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what’s going on guys this is V Wells and
we’re bringing you a hundred crypto in 100 days today we’re gonna talk about
lifeline litecoin is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin doesn’t have quite
the market capitalization as you can see as Bitcoin Bitcoin currently at 45%
litecoin at 2.5 that’s a crazy visual overview to me of the total market cap
you just see how much of a choke hold Bitcoin and aetherium have on the on the
market and then ripple even has a good chunk compared to everybody else and
it’s seeing something like neo at one point to 6% only having that tiny share
of the market cap to me shows how much we’re in our infancy as well though
because some of these projects deserve to be right up there with Bitcoin and
etherium in my opinion and we’ll see if that plays out over the next couple
years litecoin could be one of these projects
it is currently four times faster than Bitcoin in terms of transactions per
second so the bitcoins at 7.6 right now litecoin 29.5 so four times faster it’s
also four times the exact supply of Bitcoin so as you can see the Mac supply
of life horn is 84 million as compared to big points 21 million this coin so
Don’s manic you know I’ve been in the crypto game for a long time and
sometimes this point just makes me sick it’s one of those ones like ripple I
almost bought a ripple under one penny apiece a lot of them same with like coin
I actually bought it it’s sometime in 2013 or I think around July August I
bought a bunch of light coin miners as well and the price did tank after that a
little bit but I did I did have thousands of these little miners that I
bought and that we’re gonna really get a lot of coin at the time and I wish at
this point I did have a bunch of Bitcoin miners as well in 2013 I had some can
see miners can’t see Jupiter really
powerful machines for the time so I got some really good Bitcoin mining in
ordered litecoin miners they came in late though so like they came in two
days late and I got really mad I say I don’t want him anymore I’m shipping him
back I want all my money back and they gave me all my money back and I should
have bought the coin instead just bought the light coin at two dollars a piece a
dollar seventy apiece and then see it skyrocket up here just even this first
time up to 40 50 bucks is just ridiculous and now we’re sitting on like
coin it’s $120 so I know they’ve had their problems lately there’s light pay
thing didn’t pan out like it was supposed to I’ve read I didn’t dive deep
into it but I know that a lot of people are disappointed but I still think it
has great potential especially for the long-term it’s kind of one of those
cryptocurrency blue chips in my opinion so just how you can buy a stock in
McDonald’s you can buy a stock in Walmart and almost guarantee that you’re
gonna make yourself a nice dividend at the end of the year and you’re not gonna
lose money it’s the same way with like one at this point especially in this low
market it might dip a little bit more in my opinion but it’s not going much lower
and I could be wrong about that you know it could go down 1500 or something
Bitcoin I’m saying buddy I think it’s almost reached its low point strong
support point being at 7,000 a little under $7,000 and we’ll see how that
plays out white coin when you look at the charts it it was as high as 300 plus
dollars three can’t even get the mouse on there but 3:30
it’s a zoom in 373 at the high point 15 17 billion dollar mark market cap as
compared to us 6.7 right now so like coin I you know Charlie Lee he’s a
Bitcoin superstar I don’t know how many people are still behind them after this
last snafu it’s not my favorite investment to be honest with you because
I feel like there’s better projects even when you look at some of these max
transactions per second you can scroll down here and you look at something like
a OS which is releasing in June 50,000 plus I think they tested and said
supposedly around 100,000 and that’s coming out in June
this year so we have a lot of other ones that are way faster credits which is
currently out as well 200,000 transactions per second
oMG has really good potential and then you see a lot of these other old coins
so slow could go up they Bitcoin could scale Bitcoin cash could scale somebody
can really show up and do their do their thing but it’s a matter of Technology
and safety they don’t want to lose the integrity of their code as well because
that’s the big draw to it one of the big girls to cryptocurrency so like when
it’s a good part good project to be in it’s a good project to be invested in
not my favorite is term in terms of like if I if I really had to throw out like
my top five coins like coin wouldn’t be there but it’s definitely a safe
investment I think especially for the long term just like buying Bitcoin or
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or not likes comments keep it up and I’m gonna keep bringing you guys the best
content I can this is the hunter Kryptos on 100 days if mb woes and I’ll see you
guys on the moon take it easy

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