Linklok Paypal IPN Tutorial No. 1

Hi my name’s Mike Kay from Mersey Internet and welcome to my video tutorial number one How to sell downloadable products This tutorial will explain how to use Linklok to sell an eBook you could apply the method shown here
to any downloadable file of course not just eBooks so what do you need? as well as Linklok of course you’ll need a Paypal account a test PDF file and of course a suitable website with FTP access so first thing to do we need to configure your Paypal account so i’ve already logged in so the first thing to do is to click on, Profile then in the right hand column click on IPN preferences now the screen you see here maybe
slightly different to the one displayed now because i’ve been on the screen before it looks different to the first time you come on it so I’m going to click Choose IPN settings. You should just click whatever you see Click the button to enable Receive IPN messages and then the notification URL enter the URL to the script this will be your website address followed by the IPN script name which is linklokipn.php and click Save so now Paypal will call the script when payment is made and the script will send an email to the purchaser that contains links that will allow them to download the file they just purchased as well as an email we really want to
take them back to our website and the way to do this we need to set up some more settings in Paypal so again click on profile and on the right hand column click on website payment preferences enable auto return and set the auto return URL to the following the website address followed by linklokipnret .php now scroll down a bit further to payment
data transfer and enable it and then go down to the bottom and click save now theres a couple of ways of doing the next
part but the simplest is to go back into website payment preferences again where you’ve just been scroll down to PDT and there you see a string of characters called the identity token highlight this and copy it to the clipboard and that’s your paypal account setup We’ll be using this string that you’ve copied to insert it into the IPN script in the next part if you haven’t already done so extract the Linklok files into a folder on your computer you’ll see here this script itself called
linklokipn.php and the other file we referenced called linklokipnret.php you’ll also need the test file you’re going to sell
sell which I’ve called SellMe.pdf and i’m going upload that now to my webserver and we need to put it preferably into a
folder outside the web root i’m going to create a folder called forsale if your hosting doesn’t allow you to
put files outside your web root then you should create a randomly named folder that would be very hard to guess this won’t be as secure as putting it
outside your web root but it may be sufficient for your project depends on how important security is to you so upload sellme.pdf now before we upload the script we need
to make a few changes to it open it up in any text editor. I’m using
Wordpad on a pc At the top of the file you’ll see
a number of admin variables we need to update their value so the first one is LinklokURL set list too your website address /linklokipn.php the next one is PaypalEmail set this to your primary Paypal email address the next three are information about your website your company name and this will be used typically in the emails that are sent to
purchases purchasers to say where to contact you in the emails that are sent to purchasers you might want to receive a copy
of these emails just to check that they are working properly put here the email address where you want these
emails to be sent next one is LinkKey this is a random string used by Linklok for encryption purposes any random string will do and if you want to good website for
generating them I’d suggest /passwords.htm next is the PDT token this is the string that we copied from our
Paypal account just paste it in here and finally we’re going to use Linklok’s manual order entry facility to test that things are working okay so you need to enter an admin password
here. you can make up any password you want when you finish testing it set it back to an empty string to disable it one more important thing at the top of the file you’ll see Products
products or if it’s not there you need to add it this describes your file that you’re selling The first part is any identity string
you want to use I’ve used Id1 next one is a short description of the file Don’t use commas in this description next is the price and this may not be the actual price
you’re selling at on your website because you may be using discount vouchers
for example so it may not always be easy to tell what the price is
the prices The price you put in here should be the
minimum that you are prepared to accept and it’s only really used as a
security check by Linklok So if the purchase tries to go through less than this value then it will be blocked as you can see here I have used two different currencies you don’t have
to use multiple currencies you can just use a single currency and next is the location of the file you are selling the filename SellMe.pdf is in a folder called forsale under my hosting home directory next parameter just set it to zero
It’s there for legacy reasons the next one is how long the download link will be valid for that’s set to 24 hours so I can’t remember if this is just minutes or days err minutes or seconds anyway I know that 1440 is 24 hours I’m sure you can work it out better than me Once you have made these changes save the file and upload it along with link Linklokipnret to your website home directory So now this should all work. What we’ll do now is use the manual test money order entry facility to test that this works so if you go to this URL, your
website address slash linklokipn.php ?orderform=1 this should come up err what was the password I can’t remember, pacman the manual order entry form will now appear
apparent and you should be able to select your file that you are selling from the drop down the only fields you have to fill in or have to consider filling in is the email address that you want the that you want to use if you leave this blank then the form will display the links here
on the screen So if I click Send Links SellMe.pdf appears and if I click on it there it is for me to download I won’t do it now so you test that to test that it works enter an email address here and click send links and I’ve done this already you should check that you get an email like this
address thanking you for your order this is the email that will be sent to
the purchaser and in it, it will contain the link to download check that that works that’s proved that it’s working all we need to do now is to set up a button to use on your own
website. A Buy Now button. so the easiest way to generate a button is to use Paypal’s button wizard so if you go into your paypal account and click on the merchant services you’ll see here under start accepting payments
payments Add a Paypal Button to your web site so for the purposes of this tutorial
we’re gonna sell a single item click on sell single items choose a button type, Buy Now itemname anything you want for the purposes of this tutorial anyway under item ID now this is important that this matches the ID you used in
your Linklokipn script so we used id1 so I’ll set that to id1 the price uh… as i said before this doesn’t have
to be the same what you put in although it must be greater than that value and then just click at the bottom Create button it will generate the HTML for your button just highlight it, copy it and paste it into your web site and that’s it now when the purchaser comes
along they click on your Buy Now button Paypal is already set up They’ll pay on the Paypal site Paypal will call the IPN script which will send them an email and then return them to your site where they’ll see a link to click on where they can download it so they have two ways of downloading the file directly on your side and as a backup they will also receive an email and that’s it, I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, my first one I’m planning on doing some more using more complex features of the Linklok IPN script such as using mySQL databases but that’s all for this tutorial so for further information go back to my website you’ll find details of future tutorials

5 thoughts on “Linklok Paypal IPN Tutorial No. 1”

  1. Another awesome tutorial. Is there a way to add an affiliate ID or referrer ID in the PayPal code and send it to the Orders table? I think I see a 'referrer' field in the DB but it's empty.

  2. I ended up buying this product and now I'm so frustrated because after all the set up when I test the download link I get a could not open file message and I've been stuck for hours trying everything. please if you can help I'd very much appreciate it 

  3. Have you sent them a support request. They are usually very helpful.

  4. Do you know how I would set up Linklok to create a link from a QR code in my paperback so that people who have book my paperback can down load the eBook for free (cutting PayPal out)?

  5. Thanks for the video.

    What do yo u mean by 'Web root / route' is it: a, b, c, d or e? Googling is not specific!
    a) any page within a domain for example – any page off and the itself
    b) is it just the
    c) is it any the hosting space someone has for all their domains on ones hosting account?
    d) the public folder in Cpanel on my hosting account
    e) something else? Please explain!

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