Let's Talk About Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing Policies

hey everyone what I'd like to do in this video is talk about the policy the crypto currency exchanges use for lasting new coins this is something that I see being discussed all the time I think any crypto currency that's within its first year or two of existence they have to deal with exchanges and it can be a manger a major stumbling block and the progress I've seen a lot of good coins that the project has stumbled because they can't afford the the lasting fee or perhaps they're not being lasted on the rate exchanges as an outsider my guess I'm an unseeded with safe trades but as an outsider for most exchanges and it does seem very and consistent as to what's happening yeah and now one of the reasons it's been discussed a law over the last week as someone shared I think it was an email an email or something saying that by nine charges 400 Bitcoin to be listed on on Finance now they've come out and said that they won't last share coins even if one piece 400 or 4,000 BTC and now I'm not sure if that's the case or not I don't want to get into that but I know that a lot of exchanges that have said aim that they don't best crap coins do lies crap points and you know I don't want to correlate too many exchanges because you know there's so many that do this but I've seen a lot of exchanges that they'll say oh we're not gonna let start coin yet and then the last all these new projects these ones with icy hose that pump and then dump within a few months and you know look at klepto bridge which has the potential to be a very good exchange but crypto bridge doesn't seem to have any vetting policy apart from can you pee or lusting fee and for a lot of exchanges that's you know that's 100 percent of the vetting a procedure can you pay our fee rate you're on an exchange and and crypto bridge yes I has some good coins there yes as a potential to be a good exchange but if you look at the coins they are lasting they're lasting coins on day 1 block 1 the coins on klepto bridge so there's a lot of exchanges like that where I think that they should we and wait to a coin is established before it's on an exchange I think the idea that coin is on an exchange from block one is very bad I don't think it's good for a cryptocurrency now I know from you know working with a safe coin team and yeah you know seeing the discussions with safe trade I don't really have much time put into what happens with safe trade other than getting my opinion and but I know that they do have a vetting policy and I do know that the rejected a lot of coins because it didn't meet certain requirements and I do think that most exchanges most good exchanges do have a vetting policy they look ah you know what is a coin have what does it bring to the exchange do they bring volume you know what's you know good as a good for the exchange is a good coin and all that but it does seem to be very inconsistent uh you know I've seen coins I fall projects I followed and I followed the the exchange that every wanted to get last IDO and a follow them on Twitter and I said no I've got no plans to accept I or they then meet all the requirements and then keep lusting all these scammy coins you know all these scum coins dump pump and dump coins Ponzi scheme coins I don't know and and I do think that there's a lot you know a lot of these exchanges are seeing one thing on the website as far as yeah real transparent you have to you know have all these things but in the background well it's a very different story um and I don't wanna get to specifics but I think if you hang out in discards a lot one of the great thing about hanging out in the discord discord grips and the telegram grips or you know over coin you start speaking to developers and you start speaking to the moderators anyone involved in managing the community and hear through the grapevine in all the stories of what the team has to go through to actually get lasted and you hear a lot of very you know alloy dodgy stories arise as far as what they're saying officially and in the background just say no no you have to pee is this or you have to pee as lesson you have to do this and it's one of those things because I do realize that any good exchange has to have of eighteen policy and they have to fake coins and what I determine or what any in averse determined to be a good coin they may disagree and say well that's one may been funded with an ICU but it's a good project we know we like without doing fee enough we can have disagreements with that but that definitely seems to be an inconsistency as far as well ACN exchanges are less thing and at the other end you've got exchanges that will last any coin as long as you meet they are to five or ten Bitcoin lasting fee whatever it may be in for allotted projects if you look at from our team's point of view for a lot of projects I think the aim lasting on some of these exchanges is actually detrimental to the progress because they're spending a lot of the funds either pre main funds IC or funds or just funds that the community have put together or even just sometimes it could just be the money that the developers saved up and they want to get the project going and they've spent nestled in exchange and sometimes a lot of these exchanges that are charging tens of thousands of dollars for our lasting they don't actually have the volume they don't have the volume of users so they don't a customers they don't have the customers that trade that much and and there's definitely some exchanges odeon makino don't wanna name names but there's definitely some exchanges out the other I think I just surrender link oyster calling them and telling them that they're going to you know progress the coin and they're going to get volume and all that when they're not now going back to buy knives with a 400 back coin thing I've you know that that was a story that's been out you know out the other over the last week or so I've heard through the grapevine that they've been charged that much a frozen cash and all that I think they you know that's the command see that as well they don't charge that much I would say that you know personally I feel that by Nantz is definitely one of the best exchanges without dough and so I'm definitely not gonna collect sighs them I really do like that exchange but there's a lot of exchanges I don't like I don't like the consistency and and I think that a lot of the exchanges are nothing more than a front to charge teams ridiculous fees to get lasted on that exchange and it cannot have home no idea when I was talking to LaVon Simpson from ether one and he was talking about the last he done two exchanges right now but they were saying we don't see the benefit of spending extra money right now at this point of the project to get lusted on these exchanges they charge too five 10 Bitcoin or even more than that and I think I think he's right and I think you know what the team is doing right I do agree with that I do agree I spend spending tens of thousands of dollars to get less seeds on a really bad exchange isn't a good investment it's one of those things because I do realize our exchanges and totally Chelsea unavoidable in many and they do require a lot of work Salem went from a security point of view and in development customer support and all that so there has to be a there has to be a charge for lusting that's one of the ways that they make money I also think it's one of those things you know it's a kind of gray area between what did he charge and what if the worth is a project that they think is great can II you know perhaps we've the their fee to add that coin as that fear as it feels it for them to weave the fee for the coin when they're not doing it for the other coins it's one of the you know it's one of those things I realize that it's not always black and white but I don't like the inconsistency of what's happening I do think that some exchanges are holding teams over the barrel and they're discharging them wherever they want and I do think that some teams shouldn't be paying those fees and you should be looking at exchanges that perhaps don't charge through the nose and support up incoming exchanges as I said you know we kept to a pledge I'm not trying to criticize the exchange itself I'm by am criticizing the policy for accepting new coins and I don't think any exchange should be a lasting coins that are like a D or a week old that's just ridiculous Jeremy so a layman will you think about this guys let me know what you think about it's an interesting topic is something that's going to come up time and time again and you know I've had a lot of good discussion is recently trying to some people really intelligent really important people from cryptocurrency teams and it's something I like to continue doing learn from people that are smarter than me and but I do know that crypto currency exchanges is something that's going to come up time and time again and so it's gonna be interesting to see what happens over the next year so thanks for watching guys as you guys know that's doesn't end the video so that you guys know so please don't leave a comment let me know what you think about this and I'll speak to y'all and the next one tick

7 thoughts on “Let's Talk About Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing Policies”

  1. 98% of the exchanges have poor practices such as reduces fee structure for Asian natives while the rest of the world get Overpriced which is the biggest reason to not do business with them. Most of these exchanges have their servers here on American soil but we can't even participate with them. Crying shame. I collected a bounty on exchange reviews and in the legal construct of business as we know it they are fraudulent looking. We have to weed out the bad actors and to do so we have to stop supporting them. Binance, Stocks.Exchange, for the shit coins and Palitenex have been the least frustrating of the vast many exchanges. Take a look at the exchanges carefully most of them you can't even get your money back out because of the lack of regulations. Secondly look at the fee structure and see if they are giving better incentives based on nationality. How do they know where your from, because of KYC. Which is a bit dangerous because the exchanges are in countries know for defrauding people soi we give them all of our personal state identifying data not realizing that you just gave your identity away to the international scammers society network. When you do an even deeper dive you can identify the potential illicit practices, such as fluffing the market. Our modern day stocks buying system will not allow you to fluff the price. Put a sell order in high and them you turn around an buy it to shoot the price up. There is a monitoring system looking for these culprits who try to rig the market. Lastly without regulations insider trading will never stop, thank god they stopped adding chat logs in the exchange because the cheating was taking place right ion front of our eyes with the moderators leading the charge, CRYPTOPIA was the worse, still is.

  2. Binance is a corrupt exchange. They systematically depleted my account that was worth $25000 in July of 2018

  3. "Binance is perfect for amateurs because I tried the others" Could not afford to learn how the other sites work time wise. Biniance is clearly simple and easy to operate right off the bat, and they keep improving.

  4. Guys check out Local coin swap (LCS), this is the best exchange how it should be run and possibly will rule them all if lucky, lot of exchanges are starting to copy LCS, only fee is if you sell, no buying or withdrawing, best yet they pay share holders 🙂

  5. Think CZ at Binance must like ZEN as my understanding is that they got a good deal on the listing fee (compared to others), Binance then did a giveaway of most of it as a promo. Think it is bit of a rort how much some exchanges charge to list, there is some cost on their side to setup a coin but no where near the fees they are charging – then they make $ on each transaction – they do it because they can.

  6. Hey sir I was watching one of ur videos about zelcash I was trying to set up lolminer on hive os but can’t seem to get it to work was wondering if you can help me out a bit

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