Libra has become a Bitcoin bellwether? Lightning Network vulnerability, Mayer Multiple, Q&A!

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button so here’s a very interesting quote in this this Forbes HUD article it
will they scrub Bitcoin chaos continues as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg reveals
Libra woes this articles from two days ago and it does reveal a little bit
about the mindset of the current crypto market I would say the entire
cryptocurrency market and and the Bitcoin market there’s so much of a
fixation on on Libra and it really it should not be a bellwether but here we
go Bitcoin traders and investors have
closed we watched the development of Facebook’s
Libre which has been adopted as something of a cryptocurrency regulatory
bellwether as a tacit endorsement of bitcoins
underlying blockchain technology now I I do think III think in a sense it is a
regulatory bellwether for cryptocurrency okay but does that really matter to me
does that really matter to me no I I don’t care the Bitcoin is gonna be able
Bitcoin doesn’t care what the regulators think all right but because it is if if
all of a sudden the Senate and the Congress and all the other countries
would be like oh we love we’re not giving you any trouble Facebook Libre
they would bode well for all of the altcoins out there and so it is a
bellwether in that in that sense in the regulatory sense but what has happened
here is I think the market is the market the crypto mark of the Bitcoin market
the people who buy and sell and flip they do all these ridiculous things in
trade law 80 percenters there they want easy answers and they’re they’re
allowing this the news that then the revive the Libre news because there is
no Libra yet to be a bellwether for uh for Bitcoin and that’s just that’s just
not the case but this is where the big boys play and we’re gonna have to deal
with it if the market feels if the market says panics when there’s bad
libre news and they sell their Bitcoin well then that’s it that we’re gonna
have to wait through that as holders and it’s I can say I think too many people
allow Libra to become an overall Bitcoin bellwether not just a regulatory one but
this is where the big boys play so the market is made up of people like this
and then we have to deal with the good and the bad days we have to deal with
what if the market is it is the the the Bitcoin price market the crypto price
market if it is affected by whatever news comes in about Libra we
deal their good days and their bad days and so they will eventually get people
if this really is affecting the market if this really is if people are letting
Libra be a bellwether for Bitcoin okay uh they will learn the hard way that one
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin that bitcoin is not Libra and that Libra is not the
next Bitcoin so ly anything can happen in Libra land people are very impatient
about it and so they they they they heat Mark Zuckerberg said that you know he
implied that there could be delays it could be might not be 2020 maybe it’ll
be 2021 and it comes out okay that’s libras business that’s libras business
hey I wish Libra well because I think it will on board a lot of newbies into
cryptocurrency and thus in the Bitcoin but so many people are so impatient in
this space if they don’t have Libra tomorrow
they sell their Bitcoin I mean and that’s what people are gonna do and as
holders we have to recognize that that’s the right to freak out like that and we
shouldn’t freak out when the price the the Fiat price goes down because people
are irrationally freaking out because they have high time preference and they
must have their Libra now and they’re not getting their Libra now so they saw
their Bitcoin I know it sounds Luke it sounds ludicrous mark but Mark
Zuckerberg says that uh that Libra might be delayed Oh better sell my Bitcoin I
know it’s it but a eighty percent are gonna do what they’re gonna do and if
the market is made up of a lot of people like that then so be it I don’t care I
hold my Bitcoin I know one Bitcoin he goes one Bitcoin I’m not freaked out
about it but I’m here to explain it all to you so some a tweet that is out there
by Turk turn to me stir oh by the way you just type in bitcoin meister and i
will answer your questions i see some people are just typing stuff in there
that but that’s cool tour de Meester has a tweet mayor multiple is back under one
ie the Bitcoin price you Fiat freaks is now lower than its 200-day moving
average and some key we’ll consider this a bye sign that
Bitcoin is undervalued now now I I don’t buy into all that I I loved trace and
everything and this is for fiat freaks I mean this is for people who are scared
to put their dip their toe into the the into buying Bitcoin and they need an
excuse well if now is my time if the the mayor
multiple is under one it’s cheap so I better buy it now better right but then
some of these people they’re like well now better sell it now there’s a merit
my or my multiple is high it’s it’s overpriced there’s some ludicrous thing
like that okay well there here you go for you Fiat freaks there’s a buy sign
for you ah you know what the buy sign is for me well that’s like me understanding
what bitcoin is and that it’s gonna change the world and then it’s 20 14 15
and 16 and 13 and I better buy that that was my buy side I don’t need a mayor of
multiple there was no mayor multiple in 2013 okay there was no Libre talk in
2013 I didn’t I I understood then it was I thought it was a good price then and I
you know I thought to myself what do I need to how much how much of this stuff
do I need to have a bright future and I think I made a good decision and you you
guys think the same thing again it’s all about getting one Bitcoin that’s your
first goal one Bitcoin and then you decide well how much of this stuff do I
need to have a bright future and where I can live a free lifestyle where I don’t
have to report to a boss where I don’t have to worry about being cancelled town
that like button okay so for all you all coin flavor of the month fans Rudy down
in the Land of Israel where I just was booty has a very interesting tweet early
worth hot booty Wertheimer more specifically if you need his last name
um he said what’s he say here the US dollar notes this is a joke of course
people don’t go too crazy but you can learn a lot from this joke US dollar
notes are antiquated haven’t been refreshed in decades anti counterfeiting
methods are ineffective and embarrassing there as well and
of ours are high-tech new and innovated note note types entered circulation just
months ago I’ll be stacking up those so yeah all coin flavor the month people
that’s a ninja that’s a good good tweet to study their use Venezuelan uh
banknotes they’re technologically advanced compared to the dollar better
stack those now your wealth and Venezuelan but if you’re a Fiat freak of
course you can value your wealth in Venezuela in a banknotes I mean there’s
so much technologically they’re new they’re the latest thing that the flavor
of the month dollars are old and they haven’t been updated in a while alright
they’re slow oh so alright lightning Network vulnerability roast-beef says
fold and this is linked to below so if you all you lightning network freaks who
are if you need to hear about the blighting network and what really
happened full details of the recent vulnerability affecting several
Lightning Network lightning and implementations have been published in
this post linked to below we describe the vulnerability how to ensure your
node is safe well I just said that with a Baltimore accent didn’t I know dude
pound net Lakeland and how to use tools we created to detect if your node was
targeted okay if you guys are curious about that it’s linked to below Nick
Carter sums it all up nice lightning vulnerability is certainly perturbing
but vindicates everyone that caution against over allocating in the incipient
stages so here here we go dudes we’ve known all along that this thing was uh
it wasn’t ready for prime time yet don’t put too much into the Lightning Network
I didn’t play around with it at all so I knew not to mess up with that I knew
that it could mess up excuse me but hey this is why you experiment on the second
layer okay this is a second layer solution on top of big
point it can have vulnerabilities you don’t you do not experiment on the base
layer and put a vulnerability into the base layer Bitcoin so this is the beauty
of second layer experimentation you can have a a vulnerability it doesn’t bring
down the entire coin it just and it wasn’t it didn’t really even affect that
many people apparently didn’t bring down the Lightning Network but it was a
learning experience for those that are trying to build this thing into a
hundred percent reliable type of second layer solution on top of Bitcoin so
there’s your story here we go the last last tweet uh before Rosh Hashana uh
this is from American hold he’s got a first way there’s a picture of tres
Mayer at the Wyoming event with Caitlin and again she talks about it on this
week in Bitcoin show link to below and it the guy focuses was on the shoes that
trace is mayor is wearing he says this is what low time preference like Tracy
is a billionaire now I’m not saying he’s a billionaire but this guy is Trace is a
billionaire and he buys his shoes in the clearance bin at Payless and Jim a guy
who often comments on these videos points out in the thread that no person
in the photo it was it was tres and Caitlin and and someone else all
bitcoiners no person in the photo has any jewelry on okay so just a reminder
low type reference it’s uh it’s how you become wealthy it’s how you maintain
your wealth deferral of gratification tres is he’s doing very well for himself
we all know he’s got it a lot of Bitcoin but still he’s not he’s not living he
doesn’t need to have nice shoes he doesn’t have up doesn’t wear jewelry
I wear no jewelry either apparently Caitlin didn’t have any jewelry on there
either and and that’s the thing a lot of people love to wear bling and then they
wonder why am i poor I’ve got all this bling I’m rich all right look look at my
playing and that’s how that’s how you maintain your wealth you buy
you don’t buy wasteful things like that now again some gold bling might maintain
some of this value compared to like a car you know getting a bling car that
that’s much more ridiculous than getting a you know a bunch of bling and getting
shoes also you know I you get the shoes that work for you okay you don’t need
that the thousand-dollar leather design or shoes or whatever tres surely doesn’t
yeah you know you don’t have to get one dollar a bin shoes either and I although
if he’s got one dollar big shoes but did you get the point
um so hey that’s it dudes everyone have a happy new you have a fun time with
your families if you’re gonna be with your families this evening
again this is might be your last show for a little while we will see what
happens in terms of me uploading something for a premiere for tomorrow
i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe
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shana tova alright see ya

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