LIES! Tucker Carlson ‘Calls Out’ AOC Adviser (Here’s What REALLY Happened)

– It seemed a little ridiculous – [Barron Cruz – Announcer] Why does this dude look like when Will Ferrell use to dress up as Harry Caray on Saturday Night Live? – Hi everybody, Harry Caray here – [Announcer] Alright, the guy clearly has a strange affect to him,
looks like a cross between Malcolm Gladwell and Kramer from Seinfeld, but he came on Tucker Carlson Tonight. And we’re gonna look at this
interaction, this interview, and we’re gonna learn something from it. We’re gonna break it down. It’s pretty entertaining. We’re gonna learn something
about vocal tonality in the process, so this
guy’s name is Robert Hockett. He’s a Cornell Law School Professor, and he’s an advisor to AOC and before Tucker let’s him
come on he gives a monologue, and the monologue of
course is very one-sided and it kind of backs the guy in a corner. It’s tough to come on the show when you’ve already been
painted in a specific picture, but this guy doesn’t do himself
any favors once he comes on, so let’s watch how this breaks down. – Alright, Congresswoman
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says her Green New Deal
will save the planet in exchange we just give
up cars and airplanes and rebuild every structure
in the United States. We’ll also by the way need
to invent brand new forms of energy that science
hasn’t conceived of yet. How much will this cost, that’s unclear. How will we pay for it, unknown. Who will make this happen,
well workers obviously though anyone who is
quote “unwilling to work” will still get paid by the government. In other words, not all of the details have been ironed out as of tonight and that’s why we’re grateful
that Robert Hockett is here. He’s a law professor at Cornell, and he’s advising Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on the Green New Deal, and he joins us. Professor thanks very much for coming on. – Thanks Tucker
– So can I just ask the obvious question,
why would we ever pay people who are quote “unwilling to work”? – I, we never would,
and AOC has never said anything like that right,
I think you’re referring to some sort of document that some, I think some doctor’s document, that somebody other than
us has been circulating. – Oh, I thought that came right from her, that was in the backgrounder from her office is my understanding. – No, no, she’s actually
tweeted it out to laugh at it. If you look at her latest tweets, it seems that apparently some Republicans have put it out there. I don’t know the details. – Well good, well then
thank you for correcting me. I mean cuz that was like, it
seemed a little ridiculous. – [Announcer] Alright, so this
Green Deal document came out, and it’s pretty ridiculous,
even people who support AOC, realize it’s ridiculous, so this guy comes on Fox News
and just denies everything, “No, we didn’t say that,
no we didn’t say that, “no, we actually are laughing at that. “She put a tweet out to show “that she disagreed with it so
much she was laughing at it.” He’s completely denying it,
but look at his body language. Look at this frame that
we stopped on right here, very nervous, touching your
face, touching your neck, touching the back of your neck
are all signs of nervousness. – And thank you for correcting me. I mean cuz that was like, it
seemed a little ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the idea that we’re going to
build enough light rail to make airplanes unnecessary which I think actually is from the plan – Uh, I don’t know where
you got that either Tucker, so where’s the airplane
disappearance coming from, I’m not really clear on
where that originates. – Well I can actually get it for you. – [Announcer] So either
this guy is so uninformed it’s laughable that he’s representing her and has no idea what her deal says, or they realize the
version that they published is so far off that he
was just like I gotta use plausible deniability and
just say I have no idea where you’re comin up with this stuff and then tryin to explain what he thinks is a
better version of this. – No, wait hold on, I don’t wancha to back away from what
she herself has said. – I promise you Tucker I won’t back away from anything she’s said indeed we’re
– Okay well she’s said – Pushing forward right
– She’s said well yeah at high speed. – Yeah, yeah, very high speed. – That we’re going to – [Announcer] That’s a weird stance too. Look at the hand, kinda
tucked underneath the chin, but in a weird way with one finger out. – Plant all fossil fuels in 12 years – Yes, yes – [Announcer] So notice some
of this body language here. He’s clearly not comfortable. He’s tugging at his
shirt, he’s got his hand kinda tucked awkwardly under his chin, and I get it, not everyone’s
completely comfortable when you’re being interviewed on Fox News in front of hundreds
of thousands of people, but he clearly is showing
classic signs of stress. – And of course we’re not going to – I’m sorry, I’m sorry,
I’m sorry to interrupt you. I just want to correct, I just had, because this seemed like we
were making news on this show. The unwilling to work thing
was in her backgrounder that has been absolutely confirmed – No, no no, no, no definitely not – You’re saying no – Definitely not, definitely not – Okay, so NBC and
– that’s not part definitely not, definitely not – [Announcer] Okay, let’s
learn something right here. In addition to the entertainment, what are you seeing right here? Okay, Tucker, he points in his ear. He has a document in front of
him, and he has his whole team that’s been scampering to
confirm this information that says yes it is in the document, and he calls this guy out,
but this guy is speaking with such a confident tonality that Tucker doesn’t
know what to do, right. He knows he has all
these different sources saying this, this, this, and this. It’s true, it’s true, it’s true, it’s in the document, it’s in the document but this guy is speaking
with such certainty that he doesn’t know what to do, and I like to kinda equate this the confidence that somebody
has in their tone of voice when they’re speaking is so powerful that if you were to sit someone
down who’s dying of thirst, they have to drink something, and there’s two glasses in front of them. One of them has water with poison and one of them just has regular water. There’s two people advising
them on which one to drink and one of em is a poison expert and one of em is just some layman who doesn’t know anything at all, and the expert speaks with no confidence. She’s like, “you know, I did some studies, “and this one seems to be
the one without poison, “and you know, I’m the specialist,
I do this for a living.” And then you got another guy who’s like, “Absolutely not, this is
the one you need to drink.” Even though we know the expert is the one we should listen to, we’re
gonna have a hard time not taking the advice of someone who speaks with higher confidence, and this is a great
example of this laying out. Tucker has all his crack
sources and the hard document right in front of him, but this guy is speaking
with such confidence, Listen to him right here. – The unwilling to work thing
was in her backgrounder. That has been absolutely confirmed. – No, no, no, no,
– You’re saying no – Definitely not, definitely not – [Announcer] He doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know what to believe. It’s a hard thing to do,
and if when you speak, you don’t feel like you come across as confident as this guy, I’m sure you even see it
around your workplace, people that speak with confidence, even when they’re not
right, people listen to em. If when you speak, people maybe don’t give you the attention
or respect that you need. I’ve got a free checklist. You can touch or click
up here on the left side. I don’t have time to teach
about it in this video, but it’s gonna go through five things that’s gonna immediately
increase the power of your voice, so you sound more confident. You sound like you know
what you’re talking about and people listen to you
and people respect you. – But the story all day – Yeah, I don’t think, I think that was actually in the document – [Announcer] He’s back
on, he’s still confused. He’s literally had probably 10 people tell him at this point, “listen
hold his feet to the fire, “it’s in the document,”
but the guy is so certain Tucker’s still kinda like, no I think it’s in the document. – I think that was actually in the (announcer laughs) – I think that was
actually in the document. I read it as it
– It’s the wrong It’s the wrong document
Tucker, if that was – Well, it’s definitely
the wrong document. – It’s not us, we certainly don’t believe – So what you’re saying is – [Announcer] So after
this interview aired, Cortez’ Chief of Staff admitted
that they posted a version of this document that
they ended up changing and taking down and bringing out. It was considered early
draft, and it was unfinished, and it doesn’t represent the
Green New Deal by mistake and then Hockett came out and said later that he regrets that he
unknowingly was speaking about two different documents,
and a different one came out. I’ll let you make up your mind on that. Do you think he was intentionally lying on the show to cover up or do you think that he really didn’t know? I’m not sure that’s for you to decide, but I’ll tell you this, the one thing that I want you to understand is his presentation and
how it threw Tucker off. You need to understand the
power of that tonality and also have you ever seen Edward
Scissorhands clap at Trump before? In this video I break down Nancy Pelosi at the State of the Union
with this strange clap that she does behind Trump
and more than just laughing at that as a meme, it’s
actually very telling about a new strategy that
I think the Democrats are gonna be using against Republicans especially in this coming election, so if you want to see that
video, you can click right here, and I’ll talk to you about it there. ♪ Know you said that you love me ♪ ♪ But you walk out the door ♪ ♪ Know I gave you my heart babe ♪ ♪ But you tore it down ♪ ♪ Say you’re leavin for good ♪ ♪ And there’s nothin left for me ♪ ♪ Now, c’mon ♪

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  1. Not sure what the hell this ginger is talking about; Tucker is sure shellshocked that this crony law professor is lying, but gingers obviously don’t know the difference between “confidence” and stupidity. And the last person who would admit that the “clap” wasn’t a “diss”, said it wasn’t a “diss”. That was Pelosi herself. Ginger is a disease.

  2. The HuffPost — not sure why that shows up in my Google feed — ran this clip of Tucker and his Guest under the headline, "Tucker get's fact-checked on his own show." Seems the all-female board-room at the HuffPost (no joke, they're all female, but bitch about "diversity" in their columns all the time) didn't see the follow-on where this professor admitted on Fox that he lied about almost all of it.

    Here, I'll see if I can find the link real fast:

    There you go.

    Ah yes, here's the article where the professor admitted he lied about damn near all of it:

    Not much you can do with any of those people; if they are willing to lie right to your face about what they believe, then they know it's a load of shit. This isn't different than Obama's adviser "Gruber" saying that they lied to the people, and that they relied on the stupidity of Democrats to pass the law. Then you've got the HuffPost crowing about how someone got "fact-checked", yet they can't be bothered to fact-check their own article, or they'd have seen that they're as wrong as the professor. Bunch of damn assholes, liars, hypocrites, and fucking retards.

  3. Here’s proof he lied, the document from her website. Yes it says economic security for those unwilling to work.

  4. Misread the title and thought this was going to call out Tucker Carlson on lying and was surprised that there weren't more dislikes, then I realized I'm an idiot. Great video 🙂

  5. He is just downright outright liar you can definitely tell with that body language he was amazed when Tucker Carlson believed him and said thanks for straightening that out for me.
    Where are the Democrats find these retardo's?

  6. I don’t think Tucker believed this man; he’s just so confused when this guy lies so emphatically. Tucker is trying to be diplomatic.

  7. Wow I should talk some weird crap and get a job working for a congressperson. I literally couldn't do worse than this goof.

  8. You do good work, but haven't seen any videos of Kelly Ann Conway or even Trumps out right lieing and how they keep getting away with it. Things like 'alternative facts' or 'don't believe what you say or hear', please do some of those ad they are the best to help us deal with masterful lier and manipulators in our day to day life.

  9. The guy's hair face and hands are so wierd…..he's not fit for TV. And he lies right off the bat about paying people unwilling to work.

  10. AOC'S advisor looks like he's a coke fiend. Is he really her advisor or is he a parody? Damn, we like in a cartoon world!!!

  11. Republicans NEED to kick this crap or any other crap that ANY socialist or communist come up with so the same thing that happened with "obamacare" doesn't happen again. I wouldn't be surprised if he's behind the push for this crap and telling them how to "slide it by them". Don't EVER sign anything without actually reading it.

  12. I don’t really understand all the debate about the unwilling to work but still get paid—-she SAID it, doesn’t matter they took the document down, she said it

  13. So if you out law all cars. How do police enforce the law or rebuild buildings or go to your government provided job? Lol what a dumb cunt

  14. To be honest, he speaks with too much confidence. He speaks like an actor does; reading something that's scripted or doing improv.

  15. AOC’s advisor is and idiot as well as Tucker and the narrator of this video I’d bet anything he would kiss Tucker’s ass if he’d ask him to.

  16. Tucker gives this guy to much credit
    I would have called him a liar to his face than asked him why he is lying then I would of joked well we know why you’re lying
    And left it there

  17. I want to fart in his mouth just to save the environment…not that I believe in that crap anyways…I just have this uncontrollable urge to fart on his face.


  19. The more I research this, the more it's obvious IMO this rotten "intellectual" idiot is well, a blatant and obvious lying bastard….

  20. I don’t often dis agree with you on your Vids you put out, however this one I have to.
    The only reason this D-bag seems so confident with his answers is because he is brainwashed with lies he tells himself and is fed by the Leftist Agenda. Not to get too off topic but this so called “Green bill” is
    ?% Socialistic/Communistic Agenda…
    They pulls the proposal of this bill off I’ve AOC’s website because they know the FuctUp..

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  22. Cornell should drug test and do metal ill back ground checks, because these professors are more dangerous than any firearm, with their spreading of lies.

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  24. My thoughts, were so screwed with drama, this guy thinks school is a right not a privilege and our job's are a privilege not a right to have to support our endeavors, wtf are we going to do if we don't have jobs natural resources and technology are the engine of any economy, people, nation, people like him have destroyed nations and lives, what their wanting to do will happen but over 100s of year's , the way kids are raised these day's no work ethics lazy hell our country's in for a surprise, guarantee this continent is worth more to china Russia and many other's than us ,guy's like that just come up with something stupidly fresh and ah feels like death to a nation to me ,would love to be a Indian and protect Mother earth but hell all were going to have is starvation and people eating people history repeating itself because they feel untouchable and superior to failure, smells like shit so it must be

  25. Democrats – "It wasn't the final document. We had two versions."

    Translation: "It was the final document, but the public's reactions made us shit our pants."

  26. I dont believe he threw Tucker off at all. His response was very similar to how he responds most times with that sort of opened mouth, confused, obnoxious laughing thing he does. He even references it in his sit down he had with Dave Rubin.

  27. This channel has become more of a platform for assessing US politics.. and seems to be deviating from its original intended content. Having a less biased view, being a non-US citizen with little interest in internal US politics, I noticed that conservatives seem to be very passionate about their stance. Also in the 3 CM examples I have watched, they seem to lack charisma/presence (based on body language not content). At times in these examples, they seem to get defensive and appear irritated making them less conveyancing.

  28. He was definitely lying and despite his vocal confidence, he still looked very odd and strange, a bad overall look.

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