24 thoughts on “Lightning Transaktion am Bitcoin-Automaten von Coinfinity”

  1. https://coinfinity.biz/?invite=2285 реальный заработок который идет на видео

  2. How did you open a channel with your phone and how much did that cost? And how did you close that channel again?

  3. This might be the sexiest thing i've ever seen in my life. Imagine standing there just instantly feeding your phone with bitcoin instead of that weak fiat 🙂

  4. wow works exactly as bitcoin did befor 2016.. i really don't see the need for LN. but you seem like smart ppl. why don't you see the flaws in the design if LN. and how it will further break bitcoins L1? Danke

  5. awesome! Dieses Video ging gerade die Runde in einer großen (englischen) Discord Gruppe. Cheers aus Salzburg!

  6. I wish I spoke better German….. but seems FANTASTIC! So no fees on refunding your lightning wallet?

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