Liquid Exchange Guided Tour

Welcome to Liquid. In this guided tour, we’ll show you where
to find your balances and where some of the primary features of the exchange are located. Let’s get started! Where to find your funds Go to and sign in. If you were a Qryptos or Quoinex customer,
your existing credentials will work. Once you are signed in click on “wallets”
at the top right of the screen. Here you will find all of your existing balances. You can scroll down the list or use the search
function to find the token you want. Where to deposit and withdraw From the wallets section, navigate to the
token you are after. If you want to deposit, hover over the right
hand side and press “deposit”. A wallet address will appear. Double check you have selected the correct
currency. Once you are sure, you can send over your
funds. To withdraw, on the wallets section find the
token you want to withdraw, hover over the right hand side and select “withdraw”. You will be directed to the withdrawal page. Here you must input the address you want to
withdraw to, and then choose the amount. Introduction to Liquid Exchange Now let’s take a look at the exchange. Click on “exchange” at the top. At the top left of the exchange screen you
can select your trading pair. Scroll through the options and star your favorites. Click on your desired trading pair. On the default view you will see the trade
feed on the left, the chart in the middle, and the order book and order form on the right. In the order form you have the options of
limit, market, stop and trailing stop orders. At the bottom you can find your orders and
executions. The charts are customisable and you can even
enter full screen mode to see the chart in detail. Liquid Primary Features Liquid’s primary features can be accessed
from the top left of the home page. If you click on “margin”, this will take
you to the dashboard for margin trades. Return to the homepage with the back arrow,
or click the liquid logo at the top left. Click on lending to navigate to to our Lending
app where you can lend out your assets to earn daily interest. If you click on ICO market at the top left
you can check out all the live token sales we have on offer. Take your time, explore the platform and have
fun. Welcome to Liquid. Available right now on desktop. Mobile app coming soon.

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