Lets Talk XRP with The XRP Minute

an ellipse live arrange stream and see what we got here and
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deals still echoing and even on its possible and
only a tiny monitor here T and a cut
something down terry and can we cut down what I could on
the dow somebody and say
something a that’s better tights only kill the desktop
audio all together a lineup and why I’m just amusing OB us
to control these audio things of that was letting the
imminence of her a rate and no one welcome to the report
with of the excerpt a minute and he liked that was a pretty
good to and the amount of just left most and lots of K a little and this is a known to overcome
I tell yet over, and a watching you Gotta go back
to season one it was actually
really good I was shocked and watched us
episode won a season to last
night was actually pretty solid it ties up some and if if you notice you can
actually see through the code
work I as the own as, cool it like the
different the reflection of EL
Sun set behind to see that ship were just
talking about live Max headroom and 179 brought that up and
listen miss the porn your new
mouse towed and also on so they you know what you’re a
day is an AMA and wrote down a
few things to talk about safety
complete the to oh here’s here’s something
interesting I’ve been talking
about the fedwire and never knew about the fedwire
but you know we talk a lot about
swift and the Federal reserve
runs the fedwire and it has been for quite a long
time and realize a Federal
reserve was doing a Thai
currency exchanges or transfers
since the 1 just pretty interesting so then
fedwire and actually complete in
fall 2016 was the latest eight
and found a actually completed 1 and I needed about 7870070
trillion dollars Tia and cross border
transactions and crazy as a 770 trillion and you know so it and up to and the the exact number was 766
but 1002 thousand 16 souls like
three years ago and I took some liberty and
around and all to the better and of it to a to to have a test of a Thomas Tose really 77170066 trillion are rounded up by four trillion it’s a great so it’s so the fed wires actually
doing all the large and inman
type transactions announced so and that there’s a
lot more to it on starting to
dig into the fed where little
bit of the family’s it started the
fed and you have another
organization called ship
switches and other private
entity which they’re both
involved in the settlement pr the TOS abilities out there are
truly endless because or focus
so much and write hype are
focused on swift’s a really does
a lot it was all toes one year those 2060 TSI that somebody to look back
and look of 18 and see where
we’re at announce oh really 11 other
things that I was a locus 10 on
a note today announced this
morning I was listening to a
glut of liv and a few guys saw it on and so
his time but I yielded being
adopted by jaguar and jaguar
land rover a potentially bitter
utiliz , everyday tangs while you’re
driving and a weathered schools
are or what up whenever might be
and it really tell you start
thin and last the last remain I
haven’t talked about how the ceo
of.base one of his statements
was that were moving out of
investment 2019 is really the beginning of
utility and a so I think we’re starting
to see you know some of the
utility kicking in and we didn’t
know when you start seeing iota
a s test you’re so we’ve heard about
auto companies and starting to
integrate up and was it a BMW is
integrating with beach and I th and died I just noticed on the
and I a night and eyes in the room I
deny many had a great stream
tonight are still in here on my
thinking doing a phenomenal job
enou absolutely outstanding, is one
to point out to think where the
new name for the a and the
Monday night stream of tse of
excerpt and a of a hit and a few are as good to its close and close to so I let’s see who lost we have
in the chat here and jumped in alone a nightmare Richter came and I
know we talked about a light and
mention a lot of everyone also
was in your up and Darius Areias and it and a real I think these
might’ve been on hold or
something and write so towered
in that so check this out so
then and we we jus online support and find a year ago to this came out of
the universe Ian about us I
think utility if we really folks
in online utility I would like
to se attention utility and were Serna
see that the university level
here so universe in Nevada Reno
and elves driverless vehicle
bloc a think that Smits, cool to sew
this this action was up and not
on the 23rd and.Ella graf on and then this is a ton of
Thomas it will project tone there to use up and say of aid and finds its not here I know which shot
which one there to be using but
Terrence says that IBM , I’ll admit it said is
interesting so previously global
to john IBM acquired the black chain patent
on new development team on new development to
manage data and interactions for
sub driving you to odyssey and then we have
bottomed a tie is getting in on
it there’s there’s so many
organizations are getting in on
the on the car side the everyday
interactions I think when we get
into an autonomy of a wet when
using a IE or if you have
machinery and also having been of being
able to do them a blotch and I
think is pretty important taught that that’s a good point
in a net and I thought about
that a lot as well I don’t even
like Greg Dunn red light cameras
it a day at the same time so that it with any type of
technology I think there has to be some
sort of understanding it all
again in a way of the way we
regulate the government you know
at the a a to powers that be at that the
government level two were there
to start tracking us are Thomas
which way we should go to that b and all you can really you can alleviate a lot of the
traffic issues and because
you’re knocking have all they
can all the pumping the brakes
and a kin it also lets a yeller wouldn’t
be connected to always it brings
you through the worst part of
town and because that’s the
shorte templates a control or maybe of
the autonomous driving in the in
the passenger vehicle could
happen in the city but maybe
only o and get on to 995 and that’s a
new Tom Daly of many paws and assign
jungle just came into the room
jungle what’s on men and T.J. he
does give us $10.00 and to see and totally appreciate that
that’s awesome its Canadian
worth noting is set to a nice it’s like Afro its own site to
site of books it was a teenage and it’s awesome and
totally appreciated it to a that’s awesome totally
appreciated no I think it’s
funny when I was a living in
Detroit and was to joke about
all the time of no way all that’s crazy and
his prison Tia, that’s crazy I was there
until five are lee and so what you’re on the way I moved there in 994 it to a lay that crossover
Indian Odeon eyes from of the
Detroit area and it’s right knee and Motown and up of a nice that was in royal
oak area of man and a man is a lot different
back in a back and early
nineties and stuff like span of
the pack and early nineties
Detroit, wareh town a few ever went there may
be Dion I remember see which
lately on the dow was the place
to go and like Irish music and
drinking a us to a a a a a a a a rate array of a up array it’s it’s a little crazy
ready come from floor to the
Detroit and a loss to recess there’s
arrest and aircal osprey sauce
on all of a a a a bit of that and an attitude and deftly of a buy
a bride arsenal of the Irish
Boseman of the Irish club in a
list in almost every country
have be I was in of a navy man was in
ahmedabad a freeware was and we
went into the there’s a mall
over there and I define I’m
always on alone a south Korean civilians
pretty good to have hit areas of array of array and else of a rich of a its eerie up array anno and that’s eerie to a a a a total of up to audit to high up a and and high heat and to that of its this brutal and te Brian Bryan city were drunk and him on and all that’s that’s just
brutal it’s terrifying displays always
cheerful and we we stated a
place in England called the old
lockup and it’s and that’s
exactly w another those of to those not on not now one other than nine minnows it was
perfectly fine and cassette and really had any
of other then you get those were
to feeling sometimes and none of
those about it I can see many or eight th of a of a and that’s crazy and all that is a blotch and
attract the spirits and then you
be also a time of a ID like the IDs to
offer that I remember how we
ended up down that path us to
question and then I was into
that, but a an oath to it that of a and belong to and we’ve got to Ali cheese and
we got to tumble people came and since
some and not talking about ghosts and
Anna castles and I had in sales looking and
the pages and it’s tough enough
to run the script to us of a of a it also done some good announced
I’m going back appearing on turn
to figure out the and I set some
of the Windsor ballet and what that is an array going back up here there
something else here and I can’t run to figure out
which Aston nice annoyance at
night to remember it was really
a question to a DL so check this
out and as , or snobby articles not here to
ease the strains working on my
tabs and open their real tight, so Craig rights over here and
he’s giving the finger to one on to taste like a given the finger
to the ceo by nance on the set here on a on as a Craig Wright doves
by nance a money laundering
bucket shop cause john Mcafee a
con man and a night in Singapore to the
article below and Singapore it’s interesting to wait to what date of the data
tracking terms of their to track where
you go tracker movements and or Italian and weighs CIA and of a given with us so that that’s a good
that’s a good on a bob money
that’s what’s on and on Tia I think I think you’re no
privacy privacy is the key to
everything and I think that’s
really the towel was that the
point of and on the people complain about
a witch’s, funny to owe you know we we use space
book and all we use twitter you
know especially face book
nothing more than anything it
does peo an ace book is is minor data in
Sonora Data mean when you expect
of it you know that means a
Ouija shouldn’t partake of what
the you know that that anno that that switchover for going
to get into a digital asset
black chain environments it’s
it’s all about you know the
privacy or and made we get for free if we
don’t sell are data than we have
to pay and so you think about it
from a toll perspective or on t using cocaine ways for free and
are they getting any, financial
all rewards from using it on I
know I don’t know what you know
t a wall maps into the net from a
corporate perspective to your integrating it is gonna
be a cost and boulder and I am
not 100% sure I could be wrong
with that and again into the
retai a dead in their there’s so much
there’s really so much that can
happen and I think there’s a lot
opportunities out there I’d one
of my biggest concern so is that
were being over of were being
overcha and of your any of your of cable
and home and then you’re paying
for cable TV and are talking
about the you to been having the
t and then you have who knows how
many accounts now brave is talking about you may wish a star pain brave
dollars are coil dollars are
whenever it is or being
overcharged a deaf you know now
we know so I and Owen in been on that’s where
you know you look at the brave
which is starting to compensate
people or talking and that’s you if you want to one and one to
browse without ads then you know and the you know then you you
get to one or if you bribe rows with ads
than were to compensate you been
to browse without your pay four array of a bakery that they’ve
grown up with it and we grew up
in a different era you know
where we didn’t you know expose
every of a reliance to everybody and
all you think about how hard it
was just to communicate and
reach out to some idea to pick
up the a Lidak lee speaking there’s
gonna be an ebb and flow you’re
to go to super conservative
vendors can be a pullback to
more liber it’s are grown up with the
Internet are grown up with
social media its some point it’s gonna blow
up to where there to say no I
don’t want this and a so everybody wasn’t such a
rush when it it was new ways
difference and also everybody
wanted to share and it got it
got ou and know that Medical Data on IE and far is you know
belongs to us individually and between the government and
the doctors and the hospitals
and taken away our right to our
own medical records and Owen so
so and can help as recapture
privacy is that that’s that the
core of our privacy are the
health records and so you know
and then if of obviously what we’re seeing
with with brave and oil and
everything else and you know is is again giving
us control over which Tijuana
release to these companies to
know and and I think that were
start timely and from those they grew
up with this technology as well
and because they’re fed up with
it in other getting sick of it y it does I th I think you know I think there’s deftly
an issue now been actor whenever
also on anno so table but people
aren’t aware block shoot this when we get into obliging
technology it’s the one
technology and it has the capability of
harnessing our data you know and
keeping it up yet keeping an
excess will toss a given as
control o and think that’s enough and and
and we look at and medical
record data for the most part
it’s relatively secure up but it it is and any of the
doctors’ offices are susceptible
to hacking because are not
necessarily a safe, you know
they don it all aware of ITT needs, but
the but I would say that the
private practices aren’t up of
many of them are on cloud base
the sy up to use a hardware that they
will have a nation data residing
on on a computer somewhere to
the tentative already a LAN you
kn us it all the clubby solutions
have to be a compliant and if
the meet a very high level of a
security and so the companies
that and their unit deftly a
employing the right techniques
and strategies to keep tucker’s out but if acker one
central find a way and an
awareness and the black chain
they might not a just thought about that 11
minutes like or of those guys
over in the UK and and ireland’s
you know what time is over there
ali or 34 and am and said it’s 154 P of noon and sauce 1:00 PM it’s Brian Bryan is am over
there staying up late and have a a a a a a hit to a a a a hit to it and it hit to that it it that sit and read a and died and ago and that’s it to a what’s a good thing I got
my mind on my bucket of of
rations so and were good at that
upstairs to a and my little armor a right and we’re working to go to to a special and the zombies,
that’s a that’s a big as concern to have a bit of it all up to it to it and it it and then it’s a of a rather go alone to bypass
the blade runner streak to the
mad Max and the decrease we
write a a wasn’t the same IP the minority report and was an and we’re right there and lead us to know what to read that
advance case I can we move first
before we go to mad Max and butts movements Moon first
enjoy a little bit and go mad
Max hugel crazy and a a a a a a hit both of the
hit of it and it has to have any good that
said NAZI era of it and as long as we don’t go to
Waterworld mohsen of of of it and I and tie and I you know it’s crazier were
coming up on the on the hour but
just as a as another node on
privacy a seven a conversation
on and was it were talk about in
informatics and implement its
business analytics whenever and
are going into this whole
conversati and on and then the next day I
get this thing on face book of
this special program on a
Harvard a locus specifically on
what we’ a lot of that that it to and are a a a spot as book and start a via you it and I am a test of a of it I appreciate the and that’s a lot of fun a lot of
dealers chip to just cut up other your we’re
back on of an odd is also no stream worked
out pretty well as Olmos is like seamless an hour at the end so you like a
surreal to go off and I know are
a lot and I all acts up and will they
cool to a tally do so would a
string of one’s devices all of
my phone of course my one and a
tea and of a its awesome so they unite right
and I really appreciate guy you
come in on those awesome of what
is Brian D’Arcy said near the b and you have to update it other
thing is your coins than
actually reside on the nano a rate of my believe they a it’s just a key that’s all it is
right where of ignore the coins
resign on site or do they go and just they’re
just they’re just out there some again out tight nine other in
the blocking and the the day of the Nana was
just a key that’s all it is when
you updated and of the updated
but when you get the delete the at TR agha Sosa be individual
keys if you’re been calling your
excerpt he whenever an ad is that you can take them
off the delete them have them
one of the one I do as a matter to it and Edelman the first time are
always tear of every time I move
and I still get nervous at first
time I and everything over to t and then excerpt is like boom
it’s their bit cloying of
Michael and 4 hours later like
we’re knows my big point to it and if it up and up to a tent and is also one budget came
onto the onto the tax and I mean all those great Arabia, tow a awesome and you
know what this is I’m I’m real
happy oh and a light gray people
on tonight on a CE and a fine if I went
through to read everybody those
on your beyond from other 10
minutes so on but deftly up
thanks everyb innocent people it’s like 4:00
AM of a idea that was also me
I’d die totally appreciate
everybody and it’s great so on
up auburn so it’ll let us know if you’re
in a search remain on Friday
night and up and Tia Ya it be great if we did
even din of it you know we
talked about getting everybody
together like this in all takes
it up eit and then once I saw you know
experience the live streams of
II started getting more
enjoyment of live stream scene
are interacti and a common adds a little song
to it and had a no one in on that and
thought it was like died june of
2 June third and then I thought
away at first I thought it was up now and when it’s to awesome rate and another’s chip up and
use of the streams

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  1. Wherever there is power to be taken, they will take it. Irony: Blockchain and crypto was created to an environment of trustless society and it actually is creating an environment of government control. The maxi's are dying for a pump and are asking for regulation to create it. Lol

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