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hello everyone hello hey you don't see this Bitcoin world hood and today we have come to a very special place and you can see all the equipment in front of me okay well you know what is this now I will tell you first of course first of all I would like to introduce this very gentlemen beside me okay he is just yeah I think it will give yourself to everyone who work with it hello everyone this is get get me off I'm the CEO lucky happy where their professional of our country become violent Shelby come in here Allen white while is likely has a because everything in the world okay and of for today what have you got to reproduce us to all be defeated yeah today we're initiative is very learning Greg most of the last week and morning were sitting lunch at home – repeat nanometer this one – well to those who are not in this technology world what does this 16 not a weaker technology actually prevent frivolous listing now insurance in northeastern north along then conducted some human world a for example you know – 7 or I don't have a no consolation yeah and a new city manager from GMP architect in the stem chronology safety no meter EMT – which means this new technology is using the same technology and the latest echo server even isn't yeah I won't just can watch it turn back right we have is before and 1520 ha ha ha but I saw just a bloody business easy to imagine that is incredible in control awesome ok we have on T remember to model for there to model HDI to the visitor first thing on usability big broad the first is a yes and it is our second time we use small activity so this is the latest in the yelling feed on the differences which was big heavy and they promise not best this one well so either from the Hobby Lobby you can see it's very different to be because I'm very very busy okay so I can imagine that the efficiency and the productivity at the performance this argued with all of the machine as a machine to me and this one doesn't smell because it is a manually and the provider there is design carefully used to support the diverse work okay and excite the holy crap this one we can have sridhara it is smaller yes more large lighter more Fox wow you have molar masses and can accommodate three yes and this is I have thought back there 1800 watt 1010 across the whole minute prepare notable militant work work and only 1200 right well the Swiss government bill is more cool and more soft and safe LD more three and a bit mean is going to be more stable yes well that's the one for them yeah so can I say this is the most advanced coolest and most powerful minor in the rural area Marty and we we also delete car behind me most part our attitude not the only machine because it must be the chicken toaster most often in the lesson machine completely on board for most our teachers our talents are natives of the dialog so the books about the nineties even upgraded yet is the family business of this is one of the bathtub for all the general public or we want to be queen of cloth but probably imagine we can make money out of all these minor political Brittany productive naps all use our minor you can make more income and use less energy and we mostly love technology with my mentor work long time before modeling will become one or all this one again works to be three year three years in the previous three years everywhere only to make a little bit of honey and we got the digital watch I'll be saying ignore me black onyx of the economy my dad already covered many commerce previous bedroom ignore me but and they let let its energy soul and can work love are messin fit for me has enjoyed life and getting more and more excited you know why because we all see that the stripe of Bitcoin is constantly going hard of course many people also say that the price Matthew in the law but in a lot presidency it's definitely hard so at this point of time if we can secure some of these books at one – I think we are going to be credible profitably a super context sensitive of where are these manuals are available yeah now we have alliteration more money to fall through hotline and or Invisalign yeah okay by the way now it is December 2015 so Harold is rocking the original killers changing Oh so whoever on this class will get ahead of all the most advanced minor hits like bitcoins then but how are we going to you know buy on this matter general different roles first we can we saw our oversight over the Lebanon ending the fall lightly as it took off in and she said others and we can spy on others supporting website and you can file online throughout my day too so of and first I know if we buy the top my name meaning to business we would have no hidden we do not need to worry about you know the installation to be painted the electricity costs and everything your honor commonly include everything you find 1320 let's hope that means people watching right and service a option or you will have to be already complete seriously the content can get much bigger for absolutely like this you know please be is adequate coming to an armada has two models first morning on yes friend Dean Martin techmo is the twin muscle deep becoming a spice but we more energy to the speed reference but taking energy Adam a price limit she's our dependency / – Renata is as any person living right through the real matter is more energy baby but the price is a little higher everyone is all 5 star so we are tablet your electric time in the price of cheaper to buy three masses in the energy spending but our priority so so they are actually two choices either you can buy these minors in with yourself all you can do clop mining with magnitudes yes okay so we look forward to the availability of hobbies 16 nanometer liquid liner what we will call that very good we will have the next episode of our video on the technicalities of all these people – but and people now let's open it right we on the mountain with all its sunlight in our face

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  1. Lol. 16nm? 10 is the standard right now with 7 coming out this year 2018 & 5 & 3nm coming out soon after that. We’re moving faster and getting smaller.


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