32 thoughts on “Lisk (LSK) | Will this cryptocurrency ecosystem topple Ethereum? Detailed review with SWOT analysis”

  1. Hey everyone, here is the link to the Steem blog of the review if your interested.

    Also, as corrected by commenters, re-launch is scheduled for 20th Feb, not 20th Jan as I stated.


  2. another incredible video man – I feel like you're going to be looked back upon as one of the pioneers of valuable crypto info during a time of overwhelming bullshit. Much appreciated!

  3. Lisk : Whatever people think about , let them bark .Slow and steady but SURELY they will reach it. because whatever they have reached until now was through there own effort alone. they dont need to prove anything. they are their own ''engine''.

  4. I doubt can any one investing $1000 in crypto now a days ever make money buying altcoins..! they have a withdrawal fee of 35%.. can someone help me how it works…

  5. Great in depth review. Not as in depth into the team as you often are though. Was this because there are no real 'crypto superstars' on there? You did say they are large and knowledgeable. Appreciate your effort as always. Thanks!

  6. Loving the new professional look! Lisk has been in my bag since the start, intrigued to see the rebranding… Hoping they take more of a 'Steve Balmer approach'  as opposed to their last event ( zzz… )

  7. Hey, i'm reaching because it seems to me that you make an important mistake in your analysis : Javascript and Java are not related. I'll let you dive in some research now, thank you from France for your content by the way

  8. Alts in tbe green , Lisk showed early growth, good work Beau.
    Maybe I can upgrade my thongs to gold plated.

  9. I'm not a holder I'm not spamming this project is going to be unbelievably valuable .Thanks for sharing. Quality premium token 100%

  10. Lisk > Neo, my opinion. Lisk is one of the most solid coins for a reason. I know there is a lot of Neo holders in Australia & feel the need to always believe it will be one of the best but I can think of 4 other platforms easily away from the beast Lisk that will be better as a utility for mass adoption (Lisk of course but Dragonchain (US) will surprise most platforms as one of the strongest, Wanchain, ICON, Komodo). We'll soon see I guess.

  11. Nice review Beau. I believe block reward is now at 4. still good amount of free lisk every week if you vote for the delegates

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