LISK Cryptocurrency Explained | Is it good to buy ? (2018)

what's up what's up guys Mak Wan requested to make a video about Liske Liske is in chapter 2 cryptocurrencies listed at the coin market Capcom well to be more exact it takes 27th place many investors believe that could be one of the most undervalued cryptocurrency in the market in this video I will give you a brief explanation about Liske their functionalities the goals the consensus mechanism additionally we will look at the current price and the future potential risk is an open-source blogging platform powered by l sk tokens that allows developers to write decentralized applications the CEO and co-founder max crow deck along with the lease foundation which is based in switzerland develop and leave this project as one of the few coins the do not experience while twinks alice k is quickly becoming a favorite for new investors looking for an established project with a great potential the potential already attract tech giant Microsoft who looks to leverage the project interesting ecosystem this the centralized blockchain application platform enables users to build applications in JavaScript probably the most popular and user-friendly programming language around the globe which ideally suits for developers and future users or blockchain applications the lists plan is to create a simplified development process with a goal to eliminate current obstacles and barriers with the new programming languages and allow developers freely to enter into the blockchain technology the company's main strategy is to partner with the best third party service providers available worldwide risk functions in binary manner as both Network and cryptocurrency list most promising feature is its infrastructure makeup this includes an application that allows JavaScript developers worldwide to set up a customized blockchain known as a side chain with the centralized application this has facilitated the development of key applications with elements of privacy security and capability included side chains can be described as independent new blank chains that run in parallel to the main parent blockchain you can think of it just like lighting Network runs in parallel to bitcoins blockchain lists provides a universal framework including decentralized applications that can be used across the world each of those applications will be scalable and independent thanks to a side chain and will belong to network that can evolve over time and most services and more complex and innovative applications that being developed liske is one of the most successful cryptocurrency crowd sale from February to March 2016 a list crowd founded 14000 52 bitcoins or about 112 million u.s. dollars as of the current Bitcoin price at the time of this video this is a lot of money it was the fourth highest crowd founded for any cryptocurrency at that time consensus protocol liske uses delegated proof of stake stake holders I allowed to vote for individuals they want to run the node and maintain the network the people who get the most votes are called delegates and in the case of risk that's up 101 delegates get paid for their services as the community grows it gets harder and harder to remain a paid delegate due to increased competition if a delegate stops doing a quality job of securing the network people in the community can remove the votes and essentially firing that individual voting is always ongoing this system works because it is able to flush out bad actors and at the same time recognize new valuable members risks price let's take a moment and talk about the price of LS k tokens current party cap is around 540 million US dollars the price of one token is around five dollars in February LS k reached new all-time high over thirty three dollars per token considering the fact that the current price is five dollars that's more than eighty percent decline if you believe in this project and if you are a contrarian investor it might be a good time to buy for the last month the price was more or less flat which we haven't seen in a while it might be a good indicator for market recovery and mi start getting some momentum and possibly reach to ten dollars would I personally invest in risk probably not do not get me wrong I think liske is a great project but I believe there are much better alternatives out there so this is the end let me know what you guys think about risk leave your thoughts in the comment section below if you enjoyed this video hit that like button and if you're new to this channel do not forget to subscribe for more animated videos about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology other than that thank you for watching and see you next video

21 thoughts on “LISK Cryptocurrency Explained | Is it good to buy ? (2018)”

  1. go Lisk! so much potential, expecting price increase with ICO release rollout and full components of SDK late 2018/2019
    USD$5 is a great entry price, long term hold.

  2. go Lisk! so much potential, expecting price increase with ICO release rollout and full components of SDK late 2018/2019
    USD$5 is a great entry price, long term hold.

  3. This was not one of your best videos. The description of LISK was quite superficial. Using java script as your "claim to fame" is hardly sustainable in the long run. By the end of the day it is about real world adoption. How far has LISK come since the IPO in 2016?

  4. no, you must start with "hey, what's up guys" Your voices sounds different in this video. Excellent vide though

  5. Your content is always awesome
    Can u please make a vid to understand how to calculate whether a coin is overvalued or undervalued.. PLEASE
    And thanks for ur all stuff
    Really helpful

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