Lightspeed VC Firm Behind Snapchat looking to Invest in Crypto Startups! – YEN.IO

our eventual can't our venture capital company smelling the blood in the water absolutely they know there's a lot of money in cryptocurrency startups like mine yen dot IO should check it out VC firms better recognize what's a Crip donation its feed them which is centralized TV in today's crypto news bit brought to you by coin telegraphed via crypto yung calm the world's best crypto reader VC firm behind snapchat what the hell snapchat looks to ramp up its crypto investments report says hmm the top tier investment group behind snapchat don't know what the hell that is is is looking at three different ways to increase their activity in the crypto sphere according to our report the venture capital firm behind snapchat don't know what the that is is looking at ways to increase their investments in crypto industry tech journal recode reported May 17th Arin a battalion nice name a partner at venture capital firm Lightspeed is leading an effort to boost the firm's investment by exploring three methods of setting up a new fund carving out a portion of an existing fund or launching an entirely new project recode reports deciding quote sources according to read quote recode Lightspeed is leaning towards carving out a part of an existing fund for crypto investments rather than setting up an entirely new fund which they had been considering over the past few months recode also adds adds that Battalion reportedly may not want to wait and his consider stepping down from his position as a general partner at Lightspeed to launch his own crypto focused project hey battalion you should hit me up setting a source close to battalion recode reports Lightspeed is prepared to financially back at the new potential project battalion is not the only partner at Lightspeed interested in cryptocurrency Jeremy loom who led the firm's investment into snapchat don't know this that is and is now a bullish Bitcoin proponent was part of Lightspeed's backing of crypto wallet blockchain coms initial funding in 2014 life sweets interesting cryptocurrency is shared by multiple and other traditional major traditional VC firms as coin Telegraph reported last month both Comcast ventures in the Rockefeller family's venture capital arm event rock are making their own moves in to the crypto space well this is great news that other companies and VC companies are getting in to the investment game there's lots of money demanding cryptocurrency and if you're out there and you're looking to invest in a company that's not going to do a scam EIC oh you should probably check out yen Donna yo let me know your thoughts on VC firms entering into the game especially a big firm that's behind snapchat is that thing still used do it uses that shite let me know in the Bitcoin table by the comment section below if you're new here subscribe to our YouTube channel for everybody else you should be using the most powerful application ever built for these types of social dueling's it's got IRC or telnet check them out guys telnet an IRC best ever

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  2. Question.. how does Japan’s ban on privacy coins effect colx future growth plans. Do you think other countries will follow suit?

  3. cryptocurrency is a scam! only people making money are dumb youtubers who are affiliates of these ico's. only dumb fcuks invest in cryptocurrency!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Telegram coin will go on the exchange soon! The price will grow at 5-10 times at once! I advise to buy coins in advance in ICO

  5. At last I waited for puuublic round of ICO Telegram on Today I bought 5400 tokens) I got into a rocket, put on a helmet, buckled up and now I'm ready to fly to the moon for high prices)

  6. What's the news?! Telegram opened a public sale of tokens on For couple of days they sold over 80% of tokens!

  7. Thanks Peter great content as always! I would like to hear your thoughts about Apollo. A lot of buzz going around about it.

  8. Proof of Donald Trump?!?! Smart Contract game. Super cheap ATM.

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