Libra Facebook

Tentang Libra Facebook Tidak disebut sebagai “dolar Zucker”, tapi
Facebook telah merancang uang digital . Cryptocurrency Facebook’s akan diluncurkan awal tahun depan (2020) dan dia lebih berfungsi seperti PayPal daripada Bitcoin. Dia dirancang sangat mudah untuk digunakan. Tapi dia masih sangat sulit untuk dipahami oleh banyak orang.
Maka saya mencoba untuk menguraikannya. Sederhana dan sangat bagus, Libra itu seperti uang cash yang ada di handphone. Anda bisa membeli Libra melalui aplikasi wallet yang ada di handphone anda. atau dari agen local dan dari toko-toko dimana biasanya anda menggunakan uang lokal seperti dollar dan anda akan mendapatkan sejumlah coin Libra dalam nilai yang sama. yang direpresentasikan dengan simbol libra, tapi bulan simbol dollar. tetapi anda terlebih dahulu harus memverivikasi identitas anda maka baru setelah itu anda bisa membelanjakan libra anda secara untuk pembelian online atau pembayaran lainnya. seperti ubers atau yang lainnya selama perusahaan terkait telah berpartner dengan Facebook maka hal ini akan membuat Libra semakin populer karena biasa administrasi sangat minim ketika terjadi permindahan Libra dari satu account ke account yang lainnya, anda tidak perlu membayar tinggi untuk biaya administrasi kartu kredit yang hampir 4% dari setiap transaksi, dan juga Aplikasi Wallet bisa didapatkan gratis dimana anda juga akan mendapatkan bonus, diskon atau coin gratis ketika anda daftar dan akan dibayar dengan Libra yang bisa digunakan untuk membayar atau menerima uang tersebut dari rekanan, sama halnya seperti anda menggunakan venmo atau PayPal. Dan Libra sangat mudah digunakan Perlu diketahui sesungguhnya facebook sedang membangun aplikasi wallet libra
sendiri yang disebut Calibra yang akan bisa digunakan di
whatsapp facebook Messenger dan dalam applikasi itu sendiri, anda tidak perlu melampirkan identitas anda setiap kali anda melakukan pembayaran, tetapi akan dipublikasikan secara umum.
Facebook tahu hal ini agak sedikit mengkhawatirkan dan mungkin anda juga tidak ingin diawasi apa saja transaksi yang dilakukan, maka Facebook telah membangun perusahaan baru Calibra yang akan memisahkan data finansial anda dari profil facebook anda , artinya facebook tidak bisa menggunakan data transaksi anda target you with ads reorder your
newsfeed or sell your info to marketers eventually Facebook hopes that you’ll
use Libra to pay your bills scan your wallets QR code to purchase coffee or
tap your phone to buy your public transit ticket anytime you can cash out
of Libra and get your local currency back in your bank account or handed to
you at a local store but how does the Libra cryptocurrency technically work
without a bunch of blockchain buzzwords well weber is coated to have a stable
price be secure and be controlled not just by Facebook instead Weber is run by
the 28-member Libre Association that it hopes will grow to a hundred members by
the time it launches in the first half of 2020 financial companies like Visa
and MasterCard merchants and apps like eBay and lyft venture capital funds like
andreessen horowitz and Union Square Ventures and nonprofits like Kiva are
all members they each paid at least ten million dollars to get one vote on the
Libre Council that controls what happens to the currency they’ll be responsible
for checking to make sure we Brent transactions are real and creating the
Libre Reserve see each time you cash in a dollar that money goes into a big bank
account called the Libre Reserve that creates and sends you roughly one Libre
token the Weber Reserve is made up of a collection of the most stable
international currencies like the US dollar British Pound the Euro and the
Japanese yen the idea is that even if one of those currency goes up or down in
price the value of the Libre will stay stable that way shops will accept the
libros payment without worrying that the value of the coin will drop tomorrow big
swings in price are why older crypto currencies like Bitcoin and aetherium
haven’t grown popular as payment methods uber can also handle 1,000 transactions
per second while Bitcoin can only handle 7 so how do Facebook and other Libre
Association members earn money off of interest on all the assets held in the
Libre Reserve after the Liebherr association pays for its operations and
investments in technology members earn a cut of the remaining interest in
proportion to how much they invested when they joined if Weber gets popular
and tons of people cash in then the reserve grows huge and the interest
could add up to serious revenue for Facebook but there’s also a subtle
second way that Facebook could get rich from Libre if the currency makes it
easier for small businesses to accept payments online they’ll sell more stuff
they’ll then have extra money to spend on Facebook ads which will make it extra
quick to buy things with Libra 90 million small businesses already have
Facebook pages but only 7 million advertisers and currently exist on
Facebook the Facebook can’t earn more of those
local merchants into ad buyers Facebook’s revenues could skyrocket the
big risk of RIBA is that anyone will be able to develop apps for it that could
lead to another Cambridge analytic of scandal instead of some shady app maker
maker snatching your personal info they could steal your digital currency and
Facebook and the Weber Association say they won’t vet Weber developers which
leaves the door wide open to abuse and if people get scammed they’re still
gonna blame Facebook but if Facebook succeeds the real win could be for the
1.7 billion people left in poverty with no bank account around the world they’re
exploited by international money sending services like Western Union or money
ground that charge steep 7% fees that take 50 billion dollars away from
families per year and if they’re mugged they could lose all their money since
they have nothing stored online but all they’ll need is a photo ID and the Libra
could give them an alternative to a bank account that’s tougher to steal and can
make it easier to pay for what they need there are plenty of reasons to worry
that Libra could give Facebook and other tech giant’s more power or lead to
people getting scammed but it could also give disadvantaged people everywhere a
way to join the modern economy and at least it’s not called face boy

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