anything greater cuz keep in mind if you sell some at 140 and and it goes up another 10x that 10% over your stack would have been a hundred percent of your whole stack up here so the opportunity cost is pretty big so you don't want to sell too much that's why you got to layer about and try to time the top but that's one of the hardest things to do because you don't know when we run out of momentum so I mean you're somebody's gonna take a risk somewhere right I'm pretty sure the coins I sell here we break out of it I'm never gonna get those coins back because those coins were bought back here so I'm never gonna get that dollar cost average again for those coins which is gonna suck but you know you're gonna pay yourself unfortunately I wish we didn't have to I really did to me like first and I will just hold this until over here if I had the choice but I don't so even if it's just 10% of the stack that's that's gonna it's gonna feel bad into no in the future anyway like anything you yeah thank God you get my point anyway yeah I haven't I have another idea for accumulation after selling some here if we don't like if you don't come down and we go up to here I have a different plan on getting those coins sold back but that's that's going to be you like that's basically gonna delay the whole thing by a few months my idea ideas at least that is assuming we get the other plan working and felt our plans up and working the is selling some here would be like nothing but I can't talk about the other plan until much later guys I've really walked to but we don't wanted me to feel like the market just yet it's gonna we'll have our day when it comes to it it's gonna be pretty good when that happens I just don't know how much volume I can move through it without crashing the market or pumping it too much that's what I have to figure out well once that's all I'm in the thing is the thing has to work between all these different exchanges so you're not just crashing one exchange you're crashing all of them at once or you're pumping all of them at once let's just have to wait for that it's a long time yeah definitely champagne at six K fuck man at six K I've I mention or something probably not that's houses wouldn't be like you even over here you sell it what what would you do with that money I mean I suppose you could put a million in like traditional 10% a year stocks or bonds or whatever enough bonds bonds are should just like ETFs that pays you ten percent a year you know that that's good passive 100 K but it's not even enough when inflation goes up so much so anyway whatever whatever that happens happens that's all we can do like we don't there's no reason to thinking about what happens here when we're only here we can get it we can get about that when we were up there we have a lot I have a lot of cool plans on how to like I might start a trading firm up here when that happens and at that point everything would be really automated and we'd have like proprietary tech and shit I technically we do but uh send that would be nice if you could do that but that's so much work like every time I think about something expanding accumulating more wealth I look at how much time have to put into it and what I'm describing here would be so much effort whereas it's so much easier just to hold and just you know make it on your own no no worry about everything else the streaming is fun as we get to talk about something that's like looking at this is equivalent to watching horses run betting on a horse so except this is way more exciting because anyone anywhere it could take part in this you don't have to go to a horse track via bonds definitely don't exist in the future fuck that that right Chris um yeah I might go to some conferences I was gonna go to litecoin summit last year but didn't really again I just didn't want to go all the way to Chicago drive down there I might I might drive down there but a Tesla though that would be a good road trip might even live stream that and well I'd love to interview Charlotte Lee I mean he's probably he probably has some crazy proprietary tech of his own trade secrets he might share probably not you wouldn't share that I mean he was really nice about tweeting about the segment thing back here it was nice about giving us a heads up here but again I didn't I sort of ignored his heads up so it didn't really I didn't benefit much there and considering on him by back till here I mean entered here the you know it's not much I can do about it like but the thing is we just have so much room to go throw in the future so that's the thing look forward no the purple line is not at 420 s sir purple line right now is at the 135 that's just a middle of this orange channel if we break out of that then we can visit well then the pattern is gonna change and and yeah so like if we're gonna see any resistance we could see it up here into one 50s to one 40s area if we don't see that there then we can go to two 50s before we see anything significant you know if you don't see anything by 150 I think the cats out of the bag and shits just gonna run rip like it's just gonna rip all these sellers are gonna regret selling it's gonna be like a nightmare situation like on the one hour it's not so far it's just that we need to I'm just going off the five day because if you look at if you look at it on the one hour it almost certainly looks like it's gonna break out of it that's the fit right and if it breaks out of it then we can go to these ranges up there but yeah we just have to zoom out a bit for this just to get a better idea it just makes it less emotional when you zoom out do you know I'll have a plan of like what to do and it's clearly to hold right now and let's see you know if you can get a pullback here so we get more fuel for the next leg up yeah I hope all the Shorter's get direct too but keep in mind there are only taking the opposite side of the bed that's all they're doing the you know they're they're no different than you and I it's just that instead of thinking the way we think they think the other way and they lose because of it so it's not too late to to become a bull if you're short that's the thing damn I got so many missed calls who's this zero zero zero zero zero number who's calling who could that be I mean here's the thing I love personally if we break above this I want to sell below 500 if you break up above the Purple Line I wouldn't sell below 500 because at least we would have made a new all-time high but if that doesn't happen then you know oh the only thing we're looking at now is that purple line only to minimize risk in case we see a pullback or a correction like we did here aside from that that this purple line is meaningless because for all we know we could go up to here or here this is literally like if you can just go sideways here I'd be fucking content that's fuck because I know then we could pump but if you don't like then now let's say we break down from it and on this this uptrend we were using as resistance on our upper channel becomes becomes support and bounce from that I'll be good but if it doesn't I mean then we could be in for one of these where we come back to Ground Zero where we started right here is up for grabs at this point yeah good job and you're probably one of the few women in crypto that get rich by holding its it's hard like even if you have seven or eight hundred like coins it's hard for you to not sell when you're at profit it's really just something in your brain that says take take it take some profits but um no that's not gonna happen let's be honest nobody takes profit it were just once at the move yeah there it is 79 249 420 in two days that shit was nuts maybe we do it again that'd be cool if you go to a thousand in two days a lot of Mayors are gonna be pretty triggered about this move because they just wanted more time to accumulate but looks like nobody's getting that time to accumulate if we're here like the only chance we got is this pullback we can see in the 180s to hundreds if we break the orange line I mean the purple line and then that's that if you don't like get any lower than a 20% pullback from 200 or 180s assuming we don't get a pullback at the Purple Line then we could do just huge second leg up and that's second leg up this one I mean everyone's making a lot of money here but yeah the thing is even with long term gains like this you get diminishing returns on your tax like if you sell 250k you pay thirty eight thousand two hundred or something impacts with long-term so that's you make you bring them to 11 the thing is the second you like when you pay if you were to take out 350,000 you'd be paying like something like fifty four grand in packs or something so so you to take out what I'm trying to get at here is that additional so this was to 1100 so that additional 84,000 you took out costs you an addition you made it made you pay another 18,000 in tax to get that it extra eighty four thousand to be honest nobody I don't think anyone needs more than 250 K to live for more than three or four years I mean to be honest most people don't have that in their savings account all right so well nobody has that in their savings account unless you're the 1% some like then again at 1% might not even have it either because they're smart money they'll just keep all their money and assets like gold or that gold might be some sort of ETF like a triple key or something yeah in Germany that's that's what I'm talking about man like we don't have that benefit the Germans get crypto is huge in Germany if you guys don't know why crypto I mean Bitcoin I don't know if they're big on like coin them yeah we don't get that cool so maybe I'll open a maybe if you go to 6 K I'll open like a shell company in Germany and do all the trades from it so we pay no tax that be fucking fantastic if I could do that but I think for not you might need a German passport or something on the other hand if like coins crypto bank in Germany works like and we start storing money there because that money is Offshore's we could trade that money got offshore money about the second we bring it back to the US that's when we'd pay tax but we keep you know I'll be interesting if that works might just have a charlie you might just be making a way out the DES tax being in the US yeah or you know or you could just move to Germany but I don't see a reason to move to Germany America is the best country in the planet say what you wish but uh you know it is we're not we're not worried goodnight dynamite dynamic yeah everyone's just working out Here I am just sitting on a fucking chart oh hell yeah man I actually expect to do like a cross-country trip at some point not for a while I'd like to see this thing play out and then see what happens afterwards but I do want to go to Texas gonna get some barbecue some good barbecue some smoked meat all right so it looks like we are stacking out a bit here about time to be honest we could see this sort of sideways period we had up here if we don't then we just keep going up like where we are could actually be this where we do another one like that how much your Diaby percentage-wise let's see it's like 26 another 26% rise would be in the 1-1 tens area or something yeah 117 120 if you don't get a pullback there then I guess we go a lot higher to this purple line I don't know if you'll crack down to 60 we just have to see what happens when we get to uh in this line if you do correct down to 6 of lb good accumulation trade but that's basically it the it really comes down to Bitcoin – if Bitcoin can get above above our lines that we keep talking about damn this is going for two hours 30 minutes long stream let's go – here we do these vines and Bitcoin can get above this 100 day email which is looking more and more likely on the free day chart then we're off the to the races the purple line will break that situation you brought beer great too bad beers and as like I used to be a beer guy but then I started moving to heart liquors like whiskey whiskey is pretty good it's been kind of stupid like your alcohol tolerance goes way up so you have to stop and then it comes back that is sort of like cannabis tolerance she's just builds it doesn't sue me like now my state's legal and stuff ETV get the good shit so even if you have a tolerance you just get a higher percentage and your tolerance is like it's not even there this ski makes me violent get out of here dude why wouldn't you say that now I'm gonna tell you my state like Steve let's just say it's the East Coast and we're below New York New York is upstate so you can figure out the rest yeah there's a lot of normies outside like when I go outside to the supermarket and I see people just slaving away and and see them not being aware of crypto and what it could do for their lives it just makes me sad yeah it really does it's hard to relate to majority of the population when you see what's you know what we're playing out in front of us when you're in the mark when you're trading markets like doing anything else seems like a giant opportunity costs because sure you might wait slave for three or four years you might go to college get a four-year degree and work for five ten years pay your student loan get a house and all that but during that period you could do all those things over the course of four or five years but crypto playing you don't need a huge time commitment you just need to get by until it happens essentially so that's the that's the beauty of this this is why it's gonna take off is everyone's will come eventually everyone will come to the same conclusion it would be great if you go to Walmart and you see like your Walmart cashier be like hey yo man I bought some efj yesterday how about you yeah it's going to the mood that you know that shit would really make me happy because see stuff like that because I'd rather see the poor people get rich than the rich get richer because well the rich is gonna get richer anyway it's just the poor people they don't have a chance right and by poor I mean like if you make below 40k your well apparently poverty line is like 38 K your or something I got after taxes dude you are technically considered poverty in America and that depends on what city you live in to its cost of living that's a big deal but like I just want the majority population to be aware of what's in front of them because the dollar is just gonna keep inflating it's not good for them just like all that hard work all that money all the time you put into getting that money gets you know gets fucking devalued when you print more dollars hmm let's see see what else is in chat stay away from fireball that stuff makes people crazy a fuck fireball it doesn't make people crazy I mean maybe you're you know people that are like not supposed to be drinking but fireball is okay just burns like it's gonna burn anyway the difference is you get a cinnamon flavor fireballs are really popular College drink my friend Ryan I haven't speaking to him in a long time not the Ryan I enough Cobb the other ride yeah he's a big fireball guy well what is next well we see sideways spirit here or like we saw here if we see some sideways here gonna be really good we could build more strength for a greater push out of the purple line or we peek at the purple line and call it a day or we say fuck all these lines and we just go on a fun do or do its own thing and repeat 2017 all over again that is also that chance but we just have to see what Bitcoin does we're at the moment we're just waiting for Bitcoin to get above the street line on the three day shirt we're getting closer and closer if you can get above and stay above it have some candle closes above it like we did here the bear market the downtrend this whole fucking accumulation period will be over sooner than later however if this range is still resistance and we wake up of it and we get no candle closes and I'm afraid we're we're in this stage right here and we're dude the word this peak we're doing we're just waiting for Bitcoin to complete its peak for us to complete our litecoin team and in that case we could come back down to 60s and go sideways for a while longer before actually breaking out – uh – setting new all-time highs but the way we've set up like everyone's really optimistic and the markets coming back to life there's a chance we're here and not here but we gotta be gotta be prepared for the possibility that we've repeat this just in case and if we don't that's fine no one's gonna complain you know if you just keep going up that's fucking fantastic everyone wins in that situation as well so yeah volume is insanely higher yeah we talked about this earlier industry where we looked at a coin market cabin-y coins never had 5.9 billion dollars flow fruit so like when I see this shit it's hard to be hard to think consider taking profit considering we've never had that much volume it's sort of similar to the Verizon for hunt from four to four twenty right here where like we were just get it we were averaging two to ten million a day volume and then all the sudden you get two hundred two hundred million in volume yeah now in this case we've been averaging like a quarter of a billion to half a billion in volume and then all the sudden we get five times 10 times as much volume it's really really similar in that sense yeah well Bitcoin cash is just going to pump because it's bit bank cash they just have a lot of money to put into it that's it and I mean that's basically it I want to give this too much I want to buy into this to hold this wouldn't be a buy and hold coin this would be buy make your percentage and leave because you don't want to fucking have a bag of shit like you want you know you get what I mean okay keep waiting here wonder what my birds doing haven't seen him today it's probably in his room chirping waiting for me yeah so for us to go sideways we really have to break the if sa R becomes bearish up here we go sideways like we could we could see a drop from 96 to like 80s and a break out of it as we enter tomorrow as we approach midnight very possible if SAR flix perish we're not to happen price would have to get below 86 all right now if you go to 86 briefly to 86 we go sideways before the next leg up that'll build a lot of fuel and I think in that next logo we could break the purple line and try to 180 range I ran it into purple line which is in the 140s right now yeah okay all right you know what yeah I'm just gonna play some music you guys won't hear it I guess maybe you will now I'll need that stuff I don't want I don't want to get like a copyright strike that's gonna make it so I can't live stream again because of YouTube's degenerate content policies oh they bad conservatives off YouTube so there's that you know fucking Google Twitter same shit sometimes not all the time depends on the case I guess yeah this was this was satisfactory right here alright sorry for the ear rape I don't know how loud that was think of it this way I have to play this clip so I can see the audio levels on the stream so I can make it better next set I'll let it go live because I can't I don't want to change settings without knowing what they're gonna be like but uh yeah it looks like we're not going down after all fuck it dude why not who needs pull backs guys fuck that shit doesn't exist in Korea we just go up god damn it's like well well I mean there's that we basically retrace this whole thing in one day no reason why we can't retrace this whole thing in one day again and then what happens that's the question you know in one 3-day candle correction their eyelids are next candle will start up here as we enter tomorrow and this should peek into this range and maybe greater but we should see some sort of peak if you don't see any peeps I'm just gonna I mean clearly you can't be unhappy about going up constantly right so so yeah the likeliness of this still depends on this fucking thing getting above this green EEMA if you could just break up of it and stay above it I could just stop streaming and come back in a day or eight hours or something because that'll give me enough confidence that this pattern will happen rather than this better whatever you haven't seen that yet I can't simply just say by yourself now no I mean it's risky to buy it because we've gone up so much in a day it's also risky to sell because well it's not hasn't shown any weakness if the best thing to do is literally wait till this fucking I think talk tops out somewhere like here's one way to look at it if you just do hike in Ashi we could wait till the first red candle here on the weekly I think the weekly let's get rid of these drawings briefly yeah yeah like the for the next time on hiking Oishi we get green I mean we get red see Fred I guess that could be an indication that we reach the top could be yeah we could look at Tron BTCC I guess and see what that looks like I think we looked at it yesterday night it was doing pretty good but keep in mind Tron is a like I Tron is a if I remember correctly that he plagiarized 'if and you know they just took 'if code and touka said hey guys this is strong by the way it's also a Hollywood movie so you should buy it because we couldn't come up with a better name Hollywood title so the Tron BTC looks like this is gonna dump I think the USC prepare was looking better the reason why this might dump is cuz the Bitcoin drove is much greater than a Tron Tron group just like in the light point Bitcoin ratio how it dipped and I waked up really quick see where's the Tedder there is no what shrine is actually pretty looking good I think I said nothing but good things about this yesterday night as much as I hate the coin you know to be honest I think this is one of those it's one of those things that gives crypto a bad name I mean technically let's see what the shittiest shit coin has in volume that be useful some good good information alright so nebulous s7 yeah alright I guess it's getting no it's not that's not accurate let's go to the lowest volume that's what I meant all right so we got ETN ETM might do might surprise us later it's my Nobel it's really early the thing is it's again like I said it was a shit coin and it's not listed on Finance so the only way to get it from liquid liquid is not so liquid cocaine hazmat doesn't mean COO coin shoot coins blow in pump it's just that like the reason why these coins are pumping is cuz they're low liquidity so one volume comes in and the order book is clean you just push up the value basically so queue ash is liquids equivalent of a dollar I guess yeah I mean these have pretty low volume punk DX the pudgy Cohen I forget what their gimmick is everything has a gimmick crypto the mental capacity and stuff that's I mean that's to be expected we're gonna see that anyway that's gonna happen every time like every time because that's not it's not gonna be a problem that goes away alright that's what I'm trying to say that's it's very likely that um that keeps happening even when we're at 100k until we have second layer so scaling solutions a fully deployed like as and everyone's using them and not just a few people that are geeky enough to figure it out I mean we did start a new free our candle uh 30 minutes ago so let's just see when the next six our candles start so we knew that okay so when we start the new three our candle we also started a new six hour candle si are still bullish on the six hour chart if he's stagnate up here and you don't go any higher odds are this will just keep going up this will become bearish dots will appear on top and then price will correct briefly before going up again because this uptrend is not out of steam but we if we're gonna see that sideways period what am I trying to say I mean I guess we could what I could say is like we can make like a bull flag here if you get projected before we break out a mid month that would um that would restore some confidence in this trend not running out of steam because look at our site this is telling you to sell alright just telling you to sell here but it's the dip isn't that great it might for all we know we get only like a 5% dip or an 8% dip so you're gonna get just misleading sell signals looking at our site on the six hour I guess the daily maybe not so much because we haven't been this high in such a long time but you know keep in mind like we said like me read on that breaded comment like and was able to go from 79 to 420 in two days so it's not two days though could it really be two days I don't think it took two days I'm pretty sure it was like three days but at that point days were like blending together so it might have felt like two days because like when you see this right that's crazy every day you wake up it you're in a new hall time honey shit was it awesome hoping you can get that much rush from any other market well yeah just looking at the daily I mean we are technically here but keep in mind we this is after we bottomed out so if you are not peaking like we could be hitting these values and our site could drop but if price doesn't drop as hard and we just get like nice 20 or 30 percent dip here the second time RSI goes up you go a lot higher so let me do another leg up essentially I'm pretty big leg up nonetheless so our site it's gonna be really misleading from now on that doesn't mean it should be ignored okay it certainly does have a point saying that we are getting a bit toppy in terms of bots so some some but someone's bought out there's gonna sort this somewhere hopefully they'll bring enough selling pressure to slow our ascent but I certainly doubt that's gonna happen I really do kiss I wanted to go sideways as much as the next person just fucking thing's really out of control right now look at the one-hour SAR still bullish so all right I guess a better way to wait better way to better way to think about this is if you flip SAR bearish like we did here tonight so that just means we just go in society we go sideways until tonight and then this gets pulled up basically six hours the data points would be enough for this so 8:00 p.m. tonight we start coming down and then tomorrow morning like 4:00 a.m. we repeat the rinse and repeat from here to here in the hundreds yeah I would sort of coincide a situation like this would coincide with the I think the new free day candles started because we are well that's the three hour Kendall whoops yeah the new three-day candle shoots have a close should have an open value up here and a closed value in the green when it does open and that starts April 4th so if we're gonna see any sort of pullback or sideways period we have to see it in the next like six or eight hours if if we don't see it then then I guess we just keep going up we're not done with this candle did you mind in the past three days were a 52% the highest we've been up on our way up here was 73% in one day so you noticed there's also badly that was a hundred ninety two percent moved from where it started that's 72 percent count all hundred ninety two percent who here puts us in that one eighty range and if those selling comes up here or if you don't go sideways up here then things become really bullish for light going but if you do get selling and we do come down then we just have to wait it out basically just wait till this pattern completely completes out and then we can can start counting our Lambos here let me do this so all you have to do is really just hedge some coins sell some up here just in case not a lot and see what happens after if it comes down you get to buy at a discount accumulate if it doesn't come down and it keeps going up well you didn't sell everything and now you know the opportunity did there would be a better trick there'll be a new trading opportunity way up here if this one doesn't work out here no I'm just fucking running out of words to say so I guess we'll pull up the men pool finger link to that is on Bitcoin markets separated civil disposing it there well you can have Bitcoin markets with two S's nope that doesn't exist chairman well look at all these negative downloads all right so how can I vote that this download is because it's off topic what about this one operation dragon slayer 2.0 i'll fuck off dude bullshit don't mean anything but what is this god damn it does it work why not just open a hundred x in the first place what is the probability not tony vases right we dropped the 2k from 5 to 6 K because troll I guess whatever what else we got here hmm this is cool well if you just say increase the fees which is like the solution to getting clogger in the first place cuz if he's minor there's a fee market with the confirmations that fee market is going to be transferred on to delight delight nning network I almost said the litecoin network hey who knows maybe that's what it'll become the that'd be cool if we get lightning we become the light lightning coin that'd be nice it technically cheaper Fiat on rap to it ln4 litecoin and BTC in that sense yep no trade zone agreed I'm waiting to buy back in trying hard not to FOMO Troodon see what else they're saying hmm nice try hacker and you I've got the deep disk scan tool second highest one they are sighs since um yeah technically out of the bear market whatever again we're going back to the RSI stuff we were talking about the let's see let's just load out load out one here oh I didn't save it no no do we have it here is it on this shirt there is load out one hell yeah so the are the weekly RSI for PTC USD is what we talked about this earlier the stream will revisit it because well the other day I don't know if you got new viewers and stuff but let's pull up the bid for next shirt look at the weekly so we were talking about how our a site 30 when or above 50 RSI on the weekly my bad what when RSI is above 50 on when our site 30 is above 50 on the weekly that's when we're in a bull parabolic bull market so we're the way we are now is we're setting up for that parabolic bull market we could be at this stage or we could be here where we break it break it for good they just don't know so that's the rule 42 RSI we talked about earlier on the weekly scale with our site there you can do a little Google it asana forget where I found that about this might have been stock charts I don't think that's the right website no no maybe the pattern site the pattern site is pretty good for this stuff that's just the site run by a guy who's training his whole life and he just basically this is notes so like these video streams these are like my notes for the future in a sense though I'm probably not gonna watch this stream because we've been live for two hours and 54 minutes and I'm not gonna edit this stream down either so I know I used to edit them down but it's pointless now it's just easier to go live and let it all happen like mistakes make it less scripted I hate scripted stuff right yeah Eugene I mean technically you're right this is the but we would have no fucking way we would have no that would have been a pullback that's the thing it just happened to me so what he's saying is the only pullback here wants to sell here this was your pullback now now you just hold you hold until up here that's what do you say very true in that yeah very correct now I I would feel bad shorting and up strength is strong god mode trader – de oh boy can we even start this hey at least it's got proper SSL certification so that's good let's translate to English let's see what the Germans are talking about with crypto well this premium you that's a pretty good website I guess I mean I like it it's simple it's not full of ads like all these fucking shit coin websites nothing gimmicky very German all a bit dated though certainly is the UI when was this made you'd have a copyright oh this is part of Nicki 225 this didn't know that that's pretty cool set index I forget which one this is Japanese and next stay o DOS yeah Tokyo Stock Exchange who knew – Japanese stock exchange the onna German and web training website I certainly didn't that's pretty cool what else we got yeah let's see let's see Kryptos I like how do you spell Kryptos – it's wait wait wait more way cooler let's see what is this about intending okay well I mean if you guys if this is a website owned by the Tokyo Stock Exchange whatever dude like we were just casually important I mean it's not like we had a shit ton of money to put into Bitcoin or anything you're just casually involved oh boy what's this about some cool web sites this is pretty up-to-date dude I like this shit I really do like this this is a thumbs up with our some of our ideas I just wished it had better charting shit like I don't know what this is this is definitely not trading view they're using their own maybe it's an in-house charting software the other thing is the well I don't understand German so that's why we muted that it's always sounds a bit rough but yeah the other thing is his idea is that we get a pullback here if we're gonna get any pullback before we go up higher which makes a lot of fucking sense I mean it's just it's a conclusion that we came unto it's good to see that others came on to it as well which means it's more likely to happen if it happens then again it could also not so let's see what else they had here it's a pretty nice website probably gonna visit this daily now might be part of our stream all right so we're still at 94 still going sideways I guess one our chart nope we started anew our cattle SAR didn't become bearish yet so we're still going still go in this thing I just can't wait to uh flip it bearish go sideways a bit and I'm flipping bullish again this was around 10 a.m. right here when s air flip bullish odds are like it's very possible we got another 10 a.m. pump tomorrow morning or maybe a 10 p.m. pump for all we know i watch market are we talking about mills we've been as you can see mills we've been streaming in for three hours so yes of course I've seen a market and I've repeated myself like maybe 40 times or something some of this stuff but yeah you can see everything is going up let's look at the SPX let some see what's happening there setting new highs no we're not it's the one-hour shirt it's good and daily nope not yet damn it every time I look at this this just gives me dude she gives me shivers cuz what could happen here could be what we got back here this shit right here could be can easily be here with the SPX or not you know there's also that we're really focusing on a quarterly for the SPX all right okay yeah males we could repeat ourselves I suppose drawings this one all right so anyone just tuning in we're still waiting on our tease of this purple mid-channel line if you can break out of it it's really good if we don't break out of it there's a chance we played this pattern 2015 pattern here however if you do break out of it it's pretty good because we could be here we could be doing this and this range would be this red line this in the 5 to 600 range if that's the case another thing to look at is the well where is this let's go to volume again let's distribute volume mils you can see litecoin has never had six billion dollars flowing through it ever ever ever so this is the first clearly good reason for that why does the chart not show come on man there we go okay so get rid of that and just didn't even this data is not loading right okay there it is okay maybe it is really right so so our peak to 420 B only had two billion dollars in volume we have twice as much now and the type of volume spike we have here from this average has been 10 fold so over here we've been averaging anywhere from well it's been averaging about 500 billion dollars I mean million dollars and now we're at five billions so we've gone up 10x in terms of volume in that case back here to 2014 rides we were averaging about the what was it I think I said five to ten million in volume and then all of a sudden it went to 200 million in volume so in that sense like the volume coming through is very similar to the early bull run here the other thing we looked at was the hash rate for litecoin l every time like what makes a new hash rate all-time high as we've set up for it it's able to break resistance with ease so know you got that going for us to hash rates about the set new all-time highs last time you set a new all-time highs was the 2017 way back here I'm not sure if I'm gonna zoom in well for a bug let's just look at the fuck are you screwed up all time give me the old time please no there's that I broke the chart guys god damn it the birds are fine they're just waiting so we could look at until 2016 rent so 2017 October is here we got to look too early so April 2017 last year that's when hash rates started making new all-time highs and when that happened that's when we went from 4 to 400 well that's what caused it what the for to move from 4 to 400 what happened during that period it was also a huge spike in volume like the one I showed here this huge spike in volume this very consistent with the hashed rate making you all-time eyes and we also compared the 2015 rally to this hash rates as well so let's do that the helping move there so we'll just look at the data points between 2013 and 20:16 for this and we're saying how in 2013 when hash trades started making you all time highs that's when well that's what like coin did the to move to fifties way back and this is the 50-day chart by the way to move to here the 50 is back in 2013 now that's possible when like when we started making you hash trade all-time highs here and yeah and they peaked essentially but and then the 2015 housing we haven't made any old mule hash straight alpha Heiser into 2015 helping but that's you know the hash rate growth between the last housing and this helping are not consistent this one we've set up for greater all-time highs followed by a volume surge which makes me think that this whole drop was a joke and that we're actually going much greater than we always anticipate but for the time being what's keeping us in check and this this purple is sort of like a governor for this in case it decides to really go up is we should see some sort of resistance here and if we don't if you don't get a big pullback or even a minor pullback here then we're probably gonna go and test 180 200 250 s or something before we space in these resistance and if you don't face anything there down we're pretty much good till new all-time highs essentially but the the surge in volume the hash rate setting new all-time highs it's very consistent with this move here and this move here it's not as consistent with the move here so you know slowly slowly we'll find out if it actually means anything I don't think we need to test your libros again if you just add an MA this 100-day MA on the three-day shirt where we are is we could be in this situation and in that case we just come back to this MA so this MA will look like this essentially so whatever you sell up here you can buy back in the 70s if you decide to do a pullback like that but this is this is a contingency okay so if we're just to happen a light coin does not break this okay so we don't break this this is possum if we break it things become much more different and the other thing is Bitcoin has to do the same thing on the free day church because this let's show you this so on a Bitcoin chart we have to get above this green line as I mentioned like 1015 times in this fucking stream we just have to break up of it like we did here and if we can do it the first time around it'll be it's just more bullish than I expect it to be but if you don't like we're stagnating here well that's this dis rejection here would be similar to the the litecoin peak here right here later where we couldn't break that green line that could be it and then later near when we get that bullish crossover we could break it for good on the monthly shirt the bullish from acne on the monthly budget for time being if you can get out of this and you set some free day candles close values well above the Green Line then we're pretty much golden like an ironically were golden bull run mode the other thing I talked about was the RSI 30 on the the the fuck in okay so it's still gonna show up here so let's go back to artists side 30 on the weekly chart how I'm if we if you can't get our side 30 open for Bitcoin to be above fucking Alvers a week there it's okay to be above 50 RSI 30 open then will be paid or parabolic once again so where we are now could be like this first attempt here which is like which would coincide with that green line being resistance and stuff but I think that green line is gonna be a broken through and we're just gonna go parabolic but what do I think like I'm not a will I'm not I don't have 100 million dollars to Punk the market and manipulated not yet at least so yeah the yeah so we could be doing that or if you break out and hit get above 50 will be parabolic you can see every time you've been above 50 on the weekly chart above RSI 50 Bitcoin has gone parabolic and let me just make that easier to visualize for you this is uh this de stock rules for a parabolic trend at our site and we're getting about 50 and stuff on 30 so brakes 50 here it tries to break it tries to go Powerball it gets rejected by 50,000 break its second time breaks 50 becomes parabolic stays above 50 and retains parabolic until January where we broke below it so I guess you know in this sense next top when it when we're over here if if our side does this shit and then keeps doing that because why not then I keeps doing that and that and and eventually comes down here and it breaks 50 finally I guess you know that would be safe to sell that be safe would be a safe time to celebrate 50 again break below 50 after repeat that'll be a pretty good sell signal assuming the the stock market rules hold true on crypto with RSA it's just like it's just a spawn indicator clearly Bitcoin has a mind of its own and doesn't have to respect any rules and you could go make its own rules um yeah so the other thing we looked at was how white coins should be able to retake XR peace place and then we did like a market cap of supply analysis there we were just took x RP scalar market cap and divided by this and just told us 149 around for like coin if we were to go and get XR peas market cap which is that which is what could happen if you break out in a purple line and keep not facing it resistance until we get to old values up here you know Charlie did say we have to visit old all-time highs first right so in the tweet way back so you know in that sense we could get up to 2 here before we get a moderate selling pressure to push us down if that Purple Line braids but for the time being like even looking at the weekly on a light coin this should be a 30 a 30-hour signed a weekly out like coins already above 50 so it's already gone parabolic on the weekly scale no she means uh you know that's us that's like coming for you I mean sir obviously parabolic but it didn't go parabolic until we broke 50 here you see this literally this week started our parabolic trend for litecoin and if if we pump like we did here like the volume the hashed rate all those things seem very consistent with the rise we did early 2017 a lot of all coins look very similar to this rise so like it's very possible we do this to for the 60s where we go to 500 600 area rather than topping out at 250 is 180 or that purple line in the 130s like 130 to 150 range that's all we can do really like I'm all for this rally this whole thing make it so Charlie make it so but if it doesn't happen we could easily be here too right that's all we can do that's all we can see right now and a lot of it is really up to Bitcoin to see if we can break 5,700 and go above 6k and if it can break 6 gained and it can go to 10k as I mentioned in that tweet I sent out a while back see ya Nick I'm surprised I'm still streaming too I mean it's fun it's a big thing I really like I've been telling some people like it there's nothing more I'd like to do that stream and talk about the chart it's just exciting ah but let me see what the hell that was the tweet I was talking about right here so in the beginning of the stream we're talking about how this we're not rise this this whole thing took 180 days and we are we could be doing this first 90% move from the bottom in 110 days so we were saying how the the trend now is 60% faster than the trend in the past so with that logic we said if it took 180 days to get here and it took 200 something days to get here it would only take 180 days to get to 10k from where we are which would coincide with a parabolic trend that we're witnessing but yeah so there's that I mean it's just a cloud market after all let's see what business up to you why did you leave me behind I thought we were friends no I'm sorry frog sorry frog what's this about position nearing liquidation no no no no that's subset of smite you should read their vendo that's some shorts getting liquidated okay I have 50 so much should I buy I like this I haven't seen this one in a while I've saved this one this is definitely going to where it's the only getting saved through our uh they're scrap booking mean booking that's what that is right – LTC now are worth one if yep this is this is we looked at the ratio earlier and this says all this means is you bought like coin with your ether you'd be well up you'd be well up double your eath why don't you just move to a terrible country oh no I don't know if you remember this is when Roger were yeah bitcoin Jesus got triggered because a streamer like me was interviewing about how bullshit bitcoin cash was and how the fork was on necessary I mean he got it he got his Bitcoin so there's that you know can't say I'm yes here yeah so you can complain I like this it's just a bunch of statements with reddit's facing okay come on baby let's go sideways so I can stop streaming and come back in six hours let's just push up sideways please push it sideways the way this works is like next thing is this happens and then we do this and I maybe we wake to this lower Ballinger ban and that happens and then we get tight again here before we go up onto one our chair it's something like that it's very possible that's the case you know I'll be great time for me to stop streaming and go and get some maybe McDonald's get some Big Macs like Trump leads Trump loves McDonald's he's so cool want to play fort night I don't have it installed unfortunately and to be honest I want to have this many tabs open oh what's wrong with my classes what does that even mean that translator well okay so let's go back to let's go back to kryptos and stuff and see what's happening here mm-hmm I like the Trump picture yep yep everyone's astronomical yeah I was just saying it's going to the moon and then they got this was just actually probably smart in 2023 becoming the past 21 over 1 million okay so yeah this is just I mean to be honest a volley of all the mainstream bullshit sort news sources this German web site is probably anything that has any sort of context that's relevant like the no I'm just saying like this shit's pretty weird what was this posted this was an okay this is Europe so they do date month year not month for year date so okay I thought this was in December for a sec but it wasn't we're at 90 feet guys we did it we hit their target what now probably nothing probably just sideways before we go up more don't have any cats I do not I only have Birds cats are Brits yeah cat I'm not a cat lady doesn't mean you can't pet him let's look at science news this it's hopping let's see what the UH there's been anything published regarding trip though novel solution to better voiceover the Internet communication nice I guess they use encryption end to end encryption yes not much interesting there if I didn't use blockchain let's add blockchain maybe that'll get us some better published published papers could blockchain I mean yeah obviously you would because nobody could change data there but then again that comes down to if the clinical trial is even properly maintained I guess favorite this matter reach your love it when they say researchers say because it's just like it's anybody nobody knows who to sources this sounds way more interesting that other article so an international team of researchers has put a fury speculated by late Stephen Hawking to its most rigorous test to date and their results have ruled out the possibility a primordial black holes smaller than a tenth of a millimeter make up most of dark matter see like would you yeah I come from a science person I try to read about this then look at this but this is where you make the money so you can spend all your time reading about science this shit I I still read Science Daily and yeah you know let's talk about this well while we wait for this thing to either go sideways or do some sort of pull back so I can end the stream and come back when you're pretty out of it the next time this is looking more and more like a bark pattern which is you know for for battered Bulls like myself this is like PTSD but if they bring it back the thing is if it they bring him back I don't think it'll go below seventy eight a lot of people sold here waiting to buy back and no they got there by back but I mean I don't know what'll happen we don't know we just you see well what's presented in front of us at the moment so science it says something regarding 85% of matter becoming dark matter hey dark matter okay so I have a pretty fast reading speed so like I you don't notice but I'm already way down to here this is what happens when you do science used to do science I should be so passionate about this stuff it's just Kryptos way more exciting I guess you get the secret results sooner than later because this is all for me to even do anything at any of the stuff I have to do like I first off I need to rent time at a particle accelerator that costs like 10 or 20 million then we're gonna like if you could hire a bunch of people make sure it's proper to peer-reviewed and all that bullshit no it doesn't doesn't mean it's unlikely and our part to do it's just a lot of effort and this is way less effort and the end result is basically the same you make a bunch of money the different series it just takes forever because you have to pull up all the all the stupid barriers to entry academia has put into making any decent discovery after you have to slave away your career your life it's just to make one just to get to the place you need to be and then spend ten years there to get complex thing this should say too fucking boring like keep in mind for example you have things like tenure at schools so that's a scam it's like it's ten years of scam just waste your time we really run out of words to say guys I mean there's not much to say I think I'm gonna end this stream soon I'll come back around 8 or 10 p.m. tonight so in 7 hours we'll be back guys thanks for tuning in thanks for subscribing here let's just replay 2 subscribers so we got hey load the junk he's gone and then Betty Olynyk I think I said that completely wrong but yeah you got it so I don't know why this one didn't play all right yeah thanks Anne alright see you guys later just don't be surprised if I come back in like 30 or 40 minutes when we break above 95 that good Ivan just hit their ballot on YouTube so you get faster notification and you put on Twitter because it takes me a second to send out a tweet but I'm usually lied before I send out the tweet so hopefully we see some sort of consolidation up here before we go higher into the next three-day candle that starts tonight so you know we're not done going up yet if you're wondering we're certainly definitely going up we just don't know if you're gonna take a break a brief break here or later all right so you guys soon thanks for tuning it

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