LinkedIn Top 50 Companies – FLUSH with Crypto Startups! – The Future is Blockchain!

well these types of lists are still worth noting even though there may be coming from a social media network that is dying and doesn't realize it yet yes we're talking about LinkedIn guys because LinkedIn sucks this one's from Bitcoin magazine make that clear enough guys crypto blockchain company shine in LinkedIn top 50 US startups this is good news this is great news LinkedIn sucks though linkedin has been keeping its finger on the pulse of the United States most thriving startups and crypto organizations are showing tremendous signs of life and growth you should be encouraged my friends the business and employment social media site that still sucks released its LinkedIn top stars list this Thursday September 6 2008 teen split into two articles the list details the u.s. most dominant startups weighing each company's worth with in-house data that looks at employee growth job seeker interest member engagement with the company and its employees and how well the stars have pulled talent from the company's flagship LinkedIn topic companies list to be eligible companies could be no older than 7 years and must have at least 50 employees well we'll be getting there very soon guys better make sure that you check us out interspersed between the expected ilk of a general tech in software startups cryptocurrency and blockchain companies had an impressive showing among their mainstream industry peers coming in just behind a buret adversary adversary lyft and low calorie ice cream company halo Top Creamery respectively coinbase ranked third on the list Brian Armstrong you should be proud in describing the six year except you shouldn't be proud about your API access because the API axis sucks coinbase Brian Armstrong we've tweeted at you you haven't respond help us as operators do our job that our Brian Armstrong in describing the six year old crypto crazy wallet inventor LinkedIn notes that it serves this house over 20 million accounts twice the number of clients Charles Schwab has in his books and will probably be taking all 20 million of those Brian Armstrong thanks and 500 employees strong the company hopes to double its manpower by the year-end right behind number six stock trading service of Robin Hood which is becoming the Bank of America for crypto which will not focus on crypto currencies does after a crypto trading comes with ripple nipple with over 100 clients of watching based banking platform delivers it service to institutions like Santander RBC and American Express the company has 250 employees hopes to add 75 more by 2019 slinging a bit of mud the company boasted to LinkedIn that his dedication to expansion along with an impressive clientele is what distinguishes ripple nipple from the other crypto stars that are playing in the sandbox ooh Ripple thrown some shade on your competitors Oh interesting outside of the top ten the winklevosses Gemini's drowns the list upper and lower division at 25 LinkedIn highlights of Winklevoss hitherto unsuccessful attempts to list a Bitcoin ETF they're going to succeed just wait till 2019 my friends as well as are spearheading I'm an SRO self-regulatory organization before cryptocurrency exchanges among its hundred fifty employees the description draws attention to Robert Cornish Gemini's newly acquired CIO whom it poached from the New York Stock Exchange that sounds like a winner to me just below Gemini at idiom incubator consensus tops the latter half of the rankings that theorems co-founder Joseph Lubin who disagrees with a Vitalik view Turing because Vitali beater and thinks that kryptos are losing power and you're never gonna see a thousand percent gains anymore however Joestar Lupin being the more rational of the two co-founders has a more rational and balanced approach I like you Joseph heads the organizational body with his impressive staff of 965 the largest of any crypto companies surveyed in spread across departments for technological development consulting education and investing earlier this year the company partnered with Amazon to launch at called–oh an enterprise grade blockchain software as a service kit available on Amazon Web Services have we talked about Amazon going into cryptocurrency absolutely guys keep your eyes wide open for that and 47 X oniy if in tech firm focus on blockchain and distribute ledger technology brings up the rear as a last crypto related company on the list founded in 2013 the 50 employee company is starting to make the name for itself when an infusion of a 32 million dollars in venture capital from market heavyweights like Goldman Sachs naica partners in andreessen horowitz which is probably one of the most prolific and from excuse guys they're one of the most promiscuous investor investing companies in the entire planet so they're investing in a lot as given the fledging firm expectations to live up to a detailed version of linked teams terminology along with qualifiers and exception reads as follows bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla LinkedIn sucks let me know your thoughts let me know your thoughts in the B point above guys is LinkedIn suck that's all I care about but here's the thing though if LinkedIn is creating lists and crypto startups are on the list what's gonna happen in the future when the entire list is only blockchain and cryptocurrency companies think far ahead my friends the future is broad the future is wide the future has only limitless opportunities and the doors open because the Bowens is in there guys yin Dada you

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  2. #50, the lying crooked hillary firm with soros ukranian russian ties who was paid to say the russians hacked the dnc servers, tho they refuse to hand over the servers to the fbi. uhuh. okey dokey then, linked in. fu.

    "Rooting for the underdog: Armed with $200 million in Series E funding, cybersecurity company CrowdStrike is holding its own against big names like Symantec, McAfee and IBM as they all go after the $35 billion market to provide endpoint security in the cloud. | Global headcount: 1,115 | Headquarters: Sunnyvale, Calif. | Out of office: Nearly half of its employees are remote, CrowdStrike tells LinkedIn."

  3. How about a Byteball video? Its like the Ethereum of DAG, rebranding soon because the name is holding it back

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